Ember’s Gun Chapter 609


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In the morning, there are constant noises. An adult complains endlessly in his ears, followed by the faint noise of wearing clothes, and then the iron bed that starts to shake.

Lorenzo closed his eyes and tried not to let this messy thing disturb his exquisite meditation. Both of his hands lay flat on the bed, like a deceased who was bathed in holy light.

After a short shake, Lorenzo could hear the gasping for breath. This guy may have slipped and stepped on the wrong position.

One foot stepped on the air and exclaimed, and this exclamation completely broke Lorenzo’s tense nerves.

“Red Eagle, can’t you just roll and go to sleep?”

Lorenzo glared at his new roommate with red eyes.

“Huh? But only the warehouse is left.”

Red Eagle is wearing pajamas, one hand is on the railing, the other hand is still reaching his back and scratching his back, his face is not awake, his hair stands up, he doesn’t understand what Lorenzo is talking about.

“Are you praying?”

He pointed to Lorenzo’s folded hands, wondering if there was something wrong with these religious believers, and they were still praying after lying on the bed.

From Red Eagle’s point of view, the bed is a rare haven. Except for sleeping, everything is sacrilegious to the bed.

It’s a pity that Lorenzo didn’t know Red Eagle’s inner thoughts. If he knew it, he would cry bitterly, and accused the cleansing agency of turning people into ghosts. Well, Red Eagle has been numb to this appearance.

In fact, Lorenzo took a sigh of relief, wanted to scold but couldn’t.

Red Eagle completely ignored him, opened the closet on the side, put on a change of clothes, and scratched his head hard to make himself look pretty good.

Lorenzo also got up and got out of the quilt. Only then did he find that the guy was already dressed. This made Red Eagle startled and couldn’t help asking.

“You are like this at home?” Red Eagle was surprised again and again, “Is this Mr. Holmes? Even sleeping is fully armed.”

“Are you worried about being embarrassed in your pajamas when you are attacked?”

Hearing the voice of Red Eagle, Lorenzo only felt a headache. He had already known that he would be thrown at the port of Maruri.

“I got up early!” Lorenzo replied, “I just want to lie down quietly.”

He sat on a side chair, looked at the damn bunk, and then at this not too big dormitory. The crash-bang fan sounded above his head, which made Lorenzo’s mood even more irritable.

This is the dormitory arranged for him by Arthur, the perpetual motion pump located deep underground in Old Turin.

Lorenzo tried very hard to give himself a single room, but Arthur said that in this horrible place is extremely expensive land, let him not pick too many… Lorenzo suspected that he was targeting himself.

“What are you doing today? Also check those large Geiger counters?”

Lorenzo asked.

This is the third day he has lived in. With the arrival of the Nine Summers anonymity, they began to make further changes to Old Turin. For example, Lorenzo the past few days was in charge of placing antimemetic weapons in various locations. On the large Geiger counter of Old Turin, when excessive erosion is detected, the antimemetic weapon will be triggered to reverse the erosion of the entire area.

I don’t know how effective it is, but it is much more efficient than the previous methods of cleansing agency.

Lorenzo still remembers the cumbersome steps of the cleansing agency. The area left by erosion will be judged as a contaminated area by them, and isolation of varying lengths will be carried out.

“Well, idle is idle, I have to find something to do.”

Red Eagle has completely turned into toil, and when he speaks it, he himself has begun to get used to it.

Looking at the conscientious Red Eagle, Lorenzo was deeply moved for a while, and then said, “Can you not bring me? I am not your employee.”

“No, you must go!”

“Why! Just because you work overtime, do you feel uncomfortable to see me idle?” Lorenzo cried, and it took him three days to realize that he didn’t need to do this.

“Anyway, you have nothing to do. Rather than wandering around here, you might as well do something meaningful, okay!”

Red Eagle pulled Lorenzo, in line with his own hardship, and the idea that he couldn’t make others feel good. He acted with due diligence and said that he had to take Lorenzo with him.

During their dispute, someone knocked on the door of the room.

The two stopped fighting, arranged their clothes, and then opened the door with a serious face.

“Yeah, good morning,” Eve leaned against the door, glanced at the Red Eagle who opened the door, and looked towards Lorenzo who was sitting in the chair in the house. She asked, “So who of you won?”

The soundproofing of the dormitory is not good.


The elevator slowly moved upwards, the shadow of the drop fell on the face, and there was a burst of light and flickering.

