Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 202

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On the court, there was a sigh.

“That drug emperor, actually died?”

Someone asked to disable to bear.

“God, is this Zu’an’s formidable power? I love it.”

“Have you found that many of Feng Feng’s star cards are from Zuan?”

“How do you know it?”

“When listening to their rumors, I know!”

“What kind of world is Zuan? I will try to make it next time…”

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, and they all looked a little unbelievable. The former drug emperor, who claimed to suppress all the enemies in the world, actually fell?

Moreover, his fall, confused, dead and unclear, very funny.

Mom came in awe,

It was muddy and blue.

The horse couldn’t run anymore.


“This Zu’an bond is really the top.” Luo Feng sighed and admired Zu’an prostrate oneself in admiration.

In fact, taking out this bond alone may not have such a big effect, at most it can only have a harassing effect.

However, when linked with the Zuan stage, the superimposed formidable power is far beyond his imagination.

Actually took away a 7 star star card directly?

“This wave of cooperation is perfect.” Outside the court, several deans were nodded.

First off the war and stack the buff, then seal the blue, slow down, plus Zuan stage can not use the teleportation skills, because this medicine emperor hide is unavoidable, avoid unavoidable, can only be reduced to chopping board fish meat, let anyone slaughter.

Not moving like an old dog, moving earth shattering.

He didn’t leave him any chance at all.

“Dad, you died terribly.” Ji Wuqing felt sad and burst into tears.

“I’m so stupid, really.” The old lady Yao raised her unsightly eyes, sighed, said: “If you know this, you should let him continue to study, not let him run around.”

The voice fell, she was sighed, leaning on a cane, and slowly walked towards the distance, her figure gradually disappeared.

Outside the stage, in the arena.

Numerous lines of sight, all cast in the direction of Nezha, only to see there, Nezha bowed slightly, holding Flame Point Spear in one arm.

The blood dripped slowly along the long spear.

On the opposite side, the little mermaid wears a crown and holds a Trident, just like a god on the sea, glancing at the world.

“I said you were solo but I…” The little murmur giggled and said, “Don’t admit your food yet?”

“I really envy you, so good luck, teammates so awesome, can the dog win?”

Nezha was silent, his eyes drooped, his eyes deep, with flames rising, and he looked like a lotus flower waiting to be released!

“Sun and Moon are living together…”

“1000 spirits…”

At this moment, a low voice came slowly from his mouth, resounding in between Heaven and Earth.

Hong long long …

There was rolling sound thundered.

Heaven and Earth is dull, and the situation changes.

Everyone was shocked and their eyes were cast in unison.

“Heaven and Earth Promise Yin-Yang pen …”

“Hurry as a law!”


As his voice fell, Nezha’s figure suddenly turned into a flame, burning.

The flames grew like seeds and eventually turned into a lotus flower under the eyes of many eyes.

Above the lotus, inscribed with countless complicated fire rune, strange and mysterious.

The sudden change made everyone startled, and they held their breaths and stared at them.

Ji Wuqing’s eyes are slightly condensed. Has this guy finally developed? !

The lotus blossomed slowly, and I saw a shadow of fire in the blazing firelight.

The previous Nezha was already disappeared and replaced by a young man.

The young man stepped on the Wind Fire Wheel, dressed in Muddled Heaven Silk, holding Yin-Yang pen in his left hand, and holding Flame Point Spear in his right hand. The flames burned all over his body.

Huo Ying here, Yulian blooms.

He lifts the head, grinning at the little fisherman and saying, “I’m standing in front of you…”

“You look a bit like I used to.”


Almost at the same time as he appeared, the temperature of the entire Heaven and Earth was rising, and there was an indescribable dullness and heat.

An indescribable horror imposing manner spread from him.

in a flash, stormy, Heaven and Earth change color!

It is Nezha!

With the appearance of him, the sea water on the field could not bear such sultry heat, and began to evaporate quickly.

Feeling this terrifying imposing manner, the little murloc shiver coldly, his eyes full of deep fear.

