Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 186

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Luo Feng secretly thought.

So, under the eyes of many eyes, the field entered a period of peaceful alignment.

The three ways fight each other, while Elder Tang hides aside and adjusts his status.

Unconsciously, ten minutes have passed since the last disappearance.

"Brother, let's start." At this moment, Luo Feng's eyes narrowed slightly and said: "Elder Tang, use [sneering] for Maiden Xue, Nezha, use Yin-Yang pen for Matchless Sword Fowl, trap them!"

Tang Chang was nodded and used [sneering] on Maiden Xue.

"Look at my collar!"

Nezha's wrist slammed with force, and the Yin-Yang pen in his hand exploded, sweeping across the sky like a rainbow, covering the body of Matchless Sword Fowl.

After covering it, Yin-Yang pen began to shrink. Then, Matchless Sword Fowl discovered that his body was actually unable to move even a little bit.

For a time, Maiden Xue and Matchless Sword Fowl were charged.

At the same time, Iron Man's eyes locked on the robot.

"Laser gun!"

Iron Man's right hand lifted up, his palm pointed at the robot, and a laser burst out, blasting towards the robot.


The robot is fighting with Nezha, unavoidable, and was shot into the back by Iron Man with a laser, and suddenly a wound appeared, and the gasoline rolled down.

"Want to pack me?" The robot saw this scene, it was also startled, and there was a deep contempt in his eyes, saying: "Don't hit my teammates, come and make me a tank?"

"It's not good to say, I just stood and let you fight, you may not be able to kill me!"

Luo Feng sneered and said, "Is it?"

At this moment, between Heaven and Earth, there was suddenly one after another of rays of light rising into the sky, those rays of light intertwined with each other, turned into a light mask, and enveloped the robot.

Inside the mask, there are 9 lifelike Divine Dragons. At the moment, the direction of the faucet is all aimed at the robot in the middle.

Nezha lingering in the void, expressing her gaze, saying, "Burn, 9 Dragon Divine Fire Hood!"


As his words fell, everyone saw them, and suddenly there was a crimson cloud in the sky, and soon, one after another violent and hot Star qi surged.

The surrounding temperature keeps rising.

The robot looked up, glanced at the red clouds, and said disdainfully: "This attack, you think you can kill me?"

"I am ready!" At this moment, SpongeBob points to Nezha, refreshing his skills [9 Dragon Divine Fire Hood]!

At the same time, it split out the small SpongeBob and also learned [9 Dragon Divine Fire Hood]!


Nezha and SpongeBob Jr. released [9 Dragon Divine Fire Hood] again!

[9 Dragon Divine Fire Hood] x3!

Under the superposition of 3 [9 dragon Divine Fire hoods], the crimson clouds in the sky are more and more dense, and they look like a piece of sunset!

call out!

next moment, the endlessly burning Divine Fire, exploded from the crimson clouds, with a ruinous atmosphere, screaming down like the sky and covering the earth!

The Divine Fire entered the mask and poured into 9 Divine Dragons. Then, the 9 Divine Dragon's dragon heads, all of which fired at this time, shot at the robot!

"3 consecutive, so what can you do today?" The robot sneered.


The surrounding temperature rose suddenly, and suddenly there was a spark, which was generated by itself.

The robot lowered its head and looked at the liquid flowing from the wound, his pupil shrank sharply, and there was a deep fear in his eyes.

His blood is oil, which is essentially a huge oil barrel.

If these flames fall on your body, crush your own defenses, and ignite the gasoline within the body, a terrible explosion may result!

In this case, how much flesh you have, I'm afraid the explosive formidable power is just how strong!

the thoughts got to this point, the magnificent Star qi diffused out from within the body, forming layers of Star qi masks, trying to block the Divine Fire fill the whole sky.

peng ~ peng ~!

Divine Fire fell, but it was like the wind swept the leaves, crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, defeating the layers of Star qi defense.

The robot is desperately trying to repair the broken defense.

Bang bang bang!

The crimson thundercloud in the sky rolled wildly, turning the Heaven and Earth between Star qi into Divine Fire and smashed it continuously.

[9 Dragon Divine Fire Hood] x3, you can think about how happy it is.

Even more how, Nezha wore fire armor, and with Iron Man's [upgrade equipment], the skill formidable power increased by 75%!

The robot is about to explode. Is it really playing? How does it feel to be in Transcending Tribulation!

Good game, playing the same as Transcending Tribulation, it is really dissuasive!

It clenched the teeth fiercely, the skill [Shui Lingzhu] is launched!

Under the countless line of sight, a water bead slowly emerged, and then fell under the control of the robot.


The water spirit beads are suspended above the Divine Fire hood of the 9 dragons, and suddenly a vast water curtain diffuses from it, resisting the coming Divine Fire fill the whole sky.

Bang bang!

Endless Divine Fire strikes came down and landed on the water curtain, causing huge ripples, but it was soon resolved by the water curtain.

As the Divine Fire is consumed, the water curtain gradually thins.

Therefore, everyone is curious. Who can hold this water curtain and Divine Fire to the end?

With the help of the water spirit beads, the pressure of the robot is also reduced a lot, panting heavily.


At this moment, Nezha divine sense moved, and saw the rolling red clouds in the sky began to shrink, the amazing Star qi wave condensed in one point, crazy compression room, Divine Fire fill the whole sky turned into a huge Fireball.

The violent Star qi fluctuated from the red fireball.

At the same time, the Star Card master outside the field seemed to understand something at the moment.

"Gosh, the robot's energy should be gasoline, and the Fireball is condensed by the ultimate Divine Fire. What kind of damage will the ultimate fire encounter the ultimate oil?!"

"My God, I want to know that we are safe watching the seats."

"Cow...crowd, this is miserable. If the Fireball breaks through the water curtain, then the robot is afraid to spiral into the sky!"

The sounds of one another's exclamations sounded, and everyone's eyes were wide, and their eyes stared at the arena.

Qi Muxue was stunned, and it was awake now, but it was too late.

Right now, I can only hope on the robot.

So, under the watch of countless lines of sight, the Fireball condensed by Divine Fire whistled down, with the imposing manner of destroying heaven extinguishing earth, fiercely hit the water curtain.

Ka-cha !

The impenetrable water curtain burst suddenly.

The robot lifted up, filled with panic-stricken eyes, the Fireball's figure zoomed in sharply, and finally, engulfed its entire body.


The explosion of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering has been resounded between heaven and Earth.

The indescribable shock wave raged open, almost swept the half of the field.

Even the encirclement around the stadium was shaking at the moment.

A shocking color emerged from everyone's face.

Although it has long been known that the formidable power of oil-to-fire is not small, they still underestimated the formidable power of this skill.

Outside the square, countless eyes stared at the explosion.

The shock wave there raged for a long time, gradually fading away, and the dust was falling.

Everyone turned their eyes, and saw that the original robot had already been disappeared.

Other star cards were also affected and suffered injuries of varying degrees.

"3 killed?"

Everyone looked at this scene, it was all looked at each other in blank dismay, Luo Feng went to 3 cities in a row, it was already unstoppable!

"More than 3 kills?"

Iron Man smiled, his left hand with infinite gloves, slowly lifted under the countless line of sight.

On the glove, there are 3 gems of different shapes, which are bright and dazzling under the sunlight.

Ka-cha !

At this moment, Iron Man 2 rubbed his hands and gently rang, and a serene snapped his fingers abruptly.

Immediately afterwards, under the awful gaze, Maiden Xue's silhouette disappeared slowly.

[Infinite Gloves]: For every star card killed on the field, Iron Man gets a jewel. When the gems obtained from 3 enemy battles are gathered, Iron Man snaps his fingers and randomly destroys half of the enemy’s star card.

So, in front of Qi Muxue, there was only one Matchless Sword Fowl left!

4 Kill, like a hot knife through butter!

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay and looked at this scene with horror. Today Luo Feng this game is simply crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, which is unstoppable!

From start to finish, Qi Muxue doesn't even have a one minute advantage!

She started with 5 star cards and 5 4s, and she took the advantage in the scene.

But, under such circumstances, she was even cut 4 star cards by Luo Feng!

Moreover, Maiden Xue and Flame Dragon fighters are so strange to die.

One was killed by a punch,

One was snapped to death.

Today, Qi Muxue has only one chicken left, how to win? !

Hong long long ...

However, at this moment, a snowstorm falls!

[Blizzard]: Limited skill. When Maiden Xue is killed, summon blizzard freezes a star card for 1 minutes. For each star card killed by the enemy, the freezing effect increases by 1 minutes and the number of freezers increases by one.

(This skill is a limited skill, so the control effect of the ordinary skill cannot make the star card remove the snowstorm effect.)

[Kijun]: The limited skill of the robot. When there is only one star card left in the field for various reasons, the star card is increased by 1-star, which can cause damage to the Star Card master and increase all damage caused by 30% .

Bang bang bang!

It was a snowstorm and the surrounding temperature suddenly dropped. Immediately afterwards, all the star cards of Luo Feng rose coldly and covered with a layer of frost!


That layer of frost, moved towards all star cards at the speed of naked eye, spread all over the body, layers of ice, turning into a layer of ice armor.

Soon, Luo Feng's 4 star cards were all frozen, like ice sculptures, froze in place.


At the same time, the Matchless Sword Fowl, which has always been the only promise, has been rising at this moment. In just a few moments, it has soared to 6-star!

call out!

Just as everyone was shocked, Matchless Sword Fowl's sole Star qi rose, his figure flashed, and he appeared in front of Luo Feng in just a few moments!

Immediately afterwards, with countless horrifying gazes, Matchless Sword Fowl raised the sword in his hand, with an indescribable sharp aura on his sword, stab at Luo Feng!

Seeing this scene, watching all the Star Card masters outside the game, the eyes are wide at the moment, this Qi Muxue, is it also playing killing the king? !

"Should I enter the field?" Qi Jin expression suddenly condensed, Star qi surging all around.

King Qi's eyes narrowed at this moment.

The show is finally over.

So, with countless horrifying gazes, the long sword roared and fiercely pierced Luo Feng's chest!

Qi Jin is about to enter.


At this moment, the rays of light on Luo Feng's Huang Emperor's Belt were huge, forming a huge spherical shield that enveloped his figure.

Matchless Sword Fowl held a sword and poked at Luo Feng for a long time, but he couldn't poked in.

"pu chi."

A silver bell-like laughter, sounded with inscrutable mocking.

Qi Muxue stared at Luo Feng, his eyes filled with a deep chill, and said: "Luo Feng, what if you destroy all my star cards?"

"As long as I kill you, what can you do even if the star card is all alive, ah? What can you do?"

Her slender jade hand lifted up, pointing at the ice sculptures, and said, "Frankly, your current star cards have to be controlled for 40 minutes."

"And my Matchless Sword Fowl can directly cause damage to you. Although you bring an equipment card, the defense is like a turtle shell, but your hard shell can withstand my sword chicken's 40-minute attack?"


She stared at Luo Feng, her pretty face slightly condensed, and there was a strong hatred in her eyes, saying: "Luo Feng, I put down my body in the past, and bowed to the knees, but you actually pretended to be reserved, so I lost my face."

"I said, today I want you to pay the price for your former arrogance!"

"Sword chicken, hack him!"

Matchless Sword Fowl's eyes were cold, and the long sword was raised in his hand, and he was madly pierced at Luo Feng, as if to break his shield!


Seeing this scene, there were sudden cries of exclamation after another. Except for a few people, no one thought that Qi Muxue actually used Luo Feng's killing king to deal with Luo Feng!

4 All shocked!

It’s awesome!

"Lying trough, lying trough, a terrible reversal, I tm thought Luo Feng was going to win!"

"Although Luo Feng has brought an equipment card, as long as he has been attacked, he will be destroyed sooner or later!

"Yeah, all the star cards of Luo Feng have been frozen for 40 minutes, 40 minutes! Even the hard armor will be broken?"

