Ember’s Gun Chapter 610


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“In the final analysis, antimeme is just a piece of information, and in this World, there are too many things that can be regarded as the carrier of information, and even said that as long as it can be’recognized’, it can be Carrying out the carrier and dissemination of information.”

Shao Liangye explained the power of the unknown to Lorenzo. While speaking, he also took out the last piece of precision metal product from the iron box.

“Just like the disturbance of the air current, you can perceive its passing, experience the slight cold, and these can all be regarded as information, the negotiation between yourself and the outside world,” Shao Liangye asked, “Let’s take this thing again, It looks like just a precision machined metal object, right?”

Lorenzo thought carefully, then nodded.

“In fact, it is really just a precision-processed metal object.” Shao Liangye’s answer made people helpless.

“But the important thing is not it, but the information attached to it.”

Shao Liangye lifted the metal object to try to make Lorenzo see more clearly. Lorenzo also stared attentively. With the eyesight of the Demon Hunter, he accurately observed the surface of the object. First, there was a layer of smooth metal. In the next second, it collapsed smoothly, and countless tedious words spread all over the metal surface, as if craftsmen were carving it day and night.

At the moment of observation, Lorenzo felt a sting in his eyes, and the excessive amount of information poured into his vision, just like you are suddenly facing a large page of densely packed text, making people wonder where to start Cognition.

“The carrier of information, and then how much information the carrier can bear.” Noting Lorenzo’s reaction, Shao Liangye began to explain the next step, “It’s like an opera, and a book, what they express The amount of information is completely different.”

“So the carrier is also limited, isn’t it?” Lorenzo rubbed his eyes, and the discomfort quickly faded.

“Well, books can only be read through words, that is to say, through words to reach the vision for cognition, but operas are different, singing, pictures, movements, etc., it uses different cognitive organs to make consciousness recognize To know, thereby disseminating information.

Then based on these, the amount of information carried is also different, which has also prompted many types of antimemetic weapons. “

“Then you said that your anonymous names are also carriers, what’s the matter?”

Lorenzo asked, could it be said that they also engraved antimeme into the blood? It’s a bit weird how to think.

“Antimeme can resist Demon’s erosion, so Anonymous itself is attached to a certain degree of antimemetic, but the specific process of implanting antimeme, and the effect, etc., we don’t know about Anonymous itself.”

Shou Liangxi preached timely, this guy always has a relaxed look, but now he is just like Shao Liangye with a little harshness.

“Because you forgot.” Eve said.

“Yes, Nine Summers put an end to any technology related to Demon, so as to ensure that our purity is not contaminated. The antimemetic protection of Anonymous itself is similar to the specialization of your cleansing agency, but you make the will Strong, and we build a city wall for the will.”

Shao Liangye placed the last antimemetic weapon in it, closed the metal cover tightly, and the Geiger counter continued to operate stably.

“The antimemetic power that covers the anonymous name itself will make us resist erosion. This kind of resistance is very powerful, but it is also very expensive,” Shao Liangye pointed to his brain. “Most of the anonymous names are not remembered. Great.”

“Antimemetic cannibalize your memory.”

Lorenzo understands the price of this power. This effect is two-way. It not only resists erosion, but also destroys the memory of the carrier. It is the expansion of antimemetic information and occupies more “memory”.

“Yes, the information that the carrier can record is limited. Part of the memory is occupied by antimemes, so it can only be deleted. Therefore, the effective memory of anonyms is usually within five years, and the memory of five years ago will change. It’s hazy.”

“Will you forget who you are?”

Listening to what Shao Liangye said, Lorenzo felt that the curse of this power was not much easier than secret blood.

“Yes, so we have a’creed’, which is carved into our memory like a steel seal. It will not be erased in any way. It will guide us when we lose ourselves.”

Shao Liangye sat aside and moved his shoulders a bit. The work these few days was very tedious and made people feel tired.

“But don’t worry too much. After so many years of development, the anonymous people have trained a set of effective skills to ensure that they will not forget themselves and the continuity of memory.

