Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 187

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The silhouette of the shining golden light, which surpassed the void, attracted the attention of all eyes.

The Emperor and the Dragon at that foot are even more eye-catching.

The emperor and the dragon meandered, as if it were the master of this world, an indescribable terrifying pressure rippling in this world.

Heaven Shaking Dragon Roar, Longwei Zhenshi, as if the real Divine Dragon was born, let all Star Card masters, at this time are suddenly discolored.

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, it seemed incredible. After Qi Muxue took out a lore, everyone felt that Luo Feng was cold.

After all, if you have 1000 gates and 10000 methods, all the star cards are completely frozen, and Qi Muxue's Warriors can directly attack the Star Card master.

Therefore, this is a dead end.

However, who can think of that, in the time of death and still alive, at the time of life hanging by a thread, Luo Feng actually took out a star card and combined the storm to an end, putting it to death and then giving birth? !

"Star Card master fights by himself, and this suffocating operation?"

The rest of his eyes were blind. He and Mo Yu glanced at each other. The two looked at each other in blank dismay. Is there anything that Luo Feng can't do?

Qi Jin's whole body Star qi disappeared, slowly sat back, if not see, Luo Feng's slightly raised corner of the mouth corner, at this moment he was probably already rushed in.

And if he really rushed in, then Luo Feng’s army of Zu’an might be going out collectively, and bombarded him with 5 shots per second.

"No wonder Flame Sovereign guarantees that this child is really good."

Admittedly, in the face of the endless stream of Luo Feng, even he had to admire, this guy is indeed a Heaven Warping Genius.

He glanced at Qi Yuan, but he saw the latter at the moment. On the face that had always been calm and composed, there was a deep shock at the moment.

"Didn't expect?" Qi Jin smiled at him and said, "He predicted your prediction."

Qi Yuan's face was gloomy and uncertain. When he decided to use Jiujunli, he had already guessed that his opponent would guess that he would use Jiuliu, but he still insisted on using this Sect and made some improvements.

The original plan was to kill the king directly and get into the soul at once.

However, considering that the opponent will have an anti-junction, and may even carry an equipment card, so he prepared a snowstorm technique to let Luo Feng’s star card permanently freeze.

40 minutes in the snow!

How many minutes can a game have?

This is almost equivalent to freezing indefinitely, so that Luo Feng’s star card becomes a turtle in the urn, and the chopping board fish can only sit and wait for him to slaughter!

I thought this was already a 10000-round strategy, and even he couldn't figure out how to break the game once the routine is formed.

But who can think of Luo Feng carrying equipment cards, not just to protect himself, but to make himself a big brother…

The four deans and many mentors looked at the silhouette like an emperor. For a time, they were a little speechless.

Who would have thought that Luo Feng's hole card was actually this.

Take them out and startle them!

"It seems that this game is still full of suspense."

"This child is really good, but unfortunately the realm is worse, otherwise, I am afraid I can even compete with that Ji Wuqing."

"However, after all, he is a Star Card master. In terms of combat capability, can it really be compared with professional combatants like star card?"

"... "

On the field, Matchless Sword Fowl looked at Luo Feng like an emperor. He was also a little surprised in his heart, but he had never fought a Star Card master.

"What are you afraid of?" Qi Muxue is also adjusting his mind at the moment, said with a sneer: "I admit that you are indeed my didn't expect."

"But what about that?"

"You are a Star Card master, can your fighting consciousness be stronger than a star card?"

"Oh, is it?" Luo Feng looked at her condescendingly and grinned, said: "Emperor Dragon, we rush!"


The Emperor Battle Dragon roared, his figure roared out, and went straight to Matchless Sword Fowl.

"So fast!"

Matchless Sword Fowl's pupils shrunk, barely capturing Luo Feng's figure, but its body had no time to react.

"Golden Rooster Shield!"

Matchless Sword Fowl drank sharply, Star qi surged, both hands forming seals, a shield quickly formed, and appeared in front of it.


At this moment, the emperor and the dragon roared, and the Luo Feng right hand above clenched his fists, with fierce strength, mercilessly strikes on the shield that had not yet formed.

Ka-cha !

The shield exploded in an instant, and Luo Feng's fist, carrying Yu Wei, slammed into Matchless Sword Fowl's arms that were printing and unable to shrink.


Matchless Sword Fowl's complexion changed suddenly, his body shook and shot backwards, with an indescribable soreness and pain, which came from his right arm.

Luo Feng took a deep breath. After the emperor armor was assembled, he not only integrated his own star card, but also had more combat experience in his mind.

In other words, he can not only inherit the skills of star card, but also have enough combat experience!


The Emperor Battle Dragon roared again and screamed out. Luo Feng in a flash appeared in front of Matchless Sword Fowl. His arm shook and Aurora Sword burst out, stabting Matchless Sword at an extremely tricky angle Fowl's chest.

The golden light's flashing blade sharply magnified in the eyes of the sword cock, and the war sword stretched out in its hand, colliding with Aurora Sword, exuding the sound of gold and iron.

2 Sword strikes, sparks splash, 2 eyes meet, killing intent rises.

铛dang dang!

In the eyes of many eyes, the speed of the two people was pushed to the extreme, so fast that people could not clearly see their silhouette, and only two faint shadows could be seen faintly.

However, anyone can feel that very ruthless shot by 2 people.

Outside the game field, countless lines of sight, looking at the two people on the field fighting fiercely, they were all amazed. The original Star Card master can also be so handsome?

Everyone knows that now the 2 players have all the cards, and it's the last moment. Whoever wins the game is the biggest winner!

In less than ten breaths time, 2 of them actually had 100 rounds of hands. The frequency of such shots made people breathless.

Matchless Sword Fowl stepped backwards, striking away from the distance with lightning, and lifted sharply between his hands, pointing directly at the sky.

Buzz ...

I saw that there was a Yin-Yang Symbol case at the top of his head, which slowly formed.

The Yin-Yang Symbol case keeps turning, and the Star qi within the body of the Sword Chicken roars out into it.

Luo Feng right hand lifted, palms pointed at it, a laser cannon exploded, carrying a fierce force, slamming into the sword chicken.

At this moment, the rotating mysterious tai chi, suddenly the rays of light Dasheng, and then, the Flying Sword transformed by a handle Star qi, with a strong air, hiding the sky and covering the earth like a burst, Encountered Luo Feng and left.

"This is, Myriad Sword Returning to Origin!"

Xiu xiu xiu!

Flying Sword roared out in the sky, just like a falling meteor, it was amazing.

Everyone was slightly shocked because of the fierce play of the Sword Rooster. Such a life-threatening style of play, very ruthless, is extremely incompetent, and does not give myself and the other party any chance at all.

Luo Feng's eyes are slightly condensed, and he dare not care at the moment, Star qi surging all over his body, turning into SpongeBob's bubbles, covering him.


Therefore, under the eyes of many eyes, Luo Feng's laser guns mercilessly strikes on the sword chicken, and Matchless Sword Fowl's Flying Sword is also screaming at Luo Feng at the moment.

Bang peng ~ peng ~!

Under the continuous attack of Flying Sword, the bubble burst suddenly, and the remaining Flying Sword, with fierce strength, fell on Luo Feng.

Bang bang bang!

Luo Feng's body exploded with red light, and the Battle Armor in front of him was burnt black with cracks, but that's all.

In front of the sword chicken, a fierce wound was also shot by the laser cannon.

The smell of burnt came from the taste of roast chicken.

"In the final analysis, you are just a Star Card master. If I can't even beat a Star Card master, I'm in vain."

Matchless Sword Fowl was irritated, killing intent surging in his eyes, chicken wings fluttered, with a violent Star qi, rushed to Luo Feng again.

Luo Feng's eyes were cold, but also burst out, not to be outdone.

2 Both are strong killing intents, and they are straightforward. They are all aware that in the case of evenly matched, only by dying to death and fighting for life can we find a way of life.

Whoever counsels, loses.

As a result, the two killed killing intent and showed no mercy. Instead, they attacked and defended.

Outside the seats, many Star Card masters held their breaths and watched the fierce match quietly.

The Star Card master of the No. 2 Academy of A and B looked at the battle on the field without blinking. His face was extremely tense. Who can enter the top 8 of the Academy, it is up to you!

Shen An and Yang Zai's facial expression grave immediately sighed as "unable to bear": "Luo Feng as a Star Card master can actually compete with the star card, it's not simple."

All of them can see that Matchless Sword Fowl has exerted its full strength at this moment, but still can't get the slightest price in Luo Feng's hands.

"Teacher, can Luo Feng win?" Qin Yi looked towards Shen An, beautiful eyes full of worry.