"It's a daughter of King Qi, really deep and unmeasurable..."

Explode, completely explode!

The three deans of Shell Courtyard looked at each other in blank dismay, Su Yang's eyes flickered, and complexion is gloomy to the extreme.

All Shell Courtyard Star Card masters, looking at this scene, were extremely angry, and they were about to win. As a result, Qi Muxue actually came out like this? !

Now all the star cards of Luo Feng are frozen and cannot be used effectively. How can this be won? !

铛dang dang!

The sound of metal collision sounded, and under the continuous attack of Matchless Sword Fowl, a crack appeared on the shield in front of Luo Feng, and the spider web moved towards 4 diffused.

Seeing this scene, everyone's hearts were shaking, if the shield was broken, Luo Feng would be cold!

Qi Wang's eyes are slightly condensed. Once the shield is broken, then no matter what, he will forcibly enter the field!

After all, Empress said, Luo Feng is dead, then he will go down with him!

"Luo Feng, don't vote yet?" Qi Muxue sneered, beautiful eyes showed snake-like eyes, icily said: "Then wait for death!"

Ka-cha !

At this moment, with a cracking sound, the shield in front of Luo Feng was finally smashed by Matchless Sword Fowl!

"Are you really lost?"

Shell Courtyard Star Card master sighed, his eyes showed a lot of unwillingness.


Matchless Sword Fowl eyes cold, the sword in his hand, without any hesitation, stabbed at Luo Feng mercilessly.

"Not good!" Qi Jin's complexion changed suddenly, Star qi surging around him, suddenly rose.

However, at the moment when he was about to leave his seat, he suddenly saw that Luo Feng's mouth was slightly raised!

He is laughing!

That man is laughing!

In the dark eyes, the sharp sword zoomed in sharply, Luo Feng's eyes narrowed, his hands crossed on his chest, slowly said: "Emperor's armor..."



At this moment, his belt suddenly burst into bright golden light!

"Armored body!"

A voice resounded like the sound of heaven.

Suddenly, 4 frozen star cards, transformed into 4 rays of light, poured into Luo Feng within the body!

At the same time, the bright golden light on the belt suddenly broke out, and soon, he wrapped his entire body.

Therefore, in the countless shocked eyes, Luo Feng was wrapped in golden light, and finally turned into a golden Battle Armor-like silhouette. On that Battle Armor, a thick killing breath was slowly released.

A gleaming golden light Aurora Sword, formed from its palm.

A golden mechanical giant dragon with several ten zhang lengths slowly emerged. It is not a Western dragon, but a real Chinese Divine Dragon!

His eyes are filled with coercion, just like the emperor of aloof and remote, anyone who looks at him will be deterred by the prestige of king.

Moreover, the most shocking thing is that the Star qi fluctuations that spread out from him have actually reached 6-star!

Luo Feng at the moment, wearing the emperor's armor, holding a laser sword, stepping on the emperor and the dragon, lingering in the void, just like the gods descending from the world.


One after another resounded breathing sound, all Star Card masters looked at this scene in disbelief, revealing astonished expression.

Because Luo Feng at the moment, wearing a golden Battle Armor, holding a lightsaber in his hand, and pedaling in the golden Divine Dragon, has a great visual impact!

This scene is so handsome!

"Oh my god, how can I be so handsome, ah... I'm fine!"

"Lying trough, he actually wants to fight in person?"

"Hahaha Qi Muxue is ignorant, do you want to be a Star Card master? didn't expect I am the biggest boss!"

On the field, looking at Luo Feng in the imposing manner soaring, Qi Muxue's eyes also stagnated and said, "Are you... are you not an equipment card?!"

In her understanding, isn't the equipment card protecting yourself while adding some attributes to your own star card?

How did you get to the end, Luo Feng turned into a big brother?

"Who told you that I brought this equipment card?"

The corner of Luo Feng's mouth evoked a touch of mockery, and then, Zhang Kuang's voice resembled rolling thunder, resounding in between Heaven and Earth.

"I brought it, obviously it was a forced card..."

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