Ember’s Gun Chapter 544


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Above the calm sea, there were sporadic gunfire sounds, and dark red tracks staggered one after another, indicating that the battle was still going on, and the night was still long, as if there was nothing.

Burlau sat on the ground exhaustedly, with a few empty Florent potions next to him, as well as some simple dried meat, to simply fill his stomach and restore energy.

Before him is a tall weapon division, which is fixed to the deck by a cable, and the technicians carry the toolbox and hurriedly fix it. The third-generation armor and dark angel are not here. They have suffered a lot of damage, and there is no one who can drive them temporarily. They were sent back to the cabin for maintenance by technicians of perpetual motion pump.

For a mortal like Burlau, driving original sin armor is not an easy job, let alone driving it while participating in such a fierce battle.

The spirit was tense for too long, and Burlau almost fainted after leaving the armor.

He looked tiredly at the somewhat silent deck. Everyone was performing their work in silence. The invisible pressure suppressed everyone. The factors were complicated, such as the purpose of this operation, such as this fierce battle. , Such as the empty dark angel……

Burlau didn’t bother to think about it anymore. He comforted himself that he should be used to the “surprise” that Lorenzo brought.

“How do you feel now?”

Hybod came over, he is now fully armed, facing the danger that may come at any time.

“I’m okay, at least I can’t die,” Burlau bit the dried meat and gobbled it up, “How about Blue Jade.”

“It’s a bit bad. When the technicians dug her out of the third-generation armor with a saw blade, her arm was torn from broken steel and a metal pierced her shoulder.”

Hybod described Blue Jade’s injuries. After listening to these, Burlau had no thoughts of eating for a while, but after thinking about the possible danger, he still forced himself to swallow and accumulated strength.

“She’s still conscious,” Hybold said.

It was the first time that he saw the original sin armor thing when he came to the Chenhui Advance, but he didn’t feel any gap in technology, but was afraid of these wild beasts combined with steel and flesh and blood.

When I saw the advent of dark angel, this fear was stimulated to the greatest extent.

Hyblade also walked behind the dark angel at that time, and saw the cracked gap, filled with hideous flesh and blood, slightly swaying barge lines, they were undulating with the metal, as if breathing Like.

Sniffing the heavy blood energy, Hybold feels like he is facing a wild beast with an open mouth, while Lorenzo, Burlau and others have to step into such a big mouth inside and let themselves be Swallow…

It’s like giving yourself as a sacrifice to some unknown weirdness in exchange for strength.

“Don’t think too much, Hybbod, what’s happening now is considered within control, you have to get used to these things.” Burlau probably felt the change in Hybbod’s mentality, he was comfortable.

“even more how, the battle is not over yet, no matter what you want to do, wait until all of this is over.”

Burlau looked towards the other end of the sea. Under the shining of the moonlight, you can see the fuzzy shadow of the armored ship, and then a few dark red spots of light expanded in the field of vision, and some hit the Chenhui Advance , It was harsh and obvious, and some fell into the sea, causing a burst of spray.

“They still seem to refuse to let us go.” Burlau looked at the chasing iron-clad ship, and said helplessly, “I really don’t know what they think.”

“It looks like they probably guessed that Ascalon is temporarily unable to fire.”

Hyboard said when he saw this, his gaze then looked towards the cannon at the end of the deck.

The magnificent cannon now has its muzzle drooping, relying on a few temporary iron frames to support it to ensure that it will not crush the deck.

Blue Jade did their best to protect Ascalon, and because of her efforts, Ascalon was not at all damaged. What was damaged was the ring elevator supporting the revolving muzzle. They were attacked by the rushing Demon and fired at Ascalon. Later, recoil completely collapsed these supports.

Without the support of the ring elevator, Ascalon’s muzzle was fixed in one position, making it difficult to aim. For these reasons, the Chenhui Advance lost the ability to sniper iron armored ships at a long distance. Keeping a distance with them, fighting.

