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When Li seven nights released his hand, the Buddha light disappeared, and the cub returned to its original appearance. It did not dare to let it go, and it was on the palm of Li Qiye, like a baby.


Looking at it now, who can think of it, it is a big evil thing, and who can think of it, it has a powerful and unparalleled Buddhist power in the body.


“When this beast is big, it must be shocking.” Looking at the cub in the palm of Li Qiye, the old slave was not surprised, saying: “Young master, why is this beast?”


“Mohou Roga.” Li seven night said faintly.


“Mohou Roga -” the old slave thought of it, but he has never seen such a beast, and even he has never heard of it. It can be said that the name of this cub is too raw. It is.


“Oh, the old slaves don’t know.” Although the old slave has never seen this beast, he has never heard of it, but he also knows that the beast of this beast is still the golden egg, and he will see that this beast is extremely fierce. If this animal grows up, and wait for it to be a big day, I am afraid that even these invincible generations are not their opponents. This is only to be compared to the Tao.


“I don’t know if it is not surprising.” Li Qixiao smiled faintly and said: “This is a very rare thing, but the Buddha is a beast, but it is a big murderer, only left in the legend.”


Speaking of this, Li Qi night paused and looked around and said faintly: “However, some people may know that otherwise, it will not be discovered until such time as it has been hidden for so long.”


The valley where the Moho Roga egg is hidden is concealed. For millions of years, I don’t know how many people have entered and left the Beast Mountain. However, no one has ever discovered it. Suddenly, this mountain is exposed and some people are shooting. It opened the corner of the valley seal and made people discover the valley.


“There must be his intentions.” The old slave swept away and said faintly.


“Just casually.” Li Qi night did not care, what conspiracy strategy, he was too lazy to pay attention.


Of course, the old slave can also imagine the mentality of Li Qiye. He knows very well in his heart. In the face of Li Qiye, what kind of conspiracy strategy is simply not enough, such as a gossamer, a great strategy, in front of him, It’s just a matter of being gently smashed.


“Go back.” Li Qi night smiled, picked up the firewood, turned and left, and the little cub squatted on the shoulders of Li Qiye.


The old slaves did not say anything, and they left with Li Qiye.


When Li Qiye and the old slave left for a long time, only a figure appeared, and fell on the body of the black man. He watched the black man being deadly and opened his head. The old man could not help but look at the body in silence. , no snoring.


After a while, the old man looked up and looked at the direction in which Li Qi night disappeared. He was silent for a long time.


In fact, he has been spinning around Wanni Mountain since these days, but he did not dare to approach. He has always been careful and afraid to expose his identity.


In the end, this person did not say anything, and stood up and disappeared into the night. He came and went without a trace, and no one knew that he had been here.


In the next few days, Li Qiye continued to stay in the ancient temple. In addition to cutting wood and chopping wood, he usually practiced his exercises. Every morning, he had to face the wall, every day, no day. Falling down.


The old-fashioned people do not know such a high-ranking person. Why does Li seven night have to chanting every day? What is the mystery of this wall? Perhaps what is the significance of Li Qiye?


Li Qi night did not say that the old slave did not ask much, but he knew that Li Qi night insisted on chanting every morning, and that must have his deep meaning. He came to Wan Beast Hill and must be satisfied.


Moreover, what Li Qiye asked was not a fierce beast like Mohouroga. He was afraid that what he asked for was in this ancient temple.


In these days, Li Qiye’s peace of mind practiced, and his avenue also made a breakthrough. On this day, when he heard the sound of “click”, Li Qiye broke through the bottleneck of “Zihou madness” and entered the king’s hegemony. realm.


When the purple gas on his body began to change, the king’s breath appeared, the purple gas disappeared, and the king’s breath emerged. Li Qiye in this moment gave an incomparable weather. It seems that he is already high. Sitting in the clouds.


Therefore, when I saw the spirit of the king appearing on Li Qi night, the old slave could not help but be surprised.


“Congratulations to the young master, the realm of the king of the king has been the hegemony.” The old slave sees the king’s breath, and worships Li seven nights, respectful and respectful.


The strength of the old slave, but it is powerful and unparalleled. In terms of his strength, the king of the district has nothing to do. In the weekdays, the strength of the king, such as the hegemony, is not even qualified for his eyes.


However, in Li Qiye, it is completely different. At this time, Li Qiye has the spirit of the king. This is the view of anyone who has reached the kingdom of the king.


