Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 195

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West Saint District!

A woman holding the scroll and moved towards Cave Mansion.

She has a tall figure and her hair is like a cloud, especially the thin waist that can’t be gripped, it exudes a different kind of temptation.

It is Mu Qingluan.

At this moment, a young man with a slightly tall and handsome appearance came over.

His eyes looked towards Mu Qingluan, his eyes softened suddenly, and said: “Qingluan, are you free at night? Autumn is here, the maple leaves are falling, let’s go to Maple to take a look, sit down, how?”

Mu Qingluan Liu Mei frowned a little, then smiled and said, “It turns out to be Xie Yang Young Master. Recently, Qingluan is busy with cultivation. I’m afraid it’s not free at night.”

Hearing Mu Qingluan’s words of refusal, Xie Yang was not angry, but nodded, said with a smile: “Since this is the case, then wait for the next time.”

Instead of stalking, it is gentle and easy going.

Mu Qingluan sighed in his heart. Such a person is even more difficult.

Xie Yang’s eyes flashed, recalling months ago.

That day, he saw Mu Qingluan for the first time, obsessed by the femininity she exudes.

He thought that as the best Senior Brother in the hospital, a little means would make the latter a fangirl.

As an extreme athlete, he is very experienced.

But later, he discovered that he thought too much.

Regardless of how you hum, ask, and show your way, Mu Qingluan has a faint expression and does not show much interest in herself.

Instead, it is himself, faintly has a tendency to lick the dog.

However, this not at all made him give up, such a high mountain flower, but actually inspired his desire to conquer.

“If there is nothing else, then Qingluan will go back first.” Mu Qingluan indifferently said.

Xie Yang’s eyes flickered, and he thought a little, then summoned his courage and said, “Tomorrow is the top four, will you come to see it?”

As one of the top eight, the chief of Vigour Courtyard in the Western Sanctuary. Tomorrow, he will play against the top 8 players in other courtyards under the same sanctuary to fight the top 8.

Mu Qingluan’s bright eyes flashed slightly, and the head of the dragon slightly said, “I will naturally go to the top 4 to watch.”

“Really? That’s really good.” Xie Yang was a little excited, showing a happy face, is this giving himself a chance?

He expressed his expression, and his fighting intent rose in his eyes. Since Goddess personally supervised the war, it must be performed well.

Maybe, because of his talent and experience, he likes him?

Mu Qingluan emerged from the bright eyes, but I sighed in my heart. I will go to the scene to watch the top 4.

But, you may not be watching this one.

The next day.

The morning light swayed down and awakened the silent night of Holy Land.


The ancient bells sounded.

“Hope to go through it again.”

Luo Feng walked out of Cave Mansion and looked up towards grey dawn in the sky, muttering in his mouth.

He didn’t want to stop the semi-finals, and then went to the resurrection game, fighting with other eliminated chickens.

took a deep breath, slowly calming his mind, Luo Feng summon out of the star card, said: “Xiao Yan, get on the horse.”

“This day passes by, and I am a horse raiser.” Xiao Yan whispered, divine sense moved, summon out of Azure Lotus.

Luo Feng just wanted to get started.

“Hey, just leave me alone, go alone?”

A faint voice sounded quietly behind him.

Luo Feng hearing this, also started, looked away, only to see not far behind, with one silhouette.

In the warm morning light, Mu Qingluan in a long skirt, slim and beautiful, on the cheeks, she chuckled and smiled.

That scene was beautifully like a painting.

4 The eyes are opposite, and they are speechless, as if even the air is frozen at the moment.

Mu Qingluan’s long eyelashes flicked lightly, staring at Luo Feng’s face, few spots, and gently smiled, said: “long time no see.”

The voice fell, the smile of lips and lips bloomed, as if the flowers were blooming, and the afterglow was long.

Luo Feng was stunned for a long time before slowly slowly recovering, and then he said abruptly: “long time no see.”

“When did you come? It’s quite far here?” Luo Feng wondered. The East Saint District Shell Courtyard is farthest from the West Saint District Vigour Courtyard, but the furthest distance in the Saint District.

“It’s quite far away.” Mu Qingluan’s tone was faint, and he was aggrieved: “It’s been almost an hour.”

Luo Feng lightly coughed, said: “You can also come yesterday, I am very big here, can live you.”

“Oh?” Mu Qingluan beautiful eyes circulate, charming smile, said: “How big?”