Shen An pondered for a while and said: "Not good said, then Matchless Sword Fowl is not simple, Luo Feng wants to win, I am afraid it will not be so easy."

Yang Zai thought for a moment, and slowly said: "Now it can't explain what, who wants to win, it still depends on who's limited skills are better."

Bang bang bang!

The fierce battle on the field continued and became more intense.

With the stalemate in the battle, Matchless Sword Fowl became more and more violent, a pair of chicken eyes, full of blood and red, with an indescribable outcry.

Its sword drawing speed suddenly became faster, as if three arms were wielding swords at the same time, suddenly the sword shadow fell down, and moved towards Luo Feng.

However, in the face of the matchless Sword Fowl's stormy and offensive offensive, Luo Feng is calm. He does not panic. His footsteps move slightly, seemingly simple walking, just avoiding some terrifying offensives.

Without a hit, Matchless Sword Fowl stepped back a few steps, and the sword in his hand waved quickly, and the energy was sculpted into a lotus flower.

The lotus flower is pure and flawless. It can't be viewed from a distance, and then the terrifying Star qi wave spread out on it, and it is really telling others that this is not a real white lotus flower.

"Azure Lotus cut!"

Matchless Sword Fowl's eyes were cold, and I saw 6 petals flying out of Azure Lotus, just like 6 flying knives, flying with thunder, and flying 2 to 3 to Luo Feng.

Luo Feng's eyelids lifted slightly, feeling the terrifying power on the petals, but the expression did not show any slight waves.

"Yin-Yang pen!"

A silver aperture suddenly appeared, fiercely smashing those petals, crushing one after another.

"you are courting death !"

Seeing that his offensive was resolved with no difficulty, Matchless Sword Fowl was furious, and his body flew out like lightning, and the two collided again.

However, as he played, the sword chicken became more passive and retreated, but Luo Feng was more and more courageous and unstoppable.

Qi Muxue looked at the battle on the field, and her face gradually sank. This was her last hole card, which was not enough, then she really lost.

So, she looked towards Matchless Sword Fowl, pondered for a moment, her silver teeth bite, and said: "Continuing the stalemate makes no sense, one move will determine the outcome."

Sword chicken nodded, divine sense moved, took the opportunity to open the distance, and then the war sword came out, suspended in front of him, the sword pointed to the sky.

Behind him, there is a huge sky-covering Tai Chi, which slowly emerges, and the Tai Chi rotates as if the stars and the moon are shining brightly.

Star qi within the body, as if being stripped and cocooned, continuously rushes into the War Sword.

Hong long long ...

At this moment, the quiet sky suddenly burst into thunder, and the lightning snake wandered away, and the dark clouds moved towards 4 and diffused away.

It seems that there is something terrifying about to come.

Between Heaven and Earth, there is silence.

All Star Card master's eyes are raised at the same time, wondering what will happen next.

Qi Yuan's eyes are slightly condensed, and the success or failure is here.

The limited skills of Matchless Sword Fowl are not purely bells and whistles, they are pure attacks.

It can be imagined how powerful this blow is.


At this moment, Matchless Sword Fowl stood on the battle sword, a beam of light rose into the sky, and then in many shocking eyes, reached the pole of the sky and shot towards the sky.

Luo Feng looked up and felt the changes in the sky, and the expression was slightly condensed.

Qi Muxue looked at Luo Feng coldly and said, "Luo Feng, you did give me a lesson."

"So, in order to thank you, I will use this strongest blow to defeat you, tearing down your proud proud cards, making you feel truly desperate."

At the same time, Matchless Sword Fowl's eyes narrowed slightly and said, "Sword opens the door, East-Rising Purple Qi!"

Buzz ...

Almost at the same time as its sound fell, a black dot suddenly appeared on the top of the sky. Then, the black dot quickly amplified with the naked eye's speed, and finally, a black hole was formed!

Among the black holes, vortex flows, deep and unmeasurable, as if there is a god from 9 days, coming from the black hole.

The eyes stared at the black hole, the hearts of everyone, and the inexplicable panic. The visual impact of this skill was really shocking.

At the next moment, everyone's pupils contracted suddenly, and I saw a beam of light condensed from Purple Qi. It burst out of the black hole and whistled down...

Suddenly, some Star Card masters' faces changed drastically, with a shocked sound, saying: "Really strong offensive, 6-star star card offensive, even limited skills, far from this level?"

