Bloody smell, rushing to the nose, so that everyone in the room could not help but stunned, watching the two bodies on the ground slowly becoming cold, people could not help but chill.

Just now, Li Xiangquan and Zhang Yunzhi were still alive and kicking. In the blink of an eye, they became two bodies.

Looking at such a scene, everyone couldn’t help but be silent. For a moment, I didn’t know how many thoughts passed through the minds of many cultivator strongmen.

Yun Mu Wu Jie, the two eyes were removed from the blink of an eye. What is even more terrible is that they are the sons of the great princes of the Jin dynasty today, and they are the descendants of the family.

One is the son of Too, the other is the son of Taizai. Anyone who thinks about this will suddenly feel that wind and rain are coming, and the wind and rain are coming.

“Are you afraid that the Golden Dragon King is angry?” After a while, there was a strong cultivator who came back and said, muttering.

Li Xiangquan and Zhang Yunzhi were killed in the street, and their identity was no small feat. In the broad daylight, in the eyes of the public, the sons of the princes of the Jin dynasty were killed. This is only to provoke the authority of the Jin dynasty. It is a contempt for the Golden Dragon Dynasty.

If the Golden Jubilee is furious, it will certainly mobilize the magnificent army with thousands of men and horses to annihilate Li Seven Nights.

“Even if the Jin Dynasty dynasty is not angry, I am afraid that the two families of Zhang Family and Li Family will not be good at a certain Ganxiu.” After the cultivator returned, he could not help but shake his head.

Zhang Family and Li Family are the ancient family of the Buddha’s holy family. The big family, rooted in the Holy Land of the Buddha for millions of years, can be described as deep-rooted, powerful and profound, and it is very different. Today, their The descendants died in the hands of Li Qiye, I am afraid that the two great families will not be willing to give up, even at all costs to kill Li Qi night, revenge for their dead discipline.

“The storm and rain are coming.” There are also strong people who can’t help but look to Li Qiye and say: “This robbery, I am afraid it is sad.”

Although everyone can see that Li Qiye’s trick “Sword refers to things” is really powerful, it is also very mysterious, but whether it is Zhang Family or Li Family, it is a big family with profound knowledge. They have powerful ancestors who have survived in the world.

If Zhang Family and Li Family spare no effort to avenge their children, they are afraid that they will not be able to compete with the big family like Zhang Family and Li Family alone.

In the Holy Land of Buddha, don’t say that it is an individual. Even if it is a great country, it does not dare to confront the big family like Zhang Family and Li Family.

And Li Qi night’s trick “Sword refers to things” is stronger, I am afraid that it can’t be stronger than Zhang Family and Li Family’s long-time ancestors. Once Zhang Family and Li Family’s long-time ancestors were born, I’m afraid of Li’s seven nights. It is not an opponent, I am afraid that it will die.

Therefore, after Li Qiye killed Li Xiangquan and Zhang Yunzhi, many people took a breath of air. Everyone felt that Li Qiye was in danger. I was afraid that he would die in the hands of Zhang Family and Li Family sooner or later.

“Sword refers to things -” there are also kendo masters who don’t care about these. They only care about Li Qiye’s “sword refers to things”. For them, Li Qiye’s “sword refers to things” brings them too much. Shocked, they can’t wait to immediately comprehend this trick “sword refers to things.”

“It’s invincible to practice this trick.” The students at Yunni College are even more irritated, although Zhang Yunzhi and Li Xiangquan died in the hands of Li Qiye, which brought them a lot of shock, but let them even Some people can’t help but feel that they can’t wait to go back to Yunni College immediately, board Wudaofeng, and once again try to comprehend this trick “sword refers to things.”

In the view of Yunyan College students, they have the opportunity to goprehend this “sword refers to things” than anyone else outside, and they are more organic to practice this trick “sword refers to things”, after all, compared to outsiders Come, Yunyan College students have a unique advantage in Wu Daofeng.

“That’s too evil, this child, I am afraid that there will be a storm in the Buddha Holy Land.” There is a big ancestor looking at the wind and the light of Li Qi night, do not assert.

At this time, even the mighty ancestors of the great teachings couldn’t touch Li Zhong’s such a Junior. In their view, Li Qiye was a wicked one.

This is not only because Li Qiye is comprehend “sword refers to things”, not only because Li Qi night is the darling of God, what good things make him hit.

At the same time, let them feel that the evil door is the calmness of Li Qiye. It seems that this is not the same as his age. He killed the descendants of Li Family and Zhang Family, and hated the giants like Li Family and Zhang Family. Li Qi night was not panicked. It is calm and calm.

Can do this, in their view, either not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth, or it is full of enthusiasm, which makes the great ancestors of the great teachings can not understand Li seven nights do not know the heights of the earth, or the full of gas.