We usually read books, and read many, many books… In fact, it is not limited to books. We will do anything that can be used for’information’ recognition, so that these excess and unnecessary information fill our brains. . “

Shao Liangxi didn’t know where to take out a book, and then Shao Liangye said.

“It’s like a confession!”

“It refers to the use of certain items to pay homage to the ancestors.” Seeing several people looked confused, Luo Luo explained.

After learning about Nine Summers for so long, Rhodes is still able to answer these questions.

“Antimeme is the monster we keep in our minds. It will help us drive away other monsters. The price is that we need to hand in’memory’ to it on a regular basis,” said Liang Xi, “for this reason, anonymous In their leisure time, they will absorb a lot of spam to allow antimemetics to encroach and swallow, so as not to forget the really important information.”

“But in fact, you don’t know much about these antimemes and the like, do you not know too much about the anonymity, do you?” Lorenzo asked.

“In this World, knowing too much is a bad thing, Mr. Holmes.”

Shao Liangye got up, seemingly reluctant to talk more in depth.

Lorenzo did not ask, looked towards one side, until today did he realize that Red Eagle is more lazy in the workplace. He didn’t pay attention for a while. He was already leaning in the corner with a look of sleep.

“Wake up!”

Lorenzo kicked Red Eagle to wake up, and asked Eve.

“Are there any plans next?”

“Yes, there is another outpost in the city that needs to be resettled… The location is near your office.” Eve hesitated.

“Ah… I guess there will be such one, so you usually squat there and use Telescope to spy on me?” Lorenzo said.

“No one likes to peep at you, because you don’t go out at all, okay?” Red Eagle got up from the ground. He seemed to know a lot about this outpost. “After it was put in for a period of time, it was almost abandoned. The same.”

“You don’t go out at all. Once you go out, it’s a major event. You don’t need to monitor it.”

Red Eagle doesn’t seem to care about Lorenzo’s privacy rights.

Several people were torn apart because of these incidents. Rod was like a bystander, watching them quietly, and then he noticed the Liangxi River beside him.

Probably out of curiosity and yearning for Nine Summers, Rod is very concerned about these two Nine Summers guests, and because of the different personalities, he thinks it is better to deal with Liangxi.

“So you will forget everything one day?”

Rod asked in a low voice.

The capacity of the carrier is limited. One day the brains of anonymous people will run out of the last memory and be completely dominated by antimemetics.

“Perhaps, but it’s actually not that bad.”

Shou Liangxi also imitated Rod, whispering, her expression pretending to be serious, as if she was telling a shocking secret.

“Some people say that anonymous people will touch their preset ‘trigger’ at certain moments. It may take a lifetime to wait, or it may be the next moment.

No one knows what this will trigger. They say that when it is triggered, the anonymous people will know everything, which seems to wake up a certain memory, because this is set by ourselves. “

“You… set a ‘trigger’ for you?”

Luo Luo was stunned. He had never been on the battlefield, but through the previous dialogues, he had also faintly guessed what it was.

“Yes, but why set it, I don’t know,” Liang Liangxi thought for a while, and said with a smile, “Who knows? Antimemetic, this thing is wonderful, as long as it is not completely erased , As long as you leave so few clues, you also have a chance to recall everything.”

Siu Liangxi seemed to think of something, she recalled.

“But if it is completely erased, there is really nothing left.”

There is a slight sorrow hidden in the words, no one remembers what they have forgotten, and the same is true for the anonymity who is familiar with antimeme.

“Hey, you two, it’s time to go.”

Red Eagle finished the docking with Blue Jade and shouted to the two talking.

“The next thing is left to you… In fact, it seems that there is nothing wrong.”

Lorenzo leaned aside and said goodbye to Blue Jade. Think about it, Lorenzo and Blue Jade are also good brothers who are born and die.