"My God, this kind of terrifying offensive, I am afraid that even a 7-star star card, even a little careless, will be spiked!"

"...Is there a death blessing from other star cards? How could it be so strong?"

"It's over, if Luo Feng is hit, I'm afraid there will be no death!"

Many Star Card master looked at each other in blank dismay, and their faces were horrified. They really couldn't understand why Trifling 6-star's Matchless Sword Fowl could release such a terrible blow?

Hearing the noise outside the game, Qi Muxue's mouth twitched, and the reason why Matchless Sword Fowl's offensive was so strong was because of the Dragon Soul blessing of the Flame Dragon warrior.

[Dragon Soul]: Limited skills, Flame Dragon fighters can give their own Dragon Soul to the designated star card, give the other party dragon scales to protect the body, and greatly strengthen the limited skills of the star card damage.

Therefore, this skill of Matchless Sword Fowl can be described as the superposition of two limited skills. In such a situation, she does not believe it and cannot give Luo Feng to the second!

Qi Jin's eyes are slightly condensed. At this moment, he also sees the formidable power of this blow. He can conclude that any star card below 6-star will be instantaneously hit if it is hit.

So, should I enter the field?

The sky is wide open, East-Rising Purple Qi!

"Did you win?" Luo Feng's eyes flickered as he looked down at Purple Qi, who was roaring down. He took a deep breath and waved his palm.

I saw Star qi surging around me, and five golden light shining gates appeared in front of him.

In the middle of each golden gate, inlaid with different colors of light and shadow stone: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth.

The 5 light and shadow stones slowly rotate, turning faster and faster, forming a vortex in the middle of the golden giant door.

Aurora Sword came out of his hand, hovering in front of him, Star qi bursting out continuously, moved towards the sword and bursting away.


The emperor battle dragon roar towards the sky, then, under the eyes of many eyes, the huge dragon body gradually shrank, and finally turned into a golden small dragon.

The golden small dragon wrapped around the sword body and meandered for a moment, then it turned into a stream of streamer and poured into the sword body.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!…

With the influx of the Emperor War Dragon, Aurora Sword began to tremble violently, as if he could not bear this force.


Seeing this scene, the sounds of one after another shouted, who could have imagined that in the face of Matchless Sword Fowl's devastating blow, Luo Feng had no defense but chose to defend instead of attack? !

"If he was hit by this attack, Luo Feng would be sure to die!"

"What a fierce guy, don't die?"

"It's just a game, you lose, you lose, but this attack, if you don't stop, you will lose your life!"

"What a madman..."

"... "

Everyone is sweating a lot because of Luo Feng's fierceness. This life-threatening play is too ruthless and does not leave a little backtrack for himself and the other party.

However, the other party is just a star card. If he dies, he will die.

And he, but Star Card master, if he dies, everything is gone!

Su Yang's face was also ugly, and his palm was clenched, muttered: "What is this stupid boy thinking?"

Chu Man's face was pale for a moment. If she wasn't controlled by reason, she would like to come to the rescue!

Qi Jin at the moment is even messy in the wind. He has no doubt that if it is really hit by this offensive, Luo Feng must be 9 dead.

However, Luo Feng now looks like this, and seems to have a strong confidence.

Previously, he could also get some information from Luo Feng's expression.

However, now Luo Feng is wearing the emperor's armor, he can't see the latter's expression at all!

"Can anyone tell me, should I play now?"

The mind turned quickly, thinking for a moment, Qi Jin felt that he should believe Luo Feng.

Since Luo Feng dares to fight for his life, he should have his grasp.

At this moment, Aurora Sword's power accumulation was completed, Luo Feng's eyes narrowed and said, "5 Sacred Death!"

call out!

The sound fell, and Aurora Sword burst out from the five golden gates, one after another pierced through, carrying a devastating force, and shot at Matchless Sword Fowl.


Aurora Sword burst out, just like lightning flashed, without the slightest bells and whistles, a sword through the chest!

Matchless Sword Fowl's eyes were stagnant, only to see the rays of light flash, and a stream of light appeared from Aurora Sword and turned into a huge emperor war dragon.

The Emperor War Dragon surrounds Matchless Sword Fowl, entwining his body in a circle, holding it tightly.

At the same time, the dragon's mouth opened, Star qi surged, and a golden dragon ball slowly coagulated and formed.

The dragon bead above the surface, with violent and unequivocal waves.


