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"This is impossible!"

Qi Muxue stared at Luo Feng in front of her eyes, and there was a deep shock in the beautiful eyes. This Luo Feng actually lived again?

How can you resurrect yourself?

Moreover, resurrection is a nanny's skill. Luo Feng's star card, only SpongeBob is a nanny. I don't see it having the skill of resurrection.

In the void, Luo Feng held Aurora Sword in his hand, stepped on the Emperor and the Dragon, expressed his gaze, and looked down at her like a clown.

"Shock, surprise, surprise, panic?"

Qi Muxue's angry state burst, his eyes were red, and it was difficult to accept at one time, and he was almost crazy because of madness, saying: "ahhhh Ahhhh!!! I don't agree!"

"Do not accept?" Luo Feng hearing this, also started, he looked at Qi Muxue playfully and said, "You mean, you don't want to admit defeat, the game is not over yet?"

"Since you still want to fight, then I will accompany you to the end!"

The voice fell, he sneered, and Aurora Sword burst out in his hand, whistling away at Qi Muxue.

call out!

Looking at the surging Aurora Sword, Qi Muxue's eyes suddenly solidified, her face was horrified, and there was a deep panic in her eyes.

Feeling the terrifying power contained in Aurora Sword, at this moment, she also finally realized that Luo Feng was so murderous!

Cold sweat, rolled down Qi Muxue's cheek.

Under that kind of strong death crisis, Qi Muxue said hoarsely and hardly: "I... admit defeat."

At this step, even if she didn't want to face it, she had to admit that she completely lost the game with Luo Feng.

call out!

Aurora Sword rubbed her cheeks, scratched a shallow blood mark on her delicate cheeks, and cut a strand of hair.

See the rest of the heartache below.

Mo Yu looked towards the rest and said, "I really want to know how much you love her."

"Can you summarize it in one sentence?"

The rest of the thought for a while, said: "If she is pregnant in the future, the child will be born, no matter who the child is, I... my child's last name!"

Mo Yu: "6."

He persuaded: "The rest, I advise you, if you go on like this, you have nothing, you can't lick the dog anymore, you have to learn to fight back."

The rest of my eyes flickered, and I wondered what I was thinking.

On the field, Luo Feng's eyes also flickered, and he really wanted to kill Qi Muxue, who jumped repeatedly.

However, if this is the case, not to mention the presence of King Qi, can he succeed.

In addition, if you really do this, then King Qi may be crazy because of this and thus cast aside all considerations for face with Empress.

He stared at Qi Muxue and said, "I didn't humiliate you in the past, but you overestimated yourself and thought that with your own appearance and a little tactics, others would enter your fish pond."

"In the end, it's you who underestimated me."

Qi Muxue hearing this startled, slowly paralyzed to the ground, his cheeks pale and bloodless, Both eyes are spiritless, lost his soul.

If you lose, you lose.

This time, it was obviously the most promising one to win. In the end, Luo Feng was even directly hammered.

But, who could have thought that this guy actually had a resurrection armor?

A deep sense of frustration rise in the mind.

Obviously already guessed what routine the opponent would use, but even in such a situation, he still lost.

She didn't care too much about her star card being defeated in succession. After all, almost all star cards are used to sell, to open the way for the sword chicken, to be precise, for the remaining one.

The robot and Maiden Xue will die.

The grave digger with the battle strength bursting the table must be placed in the early stage to carry the banner.

Therefore, after the death of the Flame Dragon warrior, the [Dead Language Skill] was given to Matchless Sword Fowl.

This is a gamble. Of course, she was also lucky. Under Iron Man's fingers, Maiden Xue died, not Jianji.

If the dead is Matchless Sword Fowl, then Maiden Xue can’t freeze the group, and can only take advantage of the robot’s “Kijun” buff, take all on one throw to sneak attack Luo Feng.

However, when it was Maiden Xue who died, she once thought that she had won, which was Child of Destiny, and the bloody reality hit her face fiercely.

The entire square, absolute silence, everyone looked at this scene blankly, this top 8 game, finally settled.

The Star Card masters in the B House are all ugly complexion. They once looked down on Luo Feng and even provoked the Star Card master in Shell Courtyard. They made a mockery, but who knows, it is such a result.

Today's game, Luo Feng won the game neatly, crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood from start to finish.

The chief of the second court, the daughter of King Qi, Goddess Qi Muxue, the Holy Land, did not even get a one minute discount from Luo Feng.

Bullied from beginning to end.

Vigour Courtyard Dean Qiu Hong, the expression is also a bit ugly. Previously, he also made a mockery, Luo Feng was gone, how to compete for the chief of Dongsheng District.

However, the latter actually came directly to a resurrection armor, hitting his face at the speed of light.

The countless sights of the House of Representatives are all secretly sighed. It seems that the Shell Courtyard is really out.

Qi Jin looked towards Luo Feng, slightly nodded, a little more appreciation and recognition in his eyes.

Regarding the fact that Empress smashed resources on Luo Feng, he still didn't understand it before. After all, Luo Feng won all the way, but in the end it was just a Card Apprentice.

In the eyes of his super Card King, Card Apprentice realm child fight is undoubtedly a play.

However, since he witnessed this game today, he could understand why Empress was willing to bet on him.

"Congratulations to Luoshen, Luoshen is invincible!"

"... "

The Star Card master of Shell Courtyard started the carnival. They flushed their faces, shouted loudly, and cheered their heroes.

"This kid." Su Yang's tight face suddenly calmed down, unable to bear smiled and scolded: "Every time makes the atmosphere so nervous."

