Ember’s Gun Chapter 509


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“We walked on top of the cracked ice layer, facing the wind and snow and dust.”

A voice rang in 016’s ears, her eyes opened, and the goal was the familiar ice field and the bright night sky. She remembered that this should be Lorenzo’s [Gap].

The consciousness was a little trance, like a dream after waking up, she vaguely remembered who she should have been confronting just now, but the memory gradually became blurred until it shattered and disappeared.

“The things we desire are at the end of the wind and snow, but we are too heavy, with mortal despicableness and desire.

The more we move forward, the more fragile this ice layer is. Every place of our footsteps will bring countless cracks. The cold and biting sea water overflows from the cracks. The entire ice layer is on the verge of collapse. It is difficult to support our weight, and it seems that in the next second we will fall into the ice sea inside. “

047 is sitting on the other side of the bench. He is looking at the other end of the ice sheet. In his eyes, 042 is advancing against the wind and snow. His steps are staggering, and he will fall down every few steps Get up again with difficulty.

“We are so heavy, so we have to abandon something in order to move forward on this fragile ice.”

047 said, turned his head and looked at 016.

“What do you think?”

“What do you think? If you need to give up, just give up. As long as you can get there, what do you have to miss?” 016 thought about replied.

“Is that really the case?”

047 looked very troubled. He watched 042 fall into the sea. He struggled hard and climbed ashore, seeming to be resting, and then stepped on the ice again.

“If we abandon everything, don’t we become’blank’.”

“So what?”

“The ‘blank’ us, remember why we went there?”

As the sound fell, everything fell into endless tranquility inside, splashing water, flying snow dust, bursting ice debris, everything was frozen in this brief moment.

In the distance 042 maintained the forward posture, stiffened in the original place like a sculpture. He extended the hand as if he wanted to touch something, but in front of him there was only a chaos that was difficult to see.

“What…what did you say?”

016 looked at 047 incomprehensibly, a very strange feeling emerged in her heart, and she couldn’t explain it clearly.

“For some reason, we must have embarked on the road of no return, but if we abandon this original reason, when we reach the end of this road, all this will have meaning Right?”

In order to make this wish, after thousands of hardships, I reached the end of the road and lost my wish just before the wish was realized.

Does all this make sense?

The stagnant time is broken, everything is on the right track again, 042 ran forward vigorously, the cracks in the ice followed his steps, he was almost at the end, and it was at this time that he saw those lost man of.

Their bodies are so light, after giving up everything and making themselves blank, nothing can restrain them anymore, their bodies slowly rise into the sky, their eyes hollow, as if they were dead.

Hundreds of blank corpses are floating inside the sky.


The violent malice rises in the office, and the invisible tentacles are scratching everything around like crazy, revealing bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, consuming the lives of living people wantonly.

in this brief moment Eve can deeply feel the shape of “despair”, can smell its breath, listen to its whispers, and inspire the most primordial emotions.


The pupils tightened, the heartbeat accelerated, and the body temperature increased. Ranger’s power took effect at this moment. Under the oppression of ordinary people losing their minds, Eve broke away from her control. She waved her folding knife, although she didn’t know how it was It was true, but the violent fear in her heart urged her to attack.

Kill Watson.

The distance is so close, probably less than three or four meters away, but now it has become so long, Eve took a difficult step and raised his pocket knife.

I can see that Watson has taken off most of his crown, only some of the edges are still close to his forehead, and a white storm is rolled up in those tired eyes. It is so dazzling and beautiful.

Come on, Eve, as long as you send the steel in your hands into the heart of this woman, as long as you prevent the spread of this strange power, as long as…

Eve cheered up for herself from the bottom of her heart, but as soon as she took a step, her body began to be out of control. The force called erosion was acting on her body. The reason for being too close to the source of erosion is now more than just negative emotions. Hyperplasia, and the influence of the five senses.

There was an illusion of vision, the whiteness in the pupils was distorted into a scorching sun, and the shadows in the room started to squirm, like boiling black liquid, it seemed that something was going to crawl from inside Out.

What’s going on…?

Eve was puzzled. Her vision began to shake. She remembered that her pace was steady, but now Eve is falling to the ground, eroding her senses, and even walking has become difficult at this moment.

