Ember’s Gun Chapter 649


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The tide rushing to the street beats the building, repeated baptism on the surface of the wall, convolving messy things, like a group of excited thugs, trying to knock on the doors with their swords.

The floor of the tavern was already covered with stagnant water, the door was shaking violently, and the cracks were still overflowing with rainwater continuously.

Hercule was not afraid of these abnormalities, probably because of the long time spent with Lorenzo, and all of this is far from reaching his threshold.

Bolo sat on his shoulders in a panic, while Hercule was holding a shotgun, wrapped in bullets and chains, and looked like he was going to slaughter all sides.

“Everyone, this tavern provides evacuation services. You can choose to stay or leave.”

Hercule said calmly.

“Refuge? Secret passage?” Oscar asked, “I heard Lorenzo say that you rats are underground in Old Turin and dug countless secret passages.”

“The secret passages are impossible. The rain is so heavy, I guess they have all been destroyed,” Hercule shook his head. “The refuge is the safe house behind the tavern, but simple protection has been done. If there is no Demon If we find the door, we can drink in it carefree until the early morning of the 2nd day.”

“Do you want to… stay?”

Rod’s voice trembled while holding the folding knife.

He looked towards the few people present, trying to solicit their opinions.

“No, I am an anonymous name, I need to perform my duties.”

Shou Liangxi said without fear, holding a jackknife and a firearm. The girl who had been hiding from the rain just now disappeared, replaced by the murderous-looking Martial God.

Rod feels a bit of a headache. These guys seem to be like this. I don’t know if they should be dedicated or what, private life and work are very separate.

When the mental disorder is more mental disorder than anyone else, when it is time to die, stand before anyone else.


Rod still wanted to say something, but suddenly there was a violent knock on the door, as if thousands of hands were knocking on the door hard, and there were wailing in the sound of the howling wind.

This scared him a lot. The only reliable battle strength here seems to be Sian Liangxi alone. It is not that Luo Luo distrusts Sian Liangxi, but in this crisis, a few people seem so vulnerable, like The lone boat on the angry waves will be swallowed by the big waves in the next second.

“Open the door! Help!”

After being vigilant, several people in the room heard the noise clearly.

Looking at each other, Liang Liangxi held the folding knife and moved forward, while Hercule turned over the bar, picked up the shotgun, and pointed it at the door.

Boscaro is still immersed in this crazy prologue, Oscar drinking and having fun, as if all this has nothing to do with him.

He poured out alcohol, stood up, wandered in the tavern, then stood in front of a wall, extended the hand, and took off the decorative long sword and hatchet.

“Has this thing been sharpened?” Oscar asked.

He probably drank too much, and before Hercule responded, he muttered to himself, “Forget it, it’s almost the same.”

A few people were fully armed, Liang Liangxi opened the door, and a few embarrassed guys rushed in. They were stained with blood, and they looked terrified.

“It’s a citizen…a fairly stable citizen.” Siao Liangxi said meaningfully.

Hercule understood what he meant, her muzzle lowered, paying attention to these people.

“monster! monster!”

They roar loudly, completely unaware of the stranger’s face like Liangxi.

“I saw it, you don’t need to say it.”

Shou Liangxi looked straight ahead, and in the heavy rain, a dark shadow could be seen slowly emerging, and the cold water vapor was filled with familiar flavors.

Raise the muzzle, pull the trigger, after the fire burst, the bullet plunged into the rain and fog inside, agitating the scarlet blood.

“Demon is here!”

Shou Liangxi roared, set up a folding knife, and lowered his posture while firing, moving towards The black shadow in the rain and fog rushed out.

She can’t let Demon continue to approach. The antimemetic Shou Liangxi is not afraid of the suppression of erosion, but these frightened citizens are different. Before Demon was cleared, every survivor was a head. Potential Demon.

The heavy rain poured her through in an instant, and the water-absorbent clothing became heavy, but this couldn’t stop Siao Liangxi. She squinted her eyes and tried not to let the raindrops interfere with her sight. The black shadow was close in front of her, and she waved sharp. claw broke the rain.

After only hearing a sound of crashing between metals, Sian Liangxi rigged up the folding knives with both hands, spliced ​​them and swung them with all their strength, and then twisted and grew, and the arms with sharp claw flew up, the cross-section was hideous. , With blood stains.

Raising the muzzle, pulling the trigger continuously, and firing without intermittent, Siao Liangxi stepped on Demon’s knee and leaped up in front of it.

Rod hid in the room, watching the battle between Liangxi and Demon.

