Ember’s Gun Chapter 586

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After stepping into the virtual, short darkness, Lorenzo reopened on a solid land, appearing in this new columnar space inside.

Looking at the surrounding things, Lorenzo’s heart rose a different feeling, different from the previous defeat, here seemingly the most prosperous shelter in Secret Protectors, can see the container on the well wall In the pink liquid, it seems to have anything in creep, Green’s indicator lights up one by one, spread to the end of the upper and lower.

The giant disc in front of it is also stocked, and the blue floating swim is walking, and the robotic arm that is dropped from the dome is slowly moved, it leaves the shackles of the disc. Take away between the walls, it seems to be inspecting the condition of the container.

Lorenzo seems to have never left, he comes to here, some accidents, but think about it, you can deeply enter the scene in the SECRET Protectors soul, and only have it here.

“Personality wake up.”

The cold sound sounds, the cover of the disc is opened, the filled white gas INSIDE, the old man sits out from the street and the cable, and the Lorenzo is different in reality, at this moment, SECRET PROTECTORS Your own image is not the poor brain tissue, but compared to it, he has not strong enough.

Most of the body has been replaced by metal machinery, and the backbrain is replaced by a translucent container. The chest is also completely opened, and Lorenzo can even see the machinery operated under the flesh, and the limbs are also transformed into a metal limb. In order to ensure the basis of vital, you can see a series of digestive organs have become a look that Lorenzo can’t understand.

The liquid of different colors is rushing in a thick, slight current, and Old Man’s face, the electronic eyes are lit, then turn, move.

The old man coughs and will spit all the accumms accumulated in the throat.

“Here is reality, or …”

The electronic audio, the old man does not seem to have a function of speaking, and the capacity of these exchanges is responsible for the machinery.

“[GAP], at least we call this.”

lorenzo responds.

“Is this?”

The old man is in the body, and the micro-light is in the eyes, he seems to think.

“Roger’s madman is back, and ED Lun.”

The electronic sound is distorted, and it seems that the old man knows the abroad of the outside world, which makes Lorenzo feel a doubt.

“Do you know what the outside world happened?”

“is just a very rough information, although shelter is already invisible, but there are still some facilities can be used, such as external observations, or I can’t lead you in.”

Slowly Said.

“Unfortunately I am too old, the equipment is also damaged, can only force me to save me, if you are not sublimator, I really don’t know how to communicate with you.”

“You have long guessed this happening?”

If this is true, Lorenzo has to admire the old man’s decisive, he just treats himself as a living recorder, waiting to come like Lorenzo’s sublimator arrival.

“I have been alive for too long, I have seen many outrageous things, guessed that this may not be difficult.”

The voice of the old man is somewhat hoarse, and the electronic tone is distorted.

“Your question first, etc., please let me slowly, in order to ensure that you will not collapse, I have done a lot of measures, this brain is so stiff too long, I need to let it move.”

said with a mechanical arm, the metal’s fingers gently knocked the brain shell of the glass, and the effort will be slightly vibrated, and even the brain tissue also shakes.

“Do you know what we want?”

Watson appears next to Lorenzo, she stepped into the [GAP] Inside with Lorenzo.

“Of course.”

There is no expression of the electronic eye, but from the cold machinery and micro-light, Lorenzo still feels some kind of emotion.

“Every batch of people arriving here, whether it is a man, a good person, or a bad person, they will give me the same problem, and this is why I live now.”

The gear is rapidly rotated, the white gas is filled, the cable is broken one by one, and the old man stands slowly from the cultivation of the warehouse, with dripping water, slowly walking, and the metal body is present.

“Although it is illus, it stands again, it feels good.”

The old man said that the head is low. I only see the lower body slim. Lorenzo expression is a little quirky, think about it, from the current judgment, Secret Protectors is also a man, encounter such a thing, always is some discomfort ……

Lorenzo continues him to see the ghost, SECRET Protectors can’t help but make a laughter, get Lorenzo some Not knowing what to do do.

“For a long time ago, I have not been” optimized “as a long time, and there is a relatively simple excursion function. Technician will press me a interesting device, as long as the pressure is tight, my body The excreted waste liquid can be mixed with metal particles such as a water knife, and it can be used to die with a few enemies. “

The electronic eye is turning back, and it is quite eyebrows. He said that he is very hard and makes a laughter.

Lorenzo’s expression is a bit stiff, although you can’t understand what a water knife, but from the urinary enemy, this is definitely not a matter of business, this SECRET Protectors’ personality is somewhat different.

“I think I am somewhat different from what you imagine? As an old monster who stick to secret, I should be a constipation, saying that I can’t understand the storm, calmly,?”

The slightly electronic eye is in front of Lorenzo, directly looking at the blue light, lorenzo nodded.