“Not only that, they are dominant in number, and there are those crazy demons. This is chasing after victory, and we are fleeing all the way…Fortunately, the Chenhui Advance is fast enough that they can’t catch up with us.” Haibo De says good news.

“But if Lorenzo does not come back, we will be caught up by them.”

Burlau stood up slowly, looking towards the cliff on the side.

Chenhui Advance traveled around Lingbing Bay and drove to its back, which is the cliff, waiting for Lorenzo’s arrival. The distance that was thrown away before was also shortened in this waiting time. It is estimated that the armored ship will be able to catch up soon, and when the time comes, it will be another fierce battle.

“Also, I’m curious about how Lorenzo will climb up.” Burlau continued.

Because of the reefs in the waters and other reasons, the position where the Chenhui Advance stopped is a long distance from the cliff. Without the help of original sin armor, it is difficult for Lorenzo to cross this far quickly with his own ability. Arrived at Chenhui Advance.

“It’s better to look forward to what he will do. In this case, I will not be surprised what happens anyway.”

Another voice sounded and Seleu came over.

The girl also looked fully armed, with a pocket knife and a dagger hanging around her waist, and she was holding an unlit Thermite rifle in her hand. After encountering Demon, Burlau opened the weapon arsenal to assure everyone Armed.

This was a really bad night. It was not only the beginning of the war, but also the beginning of everyone’s nightmare, and no matter who it is, the end of this nightmare can’t be seen.

Suddenly the deck vibrated slightly, the elevator started to work, Burlau immediately looked towards there, his eyes alert.

The elevator goes straight to the bottom cabin, where the original sin armor is located. Without Burlau’s signal, no one can use them, and logically speaking, the armors should be repaired now.

“I guess this is how Lorenzo came back.”

Seleu immediately guessed what happened. With a calm look, she calmly accepted what was barely new.

Unsurprisingly, the dark angel reappears on the deck. Although it looks a bit bad, most of the armor is broken and peeled off during the battle, but these do not hinder its actions.

The fuel tank filled with antimony was placed behind it, and it glanced at Burlau, then opened its wings.

Burlau watched the dark angel’s departure, and his thoughts were a little chaotic by the strong wind.

“Think about it, every time Lorenzo appears on the stage is very interesting… Is this an artistic pursuit?”

Burlau glanced at Seleu next to him, and Seleu waved his hand, like I didn’t know.

A few minutes later, a burning trajectory crossed the sky. Dark angel shot a hook and pulled himself back to the deck of the Chenhui Advance. The armor was turned on, steam gushing, smoke filled the inside, and Lorenzo crawled out of it.


Burlau just wanted to call Lorenzo’s name, but immediately after Lorenzo’s silhouette fell down, as if losing all the support of his strength, he fell off the dark angel’s back and collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

Various voices shouted, and Lorenzo’s blurred face filled Lorenzo’s vision, but he couldn’t hear and couldn’t see clearly, he was too tired and lost consciousness.

“What…what’s going on?”

Hybod looked at Lorenzo in a coma, helpless for a moment.

This is too sudden. No one likes the invincible Mr. Holmes who fell down one day. In Hybbod’s cognition, Lorenzo is synonymous with power. Nothing can defeat him. No desperate situation can trap him, Lorenzo never let him down, no matter what kind of strong enemy, he can fight against him.

But Lorenzo fell down, before his eyes.

“Ship Doctor!”

Burlau yelled, and he lifted Lorenzo hard, feeling that Lorenzo’s breathing was fairly steady, but his consciousness fell into a coma.

The ship doctor also hurried over, carrying the medical kit, and checking Lorenzo on the spot.

Pull open the closed eyelids, check his heartbeat, and then see if there are any injuries on his body. These ship doctors are still professional. They all participated in the emergency training of the Black Mountain Hospital before boarding the ship. How to take care of Lorenzo.

