Ember’s Gun Chapter 508


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Mysterious silver crown.

On the day of the celebration, when Eve saw the crown, he felt that it was something wrong. From the perspective of decorations, its workmanship was really rough, it was simply craft waste, and Lorenzo would not be a People who can collect decorations.

A gift for giving? It’s not quite right. Although Lorenzo is poor, he wouldn’t give such a thing. Someone gave it to Lorenzo? Nor is it like, if you really understand Lorenzo, then he should give a knife and a sword, the last time it should be a bottle of beer.

Its existence was too abrupt and weird, but at that time such doubts were dispelled by joy, and I didn’t want to say anything when I saw Lorenzo, so Eve didn’t ask much, until now I saw it again.


Eve looked at the woman badly. It seemed to her that the crown on the woman’s head was Lorenzo’s. She didn’t know where the woman turned it over, and it was still on her head.

No, Eve can’t remember the details of the crown, but she remembers that Lorenzo’s crown was not worn so badly. The surface was shiny like a mirror, while the crown on the woman’s head was full of scratches and there were stains in the gaps. I have been wearing it for a long time, and have gone through a lot of hardships with women.

“Two crowns… Lorenzo, you gave him the one?”

Eve realized this. Lorenzo’s crown originated from the woman in front of her. Perhaps she really underestimated Lorenzo. Besides this Old Turin, he still had some friends who could be considered friends.

“So Lorenzo received the crown?”

The woman also calmed down. After learning the news from Eve’s mouth, she seemed more rest assured and sighed.

“Yes, he received it, then who are you?”

Eve’s hostility towards women has been slightly reduced, but he has not completely let down his guard.

She still remembers Lorenzo’s complicated network. Her friend might become an enemy in a second. She still remembers the enemy named Lawrence. She never thought that such a lunatic was Lorenzo’s Reverend. There will be some story from the Revered Master, and the two will stabbed each other to show friendship.

Watson didn’t speak, she stared at Eve, thinking about something.

During the days with Lorenzo, Watson knew very well what kind of girl Eve was. Underneath the body of a mortal was a heart yearning for danger, like a moth fighting a fire, but she was not chasing the light, she Longing for a moment of residual warmth when passing by the fireworks.

Watson couldn’t say anything about everything she knew, not a single word. Once Eve knew about it, she would also be on the blacklist of the Silent. To protect Eve, she could only keep absolutely silent. So as not to disclose any information that may invite murderous intention.

“You don’t need to know, tell me where he is?”

Watson slowly said.

“You don’t say anything, how can I trust you?”

Eve held the folding knife, harboring malicious intentions and looked at Watson.

Watson felt a headache for a while. She looked at Eve and then at the scene outside the door. When the sun fell, people coming, people going on the street.

There was a bit of bitterness on his face and a helpless smile appeared.

“Let me take a break first.”

Regardless of Eve’s reaction, Watson raised his head after saying this, looking at the ceiling with confused eyes.

Recall this short-term experience. It is almost ready to be compiled and published. The title of the book is Watson, and it is called “Watson Drifting”.

Thinking of this, Watson himself feels a bit too ridiculous, maybe he has been with Lorenzo for a long time, how much is really affected, and his indifferent self is somewhat neurotic.

Since being chased by the Watcher, the Silent One, Watson has really been a bumpy road, forcibly arrived in Old Turin from Holy Gospel Papal State, and encountered several raids on the road, but all of them survived without danger When she came to the office exhausted, she found that Lorenzo was not at home. Judging from the home environment, he should have been away for several days.

At that time, Watson had a rather chaotic feeling for an instant. She felt like a hard-working postman and finally arrived here after all kinds of hardships, only to find that the recipient had moved.

She hasn’t figured out what to do next, her will is tied to this body inside, this body also needs to eat and rest, after a simple rest, she sleeps on Lorenzo’s bed.

Then it is now, Eve holds the jackknife and confronts himself.

