Ember’s Gun Chapter 585

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from the river of Florence, to the quiet Saint Naluo Cathedral, then go to the Bear Burning Night of Advent, 淅淅 淅淅 o o o o o …,

lorenzo advances in a narrow dark, causing the blue Rays of Light to advance, and the body of the body instild.

The darkness gave him a short calm, and some of the people suddenly recall this journey, the mood is very quiet, there is no fluctuation, all words have been said, the blood of the flow is also full One place, Lorenzo now just accepts this.

standing in the dirt of the dust, Lorenzo stared in the blue light.

After the door is an incomparably huge column space, like a huge deep well, it does not make Lorenzo think of the wells of sublimation, and the workshop may be accidentally, these buildings are approaching the form of wells.

lorenzo remembers that Merlin passed through these, this is related to the so-called “sublimation”, from despicable, it is a “high” change, plus the wellhead limit, they all like it Constructing the structure such as “well”.

“From the despicable jump to the noise, go out of the wellhead, see more world …”

lorenzo lightly.

But in this quiet space, his voice is so clear, loud, so that Lorenzo feels a burst of uneasiness, I am afraid that my voice will disturb the Nether Soul that is falling into sleep.

has nothing, everything is like the endless years of the past, maintaining absolute tranquility.

A platform that spreads from the foot arrives at the center of the columnar space, above it, down from the darkness of the dome, and the number of unclear cables and machinery, they put together a huge disc, located in the core INSIDE.

lorenzo step forward, can see what is surrounded by the wall of this all around, the well wall is not smooth, look at it, can see another bump, look like some half Transparent glass, which presents an ellipse, and the Densly Packed is arranged above the wall, spreading to the end of the above.

NOT QUITE CLEAR This is, after all, everything here is in Lorenzo’s cognition, he can only rely on simple common sense to judge the functions of something.

Most of the translucent ellipses have been broken, and it can be seen that the water is covered with water. It seems that there is a lot of water, with the crushing of the glass, where the liquid is also touched.

These things look a container, plus the effusion, a bit like cultivating warehouses in Montenegro, saying that there are some things before they are here, just now there are all PASSED AWAY, and Or dead.

Lorenzo Looked Towards, carefully observed, he found that below the container has an indicator, but most of the indicators have been completely extinguished, only a few still is still running, but it also exudes a bleak red light .

is like a pair of angry glazing eyes, quietly watching here.

“lorenzo …”

Plague Doctor looked at All Around, NOT KNOWING What To Do DO said.

“These things should be damaged.”

lorenzo looked at the bleak Red Light, and said according to its own common sense and understanding.

“The degree of damage is serious than what we think, some indicators are not bright.”

“damaged …?” Plague Doctor breathes, here is a bit bad, very depressed, but he can’t say that it is because

After Floriki follows the body of Plague Doctor, this guy is like a known child, which may be the reason why Plague Doctor helps him. He instinctively thinks Plague Doctor is safe … Although this guy is The scrata-shaped scallion is like a scrata, and there is no one in human beings.

“This should be something similar to cultivating the warehouse, but all damaged.” Lorenzo looked at a circle, but the bleak red light.

“Is it destroyed?” Plague Doctor said.

“looks like,” Lorenzo looked at the door behind him. In addition to the card downtime, the surface of the door is smooth, there is no scratch, “there is no trace of fighting, it may be due to time factors.”

“There is too long, but there is no thing is eternal, the flesh will be old, the metal will rust, the precision machine will also be covered, do not say that it is completely isolated from the outside world, the material is late One day will be exhausted. “

“Shelter has died,” Plague Doctor listened to Lorenzo, “I guess they should also have the design of internal ecological circulation, but energy is conservation, they can only ensure the loss of energy,” Under the erosion of the years, there will be a false eternal crash for one day. “

Plague Doctor can’t help but feel a heavy desperate, people living here, guarding the fire of civilization, sticking to barriers, resist any possible attacks that are unspeakable, they also know the deadline, uneasiness Live, waiting for all resources to exhaust everything.

“It looks like a forgotten cemetery, Hallmos.”

[No, SECRET Protectors live, he guides us to arrive here. 】

Watson sounds in the mind of Plague Doctor, Watson is very small along the way, and it is also used to these, and the Plague Doctor is also used to these, this sudden statement is shocked by Plague Doctor. .

“So where is he?” Plague Doctor found a circle, nor did it find something similar to “Secret Protectors”, “We follow the indicator light, it is already ended here.”

[lorenzo. 】

[I know. 】

Silent, Lorenzo has reached a consensus with Watson.

He closed his eyes and mobilized Secret Blood, which made it rushing in Blood Vessels Inside, with power to rise, bringing uneasiness and evil.

may be in contact with the pioneer, Lorenzo this Time suddenly has a strange pain, he can see a deep darkness, dark inside seems to have something looks at him.

is like the illusory Temple of Stasis Inside, staring at the darkness of the sublimation well.

This is the same feel.