As for the content, it is actually very simple. The overdose treatment of Lorenzo in accordance with the medical treatment of normal people probably means that there is no need to pay attention to the common sense of medicine. All medicine doses used are doubled. If this cannot be saved, Lorenzo is probably It is hopeless. After all, Demon Hunter people are physically stronger than mortals. With the blessing of secret blood, they are like Undying and Inextinguishable monsters. When such monsters also go to death hopelessly, the mortal doctors again What can be done?

Of course, an autopsy is still to be done. In the words of Dean Abigail, if Lorenzo should accidentally die at the end of the world, these marine doctors will desperately bring Lorenzo’s body back to make the finals for the medical profession. Contribution.

“He has no problem, he should be too tired, he fell into a coma, rest for a while, maybe he will wake up.”

The ship doctor stood up and said to the others. Hearing this reply, everyone felt a little more relaxed.

Little things, all little things, Lorenzo is not dead yet, this guy can lively dragon and animated tiger again after lying down for a while.

Burlau also took a long breath. If Lorenzo dies, or if something goes wrong, this action against the end of the world may be really hopeless.

But this is the first time Burlau has encountered such a situation. Lorenzo will fall into a coma due to mental exhaustion.

“Is it because of you?”

Burlau thought, looked towards the dark angel on the side, and whispered.

This is the first time that Lorenzo has demonstrated this ability. Burlau can’t help but think about it. Could Lorenzo be the one who caused the dark angel’s restlessness? He thought he knew Lorenzo enough, but suddenly he felt that the distance between the two became very far away.

“Please take care of him first. If you wake up, notify me immediately.” Burlau said.

The ship doctors were nodded, and put Lorenzo on a stretcher and carried him to the Medical Room.

“You can follow along.”

Burlau glanced at Seleu and said to her.

Seleu nodded, she didn’t say much, even if Burlau didn’t say that, she was going to go with her.

Looking at the people who disappeared, Burlau was standing in the original place and somewhat absent-minded, but the impact of the shells called him back, and bursts of gunpowder rose from the sides of the ship, making Burlau realize that the battle was still Not stopping.

“Notar speed up! Get out of here!”

Burlau rushed into the command room and shouted to Notar.

After a brief period of calm, Notar finally put on his clothes, but even so, he was still sneezing, and it seemed that he was mostly frozen.

“Leave here, where shall we go?”

Notar asked back, and he smashed the dashboard hard, furious.

“Damn Demon, as soon as they came, these readings were inaccurate.”

Most of the hands are turning quickly, even the compass that points the way is spinning frantically, looking at the night sky, heavy dark clouds surround it again, the moonlight is extinguished little by little, until there is no more trace, and it plunges into darkness .

“The residual erosion affects these, I can’t find the waterway now.”

Notar has a serious look. In his sailing career, he has encountered such a thing for the first time. Although he knows the existence of Demon, this is also the first time he has fought with Demon at sea.

Burlau didn’t know what kind of countermeasures to make for a while, too many things happened tonight, and these things are far from over.

The violent vibration sounded again, and a shell fell along the edge of the hull, destroying all the fences of several meters, and fell into the sea. The balcony gun on the deck began to adjust its direction and fired back.

“Leave here first…at least get away from them.” Burlau said.

After so many battles, Chenhui Advance has been riddled with scars, and now it still has a certain battle strength, but after being entangled for too long, Burlau doesn’t know whether they can still deal with the threat in the sea of ​​silence.

Furthermore, based on the previous battles, the enemy has no tactics at all, like a group of crazy wild beasts, irreconcilable chasing the Chenhui Advance. Once they catch up, it will probably be a life-and-death situation.


Notar didn’t say much anymore. He slammed the compass once again, hoping that it would be normal, but the pointer turned faster.

He didn’t bother to worry about it anymore. He glanced at the dark outside world. Unconsciously, all the light on the surface of the sea had been lost. The dim inside only left the Chenhui Advance and the iron-clad ships behind them. They were chasing each other. Fireworks.

The Chenhui Advance began to accelerate forward, stepping into the endless darkness inside.