Ember’s Gun Chapter 546


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“It looks like you are getting better?”

Seleu opened the door, her face dirty, as if she had just crawled out of a mine.

The miner is fully equipped, with pocket knives and daggers hanging around her waist, and holding fast-filling jerky in her hands. Her voice is a bit vague. It looks like she came to eat while walking, and there is a Thermite hanging behind her. rifle, a bullet chain wrapped around the shoulder.

“Wait a minute, this is not quite right!”

Lorenzo rubbed his eyes vigorously, a little unbelievable.

Dignified Stuart Duke, just like a deserted island, every part of her body exudes a strong desire for survival, no… compared to a deserted island, she is more like a war veteran.

Seleu’s trench killer costume really scared Lorenzo. Lorenzo guessed that if her physical fitness and size hadn’t restricted her, she might still wear armor and so on.

“This…what’s wrong? It’s all dead, need you to go to the battlefield?”

Lorenzo’s words trembled. Hearing what the ship doctor said, he hadn’t been in a coma for long. What happened during this time?

“What’s wrong? We are being chased by the enemy’s armored ship. Although the speed is superior, there are many damages on the hull. The acceleration is too fast and the damage is easy to deteriorate. Therefore, the firefight continues.” .

There was another cannon sound, followed by a faint vibration, reminding Lorenzo of the continuation of the war.

Seleu seems to be accustomed to this. She has a good mentality. She easily accepts this terrible situation. It is much better than the still confused Hyboard. After getting out of danger, this Viking rushes Weeping in the direction of Lingbing Bay.

Well, I can’t blame him. The important port of his hometown was sneak attacked, and it was probably his appearance.

“Demon attacked the Chenhui Advance. The residual erosion affects observation and communication. No one knows if Demon will climb up again. Burlau ordered each of us to wear equipment.” Seleu’s voice was somewhat Helplessly, “This is like a closed island, where a Demon will pop out at any point. With the existing power, we can’t provide timely rescue, so we can only step up our defenses.”

Seleu opened the hatch completely so that the light behind him could completely spill in.

“So… how long will you have to sleep?”


“Are you ready?”

Seleu stood in the hallway, shouting boredly, and after a while, Lorenzo’s response came from the cabin.

“Now, wait a minute!”

shook the head, Seleu didn’t continue to ask, standing obediently and honestly in the original place, humming strange songs, echoing in the quiet corridor inside.

The Chenhui Advance is not in good condition. Although it is the most advanced iron-clad ship in Irvine, it has not had the opportunity to be fully maintained after so many battles, and it has continued to fight with scars.

In Notar’s terms, judging by the number of sinks of the Chenhui Advance, such a record has been achieved in just a few days. This is a Legendary armored ship. Of course, to a large extent They are all occupying technological advantages, solid armor, terrifying Ascalon, fireworks burning antimony……

But no matter how powerful a ship is, it needs to be maintained, and the crew also need to rest. Under the attack of Demon, the residual erosion interferes with the equipment and people’s hearts. Everyone is a little uneasy, let alone they have to go there. For the unknown.

It is like a wounded Swordsman, walking through battlefield after battlefield, moving towards the final battlefield.


The hatch was pushed open, and a porcupine covered with swords came out from it.

I saw that Lorenzo had changed into a new suit. No one knew how many of these exactly the same clothes he had. Behind the large coat, carrying a black cloth bag, you can see that there are several sword hilts exposed, hanging staggeringly behind him.

Winchester was inserted around his waist, the elastic chain hung on his body, as you can see from the open coat, the chest was also covered with throwing knives and pocket knives.

Lorenzo is fully prepared, as if he is going to blood flowing into a river.

He walks with the fully armed Seleu, and his style is very appropriate. In Lorenzo’s words, he is a male and female robber, one is responsible for killing people and setting fire, and the other is responsible for sapling.

It’s a pity that they are on the ship, and sap can’t knock another armored ship.

“Then, first solve this problem now.”

Lorenzo said and moved towards the deck, he wanted to see Burlau.

“What’s the problem.” Seleu asked.

“Chasing soldiers, we have to get rid of them first, even if they are repelled temporarily, as long as we get rid of them, and at the speed of Chenhui advancing, we can easily get rid of them.” Lorenzo explained Tao.