Watson wanted to say anything, but couldn’t say anything.

She somewhat understood the pain of the old pope.

The old pope knew the cursed knowledge. In order to protect more people, he must remain silent. Faced with people who came to inquire, he could not make any response. He could only witness their puzzlement Anger, until they watched them embark on the same path of seeking knowledge and then die.

This is the reason why the old pope has been reluctant to tell the new pope the secret. Once it is said, everything may get worse. If you don’t say it, he is the only one who is painful and desperate. This is enough.

Now that the old pope’s mood, Watson has some understanding, how similar she and Eve are to the old pope and the new pope at that time.

Watson was also aware of the confusion and collapse of the new pope at that time. He thought that the old pope was a wicked person and a sinner who betrayed the church, but in fact he was a Secret Protectors who enjoyed fear exclusively. The existence of Evangelion Church.

The old pope wanted to kill the new pope very simple. Just say everything. The knowledge is like a curse. Thinking of them will cause disaster, but he didn’t do this until the new pope touched a taboo.

She still remembered that the new pope was sitting beside the well of sublimation. He looked towards the dark well with his head down, not knowing what he was thinking.

Too many things happened in one day. He chased the secret fury and was wiped out by the death of the old pope. At that time, he said that he was the most damn thing compared to the old pope. Crossed the fence and called disaster.

What’s more desperate are the so-called secrets, the truth of the world, the doomed days, and the endless cycle of reincarnation.

Looking at the new pope in a daze, Watson decided to leave from then on. This iron-cast man has been shaken. The old pope’s secrets have overturned his cognition and anger, and he has become extremely ridiculous.

I don’t know how long the new pope’s hatred for the old pope has accumulated, but in the end it turns out that the old pope is the one who has been trying to protect him and everyone. For the new pope, this is really a great irony , As dramatic as the truth of Night of Advent.

Everyone is played with by the so-called fate, in the worst possible way, to please the smile of fate.

Watson doesn’t know if he can survive, but she knows she can no longer bet on the new pope.

She left Lorenzo because she hoped that another person could take care of it. Lorenzo had done enough for all of this. He didn’t need to give anything anymore, but like a curse, Watson finally came back. Up.

“Eve, tell me, where is he?”

Watson said feebly, and she realized that this seemed to be the first time she and Eve had communicated, but didn’t expect did this.

“Do you know my name?”

Eve feels that all this seems even more weird.

“Not only do I know you, I also know Burlau, Blue Jade, Joey, Red Eagle…”

Name after name came to mind, and during the time with Lorenzo, these memories seemed to have been personally experienced by Watson. Hearing these names, Eve’s expression became more complicated.

“I am Lorenzo’s friend, I am not hostile.

Knowledge is cursed. “

Watson said, she hopes Eve can understand the meaning.

Eve’s expression is startled. She certainly understands the meaning of this sentence. The curse restricts people’s communication and their understanding.

“In other words, what I want to ask, does it involve curses?”

Watson nodded, did not speak.

Do you want to believe this woman? Is she trustworthy? Is she deceiving herself?

Eve’s mind was slightly shaken, she stared wide-eyed, unconsciously she also fell into a predicament inside, this is only Watson’s words, her appearance itself is extremely weird, Eve can not completely believe in Watson, and In order to protect Eve, Watson was unable to clarify all the information to her.

Like a hedgehog and a rabbit. The hedgehog wants to protect the rabbit, but the rabbit is afraid of the hedgehog’s spikes. The hedgehog wants to give the rabbit a hug to express its kindness, but because of its spikes, it can’t To these.

Human beings are fettered by such shackles, struggling painfully inside the samsara, forgetting continuously, and then paying blood to remember them again.

The jackknife trembled slightly, facing the information that was not true or false, Eve hesitated inside.

Looking at Eve who was struggling, Watson was tired.