“Don’t be afraid.” Nezha raised his eyes and said, “I’m still the old boy.”

At the next moment, flames raged around him, and Flame Point Spear was thrown fiercely at the little fishman.

The Little Mermaid complexion slightly changed and quickly waved Trident to stop it. However, the strength of Flame Point Spear has exceeded its cognition, and it can’t hold back!

Nezha lifted his face and smiled at the little murloc, and the Wind Fire Wheel turned at the foot, like a long rainbow thread, burst out.

“So fast!”

The little mermaid’s pupils shrank suddenly, but they saw the silhouette of Nezha clearly, but the body was too late to react.

“Jin Lin!”

The little murmur screamed, and suddenly scales appeared on the smooth fish, forming a fierce defense.

Nezha punched out, striking the fish covered with scales.


The little fishman’s body was shocked and shot backwards. The indestructible scales on his body were shattered to 7 8 1 drenched with blood.

Nezha didn’t give him the slightest breathing opportunity, waved Flame Point Spear in his hand, and stabbed mercilessly at the little murloc.

Flame Point Spear and Trident, both contain powerful force, shock the air, hit hard together, and emit a crisp sound of gold and iron.

2 people Star qi urged to the extreme, fierce offensive, constantly fighting.

However, the little murloc who had previously pressed Nezha to fight, at this moment, the figure kept receding, almost unable to resist…

There was an uproar in the sky, wave after wave, the unstoppable little fishman’s invincible posture has now been broken.

Bang peng ~ peng ~!

So on that sea level, the violent Star qi surged like a thunderous thunder, raging open.

Nezha Three Heads Six Arms, Flame Point Spear in his hands set off a wave of fire, continuously turning into a terrorist offensive, as if the Emperor Yan Yan.

The two people’s lightning confrontation is all about dying to death, fighting for life, trying their best, and keeping no hands.

However, everyone can see that the little murloc is extremely passive. Nezha’s offensive, from time to time, traditionally defends it, pierces its body, leaving it bruised and bloody.

Nezha’s eyes were red, as if the Demon Lord had descended from the sky, and the very ruthless offensive was so impressive.

After a fierce offensive, the little murloc pulled away, his body retreated sharply, panting heavily.

It looked towards Nezha, and there was a deep panic in his eyes. Now Nezha, is it a little too strong?


The lotus blooms among Nezha golden eyes.

Bang bang!

I saw a blazing flame burst from its within the body, interweaving and converging. Soon, a Fire Lotus slowly formed.

That Fire Lotus is huge and unmatched, standing in the sky, magnificent, untainted by even a speck of dust, colorful, 5 colors.

like a flower bud, bud waiting to be released.

All Star Card masters are attracted by this holy lotus suspended in the sky. They are all curious. When this lotus blooms, what a spectacular scene.

Seeing this Fire Lotus, Xiao Yuren’s eyes were stagnant, and the terrifying breath was enough to send him to the dead end.

“Then I have to perform a lot!”

In the next moment, the rays of light of the little fisherman became great and turned into a huge shark.

The shark’s mouth opened, took a deep breath, the violent Star qi poured in along its nose, its chest bulged, and an amazing wave of Star qi gathered wildly.

Everyone held their breaths and watched quietly, everyone knew that this was the preparation for a victory.

At the moment, whoever can laugh to the end in this imperial city pk, it depends on whoever kills it better.

“You’re pretty, but it’s useless. The last one I won is definitely me!” The icy shark pupil stared indifferently at Nezha, next moment, his chest shrunk, his mouth suddenly opened, and he growled: “Fish God bullet!”


The next moment, a bubble, spit out from the mouth of the shark transformed by the little mermaid.

The bubbles float indefinitely in the sky, slowly rising, then split like a balloon, serene.

Little Murloc: “???

Audience: “What the hell?”

After brewing for a long time, a bubble came out?

The little fishman’s face changed suddenly, and he said in a horrified voice: “Where am I blue?”

The big move hasn’t been brewed yet, the Star qi value has been reset? !

