Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 204

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The overlord ended and the new king was crowned.

The result of the chief war in the Eastern Holy Zone instantly spread to the entire Holy Land, and even radiated towards the entire imperial city.

At this speed of transmission, I am afraid that within a short period of time, everyone in the imperial city will know that there is a young man who later came up and won all the way to become the chief of the East Saint District.

It can be said that it became famous in one battle.

Such a record has inspired many Star Card masters of the same age. At the same time, everyone is wondering what step this imposing manner rainbow-like teenager can take.

King Jiang House.

deep hall.

At this moment, a man stood end to end, he was wearing a black python robe, his face was firm, and there was majestic air between his eyebrows, apparently staying high for a long time.

Around him, there was Star qi rising, faintly, with a low thunder.

It is King Jiang -Jiang Taiyuan.

Beside it, there is a silhouette of a rich and handsome man with long black hair scattered down, his eyes pitch-black as ink, sharp as a knife.

The silence continued for a few moments, Jiang Taiyuan said slowly: “Dust, although you are already a 9-star Card Apprentice, but you should not be careless. The other chiefs of the 3 Great Saint district are also not to be underestimated.”

“Xie Yang in the West Saint District.”

“Ye Xiaomeng in Nansheng District.”

“And…” His voice was paused, and his eyes flashed cold glow, saying: “Dongsheng District, Luo Feng.”

“Luo Feng? Is it another dark horse that I haven’t heard of yet?” Jiang Chen’s eyes flickered, and he was slightly astonished.

Jiang Taiyuan nodded and said: “Before you except the game, you were retreating, and naturally did not know about the outside world. This Luo Feng is a newcomer this year.”

“Newcomer?” Jiang Chen curl one’s lip, said: “This East Saint District is indeed less meaningful than other Saint Districts, then Ji Wuqing merely a trifling 6-star Card Apprentice, which is actually the Holy District Number One Person, even if Now, instead of being picked up by a newcomer black horse, it really makes people wonder what to say.”

He shook the head, and in plain words, he obviously looked down on the Dadong Holy Area.

“Lion beats rabbits with all their strength, whether it is the semi-finals or the finals, if you meet him, you must use all your energy, no reservations or care.”

Jiang Taiyuan’s eyes flickered and said: “Although he is only 6-star Card Apprentice, there are many gaps compared to the other two chief executives, but somehow, intuition tells me that he may be the largest in this Holy Land league. variable.”

“So, you have to be careful.”

Jiang Chen hearing this, also started, said: “Royal Father, a trifling 6-star Card Apprentice, are you too high on him?”

“Although there is one month left before the game, he will be at most 7 stars by then, and I may have stepped into Card Master realm.”

“With such a huge gap, what is he playing against me?”

His own father made him feel a little speechless.

Jiang Taiyuan stared at him and was silent for a moment, saying:

“Just the waste in your eyes, won the freshman league championship.”

“It’s the waste in your eyes. When you first entered Holy Land, you leapfrogged into the Holy Land League and became the chief of the East Saint District.”

“It’s the waste in your eyes. Cultivation is not half a year. Step into 6-star Card Apprentice.”

“Ask yourself, can you do this step if you cultivate at the same time?”

Jiang Chen’s face was slightly dull, and his eyes flickered, saying: “It seems that this Luo Feng is indeed a personal thing.”

Jiang Taiyuan, with his hands behind his back, walked slowly in the great hall and slowly said: “You innate talent is far and wide, far better than peers, for the father is full of confidence in you naturally, but for the father to hope that you will always, whenever and wherever In any situation, you can act steadily and don’t underestimate anyone.”

“No arrogance in the face of the weak, no fear in the face of powerhouse, this is the mentality that powerhouse should have.”

“Otherwise, even if Luo Feng does not pose a threat to you this time, then there will be a fall in the sewer and a hard day.”

Jiang Chen’s expression was astonishing, facing Jiang Taiyuan cup hand to hold fist, saying: “Royal Father said, child remember.”

Jiang Taiyuan nodded and said, “Then Heaven Rising Vestige will be opened. You should be well prepared in the next few days. If you can get the part of the fortune, then you must be able to shedding body, exchanging bones, and go further.”

“If it can be done, then only then can the champion be firmly in the bag.”

“Therefore, it is imperative for us to make the scene a bit more and bring it back.”

The night is as cold as water,

dark and windy night.