On the side Eve sneezed, and the old dust floated back and forth in the air with the movement of the machinery.

Lorenzo breathed, all around was quiet, everyone did not speak, waiting for the elevator to reach the ground, after a while, the iron fence was pulled to both sides, the iron door opened, and the dazzling sunlight poured in.

“Let’s go.”

Red Eagle pushed Lorenzo behind him, but Lorenzo still failed to catch him and was forced to work.

“Good morning!”

A crisp voice sounded, and in the dim light, Lorenzo could see someone moved towards them and waved their hands. The other person was speaking non-standard Western language. It sounded very interesting, just like a child who learned a language.

Liang Liangxi and Liangye Shao have already waited here. The work of the past few days has been assisted by both of them. Therefore, Lorenzo and these two strangers of Nine Summers are more or less familiar.

Rod stood beside them. As an interpreter, he didn’t need to do much. Sometimes he felt like a dispensable passerby. He felt very bad about it.

“She said good morning.”

Rod said timely.

“I know, I know.” Lorenzo responded with a smile. There were some words from Liang Xi that he did not understand, but for reasons such as context, Lorenzo could guess what she said.

Red Eagle looked towards the silent Shao Liangye, and saw the iron box he was carrying.

“Is this today?”

“en.” Shao Liangye responded simply. Like Zuo Tang, he didn’t talk much.

I didn’t do much chatter, Iron Snake had already stopped aside, a few people boarded Iron Snake, hong long long, moved towards the target.

The expressions of everyone in the carriage were different. Lorenzo was in a daze, not knowing what he was thinking. Eve sat on the other side and looked down at the mission report. She became more dedicated, and seemed to be ready to accept it. Arthur’s training has become the next generation of cleansing agency.

I don’t know whether to congratulate her for finding a direction in life, or to stray into the den of thieves.

Red Eagle squinted. He was actually very sleepy. He was ready to make up for it on the road. Shao Liangye both hands crossed near chest, bowed his head and remained silent.

Lorenzo opened his eyes slightly, observing Shao Liangye.

After a few days of getting along, he thought that Shao Liangye, like Zuo Tang, was a guy with indifferent personality, but soon he discovered that things didn’t seem to be the case.

This is like an anonymous code. They make their behavior like antimemetic, completely closed, making it difficult for ordinary people to spy on their thoughts and judge their behavior, so these guys have a cold face. As if there is no emotion.

This is their disguise.

But there are also some anonymous names who don’t seem to care much about these, such as the guy from chirp chirp twitter twitter.

“Hey! What is Rod!”

“Rhodes! What is that again!”

There is no such thing as an anonymous stream in Liangliang River. Everyone in the carriage is carrying a murderous aura, as if going to the lower city district to make a day, but she is the only one who seems to be traveling and calling the tour guide all the time.

Luo Luo also looked helpless. He, the translator, didn’t say that there was no use for him. He trained so hard for so long, but in the end he was trying to be a tour guide? What’s more sad is that he doesn’t seem to have the right to refuse.

“This is… that is…”

Luo Luo explained to Sian Liangxi, looking at her curious eyes, sometimes Luo felt that all this was not so bad.

Thinking of myself when I was in school, I am just as curious about a foreign country as her.

The two of them have become outliers in this small team. When others are carrying antimemetic weapons with serious faces, they are traveling, and others are setting defensive measures, they are experiencing local customs.

Well, in fact, Lorenzo doesn’t hate this. Thanks to this kind of existence, there is a little bit of anger in the squad, rather than a pool of silent stagnant water.

More importantly, Lorenzo also likes this. He likes the way it is not very serious now, and if he can, he hopes to continue this way.

The more leisurely, the more it means that there is no disaster, everything is peaceful, not beautiful.

But everyone knows that this is just an illusion. The storm is gathering in the depths of the clouds, waiting for the day when it detonates completely.

Iron Snake stopped, the door opened, and the cold wind poured into the car, waking up the sleepy Red Eagle, causing his body to tremble.

“There are not many missions today, just install the large Geiger counter here with antimemetic weapons.” Eve said with the task list.

Lorenzo walked out of the carriage, the gloomy sky collapsed, and the sun fell from it, just flashing in front of him, making him unable to open his eyes for a while.

The line of sight soon became clear and became familiar.

Dilapidated buildings, trash everywhere, and homeless people hiding in the corner, peeking at a few people, the familiar smell floating in the air, Lorenzo actually feels like going home in a trance.

