Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 199

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“You, what did you give me?”

The sheep horn fairy’s eyes were stagnant, and before he heard the answer of the medicine king, his body burst suddenly and turned into a soot.

Audience: “?”

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, unconsciously, watching this scene in disbelief.

This medicine king eagerly ran over, not only did not have milk goat horn fairy, but a set of skills took him away? !

Divine Tortoise warriors are confused, do you mean to lead a wolf into the room?

“Daddy, what are you doing?”

Ji Wuqing’s complexion changed suddenly, his heart turned over, and this situation left him a little unexpected!

Yao Wang smiled at him and said, “How do you know that I am your father?”

“You!” Ji Wuqing was irritated, an inexplicable anxiety rise in the mind, he stared at the Master ball, and then he realized that his father was probably controlled by Luo Feng…

Unusual Master Ball?

Yao Wang’s sleeve robe waved, and he saw Luo Feng’s star card.

HP began to reply slowly.

SpongeBob: “It turns out that this is my dad ε=(´ο`*)))!”

Uchiha Pikachu: “Σ(⊙▽⊙”a Is this the legendary reverse poison milk?”

But why do you feel so refreshing…

Explode, completely explode!

Outside the stadium, there was a clamor of sounding one after another.

Originally, the previous 2 pack one, everyone thinks that Ji Wuqing’s rhythm point is coming.

However, who would have thought that under the previous wave of Uchiha Pikachu’s operation, the horned fairy was not only beaten by himself, but was even put to death by his teammate Medicine King!

The dead are too suffocated!

“It’s too difficult to be Luo Feng’s opponent.”

“It reminds me of Court Eunuch, half of the blood left, and the tauren, the filial son of the tomb.

“Yangjiao Xian was killed and Yao Wang was charged again. Ji Wuqing’s star card is already on the verge of blood collapse!”

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, this is called 2 pole reversal!

I still remember that Ji Wuqing started with 5 4 and cut Nezha first to get a blood. At that time, everyone’s confidence in Luo Feng’s bursting even started to shake.

However, who can think of that Luo Feng not only survived, but also made Ji Wuqing go through a series of operations.

Everyone looked towards Uchiha Pikachu, and they were all amazed. This yellow furred mouse is not only cute, but also has strength and more ingenuity.

On the heads-up ability, it pressed the horned fox to lift its head.

Strategically, it murdered a person with a borrowed knife

In control, the Master Ball takes the medicine king and turns the enemy into friends.

Who doesn’t like such a versatile star card?

Qiu Hong’s eyes were murky and his face looked unsightly. Originally 5 dozen 4 times, he instantly became 3 dozen 5 years. For the next period of time, Ji Wuqing was afraid that it would be difficult.

“calm down!”

Ji Wuqing exhaled for a long time, and soon he calmed his mind. Naturally, he experiencedd that he wouldn’t collapse because of this.

“That should not be permanent control, it is estimated that it will be controlled for 5 to 1 minutes.” He looked at Uchiha Pikachu’s Star qi value and fell into contemplation.

Uchiha Pikachu’s Star qi value has not been greatly reduced, which shows that this Master Ball is not a limited skill.

Since it is a common skill, it cannot be controlled permanently, and even the limited skills of the Medicine King cannot be used.

Star card energy is conserved, and the target of ordinary skills can only be ordinary skills.

“As long as it is not a permanent control, and limited skills cannot be used, it is barely acceptable.” Ji Wuqing secretly thought.

The Divine Tortoise warrior frowned and said, “Should we drag it off for a while until your father comes back?”

“No, you are wrong.” Ji Wuqing shook the head, his eyes flashing cold glow, said: “According to common sense, when inferior, you really should avoid and not fight, shrink and hug.”

“The other party might think the same way.”

“So, the more this time, the more we should start a group and hit a surprise.”

“If we can fight a wave of unscientific team battles, our situation may be able to be alive.”

Sword Immortal frowned: “How to open?”

Ji Wuqing’s eyes turned to Nezha’s direction.

“Warrior Divine Tortoise, control the field!”

“Little Murloc, control that kid!”

“Assemble, attack that kid!”

