Ember’s Gun Chapter 545


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This is a bleak starry sky, the stars are exhausted and full of death.

Inside the dark curtain, only sporadic light spots flicker, and such rays of light are like fire in the wind, which seems to be completely extinguished in the next second, thus plunge this starry sky into eternal darkness.

The man sits on a bench, surrounded by stars.

Something seems to be creeping inside the dim starry sky, they moved towards the man stretched out his hand, invisible power surged around him, lightly stroked him, picked up his body, and made the man rise slightly from the bench The whole body got out of the bench, moved towards the bleak starry sky rising.

This kind of “rising” is slowly going on. No one knows how long it will take for a man to rise into the starry sky, but what is known is that as long as the status quo is maintained, no matter how long it is, it will be fleeting.

In this way, at a certain moment, the “rising” suddenly met resistance.

The long ignorance inside, some kind of power is at work, it makes a vague roar, but it is blocked by layers, and becomes a soft whisper, but it is such a weak sound that seems to awaken something, like a butterfly The shaking wings awakened a storm that swept all things.

Under the bench, the entire space began to violently stir, causing the starry sky under the bench to be slightly distorted.

The sound of crash-bang water.

The hideous shadow broke through the water surface under the bench, splashing countless drops of water, and each drop of water reflected the dim starry sky. It was so calm and transparent, even under it, let People have the illusion of being in the stars.

The monsters in the water appeared. They roared and rushed out of the water. They stretched out their shriveled, pale, scarred arms. They pressed one after another, one after another, until they could touch the man’s foot. Naked, followed by calves, waist and abdomen.

Countless withered hands grabbed the man and competed for him. They were like hungry ghouls, crying like babies, until the invisible force gave up the man, until he dragged him back to the lake again.

The man fell down and lay on the calm water. He was motionless like a corpse, neither rising into the stars nor sinking into the water.

I don’t know how long he woke up from his deep sleep, but he didn’t have eyes opened, his consciousness was chaotic, and he didn’t even have the consciousness of “self” at this moment.

In this long silence inside, time has become extremely slow or fast. No one knows whether he has used it for a few minutes or hundreds of years. In short, he began to try to control this body.

First dominating the body, the man slowly turned his head and stared at the starry sky. Then came the cognition of the outside world. He began to understand everything he saw, the dark “color”, the dim “stars”, and the endless “starry sky”.

Different concepts and vocabulary were dug out from the dusty memory, more and more, so he began to try to “think”.

Until he touched something.

An unknown vocabulary, a heavy character, a key to open the door.

“I am…”

He muttered in a low voice, a little light appeared in the gray blue eyes.


Lorenzo exclaimed, as if he had a nightmare and was suddenly awakened. He rolled a few times on the water, and then tremblingly climbed back onto the bench.

This all around was empty, except for the weird water surface under his feet, which was the dim starry sky above his head. Lorenzo could only hold on to this bench to make himself feel more secure until he calmed down.

“This…My [Gap]?”

Lorenzo thought for a while, and came to the conclusion that the bench under the butt is too familiar after all.


“How did the ice melt?”

Lorenzo looked at the endless water, or the sea, he remembered that there should be an endless ice sheet here, and the sea should be frozen.

But after thinking about it, he felt something was wrong. It should be said that he is [Gap] now.

[Gap] was formed based on the most important scene in a person’s memory. Lorenzo’s [Gap] was the big ship that fled to Florence. His good friends died on that ship, and Lorenzo also gained power on that ship Gabriel, where he got a new start.

So it stands to reason that Lorenzo’s [Gap] should be similar to Irene’s [Gap]. They are both a big ship that can never reach the destination, driving in an aimless place on the sea… But at the end the big ship sank , The restless sea was also frozen into a vast ice sheet, leaving only Lorenzo and this bench, shiver coldly in the cold wind.

Now that the ice layer is thawing, revealing the original sea, Lorenzo looks down and finds that his feet are firmly on the surface of the water, unable to sink. He tried looking towards the depths of the sea, but there is All that was reflected was the starry sky and a stupid face overlooking the water.

Lorenzo sat back on the bench sadly. He was completely unaware of what he had just passed out, and he did not know the restlessness from under the stars and the sea. He was like an innocent little sheep, looking at this curiously. Brand new place.

He remembered that he just drove the dark angel back to the Chenhui Advance with himself, and then he appeared here…Lorenzo remembered that the crown of Holy Silver was worn by him, and there should be no invasion [Gap 】Case.

“So how did I get here? Abuse of power. Gabriel’s impact?”

Lorenzo thinks this way. This is the first time he has used power to control another physical action. Although it is an original sin armor with flesh and steel, no one can say what will happen.

This is an overly powerful force, so it has a corresponding price.

Lorenzo started to miss Watson. He knew that he should ask Watson more about these things, instead of thinking he wouldn’t use them, and guarding some useless rules.

Preparing to leave, but at this moment, Lorenzo raised his head in a ghostly manner and looked up at the dim starry sky.

“Watson said…”

For some reason, Lorenzo suddenly remembered what Watson had said to him, when he first learned about the existence of other people [Gap].

“The space that connects the human spirit…Each star is a [Gap]…”

Lorenzo looked at the stars and whispered.

Yes, what Watson showed to herself at that time, she cut open her [Gap], so that the bleak starry sky was revealed before her eyes.

Could it be that…

“The starry sky, I can often see a magnificent starry sky, the rays of light are like living beings, slowly undulating, raising ripples and thunder in the darkness…”

William’s words are repeated in his mind, the last information that the former Merlin had said before his death.

“Do you see this too? William.”

Lorenzo’s heart became tense, and he looked at the starry sky like an abyss with trepidation, and his breathing became rapid.

I should have thought of it, and I should have realized it.

This is Lorenzo’s [Gap], but it’s not the “starry sky” that I am familiar with, just like Watson cut a crack leading to the outside world in his [Gap] at the time. The starry sky in front of him is a crack. inside the starry sky.

A huge rift across the sky tore through Lorenzo’s [Gap], so that this bleak starry sky shrouded all of his vision, and Lorenzo was able to observe everything from the huge wound inside.

This bleak starry sky is a collection of [Gap].

Lorenzo extended the hand slowly, as if he was about to touch the scroll of the starry sky, his arms trembled, not knowing whether it was because of excitement or fear, his eyes were flooded with fanatical curiosity, even he completely ignored the surroundings The change.

Suddenly a huge wave rolled up, swallowing Lorenzo, and the cold water enveloped him, calming the fanatical mind. At the same time, he also saw that the dim starry sky began to collapse, from the end of the field of vision. The azure blue night sky coordinating with the lead-grey clouds came, like a curtain pulled up, covering the dim starry sky, and thus completely closed [Gap].

Lorenzo was swept into the deep sea by the sea. He could perceive the extreme low temperature. The sea froze in an instant, sealing the sea above his head. In a blink of an eye, all this changed back to a familiar appearance, and then in the darkness of the deep sea. Extending countless hands, he dragged Lorenzo deep inside.



Lorenzo let out a sharp scream, one got up and sat up, and then he slammed into the top bunk fiercely due to the narrow space of the upper bunk.


Lorenzo wrapped his head in the quilt and rolled hard on the bed, making more screams.

Hearing such a tragic scream, the ship doctors rushed over immediately. Out of the threat to the Demon Hunter and the safety of everyone present, they gave Lorenzo a few injections without the slightest hesitation. Tranquilizer, skillful technique, I don’t know how many times I have done it-it may also be that Demon Hunter has thick skin and thick skin, so he can hit it casually, and there will be no medical accidents anyway.

In short, Lorenzo was lying flat on the bed. As the tranquilizer spread within the body, he felt a lot better. Although his limbs were a little weak and his perception was a little fuzzy, at least the bleeding nose and forehead were temporarily absent. So it hurts.

