Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 201

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Mentality burst.

Finally looking forward to his father’s return, I hope he can pull strongly against a crazy tide, crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, sweep the audience and regain his rhythm.

But, Dad is back and suddenly a grandma emerges? !

Buy one get one free?

“Grandma…” Ji Wuqing swallowed and his voice was bitter. Although he knew it was just a phantom of Star qi, the ethics in the bones made him ignore his grandma.

The old lady Yao booed and whispered: “Don’t disturb your dad to study.”

Ji Wuqing: “.”

I play nm.

Are you helping him learn?

Even if you study, what is the hell? !

Seeing all the bad buffs on Dad’s body, Ji Wuqing was bleeding.

Therefore, the former drug emperor, the former king, was staring at the question quietly at the moment and was very clever.

Outside of the game, everyone saw this scene, and it was a bit stunned. Is this still the drug emperor they knew?

Why did the style of painting suddenly change? !

“Fuck, what the hell, I didn’t understand it, can you explain it?”

“It seems that Luo Feng summon came out of the drug emperor’s mother and then forced it out of war.”

“The lying trough ha ha ha ha, the stage horse racing, the question on the arena, xswl, Luo Sao’s Sao operation today, really one set after another.”

“This kid, Brain zero is really big, how come you come up with these things?” Su Yang sneered and glanced at Qiu Hong next to complexion is gloomy, his heart suddenly dark.

Qiu Hong’s eyes were clouded, and his heart was uncomfortable. He could see that Ji Wuqing played the game to the present, and the choices were correct. At least no big mistakes were made.

Even if the situation was not good for a while, he did not panic, but tried to find a way to find a rhythm.

However, every time I caught an opportunity and wanted to get the rhythm back, they were all resolved by Luo Feng with no difficulty!

Too angry!

On the stage, Luo Feng’s star card is recovering.

Luo Feng glanced at the Yaohuang. During his studies, he was not allowed to participate in the battle.

The so-called not to participate in combat means that neither one can attack nor be attacked by others.

Therefore, today’s drug emperor, independent of his surviving life, 2 ears don’t hear anything out of the window, dedicated to read only Sage books.

In the turtle shell, the little murloc and Sword Immortal are also recovering.

For a time, the situation stalemate.

After all, with the protection of the turtle shell, Luo Feng’s star card can’t attack the little murloc and Sword Immortal.

“It’s not the way to go like this.” Ji Wuqing’s eyes flickered. He looked towards Luo Feng’s Nezha. According to the previous judgment, this guy is a late star card.

However, from his previous battle with the drug emperor, this star card does not seem to reflect the formidable power that the later star card should have.

“Isn’t he developed yet?” Ji Wuqing frowned. He could see that Nezha’s development mechanism should be related to the number of star cards killed on the field.

Even if there is no successful development now, then at most one more star card should be killed, should he take shape?

“No, I can’t let him grow.” Ji Wuqing frowned and said, “Little Yuri, can you beat him in a single game?”

“If you turn on the fit state, you will definitely be able to fight, and there is even hope of a single kill.” The little fishman nodded, said: “But the problem is, in this case, he is single with me?”

Ji Wuqing: “Try to taunt, what about 10000?”

The little fishman was nodded, and shouted to Nezha through the turtle shell: “Cabbi.”

Nezha: “?”

Little Yuren: “I sent a blood at the beginning, and then I was hanged and beaten all the time, still not acknowledging my own dish?”

Nezha was furious and said, “You bb again? Now you are beaten like this, where is the face bb?”

Little Yuren: “Laughing to death, Cai Bi, relying on teammates all the way, what are you doing here?”

“We are indeed weak now, but does this have anything to do with you? Are you lying all the way? Where is your face complacent?”

“You!” Nezha’s eyes burst into flames and burst into anger, growling angrily: “Miscellaneous fish, don’t bb, don’t hide in turtle shells, come solo!”

Little Yuren sneered and said, “You treat me stupid, your home are on the stage, you have a natural advantage, even licking your face and saying solo?”

Nezha: “Well, I will not bully you. Let’s leave the stage and go to the stadium solo, okay?”

Little Yuren: “Well, whoever wants help, whoever die first.”

Nezha: “OK!”

“Such a simple act of aggression, you are also successful?” Elder Tang persuaded: “Don’t go out, you will be slammed by it.”

“Even you don’t believe me?!” Nezha was so furious that he didn’t hit his heart and said bitterly: “Men are fighting, don’t come!”

“I don’t believe it. I own Flame Point Spear, Muddled Heaven Silk, Yin-Yang pen, and I am a god. I can’t beat it!

Luo Feng originally wanted to refuse, but then thought about it and said, “Come on.”

So, Nezha ran out of the Zuan stage, and the little murloc left the turtle shell and entered the arena together for the imperial city pk.

