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In the end, Kim Min Jong left, but when he left, he smashed the barbecue, leaving only the skeleton. His appearance was like if he had already eaten the bait, then he would have a good time. I can’t be cheap at all, I can’t be sloppy at all.


“Be a full-fledged ghost.” When he left, the golden buddha touched his already belly, which was very satisfying.


Although Li Qiye’s request made him suffocate, he still did not treat himself badly. The whole roast beef was eaten by him alone. No matter what, at least he ate it.


“It is a good thing to be able to eat.” Looking at the appearance of the Buddha, Li Qi night could not help but smile.


The golden phoenix Buddha went to Li Qi night, and slammed the Buddha number, and finally floated away.


“This little monk, the Buddha is very good.” After the Buddha’s departure, the old slave said such a comment.


“There is a height in the end.” Li Qixiao smiled and said: “The predecessors’ peaks are too high, and the Buddha’s holy land is difficult to go out. This is already a foregone conclusion.”


For this, the old slaves took it for granted. The Holy Land of the Buddha can be described as a talented person. Not to mention the Buddha’s Taoism, it is only the Buddha’s holy land. There are four Taoist monarchs, all of which are boundless.


Even if the Buddha is high, the Buddha still has a ceiling. He can’t surpass his predecessors, let alone surpass the Buddha’s Daojun and Zen Buddhism.


It didn’t take long for the Buddha to leave, and there was a sigh of relief outside. Li Qiye couldn’t help but frown. At this time, Yang Ling pulled the white back and ran back.


They are wheezing, Yang Ling’s face is red, a look of injustice, and Fan Bai has been keeping his head down, not looking up to see people, both a bit timid, some inferiority, some sad, all kinds of emotions Mixed together, it looks pitiful.


“What’s wrong?” Li Qi night saw this look and said.


Yang Ling said indecently: “Those people, deceiving people is too much! Hey, they are not even letting a little girl like Fanbai, deceiving too much!”


Yang Ling looks like this, Li Qi night looks at the white, and the white is tightly tilting his head, not looking up at people, fear and inferiority, she is clinging to her clothes, a pair of eyes are fogged Covered, tears swirled in my eyes, but she did not dare to let the tears fall.


Look at this appearance, Li Qi night will know what is going on.


At this time, the outside sounded awkward, and some students shouted outside: “The surname of Li, let people hand over, hiding inside is not a way!”


“Hey, Zhang Changyu, they are asking for trouble–” As soon as he heard the cry outside, Yang Ling could not help but anger, and she was angry and wanted to rush out.


“Don’t worry.” Li Qixiao smiled a little, said, with Yang Ling and Fan Bai going outside.


“Young Master-” When walking outside, Fan Bai could not help but feel guilty. She didn’t know how to face it. She lowered her head and screamed. At this time, she had an impulse to escape. A place without people, hide, never see people, don’t see any strangers.


“Do not worry.” Li Qi night licked her hair and said: “The sky is falling, there are still me. The things that face, after all, are to face. Your destiny is in your own hands. Instead of being a slap in the face, so you have to change it, not to be influenced by the big stream. This is you.”


“I–” Fan Bai suddenly wants to cry, and can’t speak for a long time.


Since she is sensible, she is a disaster star in the eyes of others. When she goes there, she will be pointed at by others, and she will be disgusted and even driven away.


“Look up, raise your chest.” Li Qi night looked at the white, said quietly: “When you take this door, you should not look back, the past you have passed, the future, you are where White, the future is to stand on the top of the god!”


Li Ya night’s sound of sipping is like giving a white drink to everyone. Everyone in the white heart can’t help but tremble. She’s so hard, I can’t help but hold my little powder and can’t help but raise my head. I have my own chest.


“Let’s go.” Li Qi night pulled up her little hand, which gave the white courage, when she stepped out of the threshold, as Li Qi night said, she no longer looked back.


At this moment, outside the old temple, many students have been encircled. There are dozens of students directly outside the temple. There are more students in the distance, and many students are far away when they are watching. There is a lot of discussion.


“Is that woman real?” Some students just heard the news and rushed.


“It is true, it is the legendary star of the sky.” The first classmate nodded and said: “It is the legendary disaster star. I did not expect her to appear in our Yunmu College.”