“It’s twice that of the previous Cave Mansion.” Luo Feng explained. He looked at the girl in front of him and said, “Today, are you here to watch my game?”

Mu Qingluan’s head was a little bit, and the voice was bold and authentic: “Can’t you come over to see you without a game?”

“Of course.” Luo Feng grinned at the same time, and the expression was a bit unnatural. After Yu Guangguang swept, he secretly thought, at this point, Empress shouldn’t wake up yet?

“What’s the matter?” Mu Qingluan was so clever and immediately noticed that Luo Feng’s expression was unnatural, and faint smile: “Is there already a little elder sister in my heart, afraid of being misunderstood because of my appearance?”

“If so, Qingluan can leave.”

“I’m Luo Feng walking straight and walking straight. What’s so scary about?” Luo Feng shook the head, expressing his expression, saying: “It’s not too late, let’s hurry to the Holy Land stadium.”

“it is good.”

Mu Qingluan’s rays of light flashed into Qingluan itself.

The beautiful tail feathers, in the morning light, appear to be delicate and pretty.

“Old rules, climb up on your own.”

East Saint District!

Sacred Square!

After 24 hours of incubation, the high-profile top 4 tournament has finally started!

At this time, the field is already full of voices.

In the eyes of many eyes, Luo Feng walked into the square. His robe was like a young master of the world, and the god was like a jade.

But Mu Qingluan silently followed Luo Feng behind him, quietly and peacefully, in front of the water.

“Fuck, who is this girl, why is it so beautiful?”

“I have never heard of such a pretty girl in Dadongsheng District?”

“It looks like the girlfriend of Brother Luoshen, ε=(´ο`*))), and indeed the beauty is only for powerhouse.”

The women in front of them are too amazing, they discuss spiritedly, but they dare not look at them too much, fearing that Luo Feng will be unhappy.

“Wu wu wu, it seems I have no chance.”

A lot of girls are heartbroken. Although they are also very good Heaven’s Proud Daughter, they think that their face is amazing, but in front of Mu Qingluan, they are eclipsed, and they have no qualifications for comparison.

“President, Master.”

Luo Feng came to the audience and bent over to the crowd.

Chu Mancha first slightly, but when she saw Mu Qingluan behind Luo Feng, it was also started.

Mu Qingluan looked at the mentor, who was also a little amazing. The woman in front of her, clothes whiter than snow, untainted by even a speck of dust, was ethereal and dust-free, with a transcendent temperament.

“This is?” Chu Man’s beautiful eyes seem to inadvertently look towards Mu Qingluan, his heart trembles slightly, apparently do not know what is the relationship between his discipline and the girl in a green dress.

“Oh.” Luo Feng laughed, said: “One of my Qingluan friends.”

“I remembered that it was the Qingluan family.” Chu Man was startled, and he slowly recovered slowly, and immediately smiled softly, said: “To come to cheer for Luo Feng today?”

“Come, sit here with me.”

“Thank you tutor.” Mu Qingluan contains said with a smile.

Chu Man gently nodded, said: “I am actually not much older than you, if you don’t mind, just call me Sister Chu Man.”

“All right, Sister Chuman.”

“When did it start?”

“Sister Chu Man, we are really friends.” Mu Qingluan defended with a blush.

“I really like the flowers and grass.” Su Yang’s eyes narrowed. He had long seen it. Luo Feng seemed serious, but he was actually a color embryo.

At this moment, the entire group came over, led by Qiu Hong and Ji Wuqing.

Qiu Hong’s face was dull, and he glanced coldly at Su Yang without saying anything, and found a place to sit down.

In a few moments, referee enters the court and says: “Holy Land 4 top game is now starting. Please invite 2 Star Card masters to enter.”

So, under the eyes of many eyes, Luo Feng and Ji Wuqing entered slowly.

Ji Wuqing expression is light. Although Luo Feng is known to be strong, he still doesn’t have much pressure in his heart.

Previously, in order not to reveal the cards, he decided to keep the strongest deck in the semifinals and finals.

However, before the last Pill Pavilion, Luo Feng struck his face oh la la, which made him change his mind in a rage.

He decided to take out the strongest deck first and defeat Luo Feng to crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

As for the lineup used in the following games, take a step by step.

It’s still early anyway.

And just because he figured it out and took the strongest hand, he was calm and confident about today’s game.

“Luo Shen come on!”

“Relentless big brother cheer!”