“This can not work, live for a long time, psychological inevitable problems, people are optimistic.”

The old man smiled even more, he retired behind, leaned on the trail.

“But I really have a little miss, I can’t remember what I feel.”

This is too optimistic.

Lorenzo thought of Secret Protectors’s face, unwillingness and grief, telling yourself in the past hatred and looking forward, this guy did not feel the feeling of mysterious, from his be Eager to have try look If it is really not dismantled, he will definitely show the hand of Lorenzo, what is the water knife.

Suddenly flashing in the brain tissue in the nutrient solution in front of you, losing all parts, leaving only a hard-saving skull.

Lorenzo just emerged, the smile, looking at the self-entertainment of the old man, he is a lot of merits.

“The two guys are still fighting? It’s really endless, I remember that they should have a long time, I have to have a few centuries.”

The old man is awkward.

“Do you know them?” lorenzo asked.

“What happens to know, one is one of me.”

The old man easily said that it is very bad, this is really a little discomfort, there is a kind of decisive battle to save World, and you will follow a poet who pulls the accordion, you kill the enemy, he is You are a lot.

This feels absurd.

“Roger Cruze, I was previously raised in the shelter, after all, we all felt a little boring, some Secret Protectors proposed to not raise a few Child play, I feel idle is also It’s idle, and I agree, wait for these Child Grown Ups, can help protect the shelter. “

The old man said, then recalled, no matter what lorenzo they have.

“We will pick a few stored embryonic hatchures, then Roger Cruze is born, no parents, completely manually breeding, just like a livestock, we have made a large number of batch, he is only one of them.

That is a lot of Cerry Child, I have regretted him for a long time, oh, probably the meaning, you don’t misunderstand.

and other Child are different, those Child treat us for a long time, the metal monsters that can live a long time, didn’t feel these feelings, Roger Cruze is very curious, learning knowledge, and temper Skill.

Of course, the worst, he is very outdooted, which is a case where ‘questioned’. “

Something, the old people have a little low, and Lorenzo just wants to say something comforted, only listen to his evil Fiercely.

“Bastard, I don’t know how to born him early, and it is best to have a piece of embryo.”

Lorenzo Slightly FROWNED, a convulsion.

“Yes, ed Chiliwan, another damn Bastard is called this name, but unfortunately I can’t smash his embryo, he is life, from the outside world … In fact, I I have never thought of there will be someone here. “

Each Minding Their Own Business, no matter what Lorenzo’s intention, reality Lorenzo is still very happy to listen to the memoirs of the old people, and everything he is very curious about everything in the past, like hunger Beggar.

“, etc., I have to answer your questions.”

he remembers his original function.

“Sorry, sorry, there is no brain for a long time, thinking some blame.”

The old man’s speed is fast, but the specific expression is, it is the micro-light Continuously destroy, the electronic sound with a little current.

“Let me think about it, what time is it?

is right, first say a few premises, you are all subliminary, you must have a certain cognition for unspeakable people, this ghost is crazy, faithfully performs ‘life’ Essential, plunder and continuation.

It diffuses in the form of erosion, and the genital contamination is carried out, led to the disappearance of many things in human history …, it is not it destroyed, but those things are not polluted, and our human beings are safe. , Made self-castration.

, even if I know the history, there is also a vulnerability and vacancy, maybe I have remembered, but for safety, I have received the influence of the inverse mode, and some of the contaminated parts.

Nothing is absolutely true.

is nothing to be absolutely correct. “

The old man said to pause it.

“may also be other physiological reasons, I think you also saw it, now I should just be a brain organization, with human technology, I want me to save to now, I will stop there will be some problems.”

“Then, it is the beginning of all.”

lorenzo is staring at the old man with Watson, focusing on his words.

“The war of human and unspeakable people lasted for a few centuries, but also in a long war, we have gradually learned that the nature of the unreasonable person, in order to suppress its erosion, we have developed the inverse mode due to weapons, To make a cognition of this disorderly monster.


The shelter is also appeared in that time, and it is still a WAR Fortress, which is six, is here.

On the surface here, we used the inverse model named [Term Reversation] because weapons hit the unclear, but we have also severely hit hard, the inverse mode is not only erasers, It is also erasing our human beings.

It should be the first big section of human history, at least in my cognition, this should be the first time.

There is actually there is no [end of the resonance], and the history of human civilization has also broken. At that time, it was not possible to destroy most of the human civilization. It erosion contaminated another library, we can only Burn those treasures of civilizations and forget to forget.

and then in the third fortress, we conducted a ‘Dove Web Program’, using the 13th Fortress as a bait, there is tens of thousands of people, deliberately exposed in the vision of unspeakable, but because it is For disabling metal protection, it wants to invade it, you must need to intervene. “

“You make the false will have an entity and release the [end of the ring], forcing it to enter long sleep, thus imprisoning,”

This is the story of the pioneer, and Lorenzo repeated it.