The dark scarlet is open, and the extremely different danger of the moment is a bit of Lorenzo’s heart, and the SECRET Blood is interrupted. blood.


Plague Doctor is vigilant, throwing the pioneer and ED Lun, PLAGUE Doctor feels that he and lorenzo will join hands to be Walk UnHindered, Lorenzo, this sudden mutation, maybe it is encountered, some kind Entity of monsters.

“I … I may see it.” Lorenzo said hard.


“is not a saying.”

The heart of Plague Doctor is cold, then slowly withdraws, keeps the distance between Lorenzo.

“You don’t worry, it should still sleep … even if you wake up, the first dead shouldn’t be me, but the two of the players.”

lorenzo refers to the dark dome, said with a bitter smile.

The end of the sublimation is unmarkable, this is like the end of the Demon Hunter, just like a crazy Demon, they are all homologous, and they should pay the price while getting power.

“maybe, pioneer AT first, really want to save World.”

Lorenzo recalled the kind of disgust, suddenly said.

“There is a lot of monsters like him, the less human nature, the closer to the end of the sublimation, the more it is, the more you can’t say, he said that it has been unable to be mad. “

“May … I have the opportunity to ask him.”

Plague Doctor tries to be humorous, adjusting the atmosphere, feeling this is full of death, he thinks even if it is a comedian, it is difficult to save these.

[Erosion is a generous, contact with the pioneer, or the erosion of the unspeakable person, so that we are closer to the dark, so that the unspeakable personally realizes our existence. 】

“That is, are we all blacklist?” Plague Doctor asked.

“We have already gone, just the ranking is not so good.” Lorenzo careped with the chest and put the same pressure back.

Now, Lorenzo clearly knows why he is on the blacklist of the watchman. Why is the ranking is not so forward, I want the first place to be a pioneer, these watchmakers have been chasing this with unspeakable people. Have a contact, vow to spread the power to this.

[Need me? 】

[No, I try again, you sublimate the level is far more than me, your situation is more dangerous. 】

Lorenzo responded, he began to understand why the watchman was not chasing this, and also understood why ED is to seall the power. Gabriel, and the sublimator like them is another vulnerability, which is very likely Order is not a saying of Breakthrough Cage.

So what about watching himself?

Does themselves not also an extremely unstable vulnerability?

I think so, Lorenzo suddenly remembered that they were not seen in the [GAP], and from those Angel’s behavior, they did not have any wisdom, more like a Tools from the instructions.

The only independent consciousness has only ED Len Livane.

Lorenzo is somewhat unclear, and can only hop the hopes on the Secret Protectors.

Lost these sublimator, there is no longer there in the mortal, the reincarnation, people will show the history of the past, so that this world further distorted distortion.

I really want to get worse, although I don’t know the truth, from known these, Lorenzo feels the degree of distortion of today’s World, just on a strange train, passengers use various The strange thing makes it rushing, putting clothes in the combustion chamber and gold coin, putting the weapon and the body …

is so inexplicably wonderful, the train will be completely collapsed in a certain day.

Re-prepared, under the PLAGUE DOCTOR, Lorenzo starts a second trial, this time he is more careful, and it is not a saying that the person is still sleeping Inside, he regards the situation as its own Bad Luck There is a lot of depression in my heart.

plague doctor, some don’t understand what lorenzo is doing, he and Watson often communicates directly in [GAP], do not take care of Plague Doctor, Plague Doctor can only take a fetys of Flock, in On the side is unclear.

then he feels.

Diffuse from Lorenzo’s body, he is releasing, resisting the suppression from shelter, using this method, searching for Secret Protectors [GAP].

From the pioneer’s speech can be judged, Secret Protectors still maintains the pureness of humans, his [GAP] will be unwind, even if it is wrapped by Holy Silver, Lorenzo can feel a little obstacle, so search His location.

Soon Lorenzo’s perception has responded, dark inside flashes, Lorenzo opened his eyes, and looked Towards ahead.

“he … is here.”

lorenzo looks muttered in front of it, don’t do any stay, he directly stepped away, came to the disc.

It is flat at the core inside, just like a huge round table, there are many cracks on the surface, and the blue Rays of Light is from it.

at first, it attracted the attention of Lorenzo, but because these technology far exceeded Lorenzo’s cognition, he did not act rashly, and now he is very clear, [GAP] is here, disc inside Have a living person.

“How to open this thing?”

Lorenzo’s hand pulls it, but it has not been opened.

“If I say it, I’m directly demolished?”

Plague Doctor has also followed, and he has no great awe of mechanical THIS, which is more happy than these strange bodies.

lorenzo is lazy to get Plague Doctor, and there is a current sound of Shasha.

The disc is open.

The fissure begins to expand, and the mechanical is turned hard. It seems that it hasn’t started too long. So exquisite instruments have become bloated. It has a hoarse sound. Finally, I finally bought a corner, revealing it. thing.

The faint white gas is filled, revealing the scene of the dead end.

