“Qi琅 Treasure Tree –” Hearing this, not only the student of Yunni College, but even the Old Du division was surprised.

“The wonderful fruit is a singular fruit, and it is a sacred fruit.” The student who was born in the family of the pill refining was not surprised to say: “A treasure fruit, in the market, can sell amazing prices.”

“It is indeed a fruit.” Old Du did not even order nod, saying: “This fruit can be said to make the young cultivator reborn, it is a strange fruit.”

For the thing like Qiqibao, even if it is a character like Old Du, it is not quite a move.

“Teacher, let’s see how?” A student couldn’t help but eager to say.

“Dudaoist brother, go and see together.” The old man invited the Yunmu College, and also a good relationship with Yunmu College. He smiled and said: “There is no one who can win this Treasure Tree. It is guarded by a black and white diamond, and no one can get close.”

“Let’s go see it, teacher.” The other students heard this invitation, of course, they couldn’t hold back any more, all after another said.

Old Du took a look at them and said, “You go and go white, black and white diamonds, but the famous fierce thing in Wan Bein, is a Heaven Rank Primal Chaos Yuan Beast, slap, kill you.”

This made a lot of students have a nap, especially Xiaoling, these lower-level students, the heart is even more difficult to jump, after all, before this, even the three Ranks of the top grade of the top ten snakes are killed They are flustered, and the black and white King Kong of Heaven Rank is afraid that their Old Du division can’t afford it.

“We will look far away, not picking the wonderful fruit.” Despite being frightened by the fierce things like black and white diamonds, there is still a student who does not give up, he said.

“Dudaoist brother will open his eyes with the youngster.” The old man of Ghost Race also smiled and said: “Look at it. As for the wonderful fruit, we can only see it.”

“Well, let’s go see it.” Old Du stunned the students who were eager to try, and faintly said: “When you get there, just listen to my instructions, don’t make a proposition, don’t see the treasure, you will be jealous. Lose your life, don’t blame me.”

The students all cheered, they just wanted to open their eyes. As for the smashing of the treasures, they still didn’t have much thought. After all, the Primal Chaos Yuan Beast of Heaven Rank, they are not opponents at all, so terrible. Black and white King Kong slaps them easily into a bolognese.

After traveling with the people of Ghost Race and turning over several mountains, Old Du was far from seeing people in front of them.

I saw a Treasure Tree growing under the top of the cliff. This Treasure Tree, the branches and branches, the old branch, the bluish-green, the glittering brilliance, such a Treasure Tree, is like a The giant umbrella is generally opened.

This is the Treasure Treasure Tree. On top of this wonderful Treasure Tree, there are many fruits growing. Each fruit is like a peach. Each fruit is flashing with brilliance, and the colors are different. The fruit of the red brilliance is the representative of the fruit that has already become ripe.

This kind of fruit has already exuded a unique fruity aroma that can be heard far away. When it smells like this, it makes people feel uncomfortable.

When the students of the Yunmu College approached, they heard a burst of painful snoring. Not far from the fascinating Treasure Tree, the blood was dyed red, and there was a body that fell to the ground and many broken limbs. The bones are scattered on the ground.

It is far from smelling this bloody smell, and then seeing the body on the ground, it is not a chill.

Although there are thousands of cultivator strongmen here, there are various factions from the Department of Heaven, the Heavenly Dragon Department, the Human King Department, the Buddha’s Headquarters… the cultivators of various ethnic forces. There are strong people, Human Race, Ghost Race, Blood Clan, Heavenly Demon… All kinds of cultivator strong people are gathered here, but they are afraid to come close.

Under the temperament Treasure Tree, there is a burly body of King Kong lying there, this Donkey ape, the body is very tall, when it is there, like a hill.

This is the black and white diamonds that guard the wonderful Treasure Tree. The black and white diamonds are black and black, the oil is bright, and the thick and black hair looks like a black needle felt on the body. The oil shines brightly. This seems even more fierce in this black and white diamond.

The black hair on this black and white diamond has no variegated color. Except for the eyelids, it has a circle of white hair on the eyelids of both eyes. It is white and stainless and looks very eye-catching.

Therefore, as soon as you see it, even those who have never seen it know that it is a fierce black and white diamond.

At this point, this black and white diamond just lazily relied on the tree trunk of the Treasure Tree, half squinting, just casually glanced at the thousands of cultivator strong people surrounded by it. It seems to be very disdainful, not to put any cultivator strong in the eye.

“This, this is the Primal Chaos Yuan Beast of Heaven Rank, this is the Primal Chaos Yuan Beast of Heaven Rank.” Seeing this black and white King Kong, the students of Yunni College were shocked.

