Ember’s Gun Chapter 583

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The fireworks and storms are intertwined, and the storm of the blush on the blush is hitting this land. Stand in Great Numbers is stable in storm INSIDE, and it is indifferent to the dispute of several centuries.

Lorenzo has observed the trail of the pioneer and ED, he can only feel the erosion release of violence, and can hear the cracked Sword Cry.

Watson also stayed in Original Place, she is not in the battle between the pioneer and ED, nor is it because the story is exposed.

she heard.

Watson believes in convinced that she heard.

“down …”

The blurred sound echoed inside Dark Angel with noisy current.

“to …” … “

Original Sin Armor is a use of electronic communication equipment, but due to erosion, most of these equipment will fail after entering the battle, communications will be disturbed, only the harsh noise, so whether it is Watson, or lorenzo, It is not too much to think about this Thing, as long as there is still an erosion, this device will never have a great limit.

can now, under this high-intensity erosion, a message has been hit by the wind and rush, and it has arrived here, and a blurred instruction is issued.

This is simply a miracle.

It seems that Nether Soul has passed the long years, Continuously, repeatedly speaking.

“down …”

Watson Looked Towards has a darkness under the darkness of the whispers.

“Is you?”

Watson whisper.

The pioneer and ED Lun are approaching the existence of the unspeakable person, and the strength of the rise can even press the influenza mode, and the strength is released to the maximum.

Watson made a decision, and Dark Angel immediately rushed, grabbed a few people, and hook it into the ice, so that he was swallowed by this storm, Silhouette swayed sharply, they were like The floating leaves that have passed with the wind have struggled to struggle.

The human beings in the old era are looking for the way of sublimation. They pray for a more great power, they are indeed successful, but the end of this path is the answer of NOT KNOWING What To Do.

Gabriel · It is a credential, and take a one-way ticket of the road to China.

Lorenzo excavated more horrible forces, but in the same, he is also approaching these MONSTER, and those who have not received credentials, they cannot bear the dream of unspeakable people, and they are mad “Information” crushed and became a bloodthirsty MONSTER.

They chased so long, finally found the answer to this root.

lorenzo has been prepared, but it is really panic and nothing to face this.

The temperature of all around is climbing in the section, which is the pressure from ED. After realizing the presence of the pioneer, he directly detonated power, and the hot high temperature wrapped in the storm.

Silhouette of Dark Angel began a dramatic shake, under this situation, they did not join the battlefield, and the hooks were taken off, and the high temperature was melted, and Lorenzo heard the stream of Crash-Bang, under the body The sturdy ice has become fragile and collapsed.

“Is this God?”

PLAGUE Doctor witnessed this scene, can’t help but low channels.

He is a famous doctor, sensible Scholar, but after listening to the pioneer, PLAGUE Doctor can not help but doubt.

If this is not God, what is the best?

Pioneer as much as possible to describe this more great existence, but if you really face it, someone will firmly, and don’t fear it.

“This is not God! Plague Doctor!” Lorenzo yelled at this time, “Even if it is really God, it is also the god who can kill! Don’t fear it!”

They have thought about it in the end of World, find the so-called god, how can Didn’t Expect, the last god will be the same.

“Don’t afford it! Plague Doctor!”

lorenzo yelled, he questioned God.

“God is a powerful to understand! It is not worthy of fear and belief!”

plague doctor is deep breathing, and the eyes of chaotic gradually have a bit clear, he pauses, and then breaks up.

“The pioneer is the fucking mad! He wants to put it out!”

Plague Doctor’s name is a little trembling, and the courage is not a simple thing, especially when it faces this world.

The previous Plague Doctor is still not satisfied with the so-called final, but after filling the power of the pioneer, he vaguely saw the desperate scene, and the shock of the moment almost killed him almost.

as if there is countless sharp knife, hitting the wounds of your soul, filled the darkness of every inch, slowly kneading your humanity and thinking until it is smashed into the shape of distortion.

Of course, the most promised PLAGUE Doctor is the crazy of the pioneer.

Plague Doctor is very clear that the “metamorphosis development” such as sublimation means what it means, from 蚪 into a frog, becomes a butterfly from the greenworm.

The pioneer will abandon all the human nature, it is a more great existence, in the face of unspeakable, human self-consciousness, wisdom, ethical morality, glory and achievements, all this is It is a virtual, it is the wrong way of sublimation.

The sublimation of the pioneer, and it is said to abandon everything, it is better to say that it is better to say that he is a crazy suicide.

This is a wheeze of all its meaning.

“Mom! To die alone! What do we do in it!”

Plague Doctor continues to scream, he is indeed chasing the answer, and you can realize that the answer is like this, he still feels absurd and fear.

It is not a simple thing to take courage.

Plague Doctor is willing to die for truth, but he doesn’t want to be a distorted MONSTER, although from the perspective of natural science, this is far more advanced and great.

PLAGUE DOCTOR … Can PLAGUE Doctor is so unbearable.

The chase of truth is entangled with the only humanity of itself.

If you easily deny your own, become a more great existence …

plague doctor thinks, flashing in front of the yellow notes, those who are given by him to Seleu.

If you deny everything, then these efforts you have done, these knowledge, and so on, what is the meaning of what is the meaning?

He remembered the conversation with Lawrence, the MONSTER’s last gift.

Whether Plague Doctor, or Lawrence, they are all Monster, but unfortunately, they can never become real Monster, in their non-human body, still have The part of the person is like a metal, no matter how many purity of the experience, human impurities will exist, remind them that they have identified.

This is the reason why Plague Doctor turns Monster, if it is deny to abandon this, what is the meaning of him to become Monster?