Shou Liangxi knows very well that Demon will only grow more and more. Before getting support, they need to save firepower. The ammunition used by Hercule is not equipped by the cleansing agency. It is just ordinary gunpowder and Steel, without Holy Silver or antimemetic protection, cannot suppress Demon.

The folding knife is plated with Holy Silver, which is the sharp edge of Sora River. She and Demon are so close, like dancing together.

The fangs were exposed on the ferocious face, Sian Liangxi was slightly frowned, and then the folding knife penetrated along the forehead, through the skull, and the tip of the knife pierced out along the jaw. With the strength of the wrist and the importance of the body, the tip of the knife was two. It stabs, splits from its head, slashes its chest, and makes a thunder.

Landing steadily, blood spurted, sprinkled on Siao Liangxi’s body, dyed her red, and brought a slight warmth.

As if dancing, Sian Liangxi lowered his body and easily escaped the deadly blow.

Demon’s head has been destroyed by her, and her cervical spine is also broken in the slash. Now only the heart is still beating violently, and the flesh and blood that protects the heart has already been cut by her.

With no expression on her face, she got up swiftly and pierced the folding knife obliquely upwards. The metal pulled out a straight and bright trajectory that penetrated Demon’s heart with precision, twisting the handle of the knife forcefully, breaking it completely .

Demon’s movements stopped for a second, and then as if he had lost all his strength, he fell heavily. The blood lost its restraint and overflowed continuously, completely staining the stagnant water at the foot of Souliang Creek.


Oscar stood at the door and cheered for Liangxi. He raised his long sword and short axe and collided forcefully with a crisp sound.

Shou Liangxi turned her head and glanced, before she said anything, suddenly another person rushed out of the house, it was Boscaro, with a look of anger on his face, holding the gun from Hercule in his hand, clumsy Land moved towards Rain and mist inside and ran away.

“You are courting death!” Oscar yelled at this.

Boscaro ignored him and ran by under the heavy rain. He looked towards Suliangxi. The two briefly looked at each other, and then Suliangxi let him pass over him and ran into the rain and mist inside.

“Stop him!” Oscar shouted.

Miao Liangxi was stunned, clenched his pocket knife, “I will take care of him.”

After speaking, she followed Boscaro. Liangxi knew exactly what Boscaro was going to do. After the panic, he finally raised his courage. Although the time was not right, it was not too late.

“Damn it, Hercule, can you keep it here!”

Oscar called to Hercule.

“Fortunately, the safe house can accommodate these people.”

Hercule is beckoning the citizens to withdraw into the house and distribute weapons to those who are sane and dare to face Demon.

“That’s good.”

Oscar said, turned around, and ran into the rain and mist, trying to chase the two people. He moved fast and did not look like a drunkard. The long sword and short axe were light in his hands.

Rod looked around, this sudden change made him a little completely unprepared, his eyes dodge back and forth with horror.

Hercule also stopped what was at hand and looked towards Rhodes.

“Don’t hesitate, my friend, at least don’t regret it.”

Rod listened to Hercule’s words, and he looked towards the depths of the rain and fog, where there was only muddy dimness, and Demon’s roar came.

No need, I’m just a civilian, it’s enough to walk here.

Yes, this is enough.

He tried to comfort himself, but just then the noisy electric current sounded, followed by various shouts.

“Demon is gathering in the eastern district, we need reinforcements!”

Luo Luo followed the voice and saw that the communicator was placed on the table, and Liangxi had forgotten to bring it during the rush.

“I guess you will need this.”

Hercule said that he threw a backpack with some medical supplies and some ammunition.

“I…I won’t use this thing.” Rod said.

“But they will.”

Hercule smiled at him.

Rod trembling hands, he carried his backpack, picked up the communicator, his eyes drifted continuously, and finally cursed.


Rod no longer said anything, clenching the weapon in his hand, and rushed out of the tavern, stepping into the rain and mist inside.


The rain was very heavy, and the crackle hit the body, and gradually I could feel a vague pain.

Boscaro’s clothes were soaked all over, he gasped, but he inhaled the cold air, and there was a sharp tingling pain in his lungs, like steel nails being stirred.

He is an Old Guy and a drunkard. The hangover over the past few months has made him more fragile, which is not too healthy, and he does not even need Demon to hunt him. Just these steps Running, almost took him half of his life.

The heart was beating violently, as if it was about to burst, and there was pain in the limbs, and soon these pains would be unconscious due to the low temperature.

It was a vast expanse of whiteness. Boscaro didn’t know how far he ran or how far away his wife’s hotel was. The heavy rain blurred his vision and he could hardly open his eyes.

Only a turbid world can be seen in the surrounding light. Under the heavy rain, everything is covered with a layer of coldness.

