Ember’s Gun Chapter 584

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The silence of the darkness does not know how long it has, and Silhouette on the ground finally has some movement of the drama, he slowly got up, and his hands and supported the ground and stood up.

Lorenzo has a little nothing happened. He remembers that he falls in the dark … After the matter, he can’t remember it. When you have a sense, Lorenzo has already appeared here.

This dark INSIDE.

I won’t think about anything, and the severe pain came from the body inside, as if this time, Lorenzo’s body was disassembled and restructured, and the blacklra covered with the body appeared cracks. From where Continuously flows.

Blood Tick, Lorenzo touched the nose, the hand appeared a scarlet, then the pain came from the chest, he couldn’t help but bow down, under the pain of pain, there was a lot of breath.

yourself is … Directly fall on the ground?

Lorenzo’s memory gradually clearer, he remembers that Dark Angel realized that it was unique, it tried to slow down, open Tie Yu, can be in vain in huge thrust.

They fell straight.

Rolling the storm in the eyes, the dark inside vision has become a lot, followed by Lorenzo Oppression Force, it seems to be in this dark, what is power is in practice, it curbs the power of erosion.

The glow in the eye is out of the eye, then extinguished.

Lorenzo determines the potential forces here, which inhibits erosion expansion, letting it die in Lorenzo’s With Body, which is why Lorenzo is so weak.

Secret Blood Dured body is continuously weakened, the healing of the wound has also become slow, but this is not completely inhibited, and Lorenzo has a chance to breathe.

At the same time, Lorenzo feels that it has never been there … clear.

He is a bit difficult to describe at this moment, regardless of where Lorenzo is in, he will always suffer from erosion, but there is an erosion from itself.

It can be learned from the pioneer, although they are imprisoned, it is easy to sleep, but its dreams are still passing through the Holy Silver’s barriers, spreading over the world. .

This is a powerful place, unlike the semi-hanging semi-hanging hangs like Lorenzo, its erosion coverage is the entire Western World, which is probably why Demon has appeared in the WORLD, and the distant Eastern is in it. The edge of the impact, plus the forgotten Great Wall they construct, further resisting the effects of erosion.

That is to say, people living in Worth World have always been in the influence of erosion, but this is too weak, and even there is almost no general.

Now Lorenzo is standing in Dark Inside, he first felt a relaxed never had.

All erosion is isolated, he realized the pure feeling, followed by the broken metal, heard the footsteps of the sound.


plague doctor shouts on the other side of the dark, lorenzo is in love with this pureness that is not binding, and then awakens the erosion, fighting the pressure here, making his eyes out of the fire, and the darkness is brighter.

“I am here!”

Lorenzo released the micro-light, making himself into the darkness of the darkness.

Silhouette of Plague Doctor gradually clearer in the dark, this guy does not look bad, like Lorenzo, this highly impact risk kills them, good at Lorenzo has a dense armor, while Plague Doctor has a nearly dead body.

The force of erosion is suppressed here, but it is not absolute, or can achieve a certain degree of confrontation, with this trigger the relief.

“Where is it here?”

Plague Doctor looked at the darkness around and asked some curiously.

I have experienced so much, even if I will climb out a Levitan Demon, Plague Doctor will not feel shocked, and now his mood has begun to start Somewhat Numb.


Another voice sounded, in a heavy pace, the blazing fireworks have emerged, all over the armor.

Dark Angel browsing the darkness, it looks like Lorenzo and Plague Doctor, the most of the Armor has broken, revealing the flesh and blood of the squat, blood continally, sprinkled .

The left arm has been broken, the metal joint is completely distorted, and only some of the flesh and blood is connected to it.

As for the fuel tank behind, it has been abandoned. At the last Watson, the last Watson ignited all the paint, it will be slow, otherwise, a few people will really fall into a meat mud in the fall.

Dark Angel opens a weapon box, pouring out the water and the dying Flock.

This guy is really Bad Luck, and the inverse mode is to remove the vast majority of information. It does not say that his strength is also the most vulnerable from Lorenzo, and Flori is just a Ordinary Person. Under the influence of erosion, Demon is started, so he is only temporary Demon, which is temporary.

This kind of impact almost killed him. He fell in the water, and continuously vomited blood, but the power of all around was suppressed, he did not “vouchers”, at all, without the force of mobilizing erosion.

Demon’s flesh has gradually lost activity, he is going to die.

“help him, Plague Doctor.”

Lorenzo said that Nail sword was pulled out, and he took advantage of him, he took a deep breath and accelerated the healing of the body.

PLAGUE Doctor doesn’t say much, he walked to Flori’s body, half squatted, Extend the hand pressed in his chest.

The flesh and blood of the uncertainty begins, just like growing branches, scarlets from Plague Doctor fingers deeply inserted with Flock’s WITHIN THE BODY, entangled on his broken internal organs.

As PLAGUE Doctor is parasitic, he is parasitic in Flock, just this time parasitic is assisted Flock’s self-healing, and the scarlet’s inspiration will completely wrap Flori. Then they began to fall into the flesh and blood inside and fill the vacancy.

plague doctor collapsed, then got up, looked at the eyes of the poor lorenzo, he once again looked again, the scarlets were wounded in the wound of Lorenzo, deeply tied into the flesh and blood inside.

This hurts Lorenzo DC sweat, but soon these active flesh and blood pulled cracking tissue, accelerating the healing of flesh.

“To tell the truth … this feels a bit disgusting.” Lorenzo has a strong sense of body.

PLAGUE Doctor heard the words of Lorenzo, wrinkled, and didn’t understand what this guy was saying.

“I drink your blood, eat your meat?” Plague Doctor. “

“Don’t be disgusting me, Hallmos.”

I heard the fart of Lorenzo, PLAGUE Doctor’s disgust.

The two paused, pause a few seconds, then laughed up, laughing is a bitter, but it is also happy.

They know secrets, still alive … I am still alive, but this is enough.

“You will be like a doctor.” Lorenzo said.

“Surgical Knife This” can be used to remove tumors, or it can be used to score the throat … just look at what you want to apply. “Plague Doctor Answer.

The parasitic flesh and blood begins with Flori’s body, and in order to make it by Plague Doctor, he will be combined into his, but this time flesh and blood is only filled with his body. He didn’t do that step. He slowly woke up, just from Flori’s some sluggish eyes, this guy’s brain estimate is still a blank.

is also in this wheezing time, Lorenzo and the Others also recovers almost, and Looked Towards Dark Angel, Lorenzo asked.

“Watson, how do you know here.”

Although the ancestors say that the shelter is below, in that case, no one can find the way, but Watson has done these, with a few people from the crazy battlefield, in the chaotic water flow Arrive here.

“I don’t know, he told me.”

Watson said, is also at this time, in the darkness in front of Lorenzo and the Others, it is brightly lit up, maybe it is too long to start, some lights are flashing, then completely extinguish, only Zero zero scattered radiance is still in the maintenance, guiding a road in the dark.

“he is?”

“Secret Protectors … Probably.”

Watson is also somewhat unsurely, then Dark Angel has stepped, and the Moved Towards walks.

This is probably an accident. Lorenzo I thought I didn’t have a chance to really see Secret Protectors, but in this chance, he arrived in this mysterious shelter.

Perhaps Secret Protectors At First No appearance is because of the pioneer, this guy has been ending with a few people, causing Secret Protectors to remain silent, and under the intervening of Ed Life, they finally have a little opportunity to lead a few people.

“is completely banned from alloy … Holy Silver builds.”

thinking on the way to Lorenzo, think of the darkness of the darkness from the dim light.

The surface of the steel is covered with rust and dust, which seems to be in such silence. It has been too long. The old air is covered with dust.

Lorenzo, Lorenzo, also saw someone replacement fans, which were densely used in the corner, but most of them have stopped, only a few have turned hard, the speed is slow, and it seems to be stagnated next.

is then a long and long promenade.

lorenzo and the othess follows the guidelines of the rays left the building, go to the promenade of the high-altitude, all over the end, the endless darkness, the connection of the gallery is an undead smooth metal.

It seems that these are also forbidden by the absolute alloy. As in what is it, Lorenzo Not Quite Clear, is probably a certain old man’s technology.

It should have been prosperous here, but as the years of the years have also become dead.

Lorenzo feels that there is a dead breath everywhere, just as the pioneer said, SECRET Protectors has witnessed, and now everything is just Struggling On Whilst At Death’s Door.

The rays of the indicator light again, the route here is like a maze is generally complicated, but it is good to have the guidance of rays, and Lorenzo and the Others is not lost, but Plague Doctor is very curious about other routes, think Go to explore, but stopped by Lorenzo.

Now their primary goal is to follow the indicator, looking for the last Secret Protectors.

I don’t know how long it took, Lorenzo and the Others seems to have come to a place similar to the residential area, the edge of the square is the living room of the barrier, which looks very narrow, can be sufficient to survive.

Lorenzo did not see the human beings living here, everywhere is dust and debris, and a lot of metal wrecks, they fall on the ground, break into countless fragments, look up, lorenzo thinks them It should be under the dark fall in the high altitude.

is then covered by the water, it should be broken, these liquids are spurted, and how long is it here, but from the water stains on the tunnel wall, the water is It will be completely blocked here, and after many years, most of the liquids have been evaporated, only these are left.

“is really a break.”

Plague Doctor is sighing, even if he can experience the technology and strength it contains, this brilliant is also collapsed with the years, and it has become a model today.

Several people finally stopped in front of a huge wall, the guidance of the indicator is also here, waiting for a while, the dull mechanical sound sounds, and the dust can’t live, as if there is already many years. It was opened.

“This is … door?”

Lorenzo looks up at this huge, start slowly splitting wall.

In his cognition, the last shocking door is still a workshop of Perpetual Motion Pump, but this door is far more than the workshop huge and heavy.

a slit, slowly expanded, and the dust is flying.

Lorenzo and the Others also excited with its opening, but very fast, noise stopped, the door is open, Lorenzo stunned, walking, playing a few feet, can still reaction.

“it … it seems to be broken.”

Lorenzo is uncertain, Dark Angel is moving directly, it waves Tie Feather, try to open the door, but it is too heavy, Completely Motionless.

“This ghost is so bad?” Plague Doctor couldn’t help but ask.

“Probably,” Watson came to a circle, continued, “Here is the shelter of life, but it is dead.”

“There is nothing in front of the years.”

Lorenzo said that he was close to the gap, he tried, and then said.

“We can drill from here.”

While saying, Lorenzo began to try, he took the body, advanced in the depths, Plague Doctor thought, after the body of Lorenzo, Flori is a face, he doesn’t seem to be independent. Consciousness, Original Place stands for a few seconds, he also followed Along, learning Lorenzo’s appearance, squeezing into the crack.

I thought that there was a grand way to see Secret Protectors, and finally became so ridiculous, Dark Angel docked with its body, and the human body has also been merged with ARMOR. For one.

Lorenzo moves along the narrow gap, suddenly the heart is cold, it seems to have anything.

[Watson? 】

[um. 】

Lorenzo is no longer more, but it is also used to this guest, he continues to move forward, deep darkness, a blue micro-light.