Heaven Rank, that is the middle and lower 3-Rank, the same is the Heaven Rank, the difference between the next product and the top product is very 8,000 miles.

A black and white diamond in the Heaven Rank, it is simply a swipe to sweep them all.

“So, the old Ancestor of Cloud Moon Ghost Clan was shot dead by it.” An old cultivator next to him shook his head and said, afraid to approach.

When I heard this, the student of Yunni College didn’t have to worry about it, and didn’t dare to get close. It was far away.

“More than just black and white diamonds.” At this time, the students of the Yunmu College discovered that under the Quay Treasure Tree, not only the black and white diamonds, such as Primal Chaos Yuan Beast, but under the wonderful Treasure Tree, there is a giant. The snake also has a ferocious bird. Under the tree, there are also black panthers, fierce… such a powerful Primal Chaos Yuan Beast.

However, these giant snakes, murderous birds, and black panthers… These Primal Chaos Yuan Beast are far less powerful than black and white diamonds, but their strength is still amazing.

“It’s the black and white King Kong’s men.” Old Du looked at him and said slowly.

“Black and white King Kong also has his subordinates?” Many of the students were surprised to hear that Old Du was like this.

“Primal Chaos Yuan Beast is strong enough to be a psychic.” Old Du said slowly: “Although there are many Primal Chaos Yuan Beasts who are single-handed and independent, there are also many Primal Chaos. Yuan Beast, after a certain degree of power, will also be in groups, and the level is very strict, the strong is the king, the weak is the pawn, if it encounters the huge Primal Chaos Yuan Beast group, it is no less than a small dynasty. ”

I heard the old Du Shi said that many students have opened their eyes, and everyone has one after another to look at the wonderful Treasure Tree.

Whether it’s Primal Chaos Yuan Beast on the Treasure Tree or Primal Chaos Yuan Beast under the Treasure Tree, they are all at a distance from the black and white King Kong. Dare to have the slightest ambition, between the demeanor, also respectful to the black and white King Kong.

It can be said that among these Primal Chaos Yuan Beast, the status of black and white diamonds can be seen at a glance. It is proud of the world’s momentum, and it is known that it is the leader of these Primal Chaos Yuan Beast.

“No one picked the treasure of the wonderful Treasure Tree?” The old man of Ghost Race couldn’t help but swallow a sip of treasure on the Treasure Tree.

With so many wonderful treasures, if you can get it, you can benefit a Sect. At this time, especially the smell of the ripe and wonderful fruit of the fruit, it is even more unbearable to swallow a slobber.

“No one can break through the defense of Primal Chaos Yuan Beast. Everyone has already lost the sand.” A long-awaited cultivator shook his head and said: “The High Monk of Heavenly Dragon Temple was also handed. There were several Primal Chaos Yuan Beast in Lien Chan, but in the end, Black and White King Kong shot and shot High Monk and wounded and fled.”

Upon hearing this, Yundian College’s student was not surprised. Even the High Monk of Heavenly Dragon Temple was wounded and fleeing. Imagine how powerful this black and white diamond is.

Although everyone knows that black and white diamonds are very powerful, the strong cultivators present are not willing to leave, because many people hold the same mind and want to let others attract the firepower of Primal Chaos Yuan Beast when they take action. They are good for fished in troubled water. Pick one or two cherries.

For any cultivator, if you can pick one or two cherries for the fish in troubled water, you must have earned it.

“Would you like to try again.” Look at a tree full of wonderful treasures, a group of family members from the Department of the Department of the House is still a little unwilling to see their injuries, they have taken action just now, and Also ate a big loss.

“Forget it, this black and white diamond is too strong, don’t try it.” This group of strong men finally gave up, the head of the strong shook his head and said: “If you grab it again, I am afraid that it is not living to eat this. Qiqi Baoguo.” He said, shaking his head and leaving with his companion.

There are thousands of cultivator strongmen in the field, but there are many people taking action to grab the wonderful fruit, no one can succeed, even the tragic death in the hands of Primal Chaos Yuan Beast, so at this time, present The cultivator strong people are holding a wait-and-see attitude, waiting for others to take action, they are well fished in troubled water.

A resonate sound of “Peng-“, just in this moment, a group of blood fog flashes, and the blood fog disappears again, and there are more than a dozen people.

These dozens of people are very good and very powerful. Although they are a youngster, there are several old people behind him who are very strong. When their blood energy is moving, people can’t help but make a cold. Trembling.

“The strongman of the night is coming.” Seeing this group of blood fog screaming strong people appear here, many people recognize their origins.

Today is even more.

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