“… “

Outside, the cheers of fans sounded.

This is not only the top four, but also the chief battle of the Holy Land. Whoever wins today is the Number One Person in the East Holy Land!

Soon, 2 people walked into the field, with 4 eyes facing each other, as if a pin against an awl, fighting intent rose.

“321, both parties show the star card and enter the preparation stage!”


I saw several pillars of light rising from the sky. The lineup of Luo Feng and Ji Wuqing appeared under many sights.

The first is Luo Feng:

Nezha, Uchiha Pikachu, SpongeBob, Xiao Yan, Elder Tang.

His star card has different thoughts.

Xiao Yan overwhelmed by emotions, debuted for the first time and wanted to become famous in one battle.

Uchiha Pikachu was a little excited, long sparse the battlefield, and made great efforts.

Nezha didn’t have enough time last time, because Luo Feng was pretending to be.

The rays of light ten thousand zhang on the field are the wishes of Star Card master and the dream of star card.

In contrast, SpongeBob and Elder Tang are relatively Buddhist, after all, tool people should be used to it.

Know that you are a pendant + background board.

Of course, Xiao Yan’s body did not appear at all, but directly incarnation a ring, which fell on Luo Feng’s palm.

Looking back at Ji Wuqing:

The first to bear the brunt is the king of medicine.

Luo Feng’s eyes narrowed, really, fighting tiger biological brother, battle father and son soldiers?

Professional pit father Ji Wuqing?

See if I don’t hammer you to death.

Second, the little fishman.

The little murloc looks like a little dolphin walking upright, with ice blue all over, smooth skin, and holding Trident.

The third one, named Divine Tortoise Warrior, holds a stick and looks a bit like the Ninja Divine Tortoise.

The fourth one is named Yangjiaoxian. It looks handsome. With a white robe, it is full of gods and riches, but it has a pair of horns on its head.

The fifth one, divine poise and sagelike features, is outstanding, holding a long sword named Sword Immortal.

Yao Wang 4 swept the next, angrily said: “How about that pretending to be a perpetrator? Why didn’t it appear?”

Angry, very angry.

The last time pill concocting was beaten, it made him very upset.

This time I went on the scene personally, in order to want to bloody abuse Xiao Yan, to get back the lost face.

However, this b person did not come?

Ji Wuqing looked at the next scan but found that Luo Feng still only brought 4 star cards.

“This guy brought another equipment card”

“Are you afraid of Qi Muxue and have a delusion of murder?”

“So counsel?”

Ji Wuqing brows slightly wrinkle, he looked towards Luo Feng’s waist, there is no Huang Emperor’s Belt, so that means he carries other equipment cards.

What will it be?

He was a little uncomfortable. This kind of poisonous snake that was dormant in the dark and waiting for opportunities was more dreadful than the wild beast on the surface.

Ji Wuqing examines Luo Feng’s star card.

SpongeBob and Elder Tang are old tool men.

For Elder Tang, he didn’t want to target. According to the experience of the previous games, only the head iron people would target him.

Of course, it is not targeted, not because of fear, but because it is too well understood.

Although the last hand fell like the sky, which made the world tremble, but he and Qi Muxue replayed the entire game, he has learned the whole story, so he is not too worried.

SpongeBob, a little disgusting, but barely acceptable.

Nezha, developmental order.

Therefore, it must be targeted and targeted to death.

Uchiha Pikachu, melee mage, has no ability after evolution, but Thunder Element attribute It shouldn’t be changed.

“Is there anything new I can’t come up with?” In the eyes of Ji Wuqing, there was a slight contempt, saying: “It seems that Jiang Lang is exhausted.”

In the previous Luo Feng, almost every game, 2 or 3 new star cards could be produced.

This time, except for the unknown star card, the others are familiar faces.

In this case, the target that needs to be targeted is naturally clear.

Elder Tang and SpongeBob are just tools.

The core of this time is Uchiha Pikachu, Nezha, and the equipment card that is dormant in the dark.

And the equipment card has not yet appeared, the target of the blow is clearer: Nezha, Uchiha Pikachu.

Judging from the top 8 games, Nezha is a developmental top laner, so it is necessary to kill it in the bud.

Uchiha Pikachu doesn’t know what it is now, but in a word, he hacks to death without knowing it.

“Our goal is to kill the child and the yellow furred mouse.”

At this moment, referee ordered: “The game begins!”

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