Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 206

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Luo Feng examines the star card in his hand.

Flying Thunder God, an assassin’s essential teleportation technique, sets the mark at the specified location, and then moves to the place where the mark is located.

It’s an upgraded version of rice.

In addition, this skill can also transfer damage.

In this regard, Luo Feng’s understanding is that, assuming that Uzumaki Renwa has left a mark at points a and b, and that there is a teammate at point a, when the opposite bomb falls on the teammate at point a, Uzumaki Renwa appears at point a, blocking In front of his teammates, he blocked the offensive for it.

When the bomb fell on Uzumaki Renwa, at the moment of the explosion, Uzumaki Renwa moved from point a to point b along with the bomb.

At this time, the bomb exploded at point b, and Uzumaki Renwa teleported to point a again.

In this case, it and its teammates will not be injured by the bomb explosion.

This is the mystery of Flying Thunder God.

Rasengan, Uzumaki Renwa’s signature attack skills, rub a ball, strikes the target.

Shadow Clone’s technique, Luo Feng’s understanding is that this is Uzumaki Renwa’s defensive technique. By creating a large number of avatars, it is difficult to distinguish the position of the body.

The golden water shuriken, attack and auxiliary skills, hit the opponent, can cause damage, and fall on the teammates, can return blood.

Nine-Tailed Monster Fox, undo seal, incarnation demon fox, sounds very fierce, can be understood as an explosive technique.

Luo Feng’s gaze stayed on its limited skill-Evolution Stone.

This skill compares spirituality.

It can be combined with the designated star card or even the Star Card master. In this way, even without the equipment card, there is no need to fear that the opposite side will be used to kill yourself.

This star card is great, and like Uchiha Pikachu, it can be perfectly integrated into many routines.

Star cards like Sima Yi and Xiao Yan can only let teammates make routines around it, so it is very unsuitable to integrate into other routines. Therefore, after using it, it is usually ash for a long time.

Uzumaki Renwa is a very strong assassin with a very good price/performance ratio. At present, there is no big shortcoming.

Heavenly Dao system is lazy, and the cooling time of a skill is not marked, which requires him to try slowly.

Of course, the star card itself also knows the specific cooling time of each skill.

“The next step is to prepare for Heaven Rising Vestige.”

Luo Feng raised his eyes, his mood was a little complicated, and finally he went all the way to the top 4, and his pressure was even greater than before.

His goal is the championship, so no matter how unwilling he is, he has to face the mountain of Jiang Chen.

Can’t escape.

“I shouldn’t be afraid, because every qualitative change is a process of catching ducks to the tree.”

Teammates are very strong, so strong that he meets now, there is no chance of winning, and this is the meaning of struggle.

“I hope I can gain something on Heaven Rising Vestige.”

Luo Feng looked up and looked at the bright moon in the sky, muttering in his mouth.

When there are no storms and storms, the guard will see the moon.

As Heaven Rising Vestige approaches, many eyes are projected.

Everyone knows the importance of this battle for creativity, because it may make the next semifinals and finals full of variables.

Although the top 4 has been set, it is important to know that the eliminated Star Card master can still participate in the resurrection game. The powerhouse contested in the resurrection game can challenge the top 4.

If the challenge is successful, it can be replaced and become the new top 4.

The present Heaven Rising Vestige is undoubtedly a new round of shuffling.

If there is some luck, some luck in the Heaven Rising Vestige, thus shedding body, exchanging bones, then maybe it will be able to skyrocket in the next game, soaring to the top, winning the championship.

Therefore, the next Heaven Rising Vestige and the semi-finals and finals of 1 month later naturally caused controversy.

“This year’s Holy Land League champion must be Jiang Jiang’s son Jiang Chen, no doubt, who can match the 9-star Card Apprentice?”

“That’s not necessarily the case. Ye Xiaomeng in the Nansheng District, although it’s an 8-star Card Apprentice, can really fight, if not, there is no chance of winning.

“That’s right, Xie Yang in the West Saint District is not simple, 7 star card only. If you have gains in Heaven Rising Vestige and make up the gap in realm, this champion can indeed compete.”

“And Luo Feng, I watched all his games, and I really served him, but it’s a pity to start too late, there is a lack of fire on the realm, even if I get some Heaven and Earth Spirit Object in Heaven Rising Vestige, I can’t make up for it. The gap between him and Jiang Chen?”

“Unless he can get the legendary card Saint Blood.”

“Hey, you know it’s a legend. No one got it in these years, I’m afraid it’s just a gimmick that’s all.”

“… “

Similar to this kind of argument, resounded in Holy Land and every corner of the imperial city.

Admittedly, Jiang Chen is the most favored, and his rays of light are like a round of dazzling.