The cold wind hit, Lorenzo stopped and looked towards the other side.

The one by one human wound appeared at the end of the corridor. The armor here is completely peeled off, and there are still burn marks on all around. The crew has posted warning signs here, but because of insufficient manpower , Plus the priority of repair, here is just a simple repair, and two soldiers are sent to guard here to prevent some weird things from climbing into the cabin from here.

This is a naval battle, not the land battle that Lorenzo is familiar with. Inside this turbulent sea, even the Demon Hunter people are subject to environmental constraints.

He may be able to destroy the enemy by jumping to help fights, but Lorenzo has only one person. He is not a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses. No matter how strong the dark angel is, it is only temporary. It is difficult for him to fight against a Legion, let alone This Legion is also related to Plague doctor.

The other thing is that it needs to be close enough to jump into the gang battle. With Chenhui Advance in its current state, rushing close to the enemy, even if Lorenzo sinks all enemy ships, then Chenhui Advance will probably have to On the verge of sinking.

Lorenzo is not sure about the state of the dark angel. When [Gap] controls the dark angel, Lorenzo doesn’t have to care about his own safety at all. This allows the dark angel to engage in a very rough battle. The pain that spreads when he leaves makes Lorenzo think. Damage to the dark angel.

“We now need to preserve the state of the Chenhui Advance as much as possible. It cannot continue to be injured.” Lorenzo said.

If the Chenhui Advance is damaged like this, there is no need to go to Jihai, just go back to the house… No, this is also a bit hanged, now most of the news about Lingbing Bay has spread out, in case it is Viking Grab, what will happen again.

“Because there are more important things next, right?” Seleu said suddenly, “far more important than the trade of the Viking nations, and more important than the current battle.”

The words made Lorenzo mess around for a while, he looked at it in a panic, but he met a pair of rational eyes.

Seleu bit on the jerky, chewing hard on this tough food, her small face bulged, her face was gray, like a child laborer of bad luck, just crawling out of the mine to have lunch. Strive hard for life.

“I said you would use this stuff?” Lorenzo asked, pointing to Thermite rifle behind him.

“You taught me to shoot. This thing just needs one more step to ignite. It’s not much worse. I learned it quickly.” Seleu swallowed the food hard, wiped his mouth, and The gray stains on the face are even more messy.

“So I was originally just a cover, a cover for action. I guess according to your original plan, after you kidnap Frocky in Lingbing Bay, I will be sent to a cargo ship by you to say goodbye to you? “

Seleu analyzes rationally. She knows Lorenzo’s behavior well. This kind of thing is not too hard to guess. She should have been aware of this since this guy took the original sin armor on the ship. It’s that simple.

“Don’t explain, I understand, I understand, what the hell is the regulation, to be honest, if the plan is OK, I will follow the cargo ship obediently and honestly.” Seleu said, “Everyone Be clear about your position. People like you are on the front line of the battlefield, and my position is to wrestle with other people in the rear, to find money for you and so on.”

“You… are so clear in your self-awareness.”

Lorenzo held back for a long time and could only say such a word.

“Otherwise, what do you think I would do?”

Seleu stopped talking, she seemed to be adjusting her emotions, and then she said pleadingly.

“Don’t leave me alone?”

The voice was very moving, but Seleu’s calm face didn’t have the slightest ups and downs. These words were completely dealing with Lorenzo.

“How is this possible, I am a Duke, not a little child who is rolling all over with his own temper. If you say let me go, I will definitely go without the slightest hesitation,” Seleu asked “Anyway, staying here also limits your play, don’t you think?”

“Ah this…”

Lorenzo really didn’t know what to say this time. He was still dreaming about Seleu’s reaction when he learned about it, but now it seems that he is simply ridiculous.

“But there’s no way. I can’t leave now, right? In order not to cause you trouble, I can only try to protect myself.”

Seleu frankly said, and then opened his collar, revealing the chain mail made by Baitie. This is the equipment specially provided by the perpetual motion pump for this operation, although the chain mail is a bit behind the times. , But when dealing with Demon’s sharp claw and fangs, it can also have a certain effect.

