Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 207

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South Saint District.

A man wearing a black robe is holding a sword against the fence. If Luo Feng is here, he will be able to recognize that this person is Qin Sheng.

At this moment, a subtle footsteps sounded after itself.

That is a girl.

The girl was dressