Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 192

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Zhang Kuang’s laughter, with no mockery, was resounded between Heaven and Earth.

Su Yang brows slightly wrinkle. Although he doesn’t like Ji Wuqing’s expression, even he feels that Luo Feng only needs 2 materials in his hand to make a star card with alchemy talent.

Looking at the two materials in his hand, Luo Feng was a little ignorant.

The mind buzzed.

This happiness… came too suddenly, right?

If you want to touch me a recipe for medicine and medicine cauldron, then I have countless templates in my mind, making Alchemist have the words at hand, but because of its simplicity, it is easy to make your star card mediocre.

However, you gave me these two materials, then I have no choice but to be helpless, so I can’t be a good person.

Ring, horse egg.

Luo Feng’s eyes flickered, and it seemed that he could only invite the big brother.

As the saying goes, people are forced out.

“Two main materials, you randomly draw, as for the remaining materials, you can choose freely.” Yong Yidao.

Luo Feng thought about it and said, “I need a medicine pill.”


Yong Yi flicks with the finger, a medicine pill of the size of a pigeon emerged, and fell on the palm of Luo Feng.

Ji Wuqing lightly glanced at the medicine pill, not at all too concerned.

Although medicine pill and Alchemist can be connected, an absolute star card is essentially the main material.

As for the secondary materials, it is just to add some supplements to the function of star card that’s all.

Luo Feng took the medicine pill, thought for a while, and said, “I still need a hair.”

Yong Yi didn’t say anything, so she picked materials locally and reached out to poke one from the head.

However, as soon as he came down, he regretted it.

Yong Yi looked at Luo Feng puzzledly and said, “Why not pull out your own hair?”

“Luo Feng just said that he needs hair, but he didn’t say that he needed your hair. You are too active.” Su Yang said with a smile: “Moreover, all of them are pulled out.”

“Then hurry up.” Yong Yi coldly snorted and passed her hair.

Therefore, all eyes are on Luo Feng and Ji Wuqing.

Especially the former.

Those onlookers of Pill Pavilion Alchemist are all filled with comical colors at the moment, because what is placed in front of Luo Feng is almost a dead end.

The 2 materials have nothing to do with pill concocting.

On the other hand, Ji Wuqing, born in pill concocting Aristocratic Family, star card background has the words at hand.

The extracted materials are a perfect fit.

The two pieces of star card background and synthetic materials, how did he lose it?

Qiu Hong sneered, his eyes slightly sarcastic, and said, “In my opinion, the competition is over, is there any need to continue?”

Su Yang coldly said: “Don’t talk too much, now that no card has been made, how do you know that he can’t make a star card with alchemy talent based on these 2 materials?”

“Then wait and see.” Qiu Hong faint smile, lazily a little lazy.

Regardless of the sights of many taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune around him, Luo Feng took a deep breath, slowly calmed his mind, and then gently rubbed the star ring to open the star card system.

“I hope it will succeed.”

Click to make a star card.

“Star card system is starting, please draw the star card pattern…”

Luo Feng held the Star Origin pen in his hand, thought for a moment, and drew it on the panel in front of him.

The nib moved, and the image of a black robe boy slowly formed.

On his back, there are 8 breathtaking characters, which make people feel dazzled just looking at it:

“It’s so terrifying, so cool.”

At the fingertips of the teenager, there is a pitch-black as ink ring.

Of course, the most important thing is the juvenile crotch, with a big horse.

Click to submit.

“Star card system under review…”

“Approved, please design the star card background…”

Luo Feng held the Star Origin pen in his hand, his eyes narrowed, and Flame Sovereign told himself that he wanted his star card to generate alchemy talent. It was not a simple sentence. He would pill concocting.

If it is just a few words that he will pill concocting, then the star card that may be generated will have some skills to return blood to teammates through pill concocting.

The skills of pill concocting, and the innate talent of pill concocting, are two concepts that are completely different.

Assuming that a skill [pill concocting] is generated, the effect of this skill is most likely that the star card refines a medicine pill and restores the health and Star qi value of the teammate.

This is not a true medicine pill, but like SpongeBob’s [Crab roe], it is a virtual carrier transformed by Star qi.

Can only be used for star card.

Alchemy talent refers to the fact that it can be refined like Alchemist to produce some real, can make Star Card master take medicine pill.

Therefore, Luo Feng can’t be careless, even more how materials have nothing to do with pill concocting, which requires him to work hard in the background of star card.

After thinking for a while, Luo Feng slowly raised the pen and wrote:

“Horse continent, with horses as respect.”

“In this world, there is a special profession called Xingma Shi.”

