Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 196

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Uchiha Pikachu chopped his feet, and said somewhat sorrowfully: “Do not be a big brother for many years, maybe everyone has forgotten the fear of being dominated by Rinnegan in the past.”

Ji Wuqing looked at Nezha and said, “Kill him first, don’t let him roll the snowball.”

From the last game, he has been able to see that every time a star card is killed on the field, this guy can get a piece of equipment.

Faced with this snowball-style order, the easiest way is to target death at the beginning and kill him in the bud.

Almost at the same time his voice fell, Sword Immortal right hand lifted up, pointing to Nezha, his heart flashing cold glow.

Skill [Sword Tomb] launched!

[Sword Mound]: Limited skill, scene card, Sword Immortal chooses a star card of the enemy and forces it to enter the sword mound together with himself.

call out!

At the next moment, two beams of light rose into the sky, and everyone looked at them, only to see that Nezha and Sword Immortal were all disappeared.

Above them, an independent space appeared.

“En?” Luo Feng brows slightly wrinkle, said: “Skin God, see if you can get in.”


Uchiha Pikachu burst into a sudden, moved towards in the sky that Independent Space rushed up.


However, at the moment when he was about to arrive, it seemed to hit an invisible glass door, and his head was stunned.


Uchiha Pikachu touched his head and was a little angry.

It tried to attack, but still didn’t respond at all, faintly had an invisible enchantment.

“I can not get in.”

Uchiha Pikachu flew back.

“It should be the same thing as the little black house, forcing a head-on duel.” Luo Feng thought secretly, since this is the case, then next, it can only rely on Nezha himself.

“SpongeBob, Split small sponge, learn Uchiha Pikachu’s [Master Ball]!”

“Refresh and learn again!”

Suddenly, two little SpongeBob appeared on the field, and in their hands, they held a round sprite ball.

Luo Feng rubbed his eyebrows and said, “Next, it depends on which of you is more European.”

“Come, throw the ball!”


Uchiha Pikachu and two small SpongeBob’s wrists exerted force, and suddenly three Master balls burst out, traversing a beautiful range in the air, and moved towards the star card opposite.

“what is this?”

Ji Wuqing’s pupils shrank and said, “Stop them.”

Suddenly all the star cards around the star qi surged to form a defense.


At this moment, the rays of light on the Master ball were prosperous, and a huge suction burst out, covering the star card of Ji Wuqing.

One shrouded towards the horned fairy.

One shrouded to the medicine king.

A warrior shrouded to Divine Tortoise.

So, under the eyes of many eyes, 3 star cards were all drawn into the Master ball.

After absorbing 3 star cards, 3 Master balls rolled around on the ground with red light flashing in the middle.

When red light turns into green light, it means that the star card is accepted.

Many viewers looked at each other in blank dismay, unconsciously, never seen this skill.

“I am Luck Emperor, it must be.” Luo Feng’s eyes closed slightly and he secretly prayed.


In the next moment, the rays of light on the Master ball were great, and 3 star cards were all freed!

“Wdnmd, one was unsuccessful?!” Luo Feng’s eyes were split, and his eyes were blind. Isn’t he Luck Emperor?

Last time Nezha only had a 10% chance of solving the Flame Dragon warrior with one punch.

Now, every Master ball has a 30% probability, but it all fails? !

Angry, very angry.

Sword mound.

In front of Nezha’s eyes, the rays of light flashed, and the scene around him suddenly changed. The teammates were already disappeared. In front, there was a stone gate.

“This is where?”

Nezha was curious and looked away. I saw the stone gate, lingering with a faint mist, and vaguely, there was a bluestone path faintly, I don’t know where to go.

“Fancy bells and whistles, what is this about?”

Nezha brows slightly wrinkle, without any hesitation, walked into the stone gate, facing the fog, and walked forward.

Walking, the mist disappeared, and the field of vision suddenly widened.

It was a huge square with a huge tai chi drawn on it. The tai chi turned slowly and contained endless mysteries.

In the middle of the square is a sword mound, filled with star swords of various shapes, sharp and dazzling.

Among the many swords, all the stars cup themselves around the moon are surrounded by a giant sword. The sword is carved with ancient and complicated lines, and it is filled with vast air, as if it originated from the ancient Great Desolate. Palpitations.

In front of the sword mound, there is a silhouette, facing him at the moment.

divine poise and sagelike features, outstanding.

It is Sword Immortal.

“Who pretends to be here?” Nezha put his hands in his pants, tilting his head, and looked at him locally.

Hearing this, Sword Immortal slowly turned around, his eyes drooping, extending the hand, gently rubbing the star sword in his hand, and said: “Since you are here, then borrow your first, try me Sword or not!”

Nezha’s eyes narrowed and said, “Want to bully the child?”

call out!

At the next moment, Star qi surging on the bottom of Nezha’s feet rushed out of the body, rushing towards Sword Immortal with lightning.

call out!

