Emperor’s Domination Chapter 3620

The disaster star, Heavenly Fiend Lonely Star, whether it is true or FALSE, but with regard to previous rumors, many students still believe that these rumors are true, so many students still have some jealousy in their hearts.

“Look, it’s out, they came out.” At this time, I don’t know which student screamed and everyone looked ahead.

At this time, I saw Li Qiye coming out of the temple, followed by Yang Ling and Fan Bai.

Although Fan Bai was encouraged by Li Qiye’s encouragement, she squatted and stood up, but her eyes still dare not look at others, and her attitude is still fearful.

Especially when everyone’s gaze fell on her body, the expression was even more panic, and she could not help but hide behind Li Qiye. The delicate expression still remained unchanged.

“It’s her.” At this time, everyone’s eyes fell on Fan Bai’s body, and someone called.

“Is she?” There was a student who had seen Fan Bai at Myriad Beasts Mountain. They were also surprised. When they looked at Fan Bai, he could not help but shake his head and said, “What is this like Heavenly Fiend Lonely Star, the disaster star? ?”

Seeing the appearance of Fan Bai, few people would believe that she is the rumored star, Heavenly Fiend Lonely Star. In many people’s eyes, Fan Bai looks like this, and it is no different from ordinary Little Miss.

“Why is it difficult to get around with such a Little Miss?” There is also a female student who sees Fan Bai’s sly look, and there is no sympathy.

“Perhaps this is the curse of the sky.” There is a student guess: “Heavenly Fiend Lonely Star, such a person who is a fateful person must have been cursed by the sky, and this will become a so-called disaster star.”

Is the curse of heaven so serious? “After hearing this, many people are not complicatedion changed.”

Many cultivators have a world-wide ability, but it is unscrupulous. However, no matter how powerful the cultivator is, how far is the fearless powerhouse, when it comes to the sky, how many people talk about the discoloration?

Strong people will be afraid of Heavenly Tribulation, and they will be afraid of the existence of heaven. As the saying goes, the sky has eyes, not to mention, the thing like the curse of the sky is even more vicious, and how can it not be discolored by many people.

“It’s her, she is Heavenly Fiend Lonely Star, the disaster star.” After Li Qiye took Fan Bai and Yang Ling out, the students behind Yan Jingxuan and Zhang Changyu immediately shouted.

Li Qiye stood there, lazily glanced at all the students present, smiled a little, and said, “What’s the matter?” “Surnamed Li, surrender the disaster star, give Cloud and Mud School a fair. At this time, Zhang Changyu gave a sigh.

Thinking of the last time, in the face of everyone, Li Qiye stepped on his face, he could not help but hate it, can’t wait for Li Qiye’s skin, drink Li Qiye’s blood, now he has caught this opportunity, of course he is To play the role, so I gathered dozens of powerful fellow students, that is, to clean up Li Qiye.

“Zhang Changyu, are you tired of living!” Yang Ling was not loudly shouted and said: “You don’t need Young Master take action, I can pack you, you believe it or not.”

Zhang Changyu’s face is very ugly. Every time he wants to be right with Li Qiye, Yang Ling is standing on Li Qiye, which makes him very embarrassed.

“Counter, this is not just me alone, this is the meaning of the Academy owner, can it be that the county is mainly responsible for the world?” Zhang Changyu finally hardened once, could not help but talk back.

Yang Ling cold snort sighed and said: “What do you mean by all the people, the county master is more than enough to clean up you, persecute a Little Miss, what is the probability? What kind of man? Cloud and Mud School’s face countenance, are you Throw it out.” Saying, disdain.

Zhang Changyu’s face is red, and there is a lack of speechlessness at the moment. In terms of strength, Yang Ling is stronger than him.

“Junior Sister, this is not the case.” Yan Jingxuan, standing next to him, said slowly: “This is related to the safety of our Cloud and Mud School. It is related to the safety of every fellow student. Of course, we need to be cautious. No persecution.”

“Hey, look at you like this bear.” Yang Ling said disdainfully: “Everyone says that own is a giant among men,own is the son of heaven, a great genius. A legend, a heavenly Fiend Lonely Star, a disaster What kind of rumors like Stars scare you like? Just like your kind of bear, you want to create a world outside, create a career? Or go back to your old mother’s arms.”

Yang Ling’s words not only gave Yan Jingxuan and Zhang Changyu a sigh, but also gave a lot of students to the scene. All of a sudden, the students of Cloud and Mud School suddenly became red.

“Yeah, I think it is reasonable to say that Senior Sister Yang.” There is a senior student nod.

There are also some female students one after another nod, and they all think that Yang Ling makes sense.

“Good to say, well said.” Li Qiye smiled and applauded, said with a smile: “I like this girl’s love and hate, see you like this, but dare to say that the owner of Cloud and Mud School is I missed the face countenance of Cloud and Mud School. If Cloud and Mud School is out of your bag, it is an armpit, what about Western Sovereign First Academy.”

