Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 191

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The atmosphere suddenly solidified.

For a time, each other knew what the other person was thinking.

“Are you in a hurry?” Qiu Hong looked at Su Yang with a sneered expression, teasing: “How, seeing you just realm far from being equal to me, ruthless, now in a hurry, so hold the Buddha’s feet temporarily, come Ask Yongyi Master to enjoy a medicine pill?”

Su Yang coldly snorted and said: “You are not the same.”

“My 6-star Card Apprentice, realm is here, why should medicine pill emergency?” Qiu Hong smiled the head and said, “Just come to visit the Master.”

“Why haven’t you seen you come to visit?” Su Yang sneered and sneered. “I can at least admit it generously. Unlike some people, pretending to be a big-tailed wolf has no courage to admit it.”

“You!” Qiu Hong’s face rose red, and he was about to fight back, but he heard the sound of the door opening.

I saw the Pill Pavilion opened, and a white robed old man came out. He looked at Su Yang and Qiu Hong coldly and said, “What are you doing? What are you doing?”

Before the two people answered, Yong Yi glanced at the youngster behind them and suddenly realized: “I understand.”

“Want to find me pill concocting?”

“Want to use me as a toolman?”

“no way!”

When he had finished speaking, he turned around suddenly and was about to enter Pill Pavilion, closing the door.

At this moment, Ji Wuqing stepped out, facing Su Yang’s cup hand to hold fist, and said, “Ji Wuqing, the King of Medicine, met Yong Master.”

Hearing this, Yong Yi’s footsteps stagnated and slowly turned around. His gaze stayed slightly on Ji Wuqing and said, “What is your relationship with Yaowang?”

“The medicine king is his father.” Ji Wuqing said respectfully.

“Oh.” Yong Yi looked slightly slow.

Looking at Yong Yi’s complexion, Qiu Hong smiled and said: “Relentless not only is the alchemy talent good, but also the making card innate talent is superb. In the Holy Land league not long ago, it was a perfect ride and reached the top 8.”

“It’s just a pity that they are a bit different from the Peak demon in other holy areas on the realm. I also hope that Master Yong can see the origin of the Valley of the Medicine King and grant a medicine pill to help him.”

Ji Wuqing was also guilty and said: “Ashamed, I should have come to visit the door when I entered Holy Land, but my father reminded me that the Master is busy, so that I should not be bothered easily, so I didn’t come and hope to forgive me.”

Yong Yi ordered nodded, and he turned towards Luo Feng, saying, “Where are you, who are you? Whose son?”

Ji Wuqing’s eyes showed a slight ridicule. Previously, he had learned from Qi Muxue that Luo Feng had no background at all, just from a small town in the distance.

Luo Feng thought about it and said, “I am me, my name is Luo Feng.”

“Luo Feng, are you Luo Feng?” Yong Yi lighted up and said, “It’s the recently famous and hot making card genius, Luo Feng?”

“If nothing unexpected, it’s just down.” Luo Feng said.

“Not bad.” Yong Yi nodded quite satisfied, and admired, said: “I have seen your game, Brain zero is clear, the idea is unique, it is indeed a personal talent.”

Su Yang smiled at him and said, “I am a pervert, everything is good, but I started too late, and I fell behind in realm.”

“Our elders, encountering these capable young generations, should naturally help out, do you say that?”

Hearing this, Qiu Hong and Ji Wuqing were not calm, and their faces were a little ugly.

Especially Ji Wuqing, he mentioned his background, only to let Yong Yi pay attention, even so, the latter is only nodded.

And Luo Feng just reported the name, which made Yong Yi happy, which really made him difficult to accept.

Yong Yi took their expressions in the entire scene, knew their intentions, and pondered for a moment, saying: “I want to pill concocting, but it is not impossible, but for quality reasons, I only make one a month. Dan.”

“So, who should I refine?”

Seeing Yong Yi kicking the ball back, Yong Yi and Qiu Hong looked at each other in blank dismay, do you want rock paper scissors?