Divine Tortoise warriors are nodded, skills are activated, and immediately the endless white light is spilled on the field!

These white light dazzling are extremely dazzling, and all star cards are punctured to close their eyes!

Luo Feng’s eyes are slightly condensed, blocking vision skills?

“Go on!”

At the same time, the little mermaid held Trident and took pictures of Nezha fiercely.

The bottom of Nezha’s feet was soft, and his figure fell and sank to the bottom of the lake!

“Since you go on, don’t think about coming up!”

The little fisherman knew that don’t let slip an opportunity, so he set aside Trident and struck a knot in his hands with lightning.

Hong long long …

The vast Star qi surged into 5 giant sharks!

“5 Shark Formation!”

Xiu xiu xiu!

Five sharks dived into the bottom of the lake, exuding a fierce imposing manner, and rushed towards Nezha.

At the same time, Sword Immortal’s Star qi surging around him turned into a crystal giant sword showing off one’s ability, burst out, and the sword pointed to Nezha!

The Divine Tortoise warrior is directly transformed into the body, and the head is retracted into the turtle shell, like a rolling ball, moved towards Nezha.

Then, the offensive of the sky roared and Qiqi moved towards Nezha fell.

Ji Wuqing’s eyes were cold. He had seen it before. This Nezha has no displacement skills, so it is difficult to avoid large-scale attacks.

Today, his teammates’ vision is blocked, so Nezha in front of him can be described as a turtle in the urn, and the chopping board fish meat will definitely die!

As soon as Nezha dies, the rhythm on the court will return to his hands again!

After a long offensive, it is about to fall!


At this moment, a terrifying repulsion burst out from around Nezha.

Under this powerful repulsive force, Divine Tortoise warrior, Sword Immortal, and Little Mermaid are all going backwards.


The white light shielding everyone’s vision faded.

Everyone’s eyes turned, and I saw a huge stage, I don’t know when, a huge stage has been set up.

There was a faint whine of horseshoes, coming from the stage.

There is a giant tablet on the stage with 2 flamboyant characters: Zuan.

At the same time, a young man wearing a black robe stood on the stage.

The dark eyes slowly lifted up, and a mocking smile appeared on his delicate and pretty face.

At the same time, the youth’s voice, mixed with the powerful Star qi, resounded between Heaven and Earth.

“Welcome to Zuan!”

The sudden appearance of Xiao Yan made everyone startled again. Where did this guy come from?

The Divine Tortoise soldier looked at Xiao Yan and said, “Who are you?!”

Xiao Yan touched his nose and smiled bitterly, said: “I am the Yellow Springs guide of your horse.”

Audience: “…”

Ji Wuqing is a little confused and unconscious. In this way, Luo Feng simply does not bring the so-called equipment card?

Everything he had imagined before was actually just a self-raider?

Inside the stage.

Xiao Yan divine sense moved, summon [different horse], suddenly a majestic Azure Lotus geocentric horse, appeared in the arena.

SpongeBob [Split] and [I am ready] are released, and suddenly, 2 different horses appear!

Azure Lotus can be attacked!

3000 Yan Yanma, back to the blood alone!

Falling hearts, you can return to blue!

Xiao Yan rode the Azure Lotus horse.

Uchiha Pikachu rode a 3000 Yanyan horse.

Nezha rides a falling horse!

As for Elder Tang and SpongeBob, for the time being, they can only ride ordinary star horses.

The drug king is even more so.

The mouth of the falling heart horse opened, and a small blue pill spit out, crossed the void, and fell into Uchiha Pikachu’s hand.

Uchiha Pikachu opened his mouth, swallow it, swallowed the medicine pill, and immediately the Star qi value began to recover, and his energy began to be full.

Upon seeing this, Luo Feng was relieved that Xiao Yan had alchemy talent, but none of the skills were related to the pill concocting type. It seemed a bit nonsense, but in fact, it was only combined with the horse that’s all.

This skill is very strong and can even be said to be equivalent to 5 skills.

Because these 5 horses with different skills have always existed. As long as they are not killed, they can continuously release skills and there is no public cooling time.

So, with the assistance of Yaowang, SpongeBob and Xiao Yan, all the injuries of Luo Feng’s star cards are slowly recovering.

Behind Nezha, a long damask appeared. It is true that after the death of the horned fairy, he obtained new equipment.

On the stage, Nezha rode a horse and looked at Ji Wuqing contemptuously and sighed, “I said, why do you always think you can kill me?”

“Me, did I mess with you?”

Ji Wuqing expression gloomy and uncertain, this guy, why is it so hard to kill?

He looked towards the stage, outside the stage, as if there was an enchantment.

“Scene skills?”

Ji Wuqing’s eyes narrowed, this Luo Feng, but coincided with himself.

The Zu’an stage, with its own sword mound and similar work, is a scene skill.

The so-called scene-type skills are equivalent to one field, and within the field, one flower and one tree can hurt people.

Scene-type skills cannot create something from nothing. All skills must be able to find the prototype from the scene’s architectural appearance.

So, he carefully observed the Zuan stage, trying to analyze some skills from the surface of the scene.

However, he looked around and it was really a stage above, apart from this, nothing.

And at this moment, in my mind, there is information about the stage:

There are horses to enter the Zu’an stage, all star card awakening skills, [come with a horse]: all star cards of the enemy and us can generate a star horse by consuming 20% ​​of Star qi.

“Zuan stage, come with a horse?” Ji Wuqing’s lips twitched, and his eyes were full of doubts: “What is the hell?”

He did not act actly blindly without thinking, but watched quietly outside the Zuan stage.

“They don’t dare to come in.” Luo Feng raised slightly at the corner of his mouth, “Come on, ridicule a wave.”

Nezha: “Why don’t you come in, because there is no horse?”

Xiao Yan: “Have you broken the shoes in the warehouse, so your codes are gone?”

Elder Tang: “Amitabha, if I didn’t teach you today, I wouldn’t deserve the Father’s Day.”

SpongeBob: “Your wife marries you and there is no dispute between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.”

Audience: “…”


The fierce imposing manner suddenly broke out, the three star cards outside the stage, the mentality at the moment were all burst, the eyes were red, and the anger was extremely extreme.

Who can stand it when being ridiculed by such a jump on his face? !

So, all the star cards surging around Star qi, ready to summon star horse, rushed into the Zuan stage!

“Don’t go in, he is deliberately using the miraculous method. If we really go in, it’s in our arms!” Ji Wuqing stopped them and said, “At this time, must bear!”

“The more they let us do this, the less we can let them succeed!”

“Forbear? How can I bear it?” Sword Immortal said angrily, “The more you endure for a while, the more you get angry, and the more you step back, the more you lose!”

Divine Tortoise warrior pats its shoulders, saying: “Forget it, the big picture matters.”

So, 3 star cards pressed back the anger in their hearts.

“Really don’t come in?” Luo Feng’s eyes narrowed, his face sullen, and he mocked: “Ji Wuqing, it seems that you not only have no horse, you don’t even want dad.”

“Chopped off his dad!”

call out!

So, Luo Feng star card, went straight to the drug king.

Although Uchiha Pikachu controlled the King of Medicine, it was only able to implement some simple instructions, and some requirements that exceeded the bottom limit were not achievable.

For example, let star card commit suicide.

This, even the previous owner, can’t order star card to do this, let alone his temporary owner.

Therefore, it can only be done manually.

He didn’t believe it, and Ji Wuqing could not hold back!

The medicine king’s face changed suddenly and said, “Big…big brother, don’t kill me, I will give you medicine pill.”

Luo Feng: “But you filled our blood back, what’s the use of keeping you?”

Yao Wang’s face changed suddenly, his eyes turned to Ji Wuqing, and he looked at Ji Wuqing with hate iron for not becoming steel, and said, “You guys look outside, don’t you expect me to die?!”

Ji Wuqing expression gloomy and uncertain, Luo Feng This is forcing the regiment!

If he doesn’t go in, then Luo Feng’s star card 5 packs one, and his dad will die!

His eyes flickered and he pondered for a moment, then clenched the teeth, saying, “Isn’t it just a scene? Why fear it?”

“Mount, rush!”

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