Lorenzo Not Quite CLEAR THISTING WESTORY WESTH SYSTRY SYSTRY, I still say a corpse of distortion, in short, this thing is far more than his experimental items seen in Montenegro, there is nothing tooth With Sharp Claw, but from its state, you can feel the crazy nightmare.

Pink brain tissue is quietly placed in translucent container INSIDE, with several electrodes connected, and it has been deep into the cultivation.

This should be his head, but in addition to a little epidermal tissue, most of them have been complex mechanical, the color different pipes are exposed, and the spine of the metal is directly connected to the thoracic, in The jump is no longer a heart, but a circular mechanical pump, and continuously is pressed fresh blood, which will be filtered by the separator.

Probably to reduce the energy consumption of the body, useless limbs have already cut off, even how much the torso is not, most of the digestion SYSTEM is also removed, replaced by all kinds of vital system, double lungs have long been After all, that kind of thing is still too fragile, and it is the equipment that Lorenzo is also unclear.

“Really perfect, he is like being lived in life, letting all the useless organs, just for … Visit.”

plague doctor See this also can’t help but marvel, fortunately, he has just no violence to dismantle this thing.


lorenzo only feels that this scene is bold.

“is right, give up all the organs that add energy consumption, it is said to be a vision, but it is better to say that it is just to let this brain.”

Plague Doctor Swallowed Saliva and SAID, this is a medical technology that exceeds his cognition. He is re-urged for Tria THIS Thing, and the heart is full of mad.

“But this ghost is SECRET Protectors?”

Plague Doctor feels weird, and this “Secret Protectors” is given up everything in order to save some brains.

Plague Doctor is unclear that he still has some self-consciousness. If you really have, just think about it, it feels fear, he can’t feel hunger and thirst, you can’t hear it. I can’t sleep, and I can’t really wake up.

This is enough to make anyone crazy torture, but this Secret Protectors has already spent how much time spent in such an attitude.

If he really has a sense of self.

If he is really Secret Protectors.

“then other …”

Lorenzo Looked Towards has other parts of the disc. At this time, this seems that this is surrounded by iron splices, and there should be such brain tissues in other parts, which can be on those surfaces, no The blue Rays of Light is flourished, just monotonous gray, as if it has lost all the colors.

They are all dead.

Thinking that Lorenzo hit a cold, he panicked to the elliptical entity above the well, looked at the bleak red light, and he raised an extremely Terrifying conjecture.

is also called the Ghost Ghost that has been silent at this time. He trembled in front of him, and his tears poured out the eyelids, blurred sounds and spagged out of reluctance.

“Heroic Spirit Hall!”

He waved his limbs, but it quickly sat quiet.

No banquet, no wine and bacon, no gods and warriors, some are just absolute deaths, with dreaseed dust.

looks down on the deep darkness of the downhole, Lorenzo is unclear that dust and wreck are dust, or say another body, they defeated desperation and disaster, will not be imprisoned in the cage Inside, but finally They were still defeated by the years, turning into a meaningless loess.

“Last … Secret Protectors.”

lorenzo whisper.

“They are trapped in this shelter, exhausted all of the materials and energy, one after the death, but in order to continue, it will become the same.”

Plague Doctor said Looked Towards Lorenzo.

“You also heard the pioneer, in order to ensure the safety of the shelter, these Secret Protectors will not only be sealed, so that they can never be invasive, in order to continue life, even refuse to sublimate eternal life, but choose This way.

So if he is really Secret Protectors, why should he come in with this batch of people who are entangled in sublimation? “

plague doctor does not understand.

“because he must not hold on.”

lorenzo responded that his extend the hand gently pressed on a glass container, which would be soaked in a brain tissue in the liquid.

“Secret Protectors is to continue the choice of sticking rules, rather than choose to survive for rules.

The last Secret Protectors will now die, and their continuation of this end, what is the significance of defending the rules? “

They are recorders, and they are witnesses, and they are the only one who knows the truth.

They need to live, and they will live without a means.

“So, is this the reason you let us come in?”

lorenzo looks at the brain tissue, whispered, and I am afraid to wake up his dreams.

“But now he can’t speak, can’t do any feedback, in fact, he is just a meat now.”

plague doctor said, after a short joy, he lost again and thought that such a magnificent building, the ultimately protected only such a blood meat, he felt a ridiculous.

lorenzo shook the head, this time his voice is full of awe.

“You still don’t understand, Plague Doctor, can not be important, this is not for these.”

lorenzo unimaginable, he was a look at what kind of mentality, feeling that his flesh and blood is stripped one by one, and losing all the perceptions fall into dark inside, and experienced the end of the years and is not willing to step into sublimation.

This is only just to break all potential risks, but just for this reason, he chose such a road.

“Have you guess this day?”

So you cut yourself into this, just for a long time as possible.

lorenzo sighs.

“he is to save his own [GAP].”

The eye is rolled up, the field of view, the bleak star burned, the sky is white, the optical rail is connected to the stars, open the way forward.