The next moment, the giant dragon bowed his head, and the dragon ball in his mouth exploded, slamming into the Matchless Sword Fowl under him.

At the same time, Purple Qi in the sky is also roaring, just like Five Thunderbolts, hitting Luo Feng in the head!


The explosion of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering sounded!

At the moment, the strongest blow of the 2 players fell on the opponent!

The aftermath raged, and the already messy field was now too bad to be damaged.

The smoke was filled, and the enchantment could really be beaten, like a curtain, covering the two people's body tightly.

No one knows what is going on inside the curtain.

Everyone was deeply attracted by this scene, staring at the field fiercely. What happened?

However, just as everyone was curious, a silhouetted figure suddenly retreated from the smoke and dust, and even backed up ten steps before it stood firm.

It's Matchless Sword Fowl!

At the moment, Matchless Sword Fowl, covered in blood, looked terribly scarred, with bruises all over his body, and a black spot in front of him.

Suddenly, there were more dragon scales on his body, but most of the dragon scales on his body were broken and dull.

"Thanks to the Dragon scales bodyguards of the Flame Dragon warriors, otherwise I will really die in your hands." Matchless Sword Fowl gasped heavily, panting.

Shell Courtyard's Star Card master, in ones heart trembled at this moment, Matchless Sword Fowl is still alive, but Luo Feng?

Chu Man's eyes were stagnant, and an inexplicable uneasiness rose from his heart.

In a few moments, the smoke and dust dissipated.

Everyone's eyes are on, there is empty, where is Luo Feng's silhouette?

At this moment, all Star Card masters in Shell Courtyard, as if was struck by lightning, instantly petrified.

Between Heaven and Earth, there is silence.

Many eyes looked unbelievable, what about Luo Feng?

Their eyes are now searching in the game, but where is Luo Feng's trace?

Qi Muxue saw this scene, which was also startled, and it seemed a little unbelievable.

Immediately afterwards, she lifts the head and laughs in the sky. The laughter is like thunder and thunder.

"Luo Feng, I said, you will die today!"

Qi Jin trembles, a chill rise in the mind. I saw Luo Feng's self-confidence before. I thought he still had a way to resist Matchless Sword Fowl's fatal blow, but who could have thought that it was so dead?

King Qi's tight string finally loosened. He sighed in relief for a long time. Although the process was tortuous, fortunately, he laughed to the end.

At this moment, all Star Card masters in Shell Courtyard are now cold all over the body, like falling into an ice cellar.

That undefeated myth, actually stopped here today, not only lost, but no one else?

"How could this be?" Qin Yi's eyes froze.

Chu Man was stunned, her eyes suddenly turned red, and there were crystal tears on her slender eyelashes. What about her discipline?

Everyone is unbelievable and stunned.

Vigour Courtyard Dean Qiu Hong looked towards Su Yang, faint smile: "Su Yang, you also said that your discipline is expected to become the chief of Dongsheng District."

"Now, even people are gone, how to become the chief of the Holy Land?"

The smile on the corner of the mouth mocked slightly.

Su Yang's eyes were dull and stared blankly, which was difficult to accept for a while.

Pride is like him, invincible is like him, just die?

"Since this is the case..." Qi Yuan suddenly got up, he looked towards Dean Su Yang and said, "Several deans, the results have come out, referee, it is time to announce the results."

referee nodded, said: "Since that is the case, I announced that I am in the top 8 of the Holy Land League...


At this moment, on the field, a beam of light rose into the sky.

Through the beam of light, a lotus flower can be seen faintly.

In the eyes of many eyes, the lotus bloomed, the petals moved towards 4 and diffused open, one silhouette suddenly appeared!

It is Luo Feng!

Qi Yuan's expression of father and daughter gradually solidified.

4 All of them were shocked and uproar, Luo Feng was already dead? !

"Didn't expect?" Luo Feng smiled at Qi Muxue and said, "I'm out of the resurrection armor!"

The voice fell, and Aurora Sword burst out of his hand. Then, in the shocking eyes of Matchless Sword Fowl, he pierced his chest.


Matchless Sword Fowl suddenly burst into smoke.

At this moment, referee's eyes were also wide. Seeing that he had to pronounce out Qi Muxue's name, did this person actually resurrect? !

"That being the case, I announced that it is Qi who entered the top 8 of the Holy Land league..."


"Luo Feng of Qi Muxue is mad."

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