Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 205

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Looking at the glittering jade on the round table, Luo Feng’s eyes were inexplicable, and suddenly, he was embarrassed.

The mysterious person who threw 1000000 gold and said the word is actually Flame Sovereign?



There are countless occurrences, just a trip to auction, how can there be a feeling of being raped?

Zhuo Ying took a sip of tea and said quietly, “How come you came back alone?”

Luo Feng smiled sorrowfully and said, “It’s getting dark, of course I have to go back to my home.”

Zhuo Ying stared at him, faint smile: “What about the little beauty of the Qingluan family?”

Luo Feng rubbed his lips and said, “Flame Sovereign, you also saw that what I didn’t really want to go, all suffocated the reason for not having money. As a result, her sentence was simply a lore, which made me unable to refute. “

“En? What did I see?” Zhuo Ying’s eyes were drooping, and his beautiful hands were entangled, saying, “I’m not on the scene again.”

Luo Feng: “Oh.”

“Heaven Rising Vestige will open in a few days.” Zhuo Ying stared at him, his long lashes blinking, and said, “Should Su Yang tell you all these things?”

Luo Feng nodded and said: “Flame Sovereign, it took 1,000,000 stars to photograph this jade. Is it really worth it?”

Zhuo Ying picked up the jade, played it with interest, stared at the ancient lines above, and suddenly smiled, said: “It’s not worth it, understood in the future.”

Luo Feng was startled, faintly, as if he understood something.

“So, what is the nature of Heaven Rising Vestige?” Luo Feng cast his curiosity.

Zhuo Ying thought for a while and said: “The day deep, 100 years ago, sect stand in great numbers, but before the number of years, but once destroyed, you can know, why?”

“Why?” Luo Feng wondered.

Zhuo Ying’s jade finger twisted lightly, and I saw Star qi surging, which turned into a huge screen.

On the light curtain, there are 1000 miles of mountains, and the palaces are in groups, endless.

Among them, there is a fierce silhouette of one after another, and human shadows fill the whole sky, which shows that the power of Tianyuan was strong.

Bang bang!

And at the next moment, the picture changes, it seems that Heaven and Earth is out of balance. In the high sky, the space is broken, and a drop of red blood slowly flew out.

That drop of blood, red terrifying.

And almost at the same time as the drop of blood appeared, there seemed to be a terrifying pressure dropping from the sky, the space shattered, and the mountains and rivers collapsed.

The eyes of everyone in Tianyuan below are full of deep panic.

And with the blood falling, the entire Tianyuan, at this moment was the most extreme damage, began to quickly collapse.

So, the great abyss, in a flash, turned into a ruin.

Within 1000 miles, there are no souls.

Luo Feng stared at him staring at the stormy sea in his heart, a drop of blood, actually let the whole sky fall, the master of this drop of blood, what a horror?

“Well, what is this and the others…” Luo Feng swallowed, and his heart was horrified.

Zhuo Ying emerged from the stars and said, “Maybe it is the legendary saint.”

“Saints?” Luo Feng in ones heart trembled, unable to bear asked: “What realm powerhouse is that?”

Zhuo Ying jade hand held his forehead, red lips slightly opened, slowly said: “Star Card master’s former Four Great Boundaries are Card Apprentice, Card Master, Card King, Card Emperor.”

“And Card Emperor is not the end, after that, there is still a realm, and Card Saint is one of them.”

“It’s just that waiting for the realm is too far away from me. Looking at the entire Heavenly Origin mainland, at the top of the pyramid, it’s just Card Emperor realm.”

“After all, I Heavenly Origin mainland, the time to start the star card era is much later than other continents.”

“The horror is like this.” Luo Feng exclaimed. With a drop of blood, the saint can overwhelm one side. It is really curious, to what extent will the star card in their hands be arrogant?

“Then if the saint passed by my Royal Flame Dynasty and fight here, wouldn’t my entire dynasty be destroyed once.”

“The powerhouse at such a level as Ka Sheng can’t be easily used.” Zhuo Ying’s head shook slightly, beautiful eyes trance, said: “According to my investigation, the advent of the blood drop before several years may be related to the continent of Mingyang. “

“Mingyang Continent?” Luo Feng’s eyes lit up. He heard Rose say that the former fierce person who forced the reform of Heavenly Dao system seemed to go there after leaving Heavenly Origin mainland.

“At that time, Foreign Race Invasion Mingyang tried to destroy the Mingyang continent, so a fierce battle broke out. It is said that there are saints falling and perish together with the alien demon.”

“The saint fell, blood spilt in the world, and one of the drops drifted from here, letting the tribes of the abyss of the heavens endure the disaster of innocence.”

“Miserable.” Luo Feng felt a little bit distressed about this legendary Tianyuan, and he really flew into a disaster?

Zhuo Ying took a sip of tea and continued: “For this reason, Tian Yuan was set by me as a forbidden area. In the eyes of everyone, the saint’s drop of blood may be the greatest creation.”

“But, time flies, and a few years have passed. Even I am not sure if it still exists, maybe it has already passed away with the wind.”

“Of course, it may also stay quietly in a corner, quietly, waiting for the appearance of the destined person.”

Luo Feng rubbed his eyebrows, this thing is a bit illusory.

“In those years, has nobody hit the idea of ​​the blood of the saint?” Luo Feng was curious, so treasure, should many people want to explore?

