Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 189

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“No, how can you defile people innocently, what does it matter to me?” Luo Feng looked at Sima Yi, confused, and said, “I just hug it!”

The voice fell, and he went straight into the room. He saw that Uchiha Pikachu was feeble and weak on his couch, and his body had brutal scars.

If the star card’s health is lost, it can be recovered slowly by returning blood.

But the body’s injury is to recover slowly and use Star qi to warm up.

Just as Wolong Zhuge broke his arm last time, it is not that his arm grows when his health is full.

“what happened?”

Seeing that Uchiha Pikachu was full of injuries, Luo Feng’s face suddenly gloomy and said, “Who hit?”

Wolong Zhuge sighed, said: “You don’t know, Pikachu everyday all secretly ran to the mountain range outside to fight the high-level Star beast, it wants to evolve quickly, so it has been secretly working hard.”

“Today provokes a terrific Star beast and was beaten like this.”

Hearing this, Luo Feng was slightly stunned. He looked at Pikachu on the bed and reached out to touch his head. He gently rebuked: “Skin God, why are you so stupid?”

Uchiha Pikachu’s small dimple full of blood, with a sweet smile, looked at Luo Feng with a weak breath and said seriously:


“Because, I think I can only help you if I have evolved.”

Hearing this, Luo Feng startled, his eyes slightly reddish, silently moved, accompanied by a trace of guilt, at the moment rise in the mind.


In the next moment, Uchiha Pikachu’s rays of light are all around, because it is a silver card, so it is also white light.

However, soon, in that white light, a golden light suddenly appeared. Soon, Uchiha Pikachu’s body became golden.

“Shouldn’t it become Leiqiu?” Luo Feng was upset. He still liked the cute yellow furred mouse.

In a few moments, the rays of light have faded, and many eyes have been cast. The yellow furred mouse is still the yellow furred mouse, but its temperament is slightly different than before.

Its whole body is filled with holy light, as if a deity descended and walked the world.

Especially the right eye, deep in the heart, has a circle of dark purple lines, monster, mysterious, full of killing breath of vast and boundless.

Uchiha Pikachu

Race: Naruto.

Quality: Gold ☆☆.

realm: 5-star.

Weapon: thunderclap sword.


[Chibaku Tensei]: Uchiha Pikachu condenses the earth’s clumps to form a small planet, causing damage to the target, and seals for 3 minutes.

[Bansho Ten’in]: Uchiha Pikachu generates a huge gravitational force, drawing the goal to himself.

[Suck blue]: Uchiha Pikachu Assimilate target 20% Star qi value, converted into its own Star qi value.

[Form Displacement Shadow]: Uchiha Pikachu can instantaneously exchange himself with any target within sight, thereby indirectly teleporting.

[Master Ball]: Uchiha Pikachu throws a sprite ball and has a 30% chance to conquer the opponent and fight for his own side for 5 minutes, but the star card’s limited skills cannot be used.

[Hundred thousand volts]: limited skill, Uchiha Pikachu summon formidable power, huge thunder, strikes target.

Introduction: “Drip, Master Ball!”

Luo Feng looked at the star card in his hand, and now, Pishen no longer had to expect his teammate to die.

[Chibaku Tensei], control the damage-adding technique, seal for 3 minutes, and have a magic effect at the critical moment.

[Bansho Ten’in], which produces huge gravitation, is also a control technique.

[Suck blue], functional skills, which can not only guarantee the Star qi value of the skin god, but also can be used to build a certain routine.

[Form Displacement Shadow] This is a very strong teleportation technique. It is the svip super enhanced version of Jiang Wei rice. It does not require anything to exchange position with the target in sight.

If you exchange positions with the enemy at critical moments, it will have wonders.

[Master Ball], this skill is very spirituality, similar to the “soul control” of the gray robe wizard.

But [Soul Control] is not effective for brainless star cards like Di Daxing, and [Master Ball] has no such restriction.