A man and a woman,

Go together.

“This Holy Land actually has an auction. I didn’t know it before, but it was ignorant and inexperienced.” Luo Feng exclaimed.

Mu Qingluan thought about it and said, “That should be because you have no needs.”

Luo Feng hearing this, which is also started, is indeed the truth. What you want has always been arranged properly, and there is very little missing.

Thinking of this, the red Qianying suddenly came to mind, somehow, he was nervous.

As a result, his face gradually collapsed.

That foot is also a bit unfavorable.

“What’s wrong with you?” Mu Qingluan raised his eyes, and the delicate face was full of doubts, saying: “Is there anything to worry about?”

“Nothing.” Luo Feng shook the head, said to himself: “I go to an auction, what am I afraid of?”

He straightened his waist and moved towards the auction house. Man, he should be hardened.

Besides, he didn’t do anything bad. As he said, he was not afraid of the slanting shadow. If he was hesitant, he seemed to have some problems.

Soon, a gold and jade in glorious splendor auction house appeared in the sight of the two.

At this time, many Star Card masters are moving towards auction. After all, if they can get some high-quality materials or powerful cultivation resources, it will undoubtedly be of great benefit to themselves.

In the auction house, there was a lot of people, and it turned against the sky.

As the daughter of the Qingluan clan, Mu Qingluan has a noble identity, and it is easy to open a VIP room, which is a private private room.

2 people walked into the VIP room, aloof and remote, overlooking the audience.

In the middle of the auction house, there is an auction stand, responsible for the auction is a middle-aged man named Yan Shi, 4 Star Card master.

Soon, the auction began.

Yan Shi sleeve robe waving, a golden light shining material, suspended in the void.

The first auction item was a golden material, which made Luo Feng secretly secret. The quality of the auction was indeed very high.

“Do you want it?” Mu Qingluan jade hand, holding his cheeks, peach blossom eyes looked at him, faintly looking forward.

“Thank you Sister Qingluan, I don’t need this.” Luo Feng said, although in theory, he wanted all the materials, but he was penniless, and it was always impossible for Mu Qingluan to buy anything?

Therefore, it is not too late to wait for her to be photographed.

“Then must tell me if you need it. If you want to be polite to me, I will be angry.” Mu Qingluan’s tone is quiet.

Luo Feng: “Good.”

With the success of the first golden material auction, the atmosphere on the scene was suddenly mobilized, and each and everyone treasure appeared on the stage, causing a fight.

Luo Feng lightly listened, a little carelessly. Although these treasures are not bad, they are not necessary for him.

“Star dan of Holy Spirit frog, golden material, starting price, 10000 star coins.”

As soon as this remark came out, Luo Feng, who was sleepy, came to his mind.

Everyone turned their eyes, and saw that on the auction stand, Yan Shi was holding a Star dan, and the Star dan was gleaming with water and light, and there were strange fluctuations spreading from it.

However, they just glanced at them, and then took their gazes back.

After all, although the water frog is a golden material, it is a niche.

What is highly regarded is still some materials that can be taken 100 times.

“10000 one.”

“10000 2.”

“10000 3.”

Such a price increase is not very fierce. After all, in terms of overwhelming majority Star Card master, this is nothing more than that’s all.

At this moment, Luo Feng rubbed his eyebrows, some sorry said authentically: “Sister Qingluan, I want…”

Hearing this, Mu Qingluan smirked and said, “Okay.”

When the Holy Spirit frog Star dan was added to 30000, Mu Qingluan’s red lips slightly opened, slowly opening: “50000.”

Obviously, the plan is finalized.

Sure enough, no one increased the price.

Silence lasted for a few minutes, Luo Feng sighed in relief, Yan Shi saw no one to increase the price, but also prepared to finalize.

“30000 one.”

However, at this moment, a light laughter, mixed with a hint of joking, was sounded from the VIP room opposite.

Mu Qingluan Liu Mei frowned slightly and said, “40000.”

“40000 one.” The playful voice sounded again.

“50000.” Mu Qingluan did not resign.

“50000 one, hehe.” The light laughter sounded again, anyone could hear it, there was a hint of joking in the voice.

“60000.” Mu Qingluan continued to insist.

Luo Feng brows slightly wrinkle, I was very upset, I don’t know if it was an illusion, I always felt that the person opposite was targeting him.

The annoying voice did not continue to sound.

