Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 198

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Responding to it is a sword wrapped around Thunder!


A sword pierced from the back, the sheep horn fairy’s face was pale, and he sighed, spit blood!

Suddenly, the sheep horn fairy flew out, embarrassed.

Luo Feng watched quietly, and the evolved Uchiha Pikachu should not be too clever.

The skill description says that it can exchange positions with any target that its naked eye can reach.

According to the test before the game, Luo Feng found that the target of Uchiha Form Displacement Shadow even included air.

It sounds nonsense, but it is reasonable to think about it. In the seemingly empty air, it actually contains a lot of fine materials such as dust.

Although naked eye is difficult to distinguish at all, Uchiha Pikachu’s eyes are not ordinary eyes, but Rinnegan.

It just exchanged positions with the air, and then appeared behind the horned fairy with a thunderous thunder.

In fact, if it is more ruthless, Uchiha Pikachu can even directly exchange positions with the horned celestial beings, so that its red light giant wheel hits his face.

However, Luo Feng feels that if this is done, Ji Wuqing will understand Uchiha Pikachu’s teleportation mechanism, and there will inevitably be some precautions behind it.

Therefore, it is not necessary to do so. It is not too late to wait for the horned fairy to release more powerful skills.

Moreover, after verification, this skill has cd.

Therefore, infinite teleportation cannot be achieved. If so, the other party will not have to play.

The horned fox breathed heavily, slowly slowly recovers, and stared at Uchiha Pikachu gloomyly, saying: “How powerful is it that you can only sneak attack?”

“Pika pika!” Uchiha Pikachu was irritated, fighting intent rising in his eyes.

call out!

It burst out of the body, lightning flashed, it appeared in front of the horn horn fairy, the thunderclap sword jittered, and turned into a red sky, hiding the sky and covering the earth like the latter.

The horned celestial girl endured the severe pain in his back. He gently grasped the palm and a crimson whip appeared in the palm of his hand.

It wielded a long whip, dispelling the skin god’s sword shadow offensive, and then threw it with a fierce force towards the latter.

The skin god was agile, and the snakeskin was in position to avoid the offensive of the horned fairy. At the same time, the sword emerged like a dragon, and spurted crazy against the key point of the horned fairy.

peng ~ peng ~!

As a result, the two began to shake hard positively, Star qi urged to the extreme, fierce offensive, and continued to fight.

At the same time, the little mermaid held Trident and quickly pulled away from Nezha, breathing heavily.

In the face of Nezha, it can’t stand it.

This guy, strong as an ox, is in close combat with it, and he can’t take advantage of it at all.

Remote, your regular Water Attribute skills don’t seem to have much effect on it.

It pondered a little, and then discovered that the core reason why it was suppressed was the terrain advantage.

What is it?


Since it is a fish, you should fight in the sea!

Without water, in the face of Nezha of Fire Attribute, he was afraid that he would not become a grilled fish.

However, this is flat land, how to make a lake?

It lowered its head, and then discovered that under the influence of Uchiha Pikachu Chibaku Tensei, the ground collapsed, and the flat ground at the foot turned into a huge pit of one by one.

“This earth crack is too timely!” The little murloc looked towards Uchiha Pikachu, gave it a thumbs up, and then single-handedly spoke mutter incantations.


I saw a torrent of river water coming from the sky, flying down, moved towards the huge crater, and quickly turned the huge pit into a lake!

Nezha stood quietly on the lake.

The little fisherman rushed into the lake.

Nezha frowned. As the little murloc entered the lake, he concealed his figure.


At this moment, the little fishman divine sense moved, Star qi surging around him, turned into a shark about several feet, jumped out of the lake, moved towards Nezha flew away.

So, under the watch of countless lines of sight, the shark opened its huge mouth and whistled at Nezha, trying to devour him.

Nezha’s eyelids lifted slightly, and in her heart, the silhouette of the shark gradually enlarged.


In the next moment, the shark transformed by Star qi suddenly interweaves with Nezha, then bursts into a monstrous water column!

This column of water devoured Nezha’s figure, and at the same time, shielded his vision.

“It’s now!”

