Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 197

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On the court, there was a sigh.

Looking at Nezha, who was taken away by a wave and directly killed, many Star Card masters’ belief in Luo Feng has collapsed.

Because Luo Feng has never lost, it almost becomes a magic spell, which makes people have an inertial thinking:

That is, no matter how strong the opponent is, he can win.

Don’t ask, asking is the rule.

Despite the fact that the situation on the court changes rapidly by 10000, no one knows what will happen in the next second.

In the previous game, Luo Feng had only 2 star cards killed in total. At the same time, in all game records, he won the blood rate is 100%.

This is also a magic spell, it will make people feel that according to the law, this time he took the blood.

But this curse is broken today.

This can’t help but make people think secretly and fall into suspicion. Since a blood curse can be broken, then will the curse of the first defeat also be broken?

Even more how, Luo Feng’s star card is short of people, 4 to 5, so the death of any star card is extremely fatal.

Now, 3 star cards are coming straight to Uchiha Pikachu. The audience wonders how a trifling yellow furred mouse can resist the attack of 3 cards!

The situation has collapsed!

“Dare to bring the equipment card again, who will give you confidence?” Qi Muxue looked at this scene, and he felt happy for a while.

In fact, she was a little unwilling in her heart. It is normal for the scene to collapse easily on the premise that the other party brings an equipment card.

In the top eight, she could have taken out such an effect, but it was absolutely didn’t expect. At the beginning, Nezha directly sent the Flame Dragon fighters to the road with a punch, leaving her without a numerical advantage.

Today, there is one star card missing from Luo Feng scene, and now one has been taken away by Ji Wuqing, which is already on the verge of bloodshed!

As long as Uchiha Pikachu kneels again, this can mean that Luo Feng is gone.

The skin god is likely to kneel, because at the moment, there are 3 star cards on the opposite side besieging him!

“I went to Luo Feng this one is gone!”

“Luo Feng lost, and his youth is over.”

“Huh, it was so powerful before, and it really didn’t work as soon as it reached a critical moment.”

“Luo Feng is too young after all.”

A lot of whispers sounded, some mocked, some were upset, some were taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune, some were a matter of no concern to oneself.

On the field, the situation is clear:

Elder Tang vs Medicine King.

SpongeBob vsSword Immortal.

Uchiha Pikachu vs Goathorn, Divine Tortoise Warrior, Little Murloc.

Everyone is sighed, facing three big men, yellow furred mouse takes the lead?

Luo Feng’s eyes were slightly condensed, and he thought highly of Ji Wuqing. He deserved to be a top 8 player. One said that Ji Wuqing’s thoughts on play are very clear.

In the alternative, he will definitely give priority to Nezha.

It’s just a pity that Nezha brought the resurrection armor.


At this moment, on the field, a beam of light rose into the sky.

Through the beam of light, a lotus flower can be seen vaguely, and the lotus flower is as clean as jade and contains a bud to be released.

Under the eyes of many eyes, the lotus bloomed, the petals moved towards 4 diffused, and a familiar silhouette appeared.

At the moment, Nezha, the whole body shone with gleaming jade, just like a child from heaven.

“Didn’t expect?” Nezha put his hands in his crotch, and Hanger Lang said locally, “I’m back!”

Ji Wuqing: “?”

His eyes narrowed, and he thought for a long time, then this suddenly realized.

It turned out that Luo Feng’s resurrection armor was Nezha’s skill.

I thought it was the emperor’s armor!

After all, Luo Feng said that he was wearing a resurrection armor.

Well, since it makes people subconsciously think that this is one of the skills of the emperor’s armor!

Now, this skill is actually Nezha’s?

“It may not be Nezha’s, it may be that the secret equipment card is working hard.”

“And Nezha is a late star card. If there is an equipment card, it must be placed on Nezha to protect him.”

“This resurrection is a limited technique, and Jianzuo is also a limited technique. Changing a limited technique to a limited technique is not too bad.”

For a time, Ji Wuqing was a bit messy, and his thoughts were gradually becoming diminished.

“Do I still need to continue to target the kid?” Sword Immortal resented that there was no wave to take Nezha away, which made it very uncomfortable.

“How to target?” Ji Wuqing shook the head, said: “Your limited skills have been used, but unfortunately still not killed, it is not possible at the moment, only to fight back and forth and find a wave of opportunities.”

“And no accident, the equipment card should be on him, we want to arrest him, it is not so easy.”

Ji Wuqing’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he thought for a moment, saying, “That Nezha is a Fire Attribute star card. The little mermaid, you have a relationship with his attribute, so it’s yours.”

“Ceroxus, Divine Tortoise warrior, you go to deal with that yellow furred mouse and kill it as fast as possible.”

He has a clear idea and knows how Qi Muxue lost last time, so today’s game will not repeat the same mistakes and let history repeat itself.

So, the little mermaid held Trident and rushed towards Nezha.

call out!

Flame Point Spear dropping from the sky, burning flames all over the body, falling into Nezha’s hands.

Luo Feng’s mouth slightly raised, it seems to be limited skills and limited skills, in fact, he made a lot of money.

On the one hand, Nezha has an extra piece of equipment, which is 10000 miles from the incarnation witch, and finally took the 1st step.

On the other hand, Xiao Yan’s Plundering Emperor has been able to steal the 50% Star qi value of the target and can play at any time to give a blow to the party.

But Luo Feng did not mean to let him play for the time being, but wanted him to silently stack.

Stacked to 100%, you can completely abolish the Star qi value of a star card.

Stacking to 200%, you can discard 2 pieces.

Although such a hard-core hole card, although there are no restrictions to play, but must appear at the most critical moment, so as to finalize.


“I’m ready, I will jump right in front of you, be careful!”

At this moment, the little murloc jumped, as if stepping on a spring, his body flew out instantly, and went straight to Nezha.

And that Trident, surrounded by ice blue water flow, with a fierce breath, looked extremely fierce.

It restrains Nezha, even more how realm is stronger than the latter, so this halberd is fierce and abnormal.

However, in the face of such a fierce blow, Nezha was unafraid and rushed out, Flame Point Spear brushing from the ground in his hand, bringing a spark.

“Is this kid so old? Isn’t it a late star card?”

“Yeah, the attribute is relatively good, the realm is poor, and it is still in the late stage. The early stage is so reckless, are you afraid that you will not give your opponent a chance?”

Nezha expression, he naturally knows that the resurrection armor is gone, and that it is a late star card, so the next step is to be sound, move everything, and think before you act.

After all, only when he develops well can he shine in the later period.

However, if you develop well, you can win. If the other side is not well developed, is it not a double development?


So, under the eyes of many eyes, Nezha long spear burst out and collided with the Trident of the Murloc.

metal collision, spark 4 splash.

But almost at the same time as the sound fell, everyone saw a silhouette shot backwards, the fins stepping on the ground one after another, backing dozens of steps, which barely stabilized the body.

Awesome is the little fish!


After another cry of exclamation sounded, the little fishman was just Nezha?

The little fisherman shook his arm, and there was a pain in the numbness. He looked at Nezha in shock. This guy’s strength is too great?

“Little Murloc, you are a melee mage. Since you can’t fight close, you don’t have to die.” Ji Wuqing expression said lightly: “With your Water Attribute skills, you can consume from a long distance.”

“Okay.” The little fishman was nodded, his mouth opened, and Star qi surged into a fierce water column, bursting out.

Nezha blinked, didn’t do the slightest defense, but just watched quietly.


The water column shot and enveloped Nezha. However, what shocked everyone was that, in the face of this fierce blow by the attribute, Nezha didn’t even feel uncomfortable!

“It’s comfortable.” Nezha touched his wet hair and let out a long breath, unmatched. He ticked his finger at the little murloc and said, “Come on, shoot again.”

“You… aren’t you Fire Attribute star card?!” The little murloc was shocked, unable to fight in close combat, and harmless at long range. What the hell is this kid? !

“This is about asking your good teammate Sword Immortal.” Nezha grinned at it.

If he is not dead, Nezha of physical body and mortal flesh is naturally afraid of Fire Attribute star card.

However, since its rebirth, it is now completely transformed by lotus root. In the face of Water Attribute star card, why not?

Ji Wuqing’s eyes flickered, and there was a little restlessness in his heart. Was it really wrong to start the decision against Nezha?

Luo Feng’s heart was dark, Nezha died once, not only let Plundering Emperor save blue, Nezha got Flame Point Spear, but also let him incarnation lotus root body, not afraid of Water Element star card.

This wave, blood earning!

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, so, 2 poles reversed?

After the killing of Nezha, Luo Feng was already on the verge of a crash. In contrast, Ji Wuqing had a near crushing advantage.

But, with the resurrection of Nezha, and without fear of the little murloc, his advantage is rapidly shrinking.

So, everyone’s eyes are turned to the skin god battlefield.

Here, the zodiac and Divine Tortoise Warrior 2 pack one, Ji Wuqing is still in a crushing advantage.

It depends on this cute yellow furred mouse. Can he hold the pressure and wait for his teammates to free his hand to help it.

“Pika pika!”


After buying Xiao Yan’s plug-in, Uchiha Pikachu’s imposing manner climbed up.

It holds a thunderclap sword in his hand, and looks at the horned fairy and Divine Tortoise warrior with fierce eyes, without fear.

“Only two of them came to catch me? Look down on who!”

Uchiha Pikachu’s eyes narrowed slightly, his claws closed, and he slowly said: “Chibaku Tensei.”

I saw Star qi surging, a small black ball, slowly flying out of his palms, rising into the sky, and then suspended in the void.

Under the sunlight, the black ball is extremely eye-catching.

Hong long long …

The earth trembles violently, countless gravel splits, and soars into the sky, moved towards the small ball and burst away.

Bang peng ~ peng ~!

The sky-rockets attached to the black ball and merged into a huge dangling meteorite.

The Divine Tortoise warrior looked up, looking at the dangling meteorite curiously, unconsciously.

call out!

However, at this moment, a terrifying suction exploded from the dangling meteorite, moved towards it and enveloped it.

The Divine Tortoise warrior’s face changed suddenly, and he wanted to incarnation the body and retracted into the turtle shell. However, the suction was too horrible, almost in the next second, its body was uncontrollably leaving the ground and floating up.

“This… this is what the hell stuff?”

The Divine Tortoise warrior was so scared that he couldn’t keep his house. There was endless fear in his eyes. He climbed out and roared, but at the moment it seemed incompetent and furious.

So, under the eyes of many suspicious eyes, the Divine Tortoise warrior was dragged by the dangling meteorite and was finally absorbed on its surface.

Hong long long …

On the surface, more and more rocks rise up, layer by layer covering Six Tails Demon fox, densely packed, endless.

Many eyes cast, and I saw the meteorite standing in the sky, looking from a distance, like a super-pocket planet.

Therefore, the Divine Tortoise warrior was sealed by Uchiha Pikachu before his shot!

【Chibaku Tensei 】: Uchiha Pikachu manipulates the earth’s earth and turns it into a planet, causing damage to the designated star card and sealing it for 3 minutes.

Ji Wuqing’s pupils shrank because he suddenly discovered that he had lost contact with Divine Tortoise.

“Won’t be permanently sealed?”

Ji Wuqing complexion slightly changed, he looked towards Uchiha Pikachu, and then discovered that the Star qi value of the latter, not at all, decreased too much.

“It doesn’t seem to be a limited technique.” He relaxed, not a limited technique, that means it’s not a permanent seal.

But when will it be?

Originally, I wanted to rely on 2 hits, and quickly came to an end to Uchiha Pikachu. As a result, Uchiha Pikachu didn’t panic. First seal one?

“Relax, trifling is just a mouse, I can kill alone.”

Xieju Xieju looked down at Uchiha Pikachu with a slight mockery in his eyes.

“Look at me to suppress you!”


The star qi around the horned celestial body suddenly violently rose like a crimson storm, sweeping around its body, an amazing imposing manner erupted from its within the body.

Crimson Star qi surging, turned into a huge round of light, between the vibrations, exuding the power of terrifying.

Fiery and violent fluctuations emanated, causing the surrounding temperature to rise rapidly at the moment.

Buzz …

The huge red light wheel seemed to shake a little, and the next moment, it completely disappeared.

No, it’s not disappearing, but it’s too fast, so naked eye can’t detect it, everyone can only see it, and a flash of light flashed away.

The red light glanced across the sky, and the eyes in Uchiha Pikachu continued to magnify. The air seemed to be ignited, giving off a burning smell.

However, it has been unavoidable.


So under the eyes of many eyes, the huge red wheel fell on the skin god and burst suddenly.

The terrifying shock wave raged on.

“This time? Should I be seriously injured?” Yang Xianxian’s eyes narrowed, and the skin god did not evade.

“Pika pika?”

However, at this moment, a cold voice came from behind him.

Hearing this voice, the pupil of Yangjiaoxian shrunk, and the chill rose behind him. When did this guy run behind him? !

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