"I'm afraid I really want to squint me."

Chu Man's small hand gently stroked the chest, exhaling like Lan said: "I was almost scared to death..."

Qin Yi looked at him with a smile, she could also perceive that at this moment, the Star Card master in the 3 veins of Shell Courtyard, all had a strong admiration for Luo Feng.

This kind of worship can only happen because of foreign wars, because of the provocations from outside, Shell Courtyard 3 pulse Star Card master will stand in the same camp.

At the moment, Luo Feng was a little bit dumbfounded.

His resurrection is the rebirth of Nezha's lotus root, that is, at this moment, he is the lotus root body.

The lotus root is neutral, that is to say, below...


Luo Feng's eyes widened, and there were thick astonished expressions in his eyes. Wouldn't he always be like this?

the thoughts got to this point, his scalp numb.

"It shouldn't be like this after untiring the body?"

Luo Feng divine sense moved, the armor was separated, and the rays of light flashed. The emperor's armor suddenly disappeared into 4 stream of light and appeared on the field.

Nezha, Elder Tang, High Speed ​​Rail, SpongeBob.

At this moment, their eyes are deeply attracted by Luo Feng.

Luo Feng at the moment seems to be a saint in the sky, and the whole body is shining brightly.

All the cards are startled. At the moment, Luo Feng's skin is as smooth as jade, just like a lotus root. The face is even more red and beautiful.

Elder Tang's eyes glared and said, "Boss, you..."

Luo Feng's mentality burst, and his back was chilling. Wouldn't he keep this way?

This is even better than women's wear!

The women's gangster just added a coat.

And he directly shedding body, exchanging bones.

"calm down…"

He took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. He didn't want to stay one minute longer here, just wanted to quickly return to Cave Mansion to study what was going on.

So, he walked out of the field and hugged cup one fist in the other hand to Su Yang and Chu Man, saying: "Fortunately, it's not humiliating."

There was a smile on Chu Man's white cheeks, and Su Yang was also nodded with a smile, saying: "Luo Feng, you did a good job."

He pondered for a moment, and said: "Ashamed, my Shell Courtyard Holy Land league best result is the top eight, I hope you...cough cough, at least to enter the top four, let the dean I look up."

"The Dean is assured, I will continue to work hard." Luo Feng said with a smile, and Qi Muxue at the moment, but it is just a small test, and the next 1 matches of 4 month later, Ji Wuqing of Vigour Courtyard, is the enemy.

Ji Wuqing's strength can also be seen from Qi Muxue's attitude towards him.

Like the rest, Qi Muxue's dog licking, and Qi Muxue, it's a bit like Ji Wuqing's dog licking.

This shows his strength.

"Right, your body..." Su Yang's eyes narrowed.

A little embarrassment appeared on Luo Feng's face, and said: "This is what I want to ask the dean. After taking off the armor, it becomes like this."

"This should be a side effect of fit. In a sense, fit with star card is to add a buff to the body. After a while, the buff on the body will completely disappear, and it should be able to recover by then." Chu Mandao .

Hearing this remark, Luo Feng suddenly showed a happy face, which was really great.

Qi Jin looked towards Qi Yuan, smiled and said with a smile: "Brother dei, watching his daughter was furious by Luo Feng, rubbed on the ground, is it uncomfortable?"

"It's only the top 8, small man intoxicated by success." Qi Yuan coldly snorted, gloomy face left.

At this moment, the two directors of the second hospital and the second hospital looked at Su Yang and exclaimed: "Su Yang, you got a good seedling this year."

Su Yang looked towards Qiu Hong and said with a smile: "Dean Qiu Hong, 1000 a month, you said that my apprentice and Ji Wuqing are not qualified to challenge. Now, do you have anything to say?"

Qiu Hong coldly snorted, said: "Now it is only qualified to challenge, he may not be able to become the chief of the Holy Land, and enter the league top 4."

"Then wait and see." Su Yang sighed leisurely.

In the sunset, Qi Muxue walked down the field alone.

There were talks surrounding her, and many eyes taking pleasure in other people's misfortune cast her on her eyes, as if she was abandoned by the whole world.

At this moment, the rest came over and he knew that this was when Qi Muxue was the most vulnerable and the easiest to take advantage of.

So he summoned the courage and said, "Mu Xue, don't be sad, even if the whole world leaves you, at least I will be with you, promise me, will you be with me?"

"I will always be with you in the future, I will give you all the materials you brush, and often give you small surprises..."

His voice was paused, looking at Qi Muxue, who was slightly stunned, and said, "Do you think you deserve it, listen here for a long time?"

The voice fell, and the rest of the ten thousand zhang came up with bold intentions, suddenly turned around and left happily.

"Really cool!"

Qi Muxue looked at the silhouette of the rest, as if she had been slapped by fiercely, and her face was hot and painful.

Licking the dog and starting to fight back?

At the same time, Luo Feng with his hands behind his back, slowly moved towards the Cave Mansion.

Now the lotus lotus body buff hasn't faded. He doesn't dare to go anywhere. After all, he is so cute now, going out... what to do if he meets bad people

When he entered Cave Mansion, Sima Yi suddenly came out and said, "My God, you can count it back."

Luo Feng brows slightly wrinkle: "What's wrong?"

Sima Yi: "Pikachu has..."

"Have you?" Luo Feng hearing this, also started, he swept coldly and said, "Who did it?"

Sima Yi gave him a weird look and said, "What do you say?"

"Who held it to sleep?"

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