Emperor’s Domination Chapter 3829

Wei Chiang is here, and many people are here to say hello.

Although Black Wood Cliff is far from the heart of Buddha Holy Land, more than 100 Million Li from Buddha, the power of King’s kingdom can be said to be difficult to govern Black Wood Cliff.

In any event, however, King King King’s kingdom remains the designated inheritance of the Holy Mountains, and King Kim’s kingdom remains the only legitimately ruled inheritance of Buddha Holy Land.

So it was afraid that for many sections of Black Wood Cliff, cultivator powerhouse, King King King would not have jurisdiction over them, nor would he have to look at the monks and see the Buddhist face.

Moreover, as the Legion Director of Legion, who is based in Black Wood Cliff, with strength or influence, Wei Chiang Qi is not a bad thing for many other sections inheritance ance ance, cultivator powerhouse.

“The Guardian Girl is also here.” When the guards climb to the mountains, the three knives are too busy to meet, smile with their faces and light, such as spring winds, said with a smile: “No one knows how to protect the girl from the city, or I shall wait for my own welcome.”

In the meantime, the triple knife was passionate to the guards, and anyone could see, or even say, how many trips the border would be interesting to defend Chiang Chi Ching and what he wanted to do.

“You’re welcome to cross Young Master.” For the passion of the three knives on the border, the goddess are calm, gentle, greeting him.

Three knives are busy with said with a smile: “What do you think about this vast crowd, overcrowd, difficult to land, defending girls without suspicion?”

At this point, the three knives invited Wei Qi to come together and be very enthusiastic.

The passion of three knives, and the appearance of a number of cultivator powerhouse in the field, and the passage of three knives, it seems to everyone that the triple is really interesting to guard Chiang Chiang.

Of course, a few old people, powerhouse or influential figure, can see the end, which, in addition to the fact that three knives on the border have a preference for guarding the young, is not a good thing to try to cross Aristocratic family if three knives actually take a shield.

Although it is not the strongest genius in the younger life, her innate talent is indeed one of those who can be proud of the same life, who is born of the cloud Academy, whose strength is definitely one of the top.

In addition, Aristocratic Family, a winner of the Buddhist Orthodox, has a very powerful family, both in the King’s kingdom and in Buddhist Orthodox.

Now, Wei Qingqing is the Legion Director of Legion, who is in the kingdom of King, and that’s not the same.

So, if the three knives are really married to David, this is not only to allow the border Aristocratic family to take control of Black Wood Cliff more firmly, but also to give the border to Aristocratic Family the opportunity to infiltrate the Buddhist plains, which will enhance the influence of the border crossing Aristocratic family in the Buddhist plains.

It is also because of this kind of kind that the triple knife is indeed a quest for protection, so at this time there is no cover for the triple knife to express its love.

Of course, the passionate gesture of three knives at this point shows that it is also a way of allowing young people to lose their minds in their hearts for all their lives.

Wei Chiang Qi, as Legion Long of Legion, is also a big beauty, even though she is stationed on the border side of Black Wood Cliff, and there are still a number of followers, and in the young life of Black Wood Cliff, there is no idea how young cultivator has a love for the guards.

At this point, the triple knife has shown itself a sense of self-defence, and even if it’s interesting for others, it’s only interesting. After all, in Black Wood Cliff, no matter how genius, it’s really different than the triple knife, and if that is to be said, it’s too uncomfortable to compete with three women on the other side, and, no matter how genius, to compete with three knives, it’s not that powerful or qualified.

With respect to the passion of the three knives, Wei Chiang Xiaoqing, but at this time, she was looking at the seven nights of Lee, far away.

When she saw Li Seven nights, he was one of the shocks and surprises, and she didn’t expect Lee Seven nights to be here, come back to his senses, immediately ahead.

Wei Qi Xiaoqing walked immediately towards the Seven Night of Lee, where he threw three knives on the border, which left one of the three pieces on the border, and many present at the moment when they saw such a scene or startled it.

If it is true that the three knives of Takashi and Frontier can really be matched, it is indeed the landscape of the landscape, the creation of a pair and the creation of a pair of them, as well as the fact that some of those who seek to see them do so, it will not be complacent and shameful.

At this point, however, Wei Qi suddenly threw three knives at the edge of the crossing, which would not allow everyone to be startled.

However, the next scene, let all cultivator powerhouse present, not stay.