However, depending on the face, the probability of 40% is less than one of 20%, and even if it is controlled, the limited skills on the opposite side cannot be released.

[Hundred thousand volts], limited skills, there is no whistling, the only thing is absolute formidable power.

Therefore, Pishen is a functional star card with control + output, which can be integrated into various routines.


Uchiha Pikachu jumped into Luo Feng’s arms and rubbed his cheek intimately.

“Pishen, tell me the next time I go out, or what if I get beaten to death?” Luo Feng ticked his nose and said, “Even if you are bronze, I will not dislike you.”

Uchiha Pikachu approached Luo Feng’s ear and secretly said: “Actually, Saint Zai has been secretly running out for training.”

Luo Feng hearing this, also started, said: “Has he also evolved?”

“Not yet.” Uchiha Pikachu shook the head, saying the business is authentic: “On the surface, he is still silver.”

Luo Feng’s eyes flickered, and he understood something vaguely.

He walked to the small courtyard, thinking about the lineup for the next quarterfinals.

Luo Feng rubbed his eyebrows, feeling a little big head, as the Master said, Holy Land League, all are fierce person.

In this battle, he seemed to be crushed, but in fact he took advantage of Nezha.

If it wasn’t for Nezha who dropped the Flame Dragon warrior in a punch and took the rhythm, he might not be going so smoothly behind him.

Even so, in the end, he was nothing but a victory.

Qi Muxue is like this, then the next Ji Wuqing will be more fierce.

The Holy Land 8 is strong. Everyone is the great and famous peak genius in Holy Land. They are all the elaborate demon Heaven’s Chosen cultivated by other holy areas. I am afraid that they are stronger than Qi Muxue.

And they are all enemies of Luo Feng.

After all, Luo Feng’s eyes are the championship of the Holy Land League, which requires him to kick the other 7 people out of the game.

“It’s really troublesome.” Luo Feng rubbed his eyebrows and sighed. How to break through the 6-star in the next month alone made him have a headache.

However, at this moment, the void fluctuated a bit, and a red skirt dropping from the sky, a long silhouette of Empress, appeared in front of me.

“Flame Sovereign.” Luo Feng said.

“You defeated Qi Muxue this time and entered the quarterfinals, but it shook the entire holy area.” Zhuo Ying leisurely said.

Luo Feng curl one’s lip, said: “It’s not a champion, there is something shocking, in the end everyone will only remember the champion, as for the top 4 8 top 6 1, there is no difference.”

“If the sacred district chief loses to Ji Wuqing and stops in the top four, I am afraid that he will fall from the cloud into the quagmire in an instant and become the target of 4 people and become the object of everyone’s mocking.”

Zhuo Ying’s head was a little bit, a glance of appreciation in beautiful eyes, said: “Yes, it’s quite thorough.”

“Today, have you been scared by Qi Muxue?”

Luo Feng’s eyes narrowed slightly and said, “It seems that they really killed me.”

On the field, Qi Muxue killed the king, but not to threaten the Star Card master, which forced him to surrender.

Seeing its posture, he wanted to stab himself to death with a sword.

“In this game, the opponent’s assassination failed, and the following means are more intense.” Zhuo Ying’s bright eyes flashed slightly and said, “But you can rest assured, you can make card cultivation with peace of mind.”

“As for the secret knives, I will block them for you.”

“Well, thank you.” Luo Feng was silent for a moment, and embarrassment appeared on his face. “Flame Sovereign, when will this lotus root buff on me be eliminated?”

Zhuo Ying beautiful eyes flickered with a little playfulness, joking: “May be a few hours or a few days.”

“A few days?!” Luo Feng’s eyes widened. Who can stand this?

“Flame Sovereign, is there any way to disperse my buff?”

“Why disperse?” Zhuo Ying stared at him, his long eyelashes flickering, teasing: “Anyway, you don’t like women, some things can’t be used simply…right?”

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