Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 203

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“Congratulations to Luoshen!”

“Holy Chief Chief!”

“… “

The sound of congratulations one after another echoed grandiose between Heaven and Earth.

Especially the Star Card master of Shell Courtyard, his face flushed red, Bloodline and Zhang Zhang, roar towards the sky, extremely excited.

Prior to this, they never thought that Shell Courtyard could become the sacred district chief and enter the top 4 in the league.

After all, the strongest remaining Yu Mo at that time was much larger than the Peak pride of other schools.

However, who would have thought that a freshman, then come to live, pulling strongly against a crazy tide, gave them hope.

Countless lines of sight looked at the silhouettes standing on the field, and their eyes were full of excitement. Today’s game has opened their eyes.

This result is almost beyond the expectations of many people.

Although many people, before the game, according to the theory of law and various metaphysics, it is speculated that it is Luo Feng who can win today.

However, when this result appeared before them, they still felt unbelievable.

That’s Ji Wuqing, the leader of the East Saint District. Looking at the entire Holy Land, it is the existence of great and famous.

Since he entered Holy Land last year, these two years have been like a round of great sun, standing above the East Sacred District, which has crushed other prides.

However, today, Heaven’s Chosen, like this, is here.

The person who replaced it, borrowed an unknown person a few months ago.

The generation of new kings is replaced by old ones.

Looking at the history of Holy Land, there has never been a freshman leapfrogging into the league, and has achieved such an amazing ranking.

Shen An and Yang Zai glanced at each other, and there was some inexplicable meaning in each other’s eyes.

When I first met Luo Feng, although I was amazed by the teenager who was born out of the sky, I absolutely did not expect that this guy, after a few months, would actually surpass Ji Wuqing and become their Number One Person in Huanghuang Dongsheng District.

“Okay, okay!” Su Yang’s eyes were flushed. He, who had always been calm, could not keep calm at the moment, and ricket’s body trembled.

Compared with the hustle and bustle of other areas, the area where Vigour Courtyard is located has fallen into a strange quiet.

Vigour Courtyard’s Star Card master, everyone is in a trance, Ji Wuqing’s defeat and shock to them is really too strong.

Someone rubbed his eyes and even suspected that this was a dream, it was really hard to believe.

After all, over the years, Ji Wuqing’s prestige is really too strong.

That is their pride.

However, their pride, their reliance, completely collapsed with the end of the game.

The deans of the other 2 hospitals are also looking towards Qiu Hong at the moment. In their eyes, there is faintly taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

Perceiving the eyes of the two people, Qiu Hong’s face was so hot that he naturally understood the meaning.

“It seems that I was blind indeed.” He smiled bitterly and looked a lot older. Since he took charge of Vigour Courtyard, Ji Wuqing has been the best discipline he has received.

Originally, in his eyes, this was the most promising year to enter the finals. Even if you can’t win the championship and get a runner-up, it also made history.

But now, the dream is broken.

Mu Qingluan jade hand, with incense cheeks, quietly looked at Luo Feng on the field, the sun was shining on him. This young man, as always, is really eye-catching.

Chu Man glanced at Mu Qingluan, as smart as she, naturally knowing the girl’s exquisite thoughts, so said with a smile: “Do you like him?”

“Sister Chu Man, what do you say?” Mu Qingluan was a little ashamed.

She gnawed her red lips lightly, thought about it, and murmured in a low voice: “We are just friends.”

“And, I… I don’t know what I like.”

Hearing this, Chu Man was stunned and looked at this silly girl, suddenly feeling distressed, saying: “If the person who will work with you for a lifetime in the future is his, what would you think?”

Mu Qingluan was stunned. On the exquisite pretty face that was as clean as jade, a touching smile suddenly appeared, and whispered: “Then, that must be excellent…”

Su Yang hearing this was also stunned. He looked at Mu Qingluan, his eyes flickering, as if he wanted to say nothing, but in the end he said nothing, but there was only an inexplicable long sigh.

Under the focal point of ten thousands, Luo Feng walked out of the field slowly. He came to the area where Shell Courtyard was located, facing Su Yang and the mentors with a respect and gave a salute, said: “Fortunately, it is not humiliating.”

Su Yang nodded with satisfaction, looked at him with a smile, and said: “Yes, I can enter the top 4. I’m already very satisfied. It’s not good to say, even if the old man passed away on the spot, it would be squinting.”

