Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 193

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[Plundering Emperor]: Limited skill, Xiao Yan summon’s friend Plundering Emperor, stealing the enemy Star qi value, every time a star card is killed on the spot, Plundering Emperor steals the enemy 50% Star qi value, if the star card Star qi value is insufficient 50%, then extend to the remaining enemy star card.

-Heavenly Dao system.

Luo Feng examines the star card in his hand.

When he saw the skill, Unable to Bear pinched his nose for Xiao Yan, and some embarrassment appeared on his face.

Luo Feng racked his brain on the background of star card, and he almost didn’t recognize the word horse, so the skills generated were also related to horses.

He wrote for several hours, although only a few 10000 words, but they are all dry goods, and every sentence is equivalent to the n chapters of the authors of parallel imports in the previous life.

For example, Xiao Yan entered the Canaan Academy to participate in the New Student Ceremony, defeat the champions, and win the championship.

For example, in order to capture the falling heart horse, Xiao Yan and Queen Medusa are trapped at the bottom of Lava, and then, slightly.

I don’t know what the system will think about when looking at these little stories.

In order to reform the background of Xiao Yan, he worked hard. After all, the horse egg and the ring were in front of him, and he didn’t want to do it.

If it is the flame and the ring, then he can save a lot of worry. After all, I have done the world view of Bone Spirit Cold fire before, and I can directly move it together.

Luo Feng examines Xiao Yan’s skills.

[Zuan Stage] is a scene skill, Luo Feng feels that this skill is very strong.

The star card outside the stage cannot attack the star card inside the stage.

In this case, if the release is just right, it can be used as a barrier to protect friendly forces.

In addition, no flying inside the stage, shielding all displacement skills, and they want to come in, they must ride a star horse.

In this regard, Xiao Yan is very intimate, [come with a horse] so that they can consume Star qi, summon.

This seems to be a welfare, but in fact it is a trap to lure the enemy in.

After all, without this skill, they cannot enter [Zu’an Stage], and naturally they will not think of entering [Zu’an Stage].

And as soon as they came in, it was equivalent to entering Xiao Yan’s realm.

Since all displacement skills are blocked, and Xingma is the only thing that can accelerate, they must ride horses.

However, the different horses produced by Xiao Yan summon are undoubtedly better than their star horses.

The speed alone is twice as fast.

In addition, there are various bells and whistles.

Therefore, it is very difficult for them to ride horses to catch their own star card.

In this way, your own star card can take advantage of the different horses on the stage, continue to pull and consume, and go away after a wave, anyway, you can’t catch it on the opposite side.

As long as my horse runs fast, the enemy can’t kill me no matter how fast it is.

Admittedly, if the opposite side wants to target, the easiest way is to not enter the stage.

Because of this, [Zu’an Stage] cannot be released at the beginning, but at the moment when the star card is in danger.

If your own star card is beaten with residual blood and enters the [Zu’an Stage], can your opponent suppress the temptation of residual blood and not enter the stage to kill?

A top laner, seeing a bloody shooter waves under the tower, can it depress the urge to cross the tower to kill?

If it is depressed, then naturally better.

Then the star card of your own residual blood can slowly recover from the injury through the protection of the Zuan stage.

Therefore, [come with a horse] seemingly tasteless skills are actually the most pitting.

What seems to be free is actually the most expensive.

[Ring] Luo Feng understands that assistive skills plus defensive skills.

After all, the strength of this version of Xiao Yan lies in summon, and this skill can only exert its greatest strength above the [Zuan Stage].

Therefore, before the release of [Zuan Stage], Xiao Yan was relatively weak, and no one could fight, no one could fight.

At this time, let him incarnation ring attached to his teammates, which can not only assist his teammates, but also protect himself.

[Yi Ma] is Xiao Yan’s core skill. The description is very simple, but the meaning is very significant.

He can summon 5 different horses, can be controlled, single blood back, group blood back, etc., can be described as a very strong assistive technique, giving teammates all-round help.

[Destroy War Horse] is a flexible attack technique, the specific formidable power depends on the number of fused horses.

Luo Feng’s gaze ended up in limited skills, which made him very happy.

【Plundering Emperor】It’s a skill at the bottom of the pot, and it’s very essence.

Let your routine be 7 8 hands, and become a dog once it is not blue.

Just like the battery car is fast, I stole your battery, can it still bounce?

Luo Feng has reviewed all the previous games. Almost all of them started with a 3-way normal solo. When one or two star cards were left, they started playing routines.

Once the routine is formed, the resulting formidable power is even more terrifying than when 5 star cards are all present.

And this is the meaning of Plundering Emperor.

Every time a star card is killed on the field, Plundering Emperor can steal 50% of the star qi value of a star card, which can not only stack, but also extend the effect to the enemy teammates.

In the late stage of the game, everyone is very lacking in blue. At this time, the appearance of Plundering Emperor is very fatal.

He can take precautionary measures without giving the opponent a chance to start a reversal.

Want to unleash your skills, play a set of operations, and make a huge comeback?

Sorry, you are gone.

After all, most of the star card skills have to consume Star qi.

Once there is no Star qi value, it is equivalent to shielding their skills, even if there is a backhand reversal, it will not be able to play.

Therefore, the previous play was that you have a routine, and I also have a routine. My routine is more routine than yours, so I can defeat you.

If you play around Xiao Yan, it is that you have a routine, and I also have a routine. My routine is to prevent you from playing routines.

Therefore, Xiao Yan’s star card has a role in the early, middle and late stages.

Early stage: Turn into a ring to support teammates.

Middle-Stage: Zuan stage, horse racing competition.