Wei Xiaoqing walked into front of Lee’s Seven Night and said, “Young Master, unknown to Young Master to Black Wood Cliff, otherwise young people should be welcome. Today, young Master is so slow…”

See Wei Qingqing walking in front of Lee’s Seven Night, saying Young Master, this is the time when everyone here will be able to stare at him, and between that time, it will make it impossible for everyone to keep his mouth open and not to return to God.

It’s not much to say about the length of Legion, the genius of the cloud Academy, Aristocratic Family, which, in his capacity, will not be more expensive than any Princess of the King’s kingdom.

But at this juncture, I say hello to Lee’s Seven Night, Young Master, why don’t you leave us alone, startled?

On the basis of reason, in addition to the Holy Mountains, only the ancient king of King King’s kingdom needs to be defended so much.

At this point, however, it is not the Emperor of the Ancient Sun, but at least the Emperor of the King’s kingdom, who has the power to rule.

However, during the first seven nights of Lee, that was just a flashy kid in general and, in any way, it was not an amazing influential figure, but how could it not be made possible for Wei Chiang to move so much to such a flattery little boy?

after coming back to his senses, a lot of people looked at each other in dismay, and everyone was guessing who Lee was at night seven.

“Who’s this kid?” came back to his senses, and there was a young man who couldn’t stop screaming.

In fact, many people here do not know Lee Seven nights, because Black Wood Cliff is too far away from Buddha Holy Land.

“He’s the Seven Night of Lee.” There’s cultivator powerhouse from the original Buddhist, who finally recognized Lee’s Seven Night, and they didn’t expect Lee to stay in Buddhist Orthodox or run away.


cultivator powerhouse of Black Wood Cliff, who doesn’t have more than seven nights of Lee, seems to them that Lee’s seven nights are too ordinary to say, “Is this Lee’s seven nights amazing? Is power irreversible?”

It’s incredible to see how powerful it is, even if it’s like three knives, and that’s not necessary for David to do so.

“There’s no background.” There’s cultivator powerhouse shook head from Buddy, and Xu Tsui said, “He was a widow of the Beast Mountain, and then became a student of the cloud Academy. However, he was told that he had recently defeated Li’s rights and clouds in the five Jedi of the Cloud Academy.”

This cultivator powerhouse from Buddhist Orthodox has long left Buddhist Orthodox, and some news has lagged behind.

“A husband, what about the five jewels who defeated the cloud Academy.” Somebody can’t stop saying it.

This is a great gift to Li Qi, who is only a widow of the Beast Mountains, who looks at his path and is shallow, and cannot talk about the world’s powerhouse, which makes a lot of people bore and why he would be so complimented with Lee’s Seven Night.

With respect to the Wei Qi gifts, Lee left his hand lightly at night and said, “Get up, and I just walk away, and go wherever I go, and there’s no faggot plan.”

Wei Qi, of course, did not believe that Lee’s Seven Night was just gone by Black Wood Cliff, but she still complimented and said, “Young Master needs a thousand places, only one word.”

Lee Seven nights nodded, laughed.

“What should Fellow Daoist call it? Miss Wei introduced it.” At this time, the three knives on the border have also come up, laughing and passionate.

Wei Qi is not looking for Lee’s Seven Night. Of course, Lee’s Seven Night is not loud, and Wei Qi is afraid to talk.

Li Seven nights were just looking at the triple, saying, “Lee Seven nights.”

Li Seven Night Crazy was random and just coping with one voice, but that was different in the view of many cultivator powerhouse in Black Wood Cliff.

“This one is too big to cross Young Master so enthusiastically.” With Black Wood Cliff’s young man, powerhouse can’t stand to cry.

In the view of how many black Wood Cliff cultivator powerhouse, especially young life, three knives were the most powerful young genius in Buddha Holy Land and, indeed, the entire south-west Emperor, whose strength was one of the best.

Not to mention that in Black Wood Cliff, where many people see him elsewhere, it’s a compliment to greet you, even if the influential figure of the old generation is, it’s all your pleasure to cross the three knives, and, after all, everyone knows that the innate talent of the three knives on the border has little future or even the possibility of becoming a monarchy.

Now, Li’s seven nights are good, a very random look, and there’s no ordinary attitude like Lee’s Seven Night, which, in the view of others, is even intended to humiliate the three knives.

hmph, even if he defeated the clouds, ”The young powerhouse of Black Wood Cliff is unsatisfactory in his heart, coldly snorted, saying,” The right of Lee in the clouds, the life of Zhang Yuan, and the young master mention on equal terms. He was so big a shelf that he would have thought of himself as a matter of fact. ”

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