“Well, to be fair, I will come up with a test question, who can pass the test, then I will take shot concocting to whom, how?” Yong Yi smiled authentically.

“Good.” Luo Feng and Ji Wuqing spoke in unison, and at the same time looked towards him coincidentally, curious about the test questions.

Yong Yi put his hands behind his back, looked up at the sky, and walked slowly, sighing: “In the past, the profession of Alchemist was the most noble profession of Heavenly Origin mainland. Countless people squeezed their heads and wanted to be Alchemist.”

“It’s just that since the rise of the profession of Star Card master, there seems to be fewer and fewer people interested in Alchemist.”

“Star card can replace everything, even some star cards and alchemy talent can replace Alchemist.”

He sighed and said, “I don’t have any opinion on this point. I’m not an indestructible person. I can’t accept new things. After all, the rise of star cards is like an irresistible trend.”

“It’s just that I still have doubts in my mind. Star card can really have unlimited potential in pill concocting, can it really replace the real Alchemist?”

Everyone was silent, listening quietly to his emotions.

Yong Yi’s voice was paused and continued: “Although I am not a Star Card master, I have seen others make pill concocting star cards, but such a star card is only limited to knowing what pill concocting is and can refine some low-level ones. Even the intermediate medicine pill cannot go too far.”

“I don’t know if this is the limitation of star cards, or because the level of Star Card masters who made these star cards is too low…”

Yong Yi’s eyes looked towards Luo Feng and Ji Wuqing, saying: “And you, since you are the leader of the younger generation, the Star Card master of the Holy Land cream of the crop, so this test is…”

“Each of you choose materials on the spot and make a star card with alchemy talent.”

“Then I give Danfang and let the star card pill concocting.”

“Whose star card is refined to make medicine pill better, and in the next time, I will help someone refine a medicine pill for free.”

The movement here has already attracted the attention of other people. Alchemist in Pill Pavilion all came together and began to watch the excitement.

However, when they heard this condition, they were all started.

This difficulty is not too small.

It is not only necessary to produce a brand new star card on site.

Moreover, the produced star card will also pill concocting.

Not only to be able to pill concocting, but also to refine it well.

Luo Feng expression is faint and has no eyes, making people unclear what he is thinking.

However, at this moment, Ji Wuqing is taking a deep breath, staring at Yong Yi with a staring look on his handsome face, an ecstasy that is hard to conceal!

This may seem difficult, but in fact, for him, it’s just for nothing!

He originated from the medicine Wang Gu and has been dying since childhood. He naturally knows the life of an Alchemist and knows the process of pill concocting, so it is not too simple to design a pill concocting star card!

Su Yang brows slightly wrinkle and said, “Yongyi, is this a bit unfair?”

“Luo Feng has not learned pill concocting, and it is difficult to compile a background that convinces the system. For Ji Wuqing, who originated from Yaowanggu, it can be said that the the words at hand.”

“What’s unfair?” Qiu Hong sneered, saying: “I haven’t learned pill concocting, I can only blame him, who can I blame?”

Su Yang was about to continue his rebuttal, but was stopped by Luo Feng. He bent to Yong Yi and said, “Many thanks Master gave the opportunity, this test, Junior took over.”

Su Yang frowned and said, “Luo Feng, I want to make a star card with alchemy talent. It’s not that simple. You simply haven’t been exposed to pill concocting, basically impossible.”

Luo Feng smiled at him and said, “I’ll give it a try, what about 10000?”

A wave of gowns and a pile of golden light flashed in front of the eyes, saying: “Each person chooses 2 golden materials as the main material of the making card.”

“2 golden materials.” Luo Feng eyelids twitched, this Yong Yi, really willing.

“Of course, the materials are not white for you.” Yong Yi looked towards Su Yang and Qiu Hong, saying: “You must return me 2 materials each.”