“Tell you to pay attention to the kidneys, don’t you listen, are you kidney-deficit now?” At this moment, there seemed to be a voice behind him.

Everyone looked away and saw a silhouette in the air behind the little mermaid, but his silhouette was surrounded by Star qi, making it difficult to see its specific appearance.

The little fishman panicked. How much of the Star qi value is almost zero at once? !

At the same time, Nezha stepped on the Wind Fire Wheel, wrapped around Muddled Heaven Silk, hung Yin-Yang pen on his neck, holding Flame Point Spear in his left hand, and right hand pointed at Fire Lotus, saying:

“Burn, the Holy Lotus!”

Xiao Yan: “Familiar taste.”

Oh la la.

The lotus bud suddenly became agitated at this moment. After a short period of agitation, ten or eight petals moved slowly towards 8 weeks and opened slowly.

A huge suction burst out, shrouded towards the little murloc, and the little murloc’s face changed suddenly, struggling desperately, however, the body was not called by him.

Soon, the figure of the little fishman disappeared into the eyes of everyone and fell into Fire Lotus.

Bang bang bang!

At the next moment, Fire Lotus exploded, bursting into the sky, and the rays of light flickered between Heaven and Earth.

An indescribable shock wave raged and swept through the entire stadium. The explosion was raging. The flame was like a rolling storm.

I don’t know how long it lasted, the waves of fire dissipated, revealing the shape of 2 star cards.

Everyone looked away and saw Nezha pedaling the Wind Fire Wheel, still standing in the sky.

However, at this moment, the sharks transformed by the little murloc were all bruises, torn skin and gaping flesh, and blood was flowing, like a heavy rain.

Looking around, it was full of bones.

Only half of its body is left, and there is endless fear in the huge fish pupil, which climbs out.


At the next moment, the figure of the little fishman suddenly burst into smoke.

Outside the huge stadium, the wind sounded as if it were solidified at this time.

Countless lines of sight stared at the arena.

“Little Murloc, also beheaded?”

“In this case, isn’t Ji Wuqing only 2 star cards left?”

“Maya, Luoshen crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, is unstoppable, how can Ji Wuqing turn it over?”

In front of Luo Feng looked towards Ji Wuqing, where the turtle shell enchantment has disappeared, in addition to Sword Immortal, the former suicide Divine Tortoise warrior also appeared in the arena.

“Fake death?” He brows slightly wrinkle, and it makes sense to think about it.

The Divine Tortoise warrior is resurrected, so the blood bar and Star qi are full.

Sword Immortal has been hiding in the turtle shell before, and the turtle shell can slowly recover, so his blood blue is also full.

“Suck blue again?!” Ji Wuqing’s eyes were stagnant. The Star qi value of the little fishman was 50% left. Why was it suddenly gone? !

Although I know that yellow furred mouse has blue control skills, then it also needs cd, impossible so fast?

He lifts the head, looked towards in the sky, a silhouette surrounded by Star qi, and the value of the little murloc Star qi disappears, which should be related to that silhouette.

At the same time, Star qi disappeared, and the confused silhouette completely disappeared.

“I have just stolen nearly 50% of the Star qi value at once. The ordinary skill impossible has such a huge might. This should be the limited skill of the black robe boy.” Ji Wuqing thought secretly.

“Now it seems that, except for the summon thing of the bald donkey, all the limited skills of the star card have been used up.”

“Chief of Vigour Courtyard, merely this.” Luo Feng made a mockery, not because he was smug, but just wanted to try it out.

“Small man intoxicated by success.” Ji Wuqing sneered, saying: “If you think that you won, then you are wrong.”

“Oh?” Luo Feng’s eyes narrowed slightly, his mouth slightly raised, and said: “Let’s take a look, who’s routine is better than others.”

“Hehe, I hope you won’t be scared.” Ji Wuqing’s mouth twitched, and looked towards the remaining 2 star cards, saying: “Go ahead.”