In the words of those technicians, you think of fangs and sharp claw as stinky swords. Isn’t this more reasonable?

“Reasonable fart!”

Lorenzo cursed in his heart, these guys are really a kind of practical ideology, no matter what it is, you can use it. If bricks can effectively bludge Demon, they will definitely advance for Chenhui without the slightest hesitation No. loaded with tons of bricks.

Judging from the slightly wrinkled chain mail, Seleu obviously didn’t find a suitable chain mail. She just found one and put it in with great effort. This time the girl is fully in various senses. armed.

Lorenzo is long sighed, this is really a cross between times, which makes his mood a bit complicated at the moment.

As for Seleu…

Lorenzo could feel the change in her temperament, becoming longer and sharper, just like a delicately dressed girl suddenly tore off the lace dress, and then revealed the silver armor.

So many years of easy life, Seleu did not let Seleu forget her bad past. The dark childhood made certain things a principled thing, which is usually well hidden by her, but when she needs it, she will be hideous. Appearance, slashing the incoming enemy.

Killing, setting fires, collecting corpses… The diligent old steward never thought of how skilled Seleu was with these.

“I thought you would waste these, after all, you don’t have to fight and kill to become Duke.”

Lorenzo and Seleu one after the other walked, and they didn’t meet a few crew members along the way, so the journey seemed a bit deserted.

“On the contrary, since I became Duke, I have been more demanding on my training,” Seleu told a dark story that Lorenzo didn’t know. Figures have all died in assassinations and other incidents, and only you can rely on that kind of emergency.”

Some people feel safe when they have money, some people feel safe when hiding in a fortress, Seleu needs to hold anything, whether it is a dagger or a stone, as long as it can produce weapons, as long as they have weapons in their hands , She felt safe.

“Of course, what if there are other situations? For example, the family is falling and so on, this ability should be able to cut a piece of sky in the lower city district, right?” Seleu added, “Well, I’m cracking A joke, the lower city district is not enough…I secretly set up an account in the bank, which is piled up with money diverted from Stuart’s house.”

“Is this a false accounting?”

“It shouldn’t count, it’s all my assets in name.”

Lorenzo’s expression was stagnant, and his steps were a bit stiff. He looked back at Seleu, and saw Seleu’s innocent look, calmly handling the dagger made by Lorenzo in his hand. After dancing for a few moments, he was sharp The spikes are pierced along the ridge of the blade, as a hidden weapon, you can’t guard against it.

Also… I’m really sorry! Everyone from the Stuart family, I can hardly escape the blame for your Duke like this!

Lorenzo is in grief and anger, and the face of old steward can’t help but appear before him.

However, Seleu is really rational. She easily accepted these things in front of her. No, it should be said that she is very rational, so she will make the most correct choice.

It’s just that Lorenzo didn’t expect this kind of development in the end. The attack came too suddenly, beyond everyone’s imagination. For a while, Lorenzo didn’t know what to do next.

The best choice is to find an island to dock, leave the wounded there, and the rest continue to march towards the sea of ​​silence. Lorenzo is going to put Seleu down at that time, but he is worried about what will happen after he leaves. What if they were spotted by Plague doctor’s armored ship?

Things became more and more troublesome as they thought about it, but at least they hadn’t stepped into the sea of ​​silence, and there was still room for choice.

Suddenly Lorenzo stopped, and Seleu directly hit him behind him, because there were so many things on her body that she almost fell over for a while.

“What’s wrong?” Seleu asked.

Lorenzo stood in the original place and looked towards the open hatch on the side. This should be a crew room with beds and personal items, but because of the shaking during the battle, most of them were scattered on the ground.

What caught Lorenzo’s gaze was the clock hung on the wall, with its hands turning counterclockwise and swinging out of order.

“Remaining erosion affects these, and Geiger counter has been calling it all the time.” Seleu said.

“No… not quite right.”

Lorenzo said this, he realized something, and suddenly turned back, rushing to the broken corridor, Lorenzo went straight over the soldiers, grabbing the twisted edge, and leaning half of his body out of the cabin.

He felt the slight coolness that swept across his body, saw the scarred hull of Chenhui Advance, and saw the gray sky.

The sea is reflected in lead-grey clouds, and iron whales riddled with scars swim among them.