Late stage: Plundering Emperor came out and stole the blue control field.

If you take him to the game, then he must be his core, and other teammates must follow his rhythm.

Luo Feng’s gaze stayed slightly in column 4 of the star card:

innate talent: pill concocting.

“Sure enough.”

Luo Feng sighed in relief, there is joy in the face, there is this layer of innate talent in it, a little training, then in the future I will have a god-level Alchemist!

“How is it?” Su Yang wondered.

Luo Feng smiled at him and said, “Fortunately, it is not humiliating.”

“Let me see.” Yong Yi looked over.

Luo Feng thought for a while and blocked the skill part of the star card with his hand, shaking it in front of him.

Yong Yi looked away, but when he saw the four golden light flashing characters: innate talent -pill concocting, eyes suddenly shrank.

Luo Feng actually awakened the alchemy talent of star card with these 2 unrelated main materials?

“This can be synthesized?” Yong Yi murmured.

How can this be? !

Hearing his voice, Ji Wuqing is also started. You know, pill concocting is the innate talent feature of star card, not something that can be done without no difficulty!

He possessed 2 perfectly matched materials, and in addition had a background already prepared in his mind, this was skillfully produced.

However, Luo Feng was confused, just got one?

“Who can tell me, what does the egg and the ring have to do with Alchemist?”

“All the star cards let him pass, so good luck?”

“I don’t know what you are sour, Luo Feng’s materials are not good, but when he just wrote and edited the background, were you all blind?”

“… “

The sound of one after another sounded.

“No way.” Luo Feng rubbed his eyebrows and said, “The materials are not enough, the background comes together.”

Qiu Hong’s eyes were murky, and his face was a little ugly, but he said coldly: “What if it’s edited?”

“This is just 1st Step that’s all.”

“Who can pass the competition, or who needs to see whose star card, Pill Refining Technique is even better.”


Everyone heard this, all of them were nodding, and many of the sights cast on Luo Feng were filled with taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

Although the two also awakened the alchemy talent of the star card, there are still differences between the star card and the star card.

In their view, Ji Wuqing’s star card is a red-hot Alchemist.

After all, 2 hard core materials are here.

And Luo Feng’s star card, but through the magic to change the background, force the relationship with Alchemist.

In this case, how can the alchemy level of Luo Feng star card compare with that of Ji Wuqing?

Luo Feng expression is faint, but he is very disturbed in his heart. Although he is in the background, Xiao Yan blows the smallpox in the background, but it is not good, but how is it, who knows?

“Brother save me.”

Taking a deep breath, slowly calming the mind, Luo Feng divine sense micro-motion, Xiao Yan, who hit the black robe, appeared under many eyes.

His dark eyes, a lazy smile in the corner of his mouth, his figure was slightly thin, but it gave people an extremely reassuring feeling.

That kind of feeling is like he can pull strongly against a crazy tide even if the mountains and rivers collapse and Heaven and Earth will fall.

Many Alchemist looked at this black robe boy, only to feel a strong assaults the senses.

Looking at the surrounding environment, Xiao Yan pinched his nose and smiled bitterly.

The standard action of the protagonist.

The dark eyes slowly lifted up, and he looked towards Luo Feng and said, “Are you the Master of Labor Capital?”

Luo Feng twitched his lips and deserved to be the champion of the last Zuan Horse Racing Contest.

At the same time, Ji Wuqing divine sense moved, and a middle-aged man wearing a white robe appeared in the sight of everyone.

Luo Feng looked away, and did not know whether it was an illusion. He felt that the appearance of this star card was a bit similar to Ji Wuqing.

Yong Yi was startled, his eyes narrowed, and after a moment of careful examination, Unable to Bear said: “Ji Wuqing, how did you make your father a star card?!”

“Otherwise, why do you think I made it so fast?” Ji Wuqing vomited in his heart, and the expression still lightly said: “In the heartless heart, the father’s medicine king is an irreplaceable Legendary.”

“Make your dad a star card? Isn’t this a mess?” Su Yang puffed.

In a sense, Star Card master is the father of star card, and now Ji Wuqing made his father, so who is the father?

Luo Feng is curious: “Can we make the characters that exist in reality into adult cards?”

If so, wouldn’t he be able to make…star card?

“In principle, it will not work, because it is unethical and will violate human dignity.” Su Yang’s eyes flickered and said, “Unless I get my authorization.”

Luo Feng seems to understand, and with this limitation, he can also defend human dignity.

After all, if you look at someone who is unhappy, or who is too cool to make it into a star card, isn’t it…

Qiu Hong turned his eyes to Xiao Yan and Yaowang, saying: “It’s not too early, let’s start pill concocting.”

“Lian Dan?” Xiao Yan raised his eyes and looked at him curiously: “Ma Dan?”

Qiu Hong was furious and said, “Why are you still cursing people?”

Xiao Yan: “I never scold others.”

Qiu Hong: “Do you mean I am not a person?”

Su Yang slapped him on the shoulder and said, “Well, you are so true. Why did you get on a bar with a star card?”

Qiu Hong felt that he was a little gaffe, coldly snorted, no more words.

Yong Yi flicks with the finger, 2 medicine cauldron emerged, and fell in front of Xiao Yan and Yao Wang.

“This time you refine the medicine pill called Dragon Force pill. After swallowed by this pill, the body swells and is as powerful as a dragon. It is highly effective and durable, making people want to stop.”

With a wave of his robe, two squads fell in front of the two.

“Dragon Force pill? It’s not difficult.”

“Even our professionals may not succeed in refining. Can these two star cards work?”

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