The Divine Tortoise warrior and Sword Immortal are both nodded, and the hands are struck with lightning, and the whole body Star qi rises.

Luo Feng eyelids twitched, is it finally time to start showing cards?

Ji Wuqing expression What is the disadvantage in the early stage? The winner is the last one who laughs.

His routine is too strong, and once formed, he doesn’t know how to lose.

“I wanted to stay in the finals, but didn’t expect you to force it out.” Ji Wuqing sighed, a strong pride appeared in his eyes, said: “Lost under my ultimate trump card, not shameful.”

However, at this moment, both the Divine Tortoise warrior and Sword Immortal’s face changed abruptly. They looked at each other in blank dismay, and they burst into silence: “I, am I blue?!”

“Cultivation is impossible cultivation, this life can only rely on stealing the blues.”

The sudden change made everyone startled. They looked away and found out that the Divine Tortoise warrior and Sword Immortal’s previous full Star qi value was instantly empty!

Ji Wuqing is also startled, his eyes are splitting, the blue star cards are all cleared like this? !

“Cultivation is impossible cultivation, this life can only rely on stealing the blues.”

At this moment, a slightly lazy voice resounded between Heaven and Earth.

Xiu xiu xiu!

Suddenly, there are countless boxes of Star qi appearing, like batteries, densely packed, displayed in between Heaven and Earth.

These batteries are beating, cheering excitedly, as if they are printing their king.

Under the countless line of sight, the silhouette that disappeared before slowly reappears.

It was a slender silhouette. He had curly hair, a slender figure, an unruly beard, a confused look, a lazy expression, and a smile on the corner of his mouth.

He just stood here, with a very noble breath, like a king of aloof and remote.

That temperament is enough to dwarf anyone.

Impressively, it is Plundering Emperor-Stealing Vamarala!

In the sky, Plundering Emperor sighed and said: “If there is no blue, who dares to say invincible, who dares to say undefeated?”

Xiao Yan smiled and smiled: “Plundering Emperor, horror like this.”

Luo Feng smiled, the death of Nezha, the death of the horned fairy and the drug emperor, and the death of the Divine Tortoise warrior, causing Plundering Emperor to accumulate 200% of the Star qi value.

Stealing the blue of the little fishman, used 50%.

The little mermaid is dead, another 50%, just 200%, squeezing the remaining 2 star cards clean.

Outside the stadium, there was an uproar.

“Isn’t it? Wasn’t it full just now?”

“Fuck, blue bar disappearing technique?!”

“Lying trough, hahaha, I’m still waiting for Ji Wuqing to reverse, the question is how to reverse without blue?”

“Stealing Blue Flow?! cannot afford to offend, cannot afford to offend…”

Looking at the Plundering Emperor silhouette in the sky, Ji Wuqing’s eyes blushed instantly, his mind burst, and unable to bear roared angrily: “Come back?! Is there any end?!”

“Don’t you just smoke it? How can you smoke that way?!”


2 star cards full of blue all at once, all of them are exhausted? !

call out!

Uchiha Pikachu and Nezha exploded without giving Ji Wuqing the slightest breathing opportunity to send his star card to a dead end.

The whole Heaven and Earth is silent.

Countless lines of sight stared blankly at the arena. Divine Tortoise soldiers and Sword Immortal burst in shape, and their master, Ji Wuqing, was dull-eyed, angry, lost, and lost.

“I, I…” Ji Wuqing was splitting his eyes, even if he had been connected to the 3 cities by Luo Feng, he didn’t panic.

Because in order to ensure blood abuse Luo Feng, he left the final routine that was originally in the semifinals and even the finals, and took it out early.

He knew that Luo Feng also played the pre-star card opening, paving the way for later routines.

Therefore, today’s competition is better than anyone’s.

However, who can think that Luo Feng’s routine is to directly block the blue, so that his deck has no chance of reversing? !


He was inexplicably suffocated, and the gaze and Zhang Kuang on his face had long since disappeared. Instead, he was extremely embarrassed and lonely.