Luo Feng’s eyes flashed and he pondered for a moment, saying, “Master, my goal is to be the champion.”

“Yes, it is a good thing to have a goal.” Su Yang nodded his head, expressing appreciation in his eyes, but the expression suddenly condensed, said: “If you want to win the championship, it means that the next three mountains, you have to turn over.”

“And the strongest enemy on your way to the championship is probably King Jiang’s second son, Jiang Chen.

“That Jiang Chen, what strength?” Luo Feng raised his eyes and looked at him curiously, said: “7 stars?”

Su Yang looked at him and was silent for a moment, saying: “Before that, I thought he should be a 7 star card student.”

“But, some people have reported that Jiang Chen exhibited the strength of 4-star Card Apprentice in today’s semi-finals, only one step away from Card Master realm.”

“9-star Card Apprentice?!”

As soon as this remark came out, several of the mentors on the side were startled and exclaimed.

Luo Feng eyes slightly shrink, this Jiang Chen, so fierce, this is 9-star Card Apprentice, he took the lead? !

“Then, when will the semifinals and finals begin?”

Su Yang’s facial expression grave said: “The semi-finals and finals will be held 1 month later and may be held on the same day.”

“One month…” Luo Feng’s forehead twitched, and his scalp felt numb. Even if he had previously smashed in various resources, he had improved 1-star in that month.

The best plan, 1 month later, he is only 7 stars, not yet able to achieve, after all, the further the realm improves the slower.

Under such circumstances, he took the lead and beat Jiang Chen.

Maybe, Jiang Chen will soar to Card Master realm!

You should know that the skill effects on star cards are generally aimed at the same realm star card.

For example, Uchiha Pikachu’s [Master Ball] has a 30% probability of controlling the enemy star card for 5 minutes. If the star rating on the opposite side is higher than it, the control probability and control time will decrease.

This is why Flame Sovereign strives to upgrade him to the same star as his teammates.

Moreover, if the realm gap is too large, a star card with a low realm may not even break the defense of higher-level star cards.

“In addition, you shouldn’t think that people’s 9-star is just an ordinary 9-star. Like him, he is naturally a superior rank challenge.”

Su Yang sighed and said: “there is always someone stronger, that is the reason, in this world, there are too many innate talents.”

“Disciple understands.” Luo Feng ordered nodded, and he has been cultivation for less than a year, and has already reached the 6-star Card Apprentice.

As the second son of King Jiang, it is understandable to reach this height.

After all, the resources that King Jiang can provide are not inferior to Flame Sovereign.

“So, do you still want to win the championship now?” Su Yang said, not that he wanted to splash cold water, but just wanted Luo Feng to be mentally prepared.

“Struggle.” Luo Feng raised his eyes and said in a firm tone: “Even if I try my best and dedicate my life, I will win this championship.”

As soon as the words came out, Su Yang was startled, and the firmness of the boy’s eyes in front of him made him a little moved.

“Can I tell the dean why you are so persistent?”

When Luo Feng entered the Holy Land at first, he forcibly challenged the top 4 despite the persuasion of everyone. At that time, he thought Luo Feng was only good at performance and overconfident in himself.

But later, according to his observation, the young man in front of him was more humble than anyone else, did not steal half a day of leisure, either in cultivation or in search of materials.

He worked so hard, so hard, it seemed that he was not only responsible for the glory of the league champion, but rather he was carrying some kind of responsibility.

Luo Feng’s eyes flashed and he pondered for a moment, slowly said: “Have you ever fought for others in your life?”

Su Yang was startled, faintly, as if she understood something.

On the side of Mu Qingluan, when he heard this, Linglong’s thoughts kept rolling. Who was the other person in his mouth?

Is it me?

“Although there is a big gap between you and Jiang Chen, it is currently out of reach, but it is not without opportunities.” Su Yang said silently for a moment, slowly.

“Where is the opportunity?” Luo Feng’s eyes lit up.

“The opportunity is now.” Su Yang faint smile.

“You know, in the Royal Flame Dynasty, the Great Influence is rushing towards Holy Land, and they want to send their arrogance in, not only because they can get the education of cream of the crop, but more importantly, Many creations in the Holy Land.”

“Holy Land has many qualities, such as Star Origin Fairyland, such as Liulidao, and every chemistry take out can make people beat their blood.”