Nodded, affirmed the story of Lorenzo, but he said immediately.

“Yes, the crisis of unsuccessors is temporarily controlled, although it falls into long sleep, but the dream is surrounded by its all arrone, covering the whole … Western world, I remember that you are called like this.

No.6 Fortress as the remaining War Fortress, became a shelter, after collecting all human knowledge and technology, we have closed itself, starting the revival age. “

“Survive people have started the reconstruction of civilization in the ground, but soon, they will not be able to show its ability. If the ban, the inverse model cannot completely suppress it, and there is still powerful leakage. Under its influence, more and more people turned into a monster, and finally caused disputes with war, the first revival trial failed, but it still had many opportunities. “

The old man said the container on the well wall of Looked Towards, and their Densely Packed, endless.

“Those are artificial embryos, after regular cultivation, shelter can continue to produce tens of thousands of healthy humans, if necessary, filling the world population, new people will use the knowledge of the shelter to become the second batch of revival

The renaissant is led by the specialty of knowledge, guidance, they will be protected by all the cognition related to the shelter after leaving the shelter, and protect the presence of shelter.

, but some regrets are that after a few centuries, most of the buildings have been damaged, the infrastructure is all, we look like zero. “

His voice is low, then high, from his attraction, the hoe can start to plant.

“But this is not important, at least we have a chance to start.

In order to avoid re-emergence, we realize that the impact of unspeakable people is wide, but there is still a certain limit, that is, if you are called Eastern World, it is in the edge of the influence. Another batch of revival was sent, and they also carry the inverse mode technology, where new civilizations were formed, and see the impact of can’t escape.

In fact, we have thought about it, do you want to transfer all the revival attention to Eastern World … Maybe we have indeed doing this, in short my memory, there is no record in this paragraph, probably the inverse mode Except. ”

Burning the book, forgetting history, we will “dropwish”, make it a fixed form, turn the entire fortress into a prisoner, captive it, though it is still in the night, but human beings It is unbearable that ‘information’, they will be alienated into monsters, become bloodthirsty crazy, so they will be killed by other humans, and then the ‘road’ is isolated.

This is a perfect closed-loop, but there is still such a defect, just like this shelter, its use LifeSpan is never never gentle, but is not eternal. “

The old man is tapped in the heart of Lorenzo, and Lorenzo faintly guess the answer.

“Our human beings are associated with unspeakable people, although this connection is extremely weakened, but it does still exist.”

“The growth of the population will deepen, is it?” Lorenzo asked.

“Yes, in our era, a species need to be controlled, the bird will kill the birds, and the wolf will kill the wolf.

In front of this more Terrifying monster, the population needs to be stable in a value, one can develop, but will not wake up its degree. “

“So why don’t you declare all knowledge and technologies to accelerate our development?” Lorenzo didn’t understand.

“because we have done this.”

The old man slowly opened his hand. After his body, the container above the well is broken one by one, and rays of light continuously disappeared, and finally became a dim, this is a look of the reality.

brilliant is no longer, it is dead.

“At the beginning of the design, the shelter can support dozens of restarts, but you also saw it, these containers have already broken, long years, we have returned many times, how much you don’t dare Imagine, child. “

The old man looked at this magnificent but long-lost architecture, he spent the endless time, and I can’t remember what the world is like.

“Fantasy, your mind has a shocking technology, you can realize things in your mind, you need to transcend the infrastructure of this era, but your life is so short, you can’t live to this. One day, don’t say there is a threat of erosion pollution.

We can do only in order to release knowledge and technology, and other civilizations arrive at the critical point, then guide them into the next stage.

Accelerating development is not a simple matter, not to say that there are most of the knowledge that has been contaminated to destroy.

can actually be asylum, there is no knowledge, under the erosion of the years, most of the equipment has been stopped, the database is quiet, and even the supplied reactors are cooled.

I also need to cut my own head to reduce the consumption of resources, and live longer. “

he sparse laugh.

“Moreover, even if there is anything, this should lead your country is ignorant, they may not recognize these lost technologies, and even the Secret Protectors who are inherently sticking here, everyone will pick one The dead, only me. “

The excited look is calmed down, and the voice of the old man has brought a smile.

“Of course, the most important thing is that shelters need to remain absolutely silent to avoid any possibilities that are not noticed, here is the opportunity to re-come again, I can’t push this opportunity together to gambling On the table, I didn’t dare to bet. “

Loing his words, Lorenzo has fallen into silence.

Indeed, human LifeSpan is so short, and in the absence of resources and equipment, it is impossible to use mechanical and nationality, only left road is sublimation, and this has greatly possible wakeup. By.

Knowledge is cursed, their cautiously records, and will be buried forever as much as possible.

