One of the most Peerless’s Culture Techniques in Correct One Cult.

Swallowing, as its name suggests, can swallow all attacks, any attack will be swallowed up by it, no matter how powerful the attack, it can be swallowed up.

It was also because Li Huaishi practiced the swallowing of one of the “Devil’s Seven Volumes”, so this made him look like a random whip at the moment, and he blocked Chi Xiaoyue’s “blood”. Moon is empty.”

“From -” In this moment, Chi Xiaoyue still does not give up, shouted, shouted. In the twinkling of an eye, her blood energy rushed, like the Divine Light, and set off the trillion. The sound of hong long long heard the sound of “bang, bang, and bang”. At this moment, “blood moon is empty”, the blood moon hits like the giant meteorite, and rushes to Liu Huaishi. Blood moon dragged the Blood Sea whirlpool, sandwiching the invincible, crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, and instantly slammed Liu Huaishi. “blood moon is empty”, a move came straight, the strength of formidable power, so that the number of cultivator powerhouses in the room can not help but make people feel a cold breath.

In particular, the power of Dao Monarch from this trick is even more crushing Heavens Spiritual God. For example, Dao Monarch suppresses everyone’s heart, and people can’t help but tremble. Under such Dao Monarch, no. I don’t know how many people are snoring with their legs.

However, in the face of such a move, Liu Huaishi is still calm, with a golden whip in his hand, the metal sound of “铛, 铛, 铛” sounds, and a whip is pulled out, such as Divine Dragon, “Pa The sound of Chi Xiaoyue’s “blood moon”.

Just like the previous one, I heard the “re” sound of “Pa”, the golden god whip was drawn on the blood moon, and the blood moon was exhausted in a moment, just like the stove was poured down by a basin of cold water and instantly extinguished.

“blood moon is empty” was extinguished by a whip, and Chi Xiaoyue was one of the hearts inside, and immediately retreated, and Li Huaishi opened the distance.

Seeing such a scene, all the cultivator powerhouses in the room did not have a hair inside, and could not help but take a breath.

At this time, everyone is not at all confused, Chi Xiaoyue’s Dao Monarch Cleaning Technique, how powerful it is, this is everyone agrees, this move “blood moon is empty” formidable power, is also present everyone It is obvious to all.

However, it is such a powerful terrifying “blood moon” that still suffered a big loss under the long whip of Liu Huaishi. “This, this, this is too terrifying.” Even the Large Sect Old Ancestor couldn’t help but take a breath of air. There is an old-fashioned Senior Elder who said slowly: “This is one of the swallows of “The Seven Swallows”, it can swallow the attack, unless there is a strong enough to go beyond the limit, far more than the other, otherwise , Chi Xiaoyue Any attack, for Liu Huaishi, it is just a dessert.”

This is the charm of the “Devil’s Seven Volumes”, and it is also a powerful place, such as “swallowing the volume”, which can swallow any enemy’s attack, but if the strength of the two is too different, for example, like Liu Huaishi With such strength, he would never swallow a blow from Dao Monarch or Peak Heaven Venerable.

Under the attack of Dao Monarch, even if Liu Huaishi practiced his “swallowing” to the point of perfection, it would still not be swallowed, and it would be blown by Dao Monarch’s blow.

The problem is that Chi Xiaoyue’s skill is comparable to that of Liu Huaishi, so no matter what kind of secret skill Chi Chiyyue makes, no matter how powerful Chiyyue’s move isidable power, it is impossible to blow Liu Huaishi’s ” Swallowing.”

“Then, what should I do?” Seeing Chi Xiaoyue’s powerful “blood moon” is suffering under Liu Huaishi’s “swallowing attack”, anyone can see that Chi Xiaoyue does not matter what moves, only I am afraid that I can’t help Liu Huaishi’s “swallowing attack”.

At this time, Chi Xiaoyue was also at a loss. In the face of Liu Huaishi’s “swallowing attack”, she did not have a better countermeasure. She was also the first time to confront Correct One Cult’s “Magic Seven Volumes”. It can be said that Nothing is worth learning.

In fact, in the face of the “magic swallow seven volumes”, such unparalleled Cultivation Technique, the predecessors have no experience to learn from, “magic swallow seven methods” is too evil, unless the strength of own is far above the other side, With the strongest force, the amount of strength is directly suppressed. Otherwise, any tricks can’t break through the sinister Cultural Technique.

“Is there a way to crack Correct One Cult’s ‘Magic Seven Volumes’?” Seeing Chi Xiaoyue’s helplessness, the young cultivator was asked in a low voice.

With Large Sect Old Ancestor, he glanced at him and said, “Is there a way to crack the ‘Fodu people?'”

This suddenly silenced the young cultivator. Buddhist Holy Land’s “Fodu Tianxia” came from the hand of the Buddhist Buddha Dao Monarch, and the “Fodu Tianxia” was derived from the Buddha of Supreme? of.

It can be said that the “Fodu World” of the Buddhist Holy Land is the same level of Cultural Technique as the “Devil’s Seven” of Correct One Cult.