If it is full of enthusiasm, then, with Li Qiyue, such a cowardly person, what to do with the giant family like Li Family and Zhang Family, not to mention the strong behind Li Family and Zhang Family. What about the golden dynasty?

“Okay.” At this time, Li Qi night took back the hatchet, took a clap, smiled, and looked at the people present. The smile was particularly gentle and slowly said: “Who else wants to see my treasure? Or do you want to grab a treasure from me?”

The words fall, all the cultivators present are you looking at me, I see you, the whole long street, without any cultivator buzz.

Although the respect is very impressive, but the life is even more important, Li Xiangquan and Zhang Yunzhi are the lessons of the past. When anyone wants to grab the seven-night treasure, they will first measure their strength.

Even some of the great ancestors of the great school, the heart has thoughts about the treasure of Li Qiye, but they are all inactive, because they are equally unsure of the trick of cracking Li Qiye’s “sword refers to things”. In their view, this It is really too evil to recruit “swords to refer to things”. Therefore, before they are not sure, they will not act rashly and will not move.

“That’s all, no one is even, unfortunately.” Li seven night bombed the dust on the body, smiled a little, turned and left.

At this time, all the cultivators on the long street did not dare to block the journey of Li Qiye. Whether it was the family discipline or the ancestor of the great religion, they were silent and gave way to Li Qiye.

Therefore, when Li Seven Night passed, the crowd was automatically separated, and a flat Great Dao appeared in front of Li Qiye.

When Li Qi night went away, Yang Ling returned to God and was busy chasing it.

Li Xiangquan and Zhang Yunzhi were killed, which made Yang Ling very shocked. After all, they are both one of the five masters of Yunni, not to mention the descendants of the two great families.

When Yang Ling was at the Yunmu College, she had never seen Zhang Yunzhi and Li Xiangquan. For their strength, it was very impressive.

However, at this moment, both of them were killed under the Young Master’s hatchet. More importantly, when Li Qi night killed both of them, it was an understatement, and it was effortless. Is Yang Ling shocked? After catching up with Li’s seven nights, Yang Ling deeply called took a deep breath and still couldn’t help but ask: “Young Master, then, that, the sword refers to something…”? At one time, Yang Ling did not know. How to word well, because before this, Li Qi night once said that she passed her “sword refers to things”, but she chose the cloud of the people to learn.

Although Yang Ling did not regret that she had chosen the school of Yun Mushang, but did not practice the “sword refers to things”, but “sword refers to things” from the hands of Li Qi night, brought her too much shock. .

However, even though Li’s seven nights showed three “swords and fingers”, Yang Ling still didn’t understand it. She still didn’t understand the mystery of this trick.

“Young Master, this, this, this trick ‘sword refers to something’, it, it, what kind of mystery is it?” Yang Ling thought about the wording, and finally said: “Why, why, why all defenses Cutting is ineffective in front of this move. It seems that this move has bypassed all the attacks and defenses.”

Yang Ling thought for a long time before she organized such a word. This is also her most intuitive feeling, and she is the most profound impression of this trick.

“You can think of this, it is not too stupid, but also a bit of a point.” For Yang Ling, Li Qi night smiled faintly and said: “However, this is not bypassing.”

“That, what is that?” Yang Ling thought for a long time, but could not understand the mystery of this move.

“The sword emperor left this trick, but it gave the world a misunderstanding.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile. He said: “This trick should take a more straightforward name. For example, the kendo is misplaced, the sword is wrong, and maybe People have more clues.”

“The kendo is misplaced, the sword is wrong time and space?” When he heard Li Qiye, Yang Ling couldn’t help but savor the scene of Li Qiye’s move. When she came back, she couldn’t help but exclaim: “Young Master Said, is this sword a misplaced time and space?”

“It’s almost like this.” Li Qixiao smiled.

Yang Ling thought for a long time, didn’t want to understand, could not help but shake her head and said: “I still don’t understand why this sword can be misplaced in time and space? It seems that there is no time and space power is fluctuating, and there is no powerful force, energy, energy, energy. Pushing the dislocation of time?”

This is where Yang Ling is very confused. Because when Li Qi nights out the sword, there is no world-shaking formidable power, and there is no incomparable power. It is a very casual and simple sword.

However, it can be misplaced in time and space, which makes Yang Ling feel incredible.

“This is the magical point of the sword emperor.” Li Qi night smiled faintly, understated and said: “If this sword is so simple, it has long been comprehend. This is not just a trick. Things’, in fact, this trick has already represented the martial art of the Swordsman. He created the Supreme Kendo. He just concentrated his kendo on this move and became the outline of his kendo.”

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