“surnamed Li, you are too much.” At this time there is also a student who can’t help but glare at Li Qiye, Shen shouted: “You just came to Cloud and Mud School, it brought so much trouble to Cloud and Mud School, isn’t it enough? ”

The student, Huang Qibing who lost the mount, his Divine Bull was eaten by Li Qiye. Although Li Xiangquan lost him, his heart was still in his heart.

After all, for anyone, the old mount is eaten by people, and the heart is definitely not happy.

“I also think that when I first came to Cloud and Mud School, it was a wind and rain. This is not a good sign.” There was a student snoring.

Many students also looked at one after another, Li Qiye didn’t come long, it seems to have caused a lot of things.

“Maybe, Heaven’s Punishment will be recruited.” One of the students who went to Myriad Beasts Mountain whispered: “Li Qiye was at Myriad Beasts Mountain, it was a man who died a few 100,000, where the bones were like mountains and the blood flowing Into a river, this is only afraid of Heaven’s Punishment.”

“This is possible.” Li Qiye yelled at the Myriad Beasts Mountain pit, and many of his students also heard.

“Now he is with the disaster star again, then it is not a good sign. If it is really cursed by the sky, maybe those who have contacted them will be extremely unlucky, and will suffer.” Student are one after another.

Seeing such a student support this view, Zhang Changyu they can not help but one of them.

“surnamed Li, I heard no.” Zhang Changyu said in a cry: “For the sake of Cloud and Mud School, you can’t!”

“Is it?” Li Qiye glanced at Zhang Changyu lazily and said, “Is it by you? Could it be that I forgot the lesson? Forgot what I said? It’s still so ignorant, it seems You are tired, and today you can live here to leave, it is a miracle.”

Li Qiye’s words suddenly revealed Zhang Changyu’s scars. As the saying goes, hitting people doesn’t hit their faces. Li Qiye doesn’t mention any pots, so he mentions this pot. This suddenly makes Zhang Changyu both eyes spurt anger. Everyone’s face, Li Qiye’s mention of this shameful shame, can Zhang Changyu endure? “surnamed Li, today, you don’t give a confession, you and this disaster star, rest and end.” Zhang Changyu Li shouted: “Our Cloud and Mud School, definitely not where you can wild.”

“Yes? What about Cloud and Mud School?” Li Qiye smiled lazily, and said, “Would it be that you can stop me?”

“This fellow student, the tone is too big.” At this time, a calm voice sounded and said: “This is too arrogant that no-one else matters, too despise us Cloud and Mud School is over.”

It was at this time that a person descended from the sky and stood not far away.

When this one appeared, it suddenly made people feel a compelling British spirit, and the whole person gave people a feeling of being like a rainbow.

This is a student of Cloud and Mud School. He is wearing a silver armor, and he is a hero, just like a young general who has just come down from the battlefield. He has a long-lasting momentum.

Although the boy did not carry the silver spear at this time, nor did he ride the white horse, but when he saw him, he could imagine that he was riding a white horse and carrying the silver spear. He seemed to see him rush into the enemy camp. In the midst of the tenth, the momentum is skyrocketing.

“Flying Horse Silver Spear -” saw the young man descend from the sky, a lot of students screamed, especially some female students, even more screamed, and was fascinated by his heroic posture.

“It’s the Senior Brother Zhang.” Seeing this young man, even if many male students are also looking at it.

Flying Horse Silver Spear, one of Zhang Yunzhi, Cloud and Mud Five Heroes, even someone called him Li Xiangquan as the Golden Pestle Dynasty.

Because Flying Horse Silver Spear Zhang Yunzhi His father is the Grand Governor of Golden Pestle Dynasty, and his status is comparable to that of Cold Vision Lightning Sword Li Xiangquan.

One is the head of Baiguan, and the other is the head of Baijun. It can be said that Flying Horse Silver Spear Zhang Yunzhi and Cold Vision Lightning Sword Li Xiangquan Their father is the power to hold Golden Pestle Dynasty.

However, it is also wonderful, not only that the fathers of the two of them are the giants of Golden Pestle Dynasty, they are also the most outstanding students of Cloud and Mud School, regardless of each other.

The best part is that the Cold Vision Lightning Sword Li Xiangquan, born in the Aristocratic Family, is as elegant as a student who reads poetry.

Flying Horse Silver Spear Zhang Yunzhi is the opposite. Flying Horse Silver Spear Zhang Yunzhi, no matter who saw it, thought he was a young general, thinking that he was born in the general Aristocratic Family.

In fact, the two of them are the opposite, completely changing the role.

Moreover, Zhang Family is not only as simple as an official. When Golden Pestle Dynasty has not yet held the power of the Buddhist Holy Land, their family does not know how many dynasties have been assisted.

It can be said that Zhang Family is not only a cultivator Aristocratic Family, but also an Aristocratic Family governing the country.

Today is even more.

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