During the journey, she also thought about what she should do if she is caught in the dilemma of the old pope, and she cannot transmit information, and other people cannot understand herself. When it really becomes that situation, what should she do?

Watson couldn’t figure it out, so now he fell into a situation similar to the old pope.

She is getting bored. After all, Watson is no longer a who type. What has been driving her is the only wish and a trace of humanity that is about to be wiped out.

Watson has no time to chat, let alone cultivate a relationship with Eve, tell her some riddles and try to let her know what she is going to do. The information Watson needs is in Eve’s mind. As long as he invades her, Watson will To know everything, as long as she is fast enough and reduces the intensity of the erosion as much as possible, she still has a chance to escape the pursuit of the silent ones.

Although this might kill Eve.

[Yes, after all, you and Eve are two people who have nothing to do with each other, you understand everything about Eve, but this is only seen through Lorenzo’s eyes, you are an outsider, no one knows you exist. 】

Some voices echoed in my ears, as if a crowd was whispering.

Since getting some taboo knowledge in the old Pope’s [Gap], Watson can always hear something. She feels that this should not be the so-called erosion effect, because she is a source of erosion, the source of the creation of Demon. .

Thinking of this, she felt the teasing of fate even more. After chasing the source for so long, she was surprised to find that she seemed to be one of the sources of this disaster.

Fate mocks everyone, whether it is Watson or the new pope.

[Eve is not important. 】

The sound rang again, torturing Watson’s mind.

During the long journey, this empty voice intensified. At first, it was just a meaningless whisper, gradually turning into understandable vague words, and now it has become a curse that can affect the decision.

【Today is only the first official meeting of you two. All the friendship and so on are just the fate of passers-by. Compared with the things you have to do, Eve’s life is not worth mentioning. Saying that you don’t have to think about it at all. The sublimated you are already an existence beyond human beings. You have ascended to a higher existence. From the perspective of species, you and Eve are like human beings and their pet . 】

[Do humans need to care about pets? 】

“No need, and no need to think about these.”

She muttered to herself, responding to the voice of nothingness.

Watson is no longer 016, she is Watson, a deformed and distorted existence.

She has already embarked on the road of sublimation, ascended to the existence of non-human, mortal ethics can no longer restrain it, and even the so-called human nature is a burden to Watson.

Something is rising in the depths of the will. It awakens from the long sleep in the cradle, stretches out its minions, and gently strokes Watson, with a wicked smile, watching all this happen.

It is a filthy thing derived from in the depth of one’s soul, an unspeakable, unknowable, untouchable existence. The pitch-black liquid is tumbling and surging, and bones and flesh and blood grow and die in it.

Under the protection of the shadow, it whispered softly in Watson’s ear.

[Yes, that’s it, join us, abandon useless humanity, and rise to a higher existence. 】

Watson’s pupils dilated slightly.

There are too many heavy things fettering Watson’s soul, so that she can only step on this filthy ground, but as long as…just abandon them all.

First, the cowardly flesh and blood, then his ridiculous name, then the meaningless emotions, and finally wipe out humanity…

【Upgrade to a greater existence! 】

The evil and hideous voices screamed like a flock of crows, urging Watson to make a decision.

“Sorry, Eve.”

He put his hand on the crown, Watson’s gaze was dull, and he tried to take it off. Eve witnessed all this, and an inexplicable sense of terror surged in his heart for a moment. It seemed that what would happen when Watson took off the crown Thing.

Eve didn’t know what would happen, but she clearly sensed the burst of fear, and countless voices screamed in her mind, urging Eve to escape, but her body was already captured by an unknown force and her muscles stiffened. A group of impossible to move.

Something is coming, originating from the darkness in the depth of one’s soul, the filthy thing rejected by all things in the world, it creeps and breeds in the shadow of God, until it becomes strong enough to be silent The night shrouded everyone’s body.

Watson’s hand lifted the crown of his head, and the bound will was liberated.