“Quack Doctor!”

Lorenzo cursed inwardly.

“It seems that Holmes came to life first, he is very energetic. I injected two tranquilizers to let him down.”

The ship doctors yelled to the soldiers and told them to inform Burlau.

After experiencing the naval battle and the attack of Demon, the erosion response of Chenhui Advance has never stopped. Fortunately, after careful investigation, the source of pollution should come from the original sin armor and the remnants of the battle with Demon. There is no Demon lurking in Problems on board.

However, because of the residual erosion, the equipment has some problems, such as communication and navigation, which indirectly leads to the fact that all orders and commands now rely on alternate communication channels and human resources.

“How are you feeling now?” the ship doctor asked.

“You gave me two tranquilizers, and then you asked me how I felt?” Lorenzo asked back.

“Under the action of the drug, the consciousness is still awake. This may be related to the physical fitness of the Demon Hunter person.” The boat doctor wrote and drew on the notes. “There is a clear recognition and there is no confusion in the self-personality. Mouthful, no sign of losing control.”

“You are almost recovering completely, Mr. Holmes, although you haven’t been sick for long.” The ship doctor concluded.

“recover completely…what happened?”

Lorenzo realized that he was in the ward. The specifications were similar to the cabin where Lorenzo lived, but it was obviously cleaner than Lorenzo’s.

“You drove the dark angel back to the deck, and then you lost consciousness and fell down. Until now,” the ship doctor packed up the brace and medicine and walked to the door, “We initially suspected that your mental burden was too heavy. Yes, after all, you have driven dark angel, in a driverless way.”

The ship doctor opened the door, and just about to leave, he turned around and added to Lorenzo.

“We are very interested in the way you drive dark angel. This is a long-distance mental manipulation ability? If you are interested in discussing it in detail, please come over for a test later.”

Lorenzo shook his head vigorously, then shook his hand gesture to signal the ship doctor to roll away.

The door was closed, and only Lorenzo was left in the cramped ward, allowing him to enjoy this rare peace, but this peace did not last long, and he became confused by the mixed thoughts in his mind.

Plague doctor, pioneer, naval battle, starry sky, end of the world…

Tonight has happened so much that Lorenzo can’t deal with it, let alone the aftermath of these events.

Lorenzo leaned against the wall with a heavy gaze. He vaguely guessed about the “starry sky”, but he couldn’t determine all of this until he found the truth.

But as long as he finds Watson or heads to the end of the world, he guesses he will probably know the whole picture of the secret, whether it is Evangelion Church, Absolute End Association, secret blood and starry sky, humans and Demon, Lorenzo believes that all of this must be A certain point overlaps, this point is the truth they are seeking, and it is quietly staying at the end of the world, waiting for Lorenzo to arrive.

So he didn’t unhurried these things. He has already reached this step. It’s no use worrying anymore. He will only feel powerless and desperate. It’s better to maintain an optimistic attitude, when the time comes.


“It’s still exposed.”

Lorenzo clenched a fist, sighed, and a little worried.

He has always concealed the power of Gabriel’s abilities. The only one who knows about this, Irene, has also been far away from Lorenzo’s world, but now he has shown this power, this forbidden power, when facing Burlau and What should I say when the others have questions? In any case, this requires a reason.

What should I say? I became the same monster as Lawrence. I shouldn’t even say that I had become. I already had such power, but it was forgotten for too long.

Do they fear that they know their inner secrets, or are they afraid that they will become the next Lawrence?

Lorenzo doesn’t know. He knows this very well. After all, human beings are divided. No one can fully understand another person. No matter how good the relationship is, it will be broken because of some uncertainty.

Brothers turn against each other and father and son become enemies. This kind of drama is too common.

But Lorenzo doesn’t regret it, this voyage will be a fork in the world’s direction, and Lorenzo will correct its path anyway, and get fate out of the damn samsara inside.

Thinking about this, the door of the ward was opened, and a warm light came in.