The heat was continuously lost, the strength was a little bit bottomed, and the anger was almost extinguished by the cold rain. Now he is no longer saving his wife, but is going to die.

Yeah, to die.

Boscaro panted, his body became heavier and heavier, and every drop of rain hit him like a heavy fist. He tried to take off a few pieces of clothing, which made him a little more relaxed, but only some.

He is a doctor, he knows his condition very well, let alone Demon, he can’t fight even a gangster.

But at this moment, Boscaro heard the wheezing in the rain and fog. The sound was so loud, like a factory fan, spitting out hot and cold.

Boscaro’s eyes widened, and another vague dark figure was approaching it little by little… more than one.


Boscaro held his breath and slowly lifted the gun that was being held. He tried to resist, but then suddenly realized that he wouldn’t use it at all.

He is a doctor, and the only thing that can be considered a weapon is a scalpel. Boscaro has never used a gun at all. Although he knows to pull the trigger, his experience is even difficult to aim.

The bloated body slowly stopped, Boscaro stood blankly under the heavy rain, and then he burst into tears.

He didn’t have the strength to run, and he didn’t have any strong will. He didn’t even have the ability to fire. Everything was just a moment of anger, but after the anger, Boscaro was deeply aware of his powerlessness and failure.

He can’t save his wife at this moment of crisis… He can’t even save himself.

“I really failed to live…”

A huge sense of powerlessness swallowed Boscaro, and the more he recalled, the more painful he became.

There was a rapid sound after the rain and fog. Demon was accelerating and approaching. Death came. Boscaro relied on his instinct to grab the gun and fired indiscriminately, but the wind and cold rain interfered with him, and no bullet hit the target.

Demon was close enough, so close that Boscaro could easily see what it looked like.

Demon landed on all fours, crawling like a wild beast, arched his hind legs, ready to culled at any time, the skin was scarlet, without skin protection, the flesh and blood were exposed directly, and the slender tail slowly swayed, and the end Dragging the blade.

Then the tail blade was waved.

He was going to die, so ridiculous and meaningless to die.

Boscaro even started to blame himself, why he rushed out, he should hide shiver coldly in the tavern, waiting for these heroes to save himself…

“fuck off! “

Boscaro held the barrel and swung it vigorously, slamming the galloping tail blade with the butt.

No, he was enough loser.

The butt of the gun miraculously caught the tail blade, and the gun was shaken out of his hand. Boscaro also fell backward and fell into the stagnant water. He tried to get up to avoid being drowned.

Sure enough, it was in vain, he still failed.

After all, he is a mortal, it is not that why do you shout cruel words can defeat the bloodthirsty monster.

Boscaro looked at Demon who was rushing towards him, and his brain went blank for a moment.

The deafening gunfire sounded, and one hit hit Demon in the head. The silhouette of in midair fell into the stagnant water. It struggled to get up, but soon Sau Liangxi flew with a folding knife. In the past, it cut off its dancing tail blade with one knife.

Another roar sounded, Demon leaped from the side, but the galloping long sword was faster than it, Boscaro could only see a flashing white glow, and then the spikes were nailed into Demon’s neck and penetrated Spine.

Someone strode forward and stepped on half-person-high splashes.

For him, it doesn’t matter whether a weapon is opened or not, as long as the strength is strong enough, even if the blade is blunt, it can break the skeleton.

“Huh Hah!”

Oscar exhaled, screamed, swung a hatchet, and smashed Demon’s shoulders fiercely, got up and jumped around, grabbed the long sword nailed into the neck, pulled it out forcefully, and cut away most of Demon. Skull.

blood dyed blushed his face, without any hesitation, the long sword stabbed again and sank into Demon’s chest. Gradually it stopped struggling and was swallowed by the rising water.

Oscar turned back and smiled at Boscaro, who asked in a dazed manner.

“Aren’t you a writer?”

Looking at Oscar covered in blood, Boscaro suddenly realized that he never seemed to really know this old friend.

“The writer also wants to go out to collect materials,” Oscar holds a sword in one hand and a hatchet in the other. “Have you seen my “Oscar Wilde Biography”?”

“No…no,” Boscaro shook his head stiffly. “What’s wrong.”

“It’s a shame that you should read it. It is a good book. I mentioned in the book that when I was young, I was a thief, gunman, Swordsman, assassin, bandit, bandit, pirate, adventurer, Captain…”

“Oh, yes, there are those who built the country, to be precise, the ones who built the country before.”

Oscar muttered and walked to the next Demon.

“So! People still have to read more!”

Swinging a long sword and a hatchet, under the old body, a mighty force was sung, tearing through the hazy rain and fog, and hearing the sound of the skeleton cracking.