For a long time, Ji Wuqing sighed, like a deflated ball, slowly said: “You won.”

One after another stared at this scene with shocking eyes, who will not think that Ji Wuqing, deep and unmeasurable, was actually planted in Luo Feng’s hands.

“It went a bit unexpectedly smoothly today.” Su Yang eyes slightly narrowed. I thought that even if Luo Feng wants to win today, it will have to go through a battle of death.

Especially just after the start, Nezha was caught in seconds.

However, who can think of that, apart from the most inferior position, Luo Feng actually reversed the situation instantly, crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood all the way, slashing 3 players, and finally controlling blue, giving Ji Wuqing no chance of reversing.

From the game to the end, the rhythm of the game has been under his control.

His eyes were slightly reddish and he couldn’t be more excited. Over the years, Shell Courtyard disciple’s best performance in the Holy Land league was only the top 8.

However, this young man born out of thin air has already entered the top 4 and he is changing history!

Maybe, there is really hope to enter the final and even win the championship!

“How can it be?!”

Qiu Hong on the side, roaring, sullen, and gloomy eyes staring at the stadium, his eyes were unbelievable.

Previously, he rushed around to improve Ji Wuqing’s strength, just to prepare for his final.

In his opinion, Ji Wuqing can at least enter the semi-finals, if good luck, to enter the final and win the championship, it may not necessarily be impossible.

Originally Ji Wuqing took out the final lineup this time, he still had a little whisper in his heart, after all, use a cleaver to kill a chicken.

However, it is also a good thing to think about it, and to be safe, to win the top 4 first.

However, who can think of it, Ji Wuqing, even with the strongest lineup, stopped at the top 4 and lost to Luo Feng? !

Throughout Heaven and Earth, there was a constant uproar, but no matter how unbelievable they were, the pictures on the field let them understand how cruel the reality is.

“This…” Qi Muxue’s eyes were stagnant and his eyes were horrified. Originally thinking that Ji Wuqing could avenge her for today, she was ashamed, but did he even lose?

She stared blankly at Luo Feng’s silhouette, and there was a sense of fear in her eyes. Was she as arrogant as Ji Wuqing? Was she also defeated in his hand?

“This guy is such a fierce man.” Referee’s eyes were slightly tranced, and he was shocked for some time before he slowly recovereds. “Now, I announce that the chief of the East Saint District, Holy Land League top 4, is…”

“Shell Courtyard, Luo Feng!”

Hearing this, Luo Feng exhaled for a long time. He lifts the head, looking at the blue sky, muttering in his mouth:

“The next step is the semi-finals, the finals, this 1st Step, I finally made it.”

Outside, the silence lasted for a few moments, and then there was a cheering and cheering row of mountains and seas, sounded and deafened.

“Congratulations to the chief of the Holy Land!”

West Saint District.

“Congratulations to Chief Xie Yang!”

In the screams that followed one after another, a man walked out of the field, and it was Xie Yang.

Compared to the East Holy Quarter, the top four in the West Holy Quarter have no suspense.

Regardless of the flirtatious eyes thrown by various sisters around him, he swept the next 4, however, the imaginary silhouette, not at all appeared in the field of vision.

“Thank you Senior Brother, great.” A Star Card master ran over and smiled.

Xie Yang nodded his head, brows slightly wrinkle, and said, “What about Qingluan?”

The Star Card master hesitated for a moment and said, “I heard that someone saw her in the spectator seat in the Eastern Sanctuary.”

“Dongsheng District?”

The expression on Xie Yang’s face gradually solidified at this moment, and an indescribable Ice-Cold Qi slowly spread out.

“Don’t she say she wants to come to the top 4?”

I was so angry that I planned for a long time, just for today’s game, to shine in front of the people I like, rays of light ten thousand zhang.

But, Mu Qingluan, was not on the scene from start to finish? !

The Star Card master stared at him, hesitating for a moment, brace oneself said:

“She said she wanted to watch the Final Four, but she didn’t say that he would watch you…”

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