The family is more important, and the real history is also blurred under the years of infiltration. Their child may only think that this is only a prominent, which can only be ignorant to perform this ancient order.

is like OSCAR, like Queen Victoria, just like all ignorances on this world.

The old man smiled hoarsely.

“said that human beings are too fragile.

We restart again, the resources in the shelter are consumed again and again. Although we have established new civilization in the outside world, there is also a certain ability to resist the dreams of unspeakable people, which can be consumed in this consumption. Below, this is just a vicious circle.

build a high-rise building, collapse, build up on the ruins, collapse.

The gradually all of them are desperate. “

Everything is useless, everything is meaningless.

“In my memory, such chronic death lasted for a long time, although no one said, everyone realized that the failure of human beings, today’s efforts are only for more than a longer to let ‘human’.

As for the step into sublimation, become a member of the unspeakable person?

Some people have mentioned such a suggestion, we directly put the guy gun, the body put into the circulation machine, the moisture was extracted into the reservoir, the crushed corpse became fertilizer, and was irrigated into the field.

In this regard, I am very fortunate, my colleagues have the same point of view, after all, there is a bone that has to be lost.

then fall into absolute silence.

Before a few centuries, there were groups of guys hit the door of the shelter.

At that time, the sheltered has entered the state of the grain, and the various resources are seriously lacking. There is still no resolution of artificial embryos, and it is barely supported.

We woke up from the long sleep, and NOT QUITE CLEARs these guys have been found, but think about it, no matter how to erase their own existence, they will leave some spider silk.

What kind of Divine Vestige and beliefs have been clicked in their mouths. They are devout a step away. When we see us, everything is tears, and there are several excitement straight … we At that time, they looked like a monkey, too funny. “

The old man waved the robot arm. He looks like it is like to draw Lorenzo. It is almost completely covered by metal machinery, and lorenzo can only see the electronic eye.

“They screamed the words like the name, pray for us to fight against Demon.

We know that we have become like this, Demon walks on the earth, and humans tremble in the dark.

It seems that the people have failed again, but it should be the same, the time will make any material deterioration, the successors of these scholars, may also have the initial mission.

then I think about it for a long time, since it is already as good as this, why not try it? “

The old man makes a contemplation action, and it can see the light band of the head under the glass shell and the more the invention, which should be related to his brain activity, and the old man is really serious.

“I made a bad decision.”

The old man ended, and Lorenzo also guessed what decision he made.

“Anyway, the outside world has become like this. The shelter is also about to collapse. Humans must be defeated, why not do the final strike? In fact, it is not the last strike, as long as the main entrance of the shelter, these Everything is not related to me, I will continue to take my responsibilities, save human fire, until I completely disappear in the cold wind.

I will give them about the way they can understand, I have given them to them, but I have some things to them, but they are as black for them. I don’t know what it is. .

I heard that they have successfully dismantled a few, although not very clear, but in short, it has a simple prototype, which is called ‘alchemy’. “

“then … then …”

The electronic eye stops turning, staring straight to Lorenzo, sounding.

“They said this is the revelation of God, they waiting for my instructions … God.”

Lorenzo walked to the old man, then he said.

“You ordered them to go to the thirteenth fort, and they also implemented your command.

uses the knowledge obtained from shelter, they extract SECRET Blood, which will deeply buried the metal excavation of the underground, making Nail Sword created by Holy Silver, who defeated the Dark Era, this Demon Hunter Order Established on the prison. “

Lorenzo’s voice is a bit trembled, tightened his fist, and he also wants to understand what you are in the current mood, he just feels calm and deafening.

“first … Roger Cruze said, the thirteenth fortnote should be forgotten by everyone.”

“Unfortunately, we have not forgotten it, isn’t it?”

The old man puts up all the fun, he is serious, talking to Lorenzo.

“After a few hundred years, the few people we exported only have the limit, regardless of how the mechanical replaces our body, we are always a weak human, and should always be died.

So we hatch the embryo, Roger Cruze is born, I will treat him as our successor, teach him the past knowledge, and everything I know, according to my calculations, such ashing It can also run for a long time, although it has already collapsed strict sense, but Struggling On Whilst At Death’s Door is still, as long as you support a second, it is a human victory. “

“then … one day, some people sound the door of the shelter.”

LiFTS The Head, Looked Towards The door behind Lorenzo and Watson, at this moment, it is slowly opened, and the dim INSIDE has passed through the gap of the door, and there is a blurred in Rays of Light Ten Thousand ZHANG Silhouette.

“he said …”

The man in the memories is carrying the sword bag full of Nail sword, crossing Lorenzo and Watson, he came to Secret Protectors, and the storm in the eyes is like burning the night.

“I am ED Lun Livane, the Pope of Evangelion Church, the Reverend of Demon Hunter Order.”