“Yes.” Qiu Hong rubbed his lips, and knew that this guy wouldn’t be so atmospheric.

Ji Wuqing pondered for a moment and said, “Master, do you choose 2 golden materials at will?”

“Of course… no.” Yong Yi shook the head, a strange smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and said: “Randomly.”

“Randomly draw?”

Everyone was exclaimed when this statement came out. This condition is too harsh…

Even if it is just picking materials, it may not be possible to produce a qualified star card, even more how to draw randomly?

If two materials have nothing to do with pill concocting, how could it be possible to produce a star card with alchemy talent? !

“It’s hard.” Luo Feng rubbed his eyebrows. There really was nothing in this world, everything had to pay the corresponding price.

In the future, if someone asks him that realm will improve so fast,

He can say straightforwardly,

You only see my shiny surface,

But did not see how hard behind me… eat soft rice.

Therefore, everyone’s eyes were turned to the golden light flashing material. In a sense, the material level has determined the victory and defeat.

After all, this time the making card has to do with Alchemist. If the selected materials have nothing to do with Alchemist, how can you make a star card with alchemy talent?

Luo Feng looked towards that group of golden light. I saw there were several groups of light there. The golden light on the surface was so bright that it was hard to see what was inside.

“It seems that you can only guess the blind box.” Luo Feng said slowly.

In the eyes of many eyes, Ji Wuqing took the lead in reaching out and took out a golden light glittering medicine cauldron.

“Lying trough, this luck!”

“This is too European, medicine cauldron and pill concocting, perfect match!”

“This wave has stabilized.”

Under many eyes, Luo Feng reached out and pointed to a light group.

Take a look,

It was a golden light shining ring.


Everyone immediately took the pleasure of taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune. This ring has nothing to do with pill concocting.

“Luck doesn’t mean so much? Does it matter at all?” Luo Feng rubbed his eyebrows, embarrassed.

“Don’t worry, you still have a chance to draw.” Su Yang said to appease.

In Qiu Hong’s eyes, Ji Wuqing took the first draw. The medicine cauldron was enough. The second draw, whether related to pill concocting or not, is not so important.

In the eyes of many eyes, Ji Wuqing slowly suppressed the excitement and began the second draw.

A twinkling golden light appeared under everyone’s sight.

“Lying trough, medicine cauldron and Danfang, what luck is this?”

“Damn it, is the boss the legendary Luck Emperor, both of them perfectly match Alchemist?”

“It’s stable. In my opinion, the ruthless gangster has won.”

“… “

The sound of exclamation sounded one after another, and everyone was amazed by Ji Wuqing’s luck.

“It seems that there is self-will in the midst.” Qiu Hong sighed, looking at Su Yang sarcastically, and said with a smile: “Su Yang, your discipline has only one chance, don’t do the first test. Was eliminated.”

Su Yang’s face was dull.

“To give a face, I am willing to use Ji Wuqing’s 20 years of singleness in exchange for my chance to be a Luck Emperor.”

Luo Feng prayed secretly in his heart, and then reached out.

Inside the light mass, it was round and round.

Like an egg,

Take a look,

It really is an egg.

The egg is also painted with a life-like horse, called horse egg for short.

“This…” Luo Feng was a little dazed.

Everyone saw this scene, and it was also started. After a short silence, soon, there was a sky-screaming outburst and it suddenly broke out!

“What, egg… looks a bit like a horse egg?”

“Lying trough, Luo Feng is cold, ring, horse egg…Is it related to Alchemist?”

“Xswl, this luck, a miserable home, a good one!”

Qiu Hong: “I laughed.”

Looking at the golden light flashing horse egg, Ji Wuqing was also started, and then, it was impossible to bear laughed out loud, the laughter was like rolling thunder, rumbling.

“I heard that you have a clear Brain Zero?”

“Peerless grace and elegance?”

“A rare encounter in 100 years?”

“Come, use this horse egg and ring to make an Alchemist for me!”

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