Everyone’s eyes are turned to the off-site. Compared with the Zu’an stage in the peace period, the two-person solo has undoubtedly become the next core attraction.


At this moment, on the huge stadium, there was suddenly the Tao Tao River, which surged out, and soon, the entire stadium was flooded.

There was more and more water, more and more, the whole field, actually formed a vast ocean, at the same time, the sea level continued to soar.

After another scream of exclamation sounded, the Star Card masters watched this scene in disbelief. Fortunately, with the enchantment guardian, the sea water did not spread outward.

Today’s stadium is simply a huge fish tank. Looking at it from afar, it makes people feel suffocated.

The Zuan stage on the field is like a castle under the seabed.

Nezha and the little murloc stood quietly on the sea level, fighting intent rising in his eyes.

“What happened?” Everyone exclaimed.

Gu lu.

At this moment, the calm sea level, the layers of ripples rippling open, a terrifying vortex appeared, and the vortex was turning wildly, as if there was something terrifying, which was about to come out.


At this moment, a deafening roar of the beast sounded, with terrifying coercion of palpitations, like rolling thunder, resounding in between Heaven and Earth.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!…

The roar of the beast contained the pressure of terrifying, which made all Star Card masters on the field. At this time, they were all cold, hair stands on end, their brains buzzed, and Divine Soul trembles.

That kind of feeling is like an ominous beast sleeping for 10000 years, about to wake up.

Bang bang bang!

Countless water columns soared from the sea, like a fountain, blasting water and dazzling.

Next moment, an inexhaustible super giant kun, soaring from the abyss, grandiose, straight into the sky.

“this is?!”

Nezha’s pupils have shrunk, others may not know, but he understands that this thing is the water monster in the previous river!

However, the body shape of the two people already has as different as heaven and earth.

“Is this the summon thing of the little fishman?” Luo Feng frowned.

The little fishman jumped on the back of the super giant kun, and said, “Kun kun, let’s fit together!”


At the next moment, both the little murloc and the water demon Kun had a beam of light rising from the sky. Under the watch of countless lines of sight, two beams of light were interwoven and fused, and the two were completely fuse together.

At the same time, the breath of the little fishman rose again, just like the water of the floodgates, which was endless and irresistible.

At the same time, there is a golden crown on the top of his head, and the brilliant lights and vibrant colors on his body look quite out of the ordinary.

“Are you ready, I want to eat you!”

The little mermaid held Trident, flipped the waves at sea, moved towards Nezha and stabbed him.

“I have killed even the dragon. Are you afraid of trifling a small fish?”

Nezha was furious and did not retreat at all, Flame Point Spear stabbed and collided with Trident.


The gun halberd collided, the red and blue intertwined, and Nezha’s figure was slightly retreated.

Uchiha Pikachu complexion slightly changed, saying: “The power of the little murloc is really strong.”

Other star cards are also nodded, and there are worries in their eyes. After all, in the past, the little mermaid didn’t have the courage to shake up with Nezha!

Bang peng ~ peng ~!

The little fisherman is in a state of indifference, like a lightning bolt, and Trident stabbs repeatedly.

And Nezha did not flinch, with meet force with force.

However, this result was that after dozens of rounds, Nezha’s body retreated, and blood appeared on the corners of his mouth.

“I’ll say you can’t single me out, no? Chicken.” The little fishman laughed like a barbell.

“Come back!”

Nezha wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, and his body burst out again, dying from death to death.

Luo Feng looked at it quietly, not surprisingly.

After all, Nezha hasn’t developed yet, and the little mermaid has obviously turned on the strongest state.

However, now Nezha has collected 3 pieces of equipment, as long as one piece is added, you can incarnation the witch, and the strength will change qualitatively.

And if you want to get another piece of equipment, it undoubtedly means that you need another star card to die on the field.

Luo Feng’s eyes are slightly condensed, and his eyes look towards Yao Huang. Counting time, Yao Huang will be out of class…

The Star qi value of Yaohuang is about 40%.

The drug king is too strong, and he can hit a dozen before. If he is allowed to come out, it will inevitably cause a devastating blow to his star card.

Therefore, he must die.

And now he has superimposed various buffs on his body, which is undoubtedly the best time to beheaded.

Moreover, if he is beheaded, Nezha will be able to awaken, the incarnation witch, can be described as one move, two gains.

“Ding ding ding ding~…”

At this moment, the Emperor Yao was lying on his horse’s back, listening to the tinkling sound in his ear, the screen in front of his eyes, his heart was very angry.

Can’t there be an anti-addiction system?

He looked towards Luo Feng’s star cards, and he hated: “After I finish the get out of class, I will kill you all!”

At this moment, Xiao Yan [Yi Ma] has reached the cooling time, so divine sense moves, and summons a different horse again.

“It’s noon.” Luo Feng took a deep breath, ordered: “SpongeBob, Split little sponge, learn Xiao Yan’s [Yi Ma]!”