“And the next characterization is just before graduation, Holy Land gave Star Card master the biggest characterization.”

“This place of fortune is called Tian Yuan. 100 years ago, Tian Yuan sect stand in great numbers. The males joined together, but for some reason, the tribes fell, and the great Tian Yuan became ruins, forming a ruin.”

“My Royal Flame Dynasty keeps this relic, and it will be opened once a year, facing the Star Card master of Holy Land.”

“If you have enough luck and get some treasure, you can rush into Dragon Transformation and take off.”

Luo Feng brows slightly wrinkle, said: “Since it is opened once a year, the good things should have been searched?”

Su Yang hooked the head and said, “Even if Card King realm powerhouse enters the abyss, it may not be possible to detect all treasures, the Star Card master of trifling Card Apprentice realm, how could they be searched?”

“After all, precious treasures have a lot of restrictions around them. If you want to obtain them, the difficulty is naturally doubled.”

“Therefore, not only strength but also luck is needed.”

His voice was paused, staring at Luo Feng, and said with a smile: “And, to date, Tian Yuan is the biggest part of creation, and no one can get it.”

“For all these years, it has stayed here quietly, waiting for the appearance of the destined person.”

Luo Feng is curious: “What makes it good?”

Su Yang’s eyes flashed, faint smile: “A copy may make you fly to the sky, breakthrough to 9-star Card Apprentice, and even the creation of Card Master realm.”


As soon as this remark came out, it suddenly thundered like a flat land and exploded in Luo Feng’s mind.

Card Master realm in one fell swoop? !

This is real!

“Don’t be too happy, the chiefs of the other 3 Great Saint districts will surely keep an eye on this fortune, and work hard for this, especially Jiang Chen.”

Su Yang stared at Luo Feng with a ray of rays of light in his turbid eyes, said with a smile: “If that part of nature is in Jiang Chen’s hands, then you really missed the championship.”

“And if, if you can get that part, then maybe you really have the strength to fight him.”

“How are you interested?” Su Yang faint smile, looking forward to Luo Feng’s response.

Luo Feng both eyes slightly closed, take a deep breath, and after a while, slowly open, deep in the heart, with a ray of rays of light emerging.

Jiang Chen was ahead of him. If in the following relics, he was still captured by his character, then the gap between the two will be widened to a terrifying point.

One step slow, slow step by step.

Luo Feng wants to catch up, he has to seize all opportunities.

Although he is backed by Empress, if he can fight for it, he still has to fight for it as much as possible.

Su Yang said, even Jiang Chen and other King Jiang parents and children are working hard for this. Why should he lie in bed and wait for others to bring their meals to their eyes?

“Thank you Dean, I will work hard next.”

Su Yang nodded and said: “Then you have to be prepared, about 5 days later, which is the day when Heaven Rising Vestige opens.”

Luo Feng exhaled a long breath, a look of anticipation in his eyes, 5 days later?

That’s really great.

“The game is over.”

Mu Qingluan blinked and said, “What are you going to do next?”

Luo Feng Wenyan, who was also started, said: “There is no plan for now, go home.”

Mu Qingluan looked at him pitifully. Bei teeth bit his red lips for a moment, and suddenly summoned the courage, saying: “Come here, will you accompany me?”

“What do you do with you?” Luo Feng looked at her strangely, and said, “Sit in Fenglin to see the maple leaves?”

Mu Qingluan beautiful eyes were slightly sad, she couldn’t think of a reason for Luo Feng to accompany her, and she thoughtly turned, saying: “There is an auction in Holy Land tonight, there are so many babies on it, let’s go and see if we are good?”

“Auction?” Luo Feng’s eyes lit up, just wanted to be nodded, but at this moment, somehow, his back was cold.

There was a faint murderous aura.

Luo Feng in ones heart trembled, immediately lightly coughed, said: “Still not?”

“Why?” Mu Qingluan looked at him staring blankly.

“I…” Luo Feng turned his head quickly, thinking for a long time, holding out a reason, saying: “I, I have no money!”

“Holy Land like auction is not where I wait for the poor b.”

“I have.” Mu Qingluan beautiful eyes looked at him brightly, his eyes twirling, and he smiled charmingly, saying, “I will buy you what you like.”

Luo Feng: “…”

There seems to be no reason to refuse.

His eyes flickered and he pondered for a moment, then clenched the teeth, saying, “Okay.”

Just die.

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