Thinking here, Plague Doctor can’t help but say.

“It’s curious, what kind of choice will you make face? Lawrence.”

plague doctor takes a deep breath, and then loudly, with this at the same time his flesh and blood, sharp sharp claws break the flesh, and the ghost.

“I want to kill him! Hallmos!”

In just a few seconds, the inner heart of Plague Doctor has experienced a difficult battle, and he poured all anger to the pioneer.

“I suggest us to be far away from here!”

lorenzo is in contrast to Plague Doctor, the hot burning wind is connected to Continuously, just as the pioneer says, he is not to kill Lorenzo and the Others, and talk to them, just give them a fair Opportunity.

“The goal of the pioneer is ED M! The watchman is his big enemy!”

Lorenzo feels bad, the pioneer is to kill ED.

This seems to be a competent watchmaker, and the pioneer uses yourself, attracting ED Lun, under which the inverse model is suppressed, and the ED Mo’s pioneer will be restricted, from the pioneer Crazy, his sublimation is obviously at the end, so he can mobilize more power.

“This is not the battle we can join.”

Watson’s voice rang next to everyone’s ear, Dark Angel puts the waking of the Wussen Flock into the weapon box, this Bad Luck ghost does not understand what happened.

followed by a more dramatic wave, emerging with broken thoughts and bulld in Dark Angel.

The battle between the two sides brings a hot high temperature. This long-term ice layer is rapidly melting and transforms to boiling seawater.

Dark Angel hits in the madness on the albental, so in the Dark Angel too large body shape, it is in just here, stabilizes Silhouette.

The Plague Doctor and Lorenzo on which it is hit. In this excitement, they don’t have the things that can be captured. Lorenzo tries to grasp the album, although the surface is engraved with the name, but it actually its touch is extremely smooth.

Wan the Nail Sword, the sword blade can’t shake the oblongity, and when Lorenzo is about to be madly, the scarlet blood is rolled with Lorenzo, and the PLAGUE Doctor has a unclear RED, tight It is stuck in the criminal, and there is also a lot in the way, and the Lorenzo has grown.

The extremely disgusting is still in practice, Lorenzo’s eyes are flashing with countless 狰狞 狰狞 狰狞 画 画, the heart speeds up until his eyes also transforms to the prefraulic storm.

lorenzo looks at the inside of the storm, it is the core of the battle, the pioneer and ED is in it.

Under these two huge erosion sources, Lorenzo heard a burst of thunder.

Angel is coming.

In the brilliant light, the invisible will fall above this forgotten land, and they absorb the things around them, refine them, transform them, so this is another flesh and blood APPEAR OUT OF THIN AIR .

They are covered with white wings, walk out of the mine, and the spikes of the spiral break the palm, just like the prison.

The initial sublimator is a trap of such a trap, and uses this similar to the desperate way, so that the non-writer enters the cage of the banned gold cast, and makes it have an entity, thus complete it completely Overhaul in the middle of prison.

More violent erosion is released, Lorenzo has appeared under this influence, and Secret Blood enters the critical Breakthrough state, and the intensive armor is spread.

“What should I do?”

Lorenzo suddenly confused, he couldn’t join this crazy battle, but there is nowhere to escape. He can do only look at the continuation of the battle and witness its ending.

SECRET Protectors! “

watson shouted, Dark Angel spurted the bears fireworks, in this mad stream, this is the only ability to actively move.

“gamble! Lorenzo, if they are still alive … At least, they will definitely notice everything here.”

Bear Fire with Dark Angel, it is briefly gliding in the wind in the wind in the wind in the wind, then hooks to Plague Doctor.

plague doctor understands Watson’s meaning, the inspinchang pulls Lorenzo, and he also lifted the entanglement of the album, and the hooks will run themselves, then pulled up.

with this somewhat bloody way, Watson grabbed Plague Doctor, painful PLAGUE Doctor a burst of mouth, the two, as before, a handle that was soldered on the Dark Angel armor.

This thought that Watson has a policy. For example, when the two wars are not open, a [GAP] invaded to kill, see if Watson can turn Dark Angel Turning, Moved Towards Boiling water surface is rushed.


The fuel tank completely burned, and the momentum broke out, so that Dark Angel was smashed under the water surface of the meteorite Moved Towards.

Breakthrough’s water surface, the ice is also crushed by WITH NO DIFFICULTY.

lorenzo has a sigh of relief, grab the handle, and the field of vision caught in the dark blue, all the way.

He Lifts The Head can see the arc of the water above the surface, and you can feel the changes in the battlefield more clearly, constantly roaring, the alphania is even slightly shaking.

The water temperature begins to become cold, completely wrapped Lorenzo, the sleeper is the only light here, and now it is dropped deeper dark.

I don’t know why, Lorenzo actually understands the idea of ​​understanding the pioneer. They work hard for so long, paying That Many, even if it fails, Continuously tries again and again, but there is no hopeless words …

ALL ALOT has changed, and Lorenzo felt a huge suction, as if Appear out of thin Air had a big hole, the water flow has flooted to the vulnerability, forming a rollup whirl.

door is open.

What is emotional change in Lorenzo, and the tail flame behind Dark Angel is a bit more powerful, and it is exhausted until it is caught by vortex.

The field of view has fallen into the darkness, Lorenzo heard the water of Crash-Bang, and wrapped his sea water and he could respond.

all arrone is dark, like the previous, except for the light of Dark Angel, nothing.

They pass through the door, and there is still endless flow with them, Dark Angel tries to shoot the hook, but the darkness is like when there is something to block it, after a crisp metal sound, hook Play back again.

This falls, until the deepest.