The little murloc jumped out of the water and jumped out of the water, like a big sun, falling from the top of Nezha’s head, and then holding Trident with both hands and heading it off!

Not far away, the medicine king, who was fighting Elder Tang, waved his sleeve gown and burst into a green light, blending into Trident.

Suddenly, Trident’s power was increased, and the imposing manner became more fierce.

Nezha’s eyes narrowed, and Flame Point Spear was raised in his hand to resist Trident.

His complexion slightly changed, this weak little murloc, actually burst out with such strong power?

Trident and Flame Point Spear are fighting against each other.

It should be about the same.

However, Nezha’s feet are not the earth, but the lake, so under Trident’s gravity, his figure keeps sinking.

He lowered his head, and then found that there was a fierce water monster underwater, and the beast pupil looked at him coldly.

like a wait for him to go into the water, he will swallow it.

“What is this, terrifying…” Nezha was a little scared. Although he was not afraid of going into the water, it did not mean that he was not afraid of water monsters.

Nezha was very angry, and the tantrum came up at once. He looked at Uchiha Pikachu and said, “What is Chibaku Tensei?”

If the Pishen did not release Chibaku Tensei, the earth’s mass would not rise up, no potholes would be formed, and no lake would be formed.

If there is no lake, he will not be so passive.

Bang peng ~ peng ~!

With the little fishman in the lake, it is really like a fish back in water, not only the figure is flexible, but also the power is greatly increased.

Nezha was a little depressed. He came to get blood from someone, but now he is being bullied by the little fishman.

“What about Bansho Ten’in? Quickly suck this fish away, give me a breathing time, and let me fight him in a place without a lake, will it?”

He knew that the lake was the home of the little fishman, and he fought against it on the lake, and he was only beaten.

However, because Nezha has no teleportation skills, he can’t quickly pull away the distance, so he is stuck by the little murloc and can’t get away.

I heard Nezha’s words full of medicinal smell of fire, Uchiha Pikachu suddenly burst into hair, saying: “I owe you?”

“You didn’t make this terrain?” Nezha: “I’ll ask you first, what do you mean by Chibaku Tensei?”

“What rhythm is blind? Pit.”

Uchiha Pikachu: “2 hits one, how do I hit one without the seal?”

“I don’t pay attention to walking, I have to stand on the lake, who blames?”

“Help you, don’t c, and explode without helping you.”

“No one wants to gank you when I think about it. I don’t even need to send a blood first. Now, 1v1 still can’t do it. Who is the pit?”

Nezha’s face was dark, and he said, “Well, let’s cook, will you help me catch it, will it?”

Uchiha Pikachu: “As everyone knows, help the good and not the bad, you should resist the pressure, I c.”

Audience: “…”

Mess. Mess.

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, this is still arguing?

Star card When communicating tactics, in order to avoid opponents hearing, they will communicate through divine sense.

But when talking about rumors, there is no such scruples, and they will call it out directly.

It was only because of the shouting that it was so exciting.

Elder Tang sighed, said: “Hold on, we can win.”

SpongeBob: “Don’t quarrel, it’s your baby’s fault. If you want to scold, just scold your baby!”

Audience: “…”

At this moment, Chibaku Tensei in the sky burst into smoke.

“It’s finally out.”

Divine Tortoise warrior relaxed, looked towards Uchiha Pikachu, his heart was angry.

“Dare to seal me, prepare to face the wrath of Divine Tortoise!”

He looked towards Goat Horn Fairy and said, “Are you ready? I’m here to catch someone!”

Yang Jiaoxian: “Prepare for a fart, hang up for 3 minutes at the start? Have teammates like you?”

Divine Tortoise Warrior: “What can I do? Blame me.”

“What’s the noise?” Ji Wuqing coldly shouted, interrupting the quarrel between the two, said: “Divine Tortoise warrior, Dragon Tortoise bondage, use heavy mud, limit the speed of yellow furred mouse.”

“Corn Horn Fairy, prepare for the big move and fight for a wave of yellow furred mouse!”

“Two, please, can you find the rhythm again? It depends on this wave!”

Divine Tortoise warrior is nodded, with a palm grip, a mud irrigation appears in his hand, and the mud irrigation seems to be covered with mysterious lines.

It poured mud from his hands, and suddenly a deep yellow mud burst out, shrouded towards Uchiha Pikachu, and fell on its body.

As soon as the mud touched Uchiha Pikachu’s body, it quickly solidified, and its speed was instantly suppressed.

“Let him die while he is sick!”


A deep voice rang from the mouth of the horned fairy.

Its mouth bulged to the extreme, and suddenly opened, the next moment, only to see Grandiose’s Star qi torrent, roaring out, intertwined and converged, turned into a giant sheep.

The giant sheep is like mysterious but fierce from the ancient Great Desolate.

The cold eyes of the giant sheep locked Uchiha Pikachu, and at the same time, the giant mouth opened and screamed in the sky, sending out the roar of Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering cry:



The sound fell, the giant sheep roared out, 4 limbs stepped into the void, the speed was as fast as thunder, imposing manner was fierce and fierce, and went straight to Uchiha Pikachu.

Looking at the giant sheep coming from Aggressive, Uchiha Pikachu’s face is also slightly condensed. Although he knows that the horned fairy is not ordinary, this offensive is still unexpected.

“Yellow furred mouse, you’re dead!” Divine Tortoise sneered with a sneer, and the stick in his hand slowly raised above his head.


The rays of light on the stick were greatly prospered, rapidly growing at the speed of naked eye, spread to several ten zhang, and then with a fierce force, relentlessly hit Uchiha Pikachu bound by heavy mud.

“This is bad, yellow furred mouse, dangerous!”

“Yeah, he is a mage himself. Now that his body is charged, how can he stop the next 2 cards’ joint attack?”

“That kid is at a disadvantage today. If the yellow furred mouse is hit hard or even killed alone, then the situation may be reversed again.”

“It’s awesome, it is worthy of the semifinals. It’s thrilling to watch.”

The sound of one after another sounded, everyone was sweating for Uchiha Pikachu. Faced with this situation, how would it break?

Hong long long …

The ancient giant sheep stepped on the shatter void and ran out.

The long stick of the god stick warrior roared down.

Uchiha Pikachu raised his eyes, and in his small eyes, 2 fierce offensives were about to face.

Its gaze turned to the zodiac.

“What do you want to see? Do you still want me to let you go?” Yang Xian Xian laughed.

However, at this moment, the rays of light flashed before it.


The horned celestial being was a little ignorant. For a moment, he didn’t understand what was happening, only to feel a fierce imposing manner assaults the senses.

It lifts the head, and then was shocked to find that a huge sheep rushed towards it!

At the same time, there is a fierce stick in an imposing manner!

In the eyes of the sheep horn fairy, there was a deep horror, saying: “This, this…”

He glanced at the light, only to see where he was originally, Uchiha Pikachu stuck his tongue out and made a grimace at it: “Slightly.”

“How… how is it possible?” The eyes of the horned horn suddenly widened, climbing out with endless fear. How strong is this move formidable power, but it is clearer than anyone else!

“Why are you?” The Divine Tortoise warrior was horrified, and then the stick that was smashed with 1000 Jun’s strength could not be recovered!

Can only thick burial friends!


The crimson giant sheep and the long stick hit the head, and the explosion of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering sounded.

Hong long long !

At this moment, the melt raged.

Soon, a black silhouette Self-destruction burst out of the center of the bomb and hit the ground heavily, like a green onion, inserted backwards on the ground.

Inside and outside the arena, this moment was silent.

Countless line of sight, gradually expanding at this moment, the atmosphere instantly solidified.

No one thought that the battle was reversed so fast.

Zombie Fairy and Divine Tortoise Warrior 2 Pack one, the skin god is still bound, thought that the reversal is coming, but, who can think that Uchiha Pikachu actually changed something rotten into something magical, let the Zombie Fairy attack, fell on Off yourself?

“??? I beat myself?”

“2 Grab a teammate and die?”

“Hahaha, it turned out to be a friendly army. My 40 zhang sticks can’t be collected anymore, so I can only be buried…”

Ji Wuqing’s complexion was unsightly at the moment, and this wave almost burst his mind.

At this moment, the horned celestial body is covered with bruises and black spots. The scent of mutton flew out, lingering in the air, and drifting around the small mouth that everyone longed for.

Elder Tang swallowed and said, “Hungry.”

“Warrior Divine Tortoise, protect the horned fox, medicine king…Daddy, don’t worry about that monk, go back to the horned horn.”

The Divine Tortoise warrior Star qi surged around him, turning into a huge light mask, enveloping the breath-taking sheep horn fairy.

The Medicine King abandoned Elder Tang, Star qi surging on the soles of his feet, and went straight to the sheep horn.

Uchiha Pikachu stared at the horned fairy in the light mask, the little black bean eyes, and twirled and turned, all of which were already blood, it was a bit uncomfortable not to harvest it directly.

It leans its head, secretly thinking, its own big move, hundred thousand volts, can it break the enchantment of Divine Tortoise warriors?

And at this moment, the King of Medicine roared.

Uchiha Pikachu stared at it, thinking for a moment and thinking about it.


With a small claw wave, a mediocre Master ball, throwing hopelessly at the medicine king.

call out!

A huge suction, exploded from the elf ball, shrouded towards the medicine king.

The medicine king was too late to resist, and suddenly his body became a stream of light, which merged into the master ball.

Boom, buzz…

The red light in the middle of the Master’s ball starts to blink.


After flashing a few times, the red light suddenly turned green.

Luo Feng’s heart burst into joy, and he succeeded!

But think about it, it is also reasonable, the skin god is now Xiao Yan possessed, open hanging state, then all the skills of the formidable power will naturally skyrocket with it.

The master ball as a probabilistic skill, the natural improvement is the probability.

The opportunity to capture is naturally great.

“calm down.”

Soon, Luo Feng calmed down, his face full of sorrows, and Ji Wuqing did not yet know the mechanism of the master ball, so he could not make him aware of it.


At the next moment, the Master ball opens and the Medicine King appears again.

Ji Wuqing stared at the medicine king, brows slightly wrinkle.

According to his inference, this ball should also be something that can be temporarily sealed.

However, it seems to be a probabilistic skill.

After all, the three Master balls thrown by Luo Feng star card at the start all failed.

If successful, the star card will be kept in the ball all the time.

If it fails, the star card will break free from the ball.

Now, the medicine king slips out of the ball, which shows that the capture of the Master ball has failed again.

He glanced at Luo Feng indifferently, but he saw Luo Feng brows slightly wrinkle, his face pale.

“It really seems to have failed.”

Ji Wuqing smirks in his heart, where the courage of nigga, carrying probabilistic skills?

So, under the eyes of many eyes, the medicine king ran out of the master ball and moved towards Divine Tortoise.

At the indestructible boundary, a door was opened for the drug king.

Ji Wuqing’s eyes flickered, and since things had already happened, it would be pointless to go entangled again. Right now, I can only hope that the drug Royal General Yang Jiao Xian will come back to the milk and stop the loss.

The sheep horn spit blood and looked at the medicine king with pity, said: “Quick, I…I want… to eat Dan.”

“Relax, I will make me happy.” Yao Wang smiled, palm qi surged, and several medicine pill appeared in the palm.

At the same time, he squatted down halfway, opened the mouth of the zodiac, and stuffed a handful of medicine pill into it.

There was a touch of emotion in the eyes of Yang Jiaoxian, and the feeling of being taken care of by his teammates was really comfortable.

“Thank you, it’s nice to have you.” Immortal dao.

Yao Wang smiled and said, “You will feel happy right away.”

The horned horn casts a grateful glance, but at this moment, it feels that the inside suddenly heats up, like a Fire Dragon, flowing continuously in 4 limbs.

Wherever Fire Dragon is, the muscle cells within the body, etc., are actually corroded!

At the same time, it is one of the few bloodlines that disappeared quickly, and it is about to be cleared!


The horned celestial eyes blushed, covering the abdomen, looking at the medicine king with horror, and said, “You, what did you give me?”

“Don’t you mean to make me happy? Why am I suffering so much now?!”

Yaowang looked at it suspiciously and said, “Yes, I am sending you to Western Bliss world to make you feel the ultimate happiness!”

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