“A disaster star like this, if it really leaves her in the Yunmu College, I am afraid it is unlucky.” A student could not help but say: “This kind of disaster star should not let her stay at Yunni College.” ”


“A little girl, there is such a serious situation.” Some students did not agree, saying: “What a singer, a disaster star, it is just a coincidence.”


“I also think that our Yunmu College has stood for millions of years and has experienced countless storms. What kind of disaster has not been experienced? It will not be because of a legend of nothingness and nothing. Let’s say that the student who does not regard this as one thing is also said.


“Scorpio Lone Star, the disaster star, is really the legendary little girl.” For a time, many students watching it were talking about it.


It turned out that Yang Ling was a good heart, with Van Bai in the Yunmu College to go shopping, she wants to let Fanbai familiar with the environment, not to mention, whenever the day stays in the temple to practice, she is worried that white will be stuffy I am sick.


However, I did not expect that when I was hanging out in the college, Fan Bai was actually recognized by some elderly and knowledgeable students. She is the legendary disaster star and the lonely star.


Although Fan Bai is only a little girl, but about the disaster star, about the Tianzhu Lone Star, in the North West Emperor is a lot of things that people know.


When the white was born, she was embarrassed. When she was born, her parents died. Not long after, the family suffered.


Then she was adopted, however, the person who adopted her, both passed away, and Zongmen was killed.


Later, a strong martial art adopted her, but, within a few days, the strong man was violent. Soon after, the sect of the sect came to the door, and the whole sect was destroyed, and Fan Bai was the only survivor… …


In this way, Fan Bai turned to one ancestor and family, but the people who took her, or the martial art, did not have any good end, and there was no good result.


However, she was safe and sound, and she survived every disaster.


It is precisely because of this that Fan Bai became a disaster star of the South West Emperor. The matter about her was spread rapidly in the South West Emperor. Since then, no one has dared to take her in, no matter whether it is a monk or a martial art, she is a disaster star. As she is ominous, even many cities or sectarian territories do not allow whites to enter, once Fanbai enters their territory, they will be driven out.


In this way, wherever white and white wandering in one place and another place, no matter where they go, they are all disliked, they are driven away, they are driven on the streets, and they are chased by a group of children with stones. That is a common thing.


It is precisely because of this that later, where only whites are used to save the wild, the place is dedicated to places where there is no place for people to smoke. As long as there are people, she will be ashamed and feared.


It was only after Li Qiye’s night that this changed, because with Li’s seven nights, it was like propping up a sky for her.


Fan Bai was recognized by some students at the Yunmu College. Therefore, the news about the disaster star appearing at the Yunmu College was also spread. Many students came to watch the news as soon as they heard the news.


Of course, there are some students who don’t do it. They feel that such a disaster star stays at Yunni College. It is an unlucky thing. For Yunni College, it is ominous. Therefore, we must drive this disaster star out. .


When Zhang Changyu and Yan Jingxuan claimed that they could not leave the disaster star in the Yunmu College, they immediately got the support of some students. Therefore, they rushed over and blocked the temple of Li Qiye.


“The surname of Li, quickly surrender the disaster star, otherwise, it is with us Yunyan College can not go.” Outside the door, Zhang Changyu shouted.


Last time, Zhang Changyu was humiliated by Li Qiye on his face. Therefore, he vowed to find Li Qiye’s revenge. Therefore, now that he has such a thing as a disaster star, how can he let Li seven nights?


“This is too much.” There are also female students who feel that it is a bit too much to drive a little girl.


However, some male students immediately said: “The words cannot be said. Although we have a deep enough foundation, our Yunmu College has stood for millions of years. It is impossible for what happened because of this disaster. Disaster. But we students are not necessarily there. We are just an individual. If we are really smothered, can we personally be able to avoid the rules?”


This kind of situation suddenly made many students look at each other. The Yunni College can’t be killed because of a disaster star. However, these students are not necessarily. What kind of students have been ignorant? Really lost life?


In particular, things like the catastrophe star, the Scorpio Lone Star, have been passed down very much, and many people have some hair in their hearts, and they have been shaken for a while.


“Be careful, too.” Some students have changed their faces and said: “If you are really entangled in what is ominous, if you don’t, you will put your life into it, and you may have to put your own sect.” ”


In this case, many students were suddenly silenced.


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