“Arrangement.” SpongeBob nodded.

So, another strange horse appeared in the arena.

Xiao Yan’s 5 different horses, all lined up, lined up, imposing manner is amazing.

“Skin God, I’ll steal it blue, SpongeBob, after the skin god steals the blue, refresh its [suck blue] and let it steal again.”

“Then prepare to release hundred thousand volts.”

“Xiao Yan, ready to release the destruction horse.”

“Wait for the Emperor Yao to finish class!”

Uchiha Pikachu nodded, small claws waving, said: “Lei Gongdian, listen to my orders.”

Hong long long …

Between Heaven and Earth, there was a faint sound of thunder, moving towards the cloud like waves for 4 weeks.

Thunder and thunder sounds resounded between Heaven and Earth.

10000 1000 Thunder screamed down and wrapped around the body of Uchiha Pikachu, so that it was covered with silver light at this time, as if it were the emperor of thunder.

At this moment, the old lady Yao said: “Child, after class, let’s take a break.”

Yao Huang’s face was ecstatic.

At the same time, Luo Feng ordered: “It is now, the skin god, hundred thousand volts!”


Uchiha Pikachu’s eyes are super fierce, the electric airbags on the two sides bulge, and a fierce thunder is brewing.



The next moment, a thunder about some feet, exploded from its body, whistling down, and went straight to the drug emperor.

“Xiao Yan, destroy the warhorse!”

At the same time, Xiao Yan’s eyes were slightly closed, and the gorgeous mark on his eyebrow suddenly jumped violently at this moment.

A wave of indescribable thoughts came out from the imprint and filled between Heaven and Earth.

“I’m in the name of Horse Emperor Xiao Yan, and I will take 10000 horses in the world, and listen to the orders of the Emperor!”

Xiao Yan’s eyes opened abruptly, his majestic voice resounded in between Heaven and Earth with no doubt.

“Azure Lotus is here!”

“Falling heart, return!”

“Spirit horse, return!”

“Jinglian Demon Horse, return!”

“3000 Yan Yanma, return!”

call out!

In the eyes of many eyes, 5 different horses of different colors rose into the sky and intertwined with each other. Very quickly, a fierce horse that was unprecedented, slowly formed.

The horse is magnificent, untainted by even a speck of dust, with brilliant colors and 5 bright colors.

An indescribable violent imposing manner, the battle of destruction sprang up immediately.

Xiao Yan’s eyes dropped slightly, stroking the horse’s back gently, and said casually: “Today, let you understand, what is Ma Di…”

“Burn, destroy the warhorse!”


The Destruction Warhorse opened its horseshoe, moved towards the Yaohuang and ran away.

So, just after class, the Emperor Yao had 2 terrifying offensives.

“Wdnmd, really seamless?”

He wanted to urge Star qi to defend, and then he was shocked to find that his Star qi was gone!

“? How about my blue?” The Emperor Yao’s complexion changed suddenly, and there was clearly just 40% left!

Ji Wuqing also suddenly changed color and said, “Dr. Huang, don’t think too much. Hurry, come to the turtle shell enchantment!”

The drug emperor was nodded, snapping a flattery, and said: “Driving!”

However, Xingma not at all ran up, but it seemed like he was stuck in a quagmire, running very hard.

“What’s the matter?!” Yao Huang was shocked.

“Child, you should be cold. You have to wear trousers.” The old lady Yao said with concern. During the swing of the sleeve gown, Star qi surged, and the Yaohuang even led the horses, all wearing trousers.

“I tm thank you!” Yao Huang’s mentality burst, crying without tears.

Without blue, there is no defense.

Putting on trousers and unable to run.

Unstoppable and not afraid, how can you stop the joint blow between Xiao Yan and Uchiha Pikachu? !

In a hurry, he turned around suddenly and looked pitifully towards the old lady, saying, “Mother, I want to learn, let me go to class, learning makes me happy, and makes my mother happy.”

He knew that if he was in class, he would be cut off from the world, he could not attack others, and others could not attack him!

Right now, this is the only way to save life!

The old lady of medicine said tenderly with a smile: “foolish child, to combine work and rest, otherwise what to do if indulged?”

“Mother is not that enlightened.”

The Emperor Yao cried anxiously and said, “Mother, addicted to addicted, I am willing to drown in the ocean of knowledge.”

“Come on, relax.”

“… “


The Thunder roared down like a python, and the destroying horse rushed forward, and finally hit him with fierceness in the drug emperor’s horrific eyes.

Suddenly between Heaven and Earth, there are loud sounded, raging lightning, mixed with all kinds of flames, dazzling.


lightning and flames dissipated,

Everyone’s eyes turned to see the Emperor Yao’s eyes empty, his body scorched black.


The next moment, his body suddenly burst into smoke.

After another loud cry of exclamation sounded, the previously invincible king was so deadly killed? !

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