Since the year of the years, who can crack the “Fodu people in the world”? This is not impossible at all. It can only be said that it is to rely on a more powerful strength to hold the “Fodu people” and want to crack it. Possible things.

Therefore, this principle is the same. Others can’t crack the “Fodu world people”, and they can’t crack the “magic swallow seven volumes.”

At this time, Chi Xiaoyue had to admit, saying: “Correct One Cult’s ‘Magic Seven Volumes’ is nothing but Heavenly Scripture, it is indeed unrivaled.”

“Don’t dare, I just learned a little fur, Young Master practiced more than me.” A move to repel Chi Xiaoyue, Li Huaishi is not proud.

“How many volumes did the Correct One Young Master practice?” At this time, Dugu Lan sitting under the tree suddenly spoke.

When Dugu Lan came out, everyone couldn’t help but erect their ears and didn’t look at the clouds.

Everyone wants to know about this problem. Liu Huaishi is only one of the “swallowing and smashing” of one of the “Devil’s Seven Volumes”. It has already made Chi Xiaoyue helpless. What is the more powerful Correct One Young Master? ?

Everyone wants to know the answer and can’t help but raise their ears high.

Liu Huaishi whispered, but immediately shook his head, and said with a smile: “Back to Fairy, Young Master is unpredictable, my cultivation is shallow, and I can’t see the depth of Young Master.”

Liu Huaishi is not stupid, he certainly knows that Dugu Lan is setting his words.

Liu Huaishi is not willing to say that everyone is disappointed, but there is nothing to be said, but many people understand it.

The roll cloud whip has practiced the “swallowing and attacking the volume”, then the “Devil swallow seven volumes”, the Correct One Young Master has practiced at least two or three volumes.

“Don’t be Fairy.” Just as everyone was disappointed, Xu Cuimei, standing aside, said leisurely: “The magic swallows seven volumes, and the Young Master practices no less than four volumes.”

Xu Cuimei said this, let the big change in the hearts of everyone present.

The cuckoo whip is only a practice of “swallowing the volume”, it is already very powerful, even the Dao Monarch Cleaning Technique is helpless. If it is said, the Correct One Young Master has practiced the four of the “Devil’s Seven Volumes”. Volume? What is the formidable power?

This suddenly made Golden Pestle Hu Ben and Divine Shadow Holy Child look very heavy. When they didn’t see the formidable power of “swallowing the volume”, they still had some conviction in their hearts, but after seeing the “swallowing the volume” Let them shake in the heart.

Dugu Lan was not surprised. She laughed and said slowly: “Maybe, Young Master has not only practiced four volumes, maybe seven volumes have been made.”

Dugu Lan said this, so that everyone can not help but startled. “There is this possibility.” Xu Cuimei did not deny it. He said with a smile: “Fairy is really knowledgeable.” Dugu Lan shook his head and said: “Guangbo can’t talk, just hear that Correct One Young Master is willing to win the position of Dao Monarch. If you haven’t even practiced the ‘Swallowing Seven Volumes’, why should you talk about the dao? I believe that the Correct One Cult disciple wants to prove the dao, perhaps the first to swallow the seven volumes of swallowing is the first Goals.”

Xu Cuimei thoughtfully, gently nod, said: “Fairy, it makes sense, admire, admire.” Dialogue between Dugu Lan and Xu Cuimei is even more inciting everyone’s mind, many people inside The creeps are stunned. Even if Correct One Young Master has only practiced four of the “Magic Seven Volumes”, which are already very terrifying. If it is really a practice of “devil swallowing seven volumes”, then what is the concept.

“Correct One Young Master, isn’t the younger generation invincible?” There was a young cultivator who couldn’t help but snorted. I have been to the Powerhouse of Correct One Cult and said slowly: “Correct One Young Master is a younger invincible. As early as a few years ago, he has swept the entire Correct One Cult…” I want to say, but I shut up again. He wanted to say that the Correct One Young Master could also swept the Buddhist Holy Land, but there were so many Buddhist Holy Land disciples present that, and it seemed to offend people. “That, that’s not hopeless.” The young cultivator snorted, but did not dare to say so loud. There is no doubt that the Correct One Young Master is stronger and more powerful than Liu Huaishi, and more terrifying, his “Devil’s Seven Volumes” is on top of Liu Huaishi. If this is the case, who else in the Buddhist Holy Land can fight against the Correct One Young Master. Therefore, at this time, many young cultivators sneaked into Dugu Lan, and Dugu Lan sat quietly there, and everyone could not see the clues. “Xiaoyue girl, do you want to continue the battle?” At this time, Liu Huaishi held the golden whip and looked at Chi Xiaoyue. At this time, everyone can see that the outcome seems to have been fixed, and Liu Huaishi has no intention of irreconcilable until death. If not, it is a good choice to admit defeat at this time.

Thinking of Chi Xiaoyue admit defeat at this time, let a lot of people think that one of them is a sigh. Lin Hao lost to Xiao Fengyun just now. If Chi Xiaoyue loses to Liu Huaishi, the attack is really too much for the Buddhist Holy Land. Big

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