“The responsibility of the Star Horse Master is to train the Star Horse to make it run fast. In this world, the hallmark of the powerhouse is to own a fast horse.”

“Singh Horse Master needs cultivation horse energy. When the horse energy cultivation reaches 9th stage, it will breed its own companion horse.

“Ma Qi, paragraph 3.”

“Looking at the five big characters on the test stone tablet that are even shiny, even expressionless, the lips have a touch of self-deprecation, and the palms are clenched tightly. Perhaps the palm is deeply embedded in the palm due to too much force. , Bringing a heart-shaped pain.”

“The boy sneered, for 3 years, do you know how he has lived these 3 years?!”

“His name is Xiao Yan, he is the son of Xiao Family patriarch. He broke through 3 paragraphs of horse spirit 3 years ago and is a Heaven’s Chosen Child that is hard to meet in 100 years.

“Perhaps because he was superior in innate talent 3 years ago, Ma Lanzong Saintess signed a marriage contract with him, but 3 years later, he still stopped at 3 stages and did not make progress, so it became a waste in everyone’s eyes.”

“So, Saintess led Elder Ma Lanzong to Xiao Family and, with Ma Lanzong’s super background, forced Xiao Family to tear up the marriage contract.”

“She, Ma Lanzong Saintess, is young, she has 9 horses, and awakened the associated horse!”

“She, deep and unmeasurable, refused another 1000 miles, and even a hairline is more expensive than an ordinary person!”

“Fate let them meet here, Saintess lost a box of star coins to compensate him, which made the teenager feel that this is a humiliation to him!”

“Otherwise, in the era of star horses with such advanced technology, Saintess wants to give him money, why not directly scan the 2D code transfer?”

“Faced with such extraordinary shame and humiliation, teenager yelled, prosperity and decline never last, do not bully extremely the youngster, turned angrily and ran away from home.”

“The boy vowed to become a super star trainer, washing the past and humiliating.”

“However, the bloody reality is placed in front of him, no matter how he cultivates, within the body 3 pieces of Ma Qi can’t break through any further.

“Be aware that only when you reach 9 horses can you awaken the companion horse, and only if you have a companion horse can you truly embark on the path of a star horse master.”

“After all, Star Horse Master cultivation horse energy is not to improve himself, but to nurture and strengthen accompanying horses.”

“The speed at which a horse runs is a sign of the strength of a star horse teacher.”

“However, he can’t cultivate at all, he doesn’t even have a companion horse, how to breed a horse?”

“I don’t know how long such a day lasts. He was muddleheaded on rivers and lakes, drifting all the way, and getting drunk all day long, until one day, he met the nobles in his life.”

“This person is called Vamarala, and the people of the rivers and lakes are called Plundering Emperor.”

“Plundering Emperor gave him a clear way, there is no need to awaken the associated horse through cultivation, cultivation is impossible cultivation, in addition to cultivation, there is a better way, that is to steal horses.”

“In addition to the Star Horse Master, there is also a profession called Horse Hunter, Malawala is a horse hunter from Zuan.”

“Since the companion horse cannot be awakened, wouldn’t you have a horse if you stole a horse from someone else?”

“Xiao Yan feels very reasonable, but stealing horses is also a way to talk about it. First of all, we must dig horse grass to attract other horses to come, entrapment, and finally grab the horse.”

“So, Xiao Yan began to look for horse grass. At the beginning, he did taste the sweetness and attracted some horses, but these all are very low-level horses.”

“Xiao Yan feels that these horses are too weak, and relying on these horses, they will not be able to avenge their faces in the future.”

“Until later, he picked up a ring with a Great Grandpa in it, he was the famous horse Pill Master, medicine dust!”

“Because of being persecuted, the fleshy body was destroyed, leaving only a ray of Remnant Soul, living in the ring.”

“He told Xiao Yan that the direction of the horse hunter is correct, but the method is wrong. Horse grass is the lowest horse food. Horse grass can never attract the attention of advanced horses.”

“And if you refining horsegrass into Mactan, the effect will be different.”

“In this world, there is a profession called Ma Pill Master, which uses horse grass as material and refining as Dan to become Madan.”

“High-level horse Dan has a fatal temptation for high-level horses.”

“So Xiao Yan embarked on the road of Ma Pill Master, began to learn pill concocting, and became an Alchemist in the world.”

“Apart from this, Yao Chen also told Xiao Yan that the strongest is not a companion horse. Between Heaven and Earth, there is a kind of horse called a different horse. Each different horse has the ability to destroying heaven extinguishing earth. It’s a god horse.”