Compared with them, Luo Feng is much darker. It is not that they deliberately despised it, but the gap between them is really too big.

Like Xie Yang and Ye Xiaomeng, if they get some fortune in Heaven Rising Vestige, they may be able to make up for the gap with Jiang Chen in realm.

But if it is Luo Feng, it is really difficult.

Such a huge gap is no longer a simple cultivation resource, Heaven and Earth Spirit Object, and it can be made up.

In the voice of the public, time flies, and the day when Heaven Rising Vestige opens is finally here.

King Jiang House.

A silhouette stands with hands hanging down, long hair shawls down, eyes pitch-black as ink, sharp as a knife.

He is Jiang Chen, the Star Card master admired by Holy Land.

“Chener, this Heaven Rising Vestige must have something to gain. For the legendary Saint blood, we must also find a way to explore it.”

Jiang Taiyuan stood hand in hand and pondered for a moment, saying: “In addition, if there is a chance, aim at Luo Feng, aim at the death, don’t leave him the slightest breathing opportunity.”

“After all, no one knows, this is a ants-like existence for you now, and what kind of gesture will it be 1 month later.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly, but she didn’t say much.

The words are light, as if dealing with Luo Feng, it is as simple as stepping on the ants under the feet.

As the top of the Holy Land list, he also has such qualifications.

Jiang Taiyuan ordered nodded.

“The child started.”

The voice fell, his divine sense moved, and a Golden Wings Great Peng appeared under him.

Jiang Chen stepped on Jinchi Dapeng, and her whole body was crimson with Star qi entwined, flying across the sky like a rainbow, flying to the distance.

Qingluan tribe.

A beautiful woman in a palace dress stood quietly, her face was exquisite, her body exploded, and her whole body exuded an indescribable charm, as if she was a nymph.

The female name is Mu Nanzhi and it is Qingluan patriarch.

Opposite it, a young girl was slim, Mu Qingluan.

Under the moonlight, the mother and daughter stood quietly.

The silence lasted for a few moments, Mu Nanzhi opened his lips slightly, and slowly said, “Qingluan, do you really plan to go to Heaven Rising Vestige this year?”

Mu Qingluan said a little bit, said: “en.”

Mu Nanzhi Liu Mei frowned slightly and said: “It stands to reason that the old students are eligible to enter, and you are a freshman this year. If you go this year, there will be no chance to enter again next year.”

She stared at Mu Qingluan, and her beautiful eyes were full of curiosity, saying: “Can you tell me why you rush to Heaven Rising Vestige this year?”

Mu Qingluan said: “Did you not say that there may be an inheritance of my Qingluan family in Heaven Rising Vestige?”

Her voice was paused and said, “Qingluan felt that he was aptitude flat on the star card, so he decided to focus on improving his monster cultivator and gaining inheritance is undoubtedly a quick way to improve.”

“But inheritance is in the forbidden area, and there are many crises in the forbidden area. It is not necessarily because you are a clansman and you will have some water.” Mu Nanzhi sighed, said: “So I think you will go next year. At that time, your strength will be improved a lot. The probability of inheritance will also be greater.”

Mu Qingluan shook the head, his voice firmly said: “There is nothing reap without sowing in this world, if you want to get something, you have to give up.”

“I have already thought about it, even if the forbidden land is mountains of daggers and seas of flames, surrounded by perils, I have to break through.”

Mu Nanzhi heard this, and the exquisite pretty face showed relief, saying: “Qingluan, you can realize this, I am very pleased.”

She sighed and said: “Since your father’s death, my Qingluan tribe is at the end of several Super Influences. My mother and I are a female stream. The single tree is difficult to support and difficult to make a difference. Therefore, I can only rely on the big tree of the King Jiang camp. Next, to protect yourself.”

“That’s why I suggest that you marry King Qj mansion. This is for both you and your family’s future.”

“Yi Jieliu? Who said that women are not as good as men?” Mu Qingluan raised his eyes and said, “Flame Sovereign is also a woman, and he has dominated the dynasty for several years, but he has not been tired. He is a model for my generation.”

“Aren’t you tired?” Mu Nanzhi murmured, eyes inexplicable, said: “Do you really think that Flame Sovereign can finally remove the strong foundation of King Jiang?”

“I don’t know if I can move down. I only know that only by trying can I have a chance.”

“Mother, I am different from what you think. Others may not be able to rely on them. Instead of showing loyalty and expecting others’ pity, it is better to enhance their own strength and thus gain the awe of others.

Mu Qingluan beautiful eyes flashed slightly and said, “Qingluan feels that only if he has strength can he protect himself, and…”

Her voice was paused, with a voice that only she could hear: “Protect the person you want to protect.”

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