She fell down in embarrassment. She tilted her head, just in time to see Watson sitting by the wall. The whiteness of her eyes became brighter and she almost swallowed Eve.

Do you want to… die?

Eve’s gaze was dull, and under the suppression of erosion, she could hardly even recall her past before she died. She could only die ridiculously like this, just like this…

In an instant, all the strangeness disappeared.

It seemed that there was an invisible force that stopped the growth of darkness in an instant. I saw Watson face looks sinister with blue veins on his arms. He put the crown of Holy Silver back on again, isolating his dark will from the flesh and blood. Body.

In this way, everything came to peace.

This calm lasted for a long time. Both Watson and Eve looked exhausted at the moment, with heavy breathing reverberating in the meantime.

I don’t know how long it took, Eve finally relieved from the depression brought by the erosion. She tried to stand up, but she was weak and could only be like Watson. She moved back a few times and leaned against the window. under.

“Are you… trying to kill me?”

Eve asked with lingering fear, the fear and despair just now echoed in his mind, death is so close to her.

Watson didn’t respond. In order to contain her crazy thoughts, she almost used up all her spare energy.

She lowered her head and looked at her palm. Watson should have been wary of those crazy babblings.

After learning the secrets of the old pope, Watson and the new pope went deep beyond the fence, almost touching the buried evil.

Watson thought she was evading very well, but in fact she was captured by the unspeakable power a long time ago. The Silents fought so hard to keep this power out of the fence, and now she and Xin The Pope, out of the pursuit of the truth, touched this power again.

She is not quite clear. How should she describe this evil force? If she has to have a name, it may be called the [root], the twisted and crazy [root].

“My [Sublimation] is not incomplete.”

Watson whispered in a low voice, so low that Eve couldn’t hear what she was saying.

until now Watson feels that they are the same as Lorenzo, they have undergone [sublimation], but the [sublimation] is not complete, Lorenzo is still bound by the flesh, and Watson cannot go further under the emptiness of will.

But suddenly, Watson didn’t think so.

Watson’s [Sublimation] is complete, but she still has too many impurities on her body, which prevents her from fully upgrading to a higher existence, and there is a vague guess in her heart, maybe listen to the voice of [root] and discard everything, Watson was able to remove these impurities and was upgraded.

Either she or Lorenzo is like this. They already have the [vouchers] to open the door, but they can’t give up everything, and it’s hard to get through the fragile ice.

So… what will happen if you give up everything?

The silencer? Or is it the so-called “root cause”?

Watson couldn’t guess the deeper secrets, but she was extremely afraid of the end of it all.

At the moment when the crown was taken off, a strange hallucination suddenly flashed before her eyes, and the dead 047 was speaking some strange strange things to herself on the bench.

Yes, if you really abandon everything, will you still be yourself?

“Why did you give up? You should be able to kill me, why did you give up at the end?”

Eve asked again. Now she feels a lot better, and her stripped senses are gradually recovering. She sat in the original place and did not act rashly.


Watson was evoked back to reality by Eve’s words, and ended the crazy conjecture. She seemed a little slow, and she said slowly after a long time in a daze.

“You are Lorenzo’s friend, he will be sad if you die.”

Probably for this reason, I may not have the courage to give up everything, may be still attached to the complexity of human nature, may be for Lorenzo Holmes…In short, at the last moment Watson woke up and broke free from losing control .

“Is that so?”

Eve showed a helpless smile. She didn’t expect to save herself for this reason, which is ridiculous.

The warm sunlight fell on Eve’s body through the window, and it was warm, dispelling a lot of the cold from the bottom of her heart. She looked at Watson who was languid, and recalled the ridiculous reason just now.

“Chenhui Advance.”

Watson raised his head when he heard Eve’s voice.

“Lorenzo is on that ship, and this ship is taking them to the countries of Viking… He has been away for many days, maybe he has been to the countries of Viking, you may have to speed up if you find him The pace is up.”

The voice was paused, she added, remembering the weird Watson just now.

“But you are his friend, this shouldn’t be bothering you.”

Eve smiled at Watson, threw the side knife over, and stuck it firmly on the floor in front of Watson.

“Take it with you, you will use it.”