“en. “

Blue Jade nodded, she is also a little talker, more talk less depends on the degree of crisis of the status quo… These are what Burlau told Lorenzo. To be honest, Lorenzo is quite like seeing Blue Jade’s speaking speed full Look, but think about what happened and forget it.

Lorenzo likes the peace now, but unfortunately the storm is imminent, no one knows when it will erupt.


The dark shadow began to twist, like a living creature struggling hard in the deep darkness, trying to crawl out of the cage.

The tramp stood in the corner, his body was drunk, and his dirty face was full of confusion and joy. The residual heat of hallucinogen nourished him, making this cold life not too cruel.

He leaned on the wall, lifted his pants after the crash-bang sound of running water, and with his only consciousness, he began to think about where he should sleep today.

Yesterday’s sleeping place was obviously not working. In order to snatch half of the hallucinogen, he had a fight with the people there, presumably they had already squatted there, waiting for revenge.

So is there any other place?

The tramp thinks hard, but his brain poisoned by medicine and alcohol can no longer think about too many things.

He could only drive his body forward, blankly, and then sluggish in the original place, looking towards the darkness in the corner.

There seemed to be something there, he wiped his eyes, and then saw golden-bright and dazzling gold.

Breathing stopped for an instant, and the chaotic consciousness was also awake under the ecstasy of gold. He looked directly at the gold in the corner and looked away with difficulty to make sure that no one nearby saw it, and then it was like a wild beast. Generally rushed over.

Gold is gold, golden-bright and dazzling gold.

The tramp walked into the darkness unsuspectingly, he extended the hand trying to touch it… Gold collapsed into smoke in an instant, and the smoke floated in the air without waiting for him to think about it, as if consciously , Pouring into his body along the corners of his mouth, nose and eyes.

The chaotic hallucinations affected the tramp. He tried to resist, but the struggle of the ego seemed so fragile that his ego was killed almost at the moment of contact.

He stood in the original place blankly. After a few seconds, Roger Cruz opened his eyes.

“Old Turin…”

Roger looked at this dilapidated lower city district, looking through the layers of rain and fog, and saw the more distant prosperous, and even the minaret that pierced into the sky.

Ed Lun has fully awakened, presumably he is vigilant of Roger’s appearance, so Roger hid himself in no one’s land, and used the [Gap] shuttle to reach Old Turin.

It’s not the time for the body to play, he must first determine some things.

Such as [Final Yan Echo].

The war in the shadows has already begun. As the existence that is almost reaching the end of sublimation, in this world there are few secrets that can be concealed from Roger. In the usual inspections to collect information, he perceives the information of the cleansing agency. And following the vine, he noticed the information that was strictly kept secret by them.

Sure enough, Secret Protectors did not confide all the truth to them, at least not [Final Echo].

Such a weapon aimed at the unspeakable suddenly appeared, and Roger had to be wary. If he could, he hoped to solve all of this before he disturbed Ed Lun. This weapon could not only destroy himself, but also influence him. With the awakening of the speaker, Roger will not act violently as before.

The arrogant man became cautious after a long time.

“For the sake of great sublimation, it was elevated to a glorious existence.”

He whispered, his pupils turned blazing white, and at the end of the white light was the “road” to be opened, which was connected to the boundless sky.

“Hey! Damn, I finally found you!”

Screaming sounded from the side, and a group of similar homeless people came from the other end of the street corner, carrying wooden sticks wrapped with wire in their hands. This kind of homemade weapon is very common in the lower city district.

The damn guy in front of me took away half a hallucinogen yesterday, which is worth a lot of money in the lower city district. After a long time, they finally blocked this guy.

“Which leg should I interrupt you first?”

The comer smiled viciously.

The tramp slowly turned around, he didn’t seem to be panicked, after a brief stupefaction, with a puzzling smile, he moved towards these people and walked towards them until they approached and stared at each other. .

“Do you…want to see the real world?”

Roger Cruz issued an invitation to the mortals, and before they could answer, the crazy illusion had swallowed everyone’s reason.

They wailed meaninglessly and looked directly at the great existence in pain.