Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 200

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call out!

The voice fell, and everyone in the stomach sighed for a long time. At this moment, Star qi surging all over the body turned into a majestic horse!

All the star cards of Ji Wuqing are now riding on a star horse and breaking into the big stage!

“Quick, save my father!” Ji Wuqing ordered.

“Sword Controlling Art!”

Sword Immortal divine sense moved. I saw Star qi surging, a long sword emerged, floating in the void.


He was about to leave the star horse, flying away with the sword, but the next moment, the Flying Sword that had just formed into shape, suddenly burst into smoke.

“What’s going on?!” Sword Immortal complexion slightly changed.

“My teleportation skills seem to have been blocked too!” The little fisherman touched his head and got a headache.

“And me.” Divine Tortoise warrior smiled bitterly.

Star qi surging around them, trying to fly Star qi into the wings, flying in the sky, and then they were horrified to find that the wing failed, flying is prohibited here!

“This…” Ji Wuqing complexion slightly changed, suddenly realized, muttered: “No air, shielding displacement skills, that is, can only rely on horses here?!”

“Star qi wing?” Xiao Yan saw it, mocking: “I can only star transformation horse, you still want to wing?”

Ji Wuqing’s eyes flickered and said, “I can’t control that much, it’s important to save people!”


As a result, a funny scene appeared, and all Star Card masters saw it. The strange star card, Divine Immortal, can only ride a horse and go straight to the drug king at this moment.

Sword Immortal’s complexion, divine poise and sagelike features, he should have been a sword, but now he was forced to ride a horse? !

Uchiha Pikachu’s tail flicked, and an electric ball burst out of the way, pasted on the face of the Divine Tortoise warrior, and made a grimace to it, saying: “Slightly, follow me.”

The Divine Tortoise warrior was furious and said, “Driving!”

So, the hip-hop Xingma took four legs and ran away towards the target.

However, no matter how hard its star horse is, it can’t get close to Uchiha Pikachu.

“Hurry up!”

Everyone wants to cry without tears. This stage is huge, and they also have an attack range. Now that the other party is all out of range, how can this be good?

The only ones that can be traced are SpongeBob and Elder Tang.

However, SpongeBob is auxiliary, and it doesn’t make much sense to play it.

As for Elder Tang, there is a terrifying summon protector for monkeys, and no one dares to mess with it.

So, a funny scene appeared.

Everyone originally thought that after Ji Wuqing’s star card entered the stage, a foul wind and bloody rain will inevitably erupt.

But who can think of it as a horse race now?

“…Is this playing parkour?”

“Xswl, Lord Luoshen is the devil? Actually came up with such a skill.”

“If this is the case, as long as Luoshen doesn’t want to start a group, will he never be able to fight across?”

“… “

Luo Feng looked quietly. He felt that the core of this skill of [Zu’an Stage] was to provide teammates with an invincible space for buffering, replying, and even using routines.

At the same time, it is also equivalent to a group to reduce blue.

This is its power.

Of course, if the enemy can’t chase him, then he can’t hit the enemy, because they are out of each other’s range.

However, this is particularly beneficial to Luo Feng.

Because Luo Feng, what is most needed now is time.

What does he need to do now?


Drag to SpongeBob to split again and continue refreshing skills.

Dragging Xiao Yan to summon another horse again!

Uchiha Pikachu has a skill called [Suck Blue], and Assimilate specifies a star card 20% Star qi value.

If you match the 2 skills of SpongeBob, you can Assimilate a target of 3% Star qi value in a wave of 60 companies.

Luo Feng has studied that the Star qi value here refers to the maximum Star qi value of the star card, not the current remaining Star qi value.

Right now, after a wave of chaos in the beginning and all star cards consuming 20% ​​Star qi summon stars, the blue amount of all Ji Wuqing star cards is not very healthy.

If you wait for SpongeBob’s skill to refresh and match it with the skin god, you can definitely incarnation the juicer under a wave of 3 companies and suck up a star card.

So, just wait now.

Just wait another ten minutes, the SpongeBob skill will be refreshed, and Xiao Yan will be able to summon the fourth horse.

Given the advantages of the Zuan stage, in theory, he can drag as long as he wants.

Of course, there is now a problem, that is, the medicine king will soon get rid of the control of the skin god, and then turn the serf to sing and return to Ji Wuqing.

After all, Uchiha Pikachu’s Master Ball can only control it for 5 minutes.

And after 5 minutes, the king of medicine returns, and must give Ji Wuqing’s star card back to big Hp.

Luo Feng’s eyes flickered and he fell into contemplation.

And while he was meditating, Yao Wang shook his head, got rid of control, and returned to Ji Wuqing.

“Dad, you can count back.” Ji Wuqing wanted to cry without tears.

Sword Immortal: “Hey, does it feel good to be a dog?”

The Divine Tortoise warrior glared at him and said, “Brother, don’t take the rhythm, isn’t he intentional?”

Xiaoyu said: “That is, according to the plan, the next medicine king is the big brother who takes over the game, okay?”

Yao Wang nodded and said, “Next, let’s start plan b.”