“Although it’s a saint’s thing, in the final analysis, it’s just a drop of blood.” Zhuo Ying shook the head, said: “This kind of thing has limited effect for Star Card master above Card King, but below Card King, especially Card Apprentice like you, has the effect of shedding body, exchanging bones.”

“But even I don’t know where it is and whether it exists, so I can’t give you a hint.”

“It depends on whether you are destined to it or not.”

Luo Feng nodded, full of strong expectations for the blood of the legendary saint.

If this is not possible, then the next semi-finals and finals, for him, will be hell mode, with a slim win rate.

After Zhuo Ying left, Luo Feng took out several materials bought by auction today and fell into contemplation.

The Star dan x1 (gold) of the Holy Spirit frog.

Demon Fox’s tail x1 (golden).

A strange looking dagger x1 (purple).

“Difficult.” Luo Feng stared at the materials, his eyes flashing, thinking about their purpose.

These two materials don’t seem to have any relationship at all. If you want to combine them, you must change them.

How is it changed?

What the demon changes into depends on what he lacks.

Luo Feng thought about it, since Kai Kaixi left, no successor, no other star card, can continue to serve as an assassin.

Therefore, he needs a high-movement, high-burst assassin.

So, who can replace Kai Kaixi?

Luo Feng looked at the Star dan of the Holy Spirit frog and blinked his eyes. An interesting image slowly came to his mind.

Gently rub the star ring to open the star card system.

“Star card system is starting, please draw the star card pattern…”

Luo Feng held the Star Origin pen and drew a frog walking upright. It held a bitter (a strange-looking dagger) and wore a forehead.

Behind him, sit a Nine-Tailed Monster Fox.

Click to confirm.

“The star card pattern is drawn, the system is under review…”

“Approved, please inject the star card background.”

Luo Feng thought about it and wrote a pen:

“There is a little frog in the happy pond, and it dances like it is possessed by Prince…”

“However, other frogs are far away from it, and their eyes are full of disgust, and they don’t want to touch it.”

“The story begins with a demon fox.”

“This frog is named Uzumaki Renwa. When it was born, a demon fox came from the pond. The demon fox did evil and dominated the pond.”

“In order to save the pond, my parents defeated the Nine-Tailed Monster Fox, but they were unable to kill it. I was forced to help but seal it in the newly born Uzumaki Renwa within the body.”

“After the seal was over, the parents also died, which made Uzumaki Renwa a lone frog.”

“The lone frog, because within the body seals the monster, so everyone squeezes it out and fears it. It grew up in the repulsion and cold eyes of the frogs.”

“However, later it met a cute little friend named Uchiha Pikachu. Thanks to Pikachu’s encouragement, it did not go astray, but grew up with a sunny and upward heart.”

“It walked hand in hand with yellow furred mouse, and later met a trainer named Ash, followed him on the road of cultivation, and then challenged various gyms and participated in the competition. Unfortunately, in the final, he lost to his opponent. Squirt dragon.”

“Nine-Tailed Monster Fox is sealed in vortex within the body, but the seal is not very stable. When Uzumaki Renwa’s anger will be hit hard, Nine-Tailed Monster Fox will take advantage of it and cut open seal.”

“Once, Uchiha Pikachu was blood-battered by the enemy, Uzumaki Renwa was furious, because the seal of within the body was temporarily lifted because it was too angry, and its incarnation became Nine-Tailed Monster Fox.

“Uzumaki Renwa likes rubbing balls, rubbing and rubbing, and comprehended a cultivation technique called Rasengan.”

“Uzumaki Renwa cherishes its friends very much. It can make friends with good friends, such as Ash Barrier, yellow furred mouse, to perform a co-evolution, thus showing a very strong ability.”

“However, integrated evolution requires evolutionary stones.”

“… “

Click to submit.

“Star card background injection is completed, the system is under review…”

“Approved, please add synthetic materials.”

Luo Feng thought about it and threw the tail of the demon fox, the Star dan of the Holy Spirit frog, and the strange dagger into it.

As for the evolutionary stone…

Luo Feng ran to the courtyard, picked up a stone, washed it, and threw it in.

Click to submit.

“The materials are added, the system is under review…”

“Approved, star card is being generated…”

Uzumaki Renwa

realm: 6-star.

Quality: Gold ☆☆

Weapon: suffering.


[Flying Thunder God]: Uzumaki Renwa leaves the Flying Thunder God mark at the designated location, it can be teleported to any place where the mark is engraved, and can use this to transfer damage.

[Rasengan]: Uzumaki Renwa urges Star qi to rub out a huge ball, strikes the goal.

[Shadow Clone Technique]: Uzumaki Renwa summon up to ten Shadow Clone, each clone has 1/4 attribute of the body.

[Golden Water Shuriken]: Uzumaki Renwa injects Star qi into the shuriken to form a huge yellow gold hand sword, causing huge damage. If a teammate is hit, 30% of the teammate’s health is restored.

[Nine-Tailed Monster Fox]: When Uzumaki Renwa is irritated or seriously injured, remove the within the body seal and incarnation Nine-Tailed Monster Fox.

[Evolution Stone]: Limited skill, Uzumaki Renwa can be combined with Star Card master or with specified star card, and complete an evolution, strengthen existing skills, synthesize new skills, realm upgrade 1-star.

Introduction: “When it comes to doing it, this is my endurance!”

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