“I don’t know why, this sound sounds a bit familiar to me.” Mu Qingluan frowned.

Luo Feng hearing this, which is also startled, can make Mu Qingluan feel familiar and qualified to sit in the VIP Pavilion.

The auction is in full swing.

Soon, Mu Qingluan helped Luo Feng photograph 2 materials:

Demon Fox’s tail (golden) x1.

A strange looking dagger (purple) x1.

However, during this period, they were attacked by the opposite Yin and Yang people.

Luo Feng’s eyes flickered. He was determined and affirmed that the one opposite the VIP Pavilion was sniping him.

After all, when other Star Card masters bid, the man never raised the price.

As soon as they started bidding, eccentric’s voice was sounded, and every time 1000 1000 plus, disgusting people, at the same time, they also allowed them to be able to shoot the treasure of half the price, and eventually doubled.

“The item to be auctioned next will be of interest to everyone.”

As his voice fell, the atmosphere of the entire auction floor was solidified, and everyone’s eyes were staring at the auction stand.

Under the eyes of many eyes, Yan Shi hehe smiled, reached into his arms, and took out a jade box.

Open the jade box, there is a piece of jade on it, then Yu Linglong has a chic, with a faint jade light that looks quite exquisite.

In addition, although this jade is complete, it does not seem to be much damaged, but it looks like a half jade, that is, half of a certain jade.

Yan Shi glanced at the audience, and a powerful voice sounded, pretending to be mysterious: “This piece of jade was found in Heaven Rising Vestige by previous time disciple.”

Listening to the two words of Tianyuan, all Star Card masters on the field suddenly showed strong interest.

Yan Shi’s voice was paused, and continued: “Although there is no slight fluctuation of Star qi on it, and the jade itself is not very valuable, it seems to depict some mysterious lines, and it comes from Tianyuan, and it is not a mortal thing.”

“Right now, Heaven Rising Vestige is about to open, maybe this jade is the key to a place of creation, hehe…”

Hearing this, Luo Feng’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Intuition tells him that this kind of thing that can’t clearly understand the origin is either very general or very important.

Seeing his 3 words and 2 words, he mobilized the atmosphere on the field. Yan Shi was quite satisfied with the nodded, said: “The starting price, hundred thousand stars.”

In the auction house, the silence lasted for a few minutes, and was quickly overwhelmed by the price increase of hiding the sky and covering the earth.

“Ten 10000!”

“Hundred and Thirty Thousand !”

“… “

When the auction price reached 200,000, the price increase was getting less and less, and the amplitude was getting weaker.

For one thing, this price is already quite high, many people are shy and cannot afford to bid.

2) Everyone is very rational. Although this jade is blown into the sky, if it can bring about character, it is only what can happen in the novel. In most cases, it may really be a plain jade.

At such a high price, it is indeed not worthwhile to gamble on that slim probability.

“250,000.” Without waiting for Luo Feng to speak, Mu Qingluan has already begun to participate in the auction, because she has seen from the latter’s expression, he is looking forward to this jade.

Suddenly, the slightly noisy auction hall suddenly became quiet.

This opening is to block the way of increasing the price. They don’t need to spend such a high price to buy a piece of jade of unknown origin.

“Qingluan, it’s too expensive, forget it.” Luo Feng quickly refused.

Mu Qingluan Gu Pan Shenfei, bright eyes blinked, said: “You just like it.”


The familiar yin and yang sounded again from the VIP room opposite.

“300,000.” Mu Qingluan made no concessions.

“30 10000.” The price increaser immediately followed.

“400,000.” Mu Qingluan’s eyes appeared cold light, directly pressing all his savings.

The venue was quiet for a while, but just when she thought she was successful, a light laughter came again from the VIP room opposite: “41 10000.”

Mu Qingluan pretty face was cold and angry, and at the same time, there was a little guilt in his heart. This 10000 can be regarded as the last straw that killed the camel.

Because she had photographed other things before, for a time, she couldn’t get more stars.

At this very moment, Luo Feng lightly said with a smile: “The young master opposite is really arrogant. In this case, the gentleman is not good for others. Let me give you this thing.”

“Qingluan, we don’t need to spend so many stars to buy something of unknown origin.” Luo Feng cast his gratitude and reassured: “I have been very grateful for the few materials you bought me.”

“As for this piece of jade, let the guy on the other side be the wronghead.”