However, when the spirit of the king is now Li Qi night, everything is different. At this time, Li Qi night is like sitting in the clouds. He is the king of the gods, the king of the emperors, the spirit of his king, the ancient First, even if it is the temper of a king, it can suppress the gods.


In the monk world, to reach the king’s hegemony, it is only the mortal king. However, Li Qiyue reached the realm of the king’s hegemony, but he is the king of the gods, this is the biggest difference.


“Fortunately, it is also a hegemony. This is a farewell to the body.” Congratulations to the old slaves, Li Qi night also smiled.


In the monk world, there is such a saying that before the king’s hegemony, it will be called the mortal body, and only after the king’s hegemony is the real reborn.


This is just Li Qiyue’s casual mouth. The old slave is clear, what is the king’s hegemony, and what is the flesh and body. This is not important for Li Qiye. Li Qiye is practicing in the night, but it is only grinding himself. What he practiced is not the level of the road, but a kind of experience.


“How does the young master want to repair?” Seeing that Li Qiyue reached the king’s hegemony, the old slave could not help asking.


“Open the heart of the law.” Li Qi night said faintly.


Kai Tian Xin Fa is one of the Seven Laws of the Great World. Li Qi Ye has already practiced five of them. Now he has to repair the “opening the heart of the law”. Only one method can be used to practice the Seven Laws.


“The young master wants to repair the seven laws?” The old slave was also not curious. He couldn’t understand what it was like to practice Li Qiye so well.


“Where is this saying?” Li Qixiao smiled and said: “The seven methods are a glimpse, I just experience the experience.”


“Seven grammars are a glimpse–” The old slaves couldn’t help but stay in this way. I’m afraid that this is unprecedented. However, Li Qiye said this, but it gave him a shock, this is An unprecedented way of training.


“Why is it a glimpse?” The old slave was not very curious, which gave him a new perspective on the Big Seven.


Li Qi night smiled and did not answer the old slave.


As Li Qiyue said, after reaching the king’s hegemony, Li Qiye began to practice the “opening the heart of the law”. When he began to practice the “opening the heart” method, he seemed to open a king world. The endless kings are so arrogant that it seems that all the kings breathe out and can destroy the whole world.


Such a terrible king’s breath, this is also to let the old slaves open their eyes, just the king’s hegemony, the king’s breath has been so horrible, really let Li seven night reach the realm of the king, what would it be? A sight?


In addition to the monk to cut wood and burn charcoal, Li Qi night day after day.


On this day, Li Qiye still chanted as usual in the past. When Li Qi night was half-finished, he heard a “beep” sound, and I saw that this wall exudes a glimpse of light. The power is waking up.


At this moment, the woman who saw the wall above also lit up. The light seemed to be carved on the wall, and the woman’s line was carved.


Sudden variation, the ancient power is fluctuating, this shocked the old slaves, and also shocked the practice of practicing outside the door, who did not know what happened, and rushed in.


When Fan Bai just ran in, the old slave also flashed and appeared in the temple. He could not help but scream: “Young Master -”


However, at this moment, Li Qiye did not look at the old slave and the white, and his eyes fell on the wall. His eyes were locked on the woman on the wall. At this moment, the woman was already in prison. He firmly attracted the attention of Li Qiye.


Just in the moment, the woman on the wall seemed to move. When she saw it clearly, she almost exclaimed, and could not help but hold her mouth tightly.


At this time, the old slave knew that he should not stay here. He pulled Lafan White and then turned and left.


When Fan Bai came back, she did not dare to stay, turned and left. When she left, she couldn’t help but look back at the woman on the wall, because in this moment, the woman was like alive. Come here, this is a peerless beauty, this is the most beautiful and beautiful woman in the world.


When the old slaves and the whites left, the light on the walls was brighter and the woman was more vivid.


In the end, when the “啵” sounded, the woman on the wall stretched out her body. In between, the woman who was painted went alive.


As the light fluctuated, I saw that the woman had walked down the wall. It seems that this wall can lead to another world. She came from another world.


When the woman walked down the wall, everything looked eclipsed, because she was too beautiful and too beautiful, and any peerless beauty would be in front of her.


The beauty of this woman cannot be described by pen and ink. Her spirituality is even more impressive. It seems that she is a fairy who has come down from the fairy world. She is unparalleled and spiritual.


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