“Where is this…?” Shou Liangxi asked. She had never thought that there was such a dirty place under the light of Old Turin.

“lower city district,” Rod explained, “you can understand that this is the garbage dump in Old Turin.”

Regarding the lower city district, he could not give a proper explanation, so he could only make Siao Liangxi understand it reluctantly.

“It’s been a long time, it’s still like this here.”

Red Eagle also stepped out of the carriage, and said with some nostalgia.

Unlike the rapid development of Old Turin, places like the lower city district are unattended. No matter how the city is iterated, it still looks like a rundown.

It feels quite strange to come back here now. At the beginning, Red Eagle got up in such mud.

“Let’s go, Blue Jade is waiting for us.” Eve said.

“Blue Jade?” Lorenzo was taken aback, “Isn’t this Burlau in charge?”

“Burlau is still lying in the hospital. It was temporarily taken care of by Blue Jade.” Eve explained.

“Wait a minute, Burlau in the lower city district of the dignified lower city district, is it really reasonable to become a woman like this?” Lorenzo said quickly.

“Do you really think that in the lower city district, apart from Burlau, there are no people from the cleaning agency?” Eve looked at him helplessly, “Do you think Burlau went to Jihai with you during this time? How did you hide it?”

“The entire lower city district has always been under the control of the cleansing agency. Burlau’s power here is not so much a gang, but a cleansing agency outpost disguised as a gang.”

Red Eagle also explained at this time.

Lorenzo doesn’t say much anymore. Since encountering Demon, he has rarely come to the lower city district, let alone touch these things.

After going around, a few people walked along the secretly thoughts all over the lower city district to the outpost inside. This is also located underground. The uppermost convenience is Burlau’s casino and office. Lorenzo didn’t expect it. At the beginning, he and This secret institution is so close.

There are not many people in the outpost, most of them are scattered in the lower city district, monitoring the movements of the various gangs, so as not to cause any major disturbances in the lower city district, and the center of the underground space is quietly running The large Geiger counter, which is like a giant mechanical copper pillar, runs through the entire space.

A steady and gentle ticking sound can be heard. It seems that everything is normal. It is the first time that Lorenzo has observed this thing so close.

“Can I touch it?” Lorenzo asked.


The long-awaited Blue Jade said that her arm injury was not healed, and she was tied with a thick bandage, but compared to Burlau, who was still bedridden, she was already lucky.

Eve, as a qualified overseer, stood aside, watching and recording something. Red Eagle fell aside and was lazy. Lorenzo only then understood why this guy had gone through such a high-intensity work and he didn’t die suddenly. the reason.

Siu Liangxi and Shao Liangye also showed their due professionalism at this moment. They knocked around the mechanical copper pillar ding ding dong dong, opened the heavy iron box, and took out the precision objects in it.

“Is that an antimemetic weapon?”

Lorenzo stroked the cold copper pillar expression and asked them.

“Well, to be precise the carrier of antimemetic weapons.”

Shao Liangye finally stopped being silent, explaining the principle of this weapon to Lorenzo.

“So… what started it?”

Lorenzo is very curious. For many people, this thing is considered a black box technology. After the encounter with Jihai, Lorenzo became more and more curious about this thing.

“‘Trigger’,” Shao Liangye said, “The carrier is a firearm, and antimeme is the weapon among them. To make it trigger, we also need a trigger condition, which is the’trigger’.” [19459002 ]

“There are many types of’triggers’ we can set, such as the one set now. When excessive erosion is detected, if the erosion intensity does not decline within a certain period of time, it will be triggered by the’trigger’ .”

Shao Liangye explained, putting the precision metal in his hand into the copper pillar inside.

“Type? What else is triggered?” Lorenzo asked.

“Many, but they should be used according to different situations, such as antimemetic bombs. It is a continuous antimemetic weapon without trigger conditions, but its range of influence is very small, and it can even be used. It is easily isolated, so it needs to be shot into the enemy to be effective.”

Lorenzo raised his eyebrows. “It sounds funny.”

“Actually, there are more interesting ones.”

Shao Liangye lifts the head, glanced at Lorenzo, his cold expression became a little slack, as if he were of the same kind, said.

“The anonymous name is actually very similar to Demon Hunter.”


“The Demon Hunter is the carrier of secret blood, and the anonymous name itself is also the carrier of antimeme.”