Mu Qingluan reluctantly nodded, but still felt a little bit sad in his heart.

However, at this moment, another VIP room, a rather domineering voice, sounded.



As soon as this remark came, the thunder suddenly rang like a flat ground and exploded in the ear of everyone.

Everyone was a little stunned, and their eyes were invariably directed to the source of the sound, and their hearts were ups and downs.

For a piece of jade, throw 1000000 gold, this is the real big brother!

Yan Shi was also taken aback. Originally, he thought that it was selling 200,000 star coins, and the result was actually fired to 1000000?

The VIP room where the Yin and Yang people are located hasn’t responded for a long time, and it’s apparently forced by the high price of 1,000,000.

Can’t stand it.

“It’s all big guys, can’t afford to offend.” Luo Feng rubbed his eyebrows, secretly sighed in his heart, this piece of jade can fall into the hands of mysterious person, but it made him quite relieved.

At the same time, he eyes slightly narrowed and looked towards the VIP room opposite, the Yin Yang person, who had deliberately targeted before, who is it?

While Luo Feng’s mind turned, auction gradually came to an end.


Luo Feng got up and got 2 golden materials and one purple material today, he was very satisfied.

This configuration is enough to make a complete star card.

He has been waiting for the star card for a long time.

The two came out together and walked out of the VIP room, but at this moment, Luo Feng found that Mu Qingluan looked forward, and the pretty face gradually became cold.

Luo Feng was stunned, looking in her eyes, and saw another passage, also a group of people came out, and in front of them, there was a man surrounded by a rich and handsome man.

This person is the chief of Dongsheng District, Xie Yang.

Not waiting for Mu Qingluan to speak, Xie Yang’s gaze turned slightly and stayed on Luo Feng, saying, “This is Luo Feng, right?”

“What’s the matter?” Luo Feng’s eyelids lifted slightly, and his voice was neither salty nor light.

“It’s okay.” Xie Yang laughed. His eyes stayed slightly on the material playing in Luo Feng’s hands. I thought Mu Qingluan had been bidding. Luo Feng didn’t say anything from beginning to end. For a moment, I understood what.

So he pondered for a moment and said with a playful tone: “It’s just that Senior Brother feels that when a boy is alive, he should be able to support both heaven and earth, hiding behind a woman and eating a soft meal, is it a bit bad?”

“Can’t eat grapes and say that grapes are sour?” Luo Feng looked at him, and there was no slight expression in the expression, saying: “You look ugly, am I?”

Looking at Luo Feng’s straightforward look, Xie Yang corner of mouth twitching, this guy really eats hard.

“Xie Yang, that person was you just now?” Mu Qingluan pretty face Wei Ning, she just felt a little familiar just now, and when she saw Xie Yang, she suddenly remembered it.

Xie Yang smiled gently, but did not deny it, saying: “Qingluan, don’t be angry, I think you like it, the intention is to take it for you, and then give those materials as gifts to you.”

“Unfortunately, I didn’t expect you to be so persistent.”

Luo Feng without the slightest hesitation counterattack: “This is the reason you deliberately raised the price?”

“If you distress this money, I can give you, oh, it should be Qingluan.”

“No.” Luo Feng shook the head, his eyes flashing, said: “In the future, there should be a chance.”

Xie Yang’s eyes narrowed, and it seemed that he had won the chief of the Holy Land, which really made you bloated.

The highest real value of the East Saint District, which is no more than 6-star Card Apprentice, is there no point in my heart?

After taking a walk outside with Mu Qingluan, Luo Feng said goodbye to her and hurriedly returned to Cave Mansion.

But when he walked to the small courtyard, he saw a red-clothed silhouette, and the jade hand was lying on the chair lazily, leaning on his cheeks.

In the moonlight, Empress stared slightly, seeming to be asleep.

At the same time, she seemed to feel, her eyes slowly opened, teasing: “Yo, a person is back?”

Luo Feng looked down and was silent.

Waiting for Luo Feng to speak, Zhuo Ying’s slender jade finger pointed to the round table. Luo Feng looked at it, and then found that there was a piece of jade shining with brilliant jade.

Luo Feng’s pupil shrank slightly, because this is the part of auction.

Zhuo Ying jade hand holds cheeks, beautiful eyes with a hint of playfulness, faint smile: “She can give, I can give you, she can not give, I can give you.”

“Like it?”

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