“Such as Azure Lotus Geocentric Horse, Spirit bone Cold Horse, Falling Heart Horse…”

“So Xiao Yan began to practice Madan, accept the different horses, pretend to hit his face, and walk to the Peak of life.”

“3 years later, he rode Azure Lotus Earth Core Fire and came to Ma Lanzong. On that day, all the experts on and off Ma Lanzong tremble under the mawei of Azure Lotus.”

“After revenge, Xiao Yan suddenly lost his goal and felt that invincible in the whole world, everything was boring.”

“There are rumors in the rivers and lakes, Zu’an stage, you come with a horse.”

“The reason for this is that Zuan is the Holy Land of all horse hunters and star horse divisions. Only by riding the dust on the stage of Zuan can we count as famous throughout the world.”

“So Xiao Yan rode a horse, flew to Zuan, and participated in the competition.”

“Xiao Yan ridden the dust on the stage and outshone him. After reaching the finals, he met his life-long rival-Hun Tiandi.”

“Hun Tiandi also rode a horse named Void Swallow Horse, ranked second on the list of different horses.”

“Hun Tiandi came on horseback and was unstoppable. Xiao Yan was chasing after him, but he still couldn’t keep track of it.”

“Xiao Yan is desperate. Seeing that the champion is about to miss himself, at this moment, Hun Tiandi’s horse suddenly disappeared from the air!”

“The next four were all shocked, and the seats were in an uproar. Everyone was curious, why is Hun Tiandi’s horse gone?”

“Xiao Yan is also stunned, but in his mind, there is Divine Consciousness sound transmission: cultivation is impossible cultivation, brother, I can only help you get here…”

“Xiao Yan suddenly realized, laughed: Plundering Emperor, so horrible.”

“… “

And just as Luo Feng kept working, Ji Wuqing on the side had already submitted the materials. He glanced at Luo Feng on the side, his eyes were so emotional that he clicked to submit.


I saw a flash of rays of light, and a dazzling star card appeared under everyone’s sight.

“Master, please look over.” Ji Wuqing handed the star card to Yongyi respectfully.

“Not bad.” Yong Yi’s eyes narrowed and looked closely for a moment, sighing with his palm.

“Write it out so quickly? It is worthy of Ji Wuqing.”

“Then Luo Feng is still not good, hey, what is there to struggle with.”

“Is it Cavan? Isn’t it right? He never stopped writing!”

“… “

As a result, everyone’s eyes stayed on Luo Feng.

Luo Feng at the moment, still staying in the background stage, but his writing speed is very fast.

At this speed, I am stupid to others.

Because the story is edited on the spot, there is something in my head to write quickly.

Luo Feng does not need to think.

“This guy, how is it like copying a book?” Yong Yi’s mouth twitched.

Time passed unconsciously.

Soon, hours have passed.

At this moment, Luo Feng fell for the last time, he exhaled for a long time, and said: “This time, should it be able to pass?”

His face was pale, and he had designed a star card background. He had never been so serious.

After all, there is only one chance, so I dare not carelessly.

Click to submit.

“System under review…”

“Approved, please add synthetic materials.”

Luo Feng added Madan, medicine pill, ring, and hair.

“System under review…”

“Approved, star card is being generated…”

Horse Emperor Xiao Yan

realm: 5-star.

Quality: Gold ☆☆

Race: Zuan.

innate talent: pill concocting.


[Zuan Stage]: Scene skills, Xiao Yan summon out of a stage, all displacement skills are shielded on the stage, no flying, no horses can not enter.

Unless Xiao Yan is killed, the stage cannot be destroyed, and the star card outside the stage cannot attack the star card inside the stage.

【Come with a horse】: All star cards of enemy and foe can consume 20% of Star qi value, summon a horse (moving speed increased by 100%) as a mount.

[Different horse]: Xiao Yan summon a different horse (moving speed increased by 200%) to his own star card as a mount, with a cooling time of ten minutes.

(Azure Lotus ground heart horse attack, falling heart horse back to blue, soul horse group return blood, net lotus demon horse release control, 3000 Yan Yan horse return blood.)

[Destroy War Horse]: Xiao Yan merges different horses, incarnation destroys the war horses, and causes destruction to the target. Formidable power is related to the number of fusion horses.

[Ring]: Xiao Yan’s incarnation ring form, carrying the star card of the ring, can greatly improve his battle strength with the help of Xiao Yan’s power.

[Plundering Emperor]: Limited skill, when 5 star cards are killed on the spot, summon “Plundering Emperor”, Plundering Emperor does not have any attack power, but can steal all Star qi values ​​of all enemy star cards.

Introduction: “Welcome to Zu’an, waiting for a long time to steal someone!”

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