Ji Wuqing ordered the nodded, looked towards the Divine Tortoise warrior, and said, “Fake dead.”

Divine Tortoise warrior nodded, skill 【Turtle Breathing】launch!

【Turtle Breath Skill】: Limited skill. Divine Tortoise warrior loses breath and enters the state of death. After 5 minutes, he is resurrected and reborn, recovering all states, but removing the skill 【Turtle Breath Skill】.

[Guoyou]: When the Divine Tortoise warrior is killed, it turns into a huge tortoiseshell enchantment, protecting all his star cards, and continuously recovering the health value and Star qi value of the star card in the enchantment for ten minutes.


In the next moment, the Divine Tortoise warrior’s eyes were empty, and there was no breath. Under the eyes of many eyes, it suddenly burst and turned into a sky of dust.

The sky and dust are intertwined with each other, forming one after another tortoiseshell-like rays of light, overlapping and overlapping, mysterious and abnormal.

That one after another tortoiseshell light patterns interweave and converge, connecting with each other, and finally turned into a huge tortoiseshell light shield, covering all the star cards except the King of Medicine.

[Awakening]: Limited skill. After 2 star cards of your own are killed, the medicine king awakens into the medicine emperor, enters the battle mode, realm upgrades 1-star, and awakens new skills.


At this moment, within the body of the King of Medicine, Star qi suddenly erupted like a volcano, his eyes were as dazzling as the sun, the imposing manner climbed up, and soon soared to 7 stars!

He rode the star horse, gently grasped the palm, a long spear appeared on the palm of his hand, burning flames and thunder above it, named Yan Thunder Gun.


An indescribable and powerful imposing manner erupted from its within the body, just like howling wind and torrential rain, covering the whole heaven and earth.

Everyone’s eyes turned to see the Emperor Yao at the moment, a pair of eyes full of majesty, looking down, anyone who looked at him would be shocked by the prestige of king.

He is just standing on the star horse, he has a breath of pervading, aloof and remote, just like the Paragon of the sky.

Yaohuangju looked down at Luo Feng’s star cards with a contempt, and said: “It’s you, did you make me a dog before?”

The voice fell, his sleeve robe waved, and a medicine pill exuded a rich fragrance, which was stuffed into the mouth of Xia Xingma.


Xingma’s imposing manner has been rising steadily, and his figure is stronger than before.

call out!

The next moment, Xingma burst out and rushed to SpongeBob first.

After eating the medicine pill, the speed of the star horse increased sharply, and within a short period of time, it has been close to SpongeBob!

Yaohuang’s expression was indifferent, long spear waved, and suddenly a mass of Crimson’s Star qi unrolled bolt of white silk swept out and went straight to SpongeBob.

Star qi unrolled bolt of white silk is hot and violent, it seems that even the air is burning.

SpongeBob was a little scared and quickly spit out a bubble to cover himself.


Almost at the moment when the Star qi unrolled bolt of white silk collided with the bubble, the bubble melted, and then, a fierce offensive fell on SpongeBob.

Suddenly, SpongeBob felt the whole body was burning.

“Amitabha.” Elder Tang didn’t say anything, and launched the skill [Taunt] on the Emperor Yao!

The corner of Yaohuang’s mouth provoked a mocking arc, and his whole body flashed a faint glow.

Elder Tang complexion slightly changed, because he suddenly discovered that his [sneer] was invalid!

The Emperor Yao sneered, and the Thunder Gun in his hand was about to stab SpongeBob.

However, at this moment, a long damask flew across the sky like a rainbow, entwining towards the Emperor’s Flame Thundergun.

It’s the Muddled Heaven Silk by Nezha!

At the same time, Nezha drove the horse, and after Divine Tortoise warriors entered the state of death, Nezha also received a new equipment-Yin-Yang pen, the Star qi value that Plundering Emperor can steal, increased by 50%, now Is 150%.


Flame Point Spear in his hand, with a fierce imposing manner, pierced the chest of the drug emperor.

Medicine Emperor brows slightly wrinkle, Flame Thunder Gun was trapped by Muddled Heaven Silk, and was unable to break away for a moment, simply right hand clenched fist, wrapped around Star qi, blasted to Nezha’s Flame Point Spear!

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, fist against gun, this medicine emperor is really a fierce person!


The violent Star qi burst under the medicine Sovereign Fist, terrifying strength, following the gun body, rushing into the Nezha like a mountain.

Nezha complexion slightly changed, my arm was sore and numb, this guy is a little strong.

“The baby shouldn’t panic, the skin will come!”

At this very moment, Uchiha Pikachu’s horse also arrived, holding a thunderclap sword in his hand and stabbing at the Emperor Yao.

As a result, Yao Huang jumped a horse and fought all star cards of Luo Feng alone.

In the past, Ji Xiang battled 4 Lang, and today there are 5 Horse Fighting Drug Emperors!

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, this drug emperor is a little bit, a dozen 5, has not fallen into the slightest decline.

Luo Feng brows slightly wrinkle, he glanced at Divine Tortoise enchantment, and he couldn’t help wondering, why Ji Wuqing doesn’t release all the other star cards at the moment and join the battle together?