At this moment, a sword of Dragon Mark’s green body was firmly inserted in front of Sword Immortal.

He was surrounded by the seemingly absent sword energy, and gathered into a deep blue circle within ten feet of the square.

If Sword Immortal has a star-and-moon glow above his head, the sword energy rises, as if there is a scene of fireworks.

The next moment, the dark blue area within a ten-foot radius, suddenly formed a shield, protecting him tightly in it.

The pale blue aperture is as deep as the vast void.

Everyone looked at it and suddenly felt an inexplicable sense of security, as if the strongest offensive in the world could not be cracked.


Nezha right hand clenched his fist, wrapped around Star qi, with fierce force, fiercely hit the shield.

However, the shield did not even tremble.

“How is it possible?” Nezha’s eyes widened, his Innate Divine Strength, this fist was enough to split the mountain and crack the stone, and he could not hammer Sword Immortal’s shield?

“Act recklessly.” Sword Immortal sneered, waving his sleeve robe immediately.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!…

I saw countless star swords among the sword mounds, all trembling at the moment.

sword light flashes, swordsmanship.

call out!

In the next moment, countless stars sword edge came out of the sheath, came out of the mound, rose into the sky, like a thunder, and went straight to Nezha.

Nezha complexion slightly changed, his body moved, dodge continuously, avoiding Overflowing Heaven Sword Peak.

However, there are too many swords in the sword mound.

Xiu xiu xiu!

The star sword smashed into the face, Nezha complexion slightly changed, and soon fell into a decline.

He wasn’t too strong in the early days, but now he is kept in this small black room and isolated from his teammates. The situation is not good.

Everyone looked at each other, looked at each other in blank dismay. At the moment, Nezha, in this sword mound, could not break Sword Immortal’s defense, so he only got beaten.

“Get ready to die.”

Sword Immortal saw contempt in his eyes. He looked towards the sword mound, staring at the giant sword in the middle like a king, his hands were close together, and the knot was struck with lightning.

The Star qi of Heaven and Earth swords come together and continuously rush to the sword mound.

The giant sword entangled with iron chains was shaking madly at this time, and the sword light radiated out like an endless sword gang, making the scalp numb.

A terrifying aura emanated from the giant sword, as if it were a trapped beast in a cage, about to break out of it.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!…

All the star swords in the sword mound were trembling madly at this time, and the blades pointed towards the middle giant sword, as if to see the emperor’s courtier.


At the next moment, the chain of chains shattered, and the giant sword broke out of the earth, rushing towards the sky,

That touch of sword light seemed to have cut the sky.

Divine Sword was born, and it was terrifying.

Nezha lifts the head, and looked at Divine Sword with dignified eyes, a moment of unspeakable uneasiness, rise in the mind at this moment.

call out!

In the next moment, Divine Sword came straight to Nezha.

Divine Sword crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, unstoppable, and then in countless horror eyes, fiercely to Nezha.

Between Heaven and Earth, countless lines of sight voted.

After a brief stalemate.


The next moment, Divine Sword burst, and the terrifying shock wave raged away.

In a few moments, the smoke and dust dissipated.

Everyone’s eyes are on,

There is no silhouette of Nezha.

4 Everyone was shocked, and there was an uproar, everyone was shocked, Nezha, was the first to be second?

They will never forget that the last time they started, they killed the Dragon Dragon fighters at the fastest speed.

Now, the child who shocked the world, was the first to be out of the top 4? !

“Come out and get back sooner or later.” Qi Muxue breathed out a long breath, glancing at the snake-like eyes in her beautiful eyes.

At the same time, the hearts of all Star Card masters in Shell Courtyard are all grabbed.

A late star card was spiked at the start, and the situation was not good.

Luo Feng’s eyes are slightly condensed. This Ji Wuqing is a bit of something.

This is the first time in his career that he has been robbed by opponents.

After Nezha was seconds, the sword mound burst, and Sword Immortal with divine poise and sagelike features returned to Ji Wuqing.

“Luo Shen?merely this.” Ji Wuqing’s eyes showed a slight contempt, and expression immediately condensed, said: “Full shot, kill the yellow furred mouse!”

call out!

With his voice falling, all star cards, like crazy dogs, rushed towards Uchiha Pikachu.

Elder Tang launched the skill [Taunt] and stopped one.

SpongeBob incarnation [Navy General], stopped one.

The remaining three are unstoppable and come straight to Uchiha Pikachu.

Looking at the three star cards of the aggressive, Uchiha Pikachu’s small eyes showed great panic.

Although it is already a gold tycoon, it’s not the same as it used to be, so I can come with three at once. Who can stand it?

Just when it did not know what to do, a pitch-black as ink ring appeared quietly, floating in front of it.

A familiar voice, accompanied by a temptation, came from it.

“Brother, can’t you buy it?”

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