Now that the Emperor of Medicine has been able to beat a dozen, if other people take part in the war again, aren’t they in a slump?

His eyes flashed, looked deeply under the turtle shell and the Sword Immortal.

Ji Wuqing did this,

Either believe in Yaohuang’s strength.


These 2 star cards cannot die.

After dozens of rounds of fighting in this way, the Emperor Yao was tired of such a stalemate, so he opened a distance and began to brew a powerful offensive.

With the palm of his hand, the powerful Star qi gathered, and finally condensed behind it, the golden light surged into a huge golden light wheel.

Above the light wheel, the golden light is shining, turning into a long golden spear with a handle, densely packed, but not countable.

This kind of offensive is a killing move.

Looking at the golden spear that hides the sky and covering the earth, everyone in ones heart trembled, once this move falls, all the star cards of Luo Feng will be in danger.

“I am the Emperor of Medicine, when I will suppress all enemies in the world.”

The Emperor Yao raised his hand and pointed to Luo Feng’s star card. The golden long spear behind him was like an arrow on the string, ready to go.

However, at this moment, a gentle voice quietly sounded behind him.

“Child, child, why are you so bad?”

“Fight, kill, why did you do it?”

The Emperor Hearing this, also started, suddenly turned around, but when he looked at someone, there was a sudden shock and panic in his eyes.

“Mom, you, why are you here…”

Ji Wuqing is also startled, his eyes split, his voice trembling: “Grandma, Grandma?!”

Everyone turned their eyes, and saw a gray-haired old man, holding a cane, raked in his body, moved towards the King of Medicine with a trembling movement.

The drug king of Monarch Overlooking The Whole World, the imposing manner suddenly counseled, this is what the hell? !

The corner of Luo Feng’s mouth is slightly raised, and the Zu’an Bond has been eating on the shelf since it was born. It finally debuted today!

【Fetter·Zuan】: When 2 Zu’an people are present at the same time, the summon enemy designates a mother of star card. Mother has an extremely powerful deterrent to the star card and has the following skills:

[Your mother thinks you are hungry]: mother feels that the star card is hungry. Stuff the star card with various roasted yam. The yam contains various bad buffs: such as bleeding buff, deceleration buff, ignition buff, poisoning buff, paralysis buff Wait.

[Learning makes my mother happy]: Mother thinks that star card fight is wrong. To learn, force star card to learn for 5 minutes.

[Your mother thinks you are cold]: The weather is cold, and mother thinks that the star card is cold. It is time to wear autumn trousers. So summon made a huge pair of autumn trousers and bound the star card to make it muddy and reduced its speed by 50%.

Under the gaze of many eyes, the old lady Yao came and touched the head of Yao Huang, saying, “Child, let’s learn.”

Yao Huang: “Mother, I don’t want to…”

“No, you want to…”

The old lady Yao Yao waved her sleeves and saw Star qi surging, accompanied by a jingling sound, a screen appeared in front of her.

“Son, come to the question.”

The Emperor Yao was about to refuse, but suddenly found that his body was hard to move at the moment!

Can only sit here obediently!

He looked towards the screen and saw that it read:

“Wear a red hat.”

“Wear 5 colored clothes.”

“Sing in the early morning.”

“Urgent to get up early.”


The Emperor Yao thought for a while and said, “Mom?”

“Pa!” The old lady Yao shook her hand, angered, and said, “Is mother like this in your heart?”

“It’s a chicken!”

The Emperor Yao was forced into a fan.

“叮Ding! ”

Along with the tinkling sound, the screen in front of me was empty, and a new topic appeared in front of Yaohuang.

“Our medicine king valley is a pill concocting Aristocratic Family. If the force next door invites an Alchemist, refining medicine pill is better than us and cheaper. This has attracted a large number of customers. At a loss, what should you do as a valley owner at this time?”

The Emperor Yao thought for a while and said, “I, I will change my way!”

“Pa!” The old lady of the medicine slapped it over again, angry gnashing teeth, said: “I ask you how to solve the loss of medicine pill!”

“Ding Ding…”

“Ding Ding…”

So, the sound of dings after another sounded on the field, clearly audible.

“Ahhh!” The ear buzzed and the Emperor Yao’s scalp burst and growled, “I hate Ding Ding most!”

“Child, how can I hate Ding Ding?” The old lady medicine sighed, said: “Are you hungry, come to eat something.”

So, under the eyes of many eyes, the old lady Yao opened the mouth of the emperor and took out each and everyone’s warm roasted yam from her arms and stuffed it into his mouth.

“Eat, a big bite, is one enough?”

“…Enough, thank you mother.”

“Folish child, how is one enough, as mother, can you still not know how much you eat?”

So, each and everyone roasted the yam, moved towards the medicine king’s mouth.

In the mouth of the drug emperor, there are various buffs.

His face gradually turned green, his bloodline continued to fall, his eyes gradually sluggish, his body gradually numb, and his body burst into flames, as if he was about to burn…

“What what the hell?!” Ji Wuqing, who has always been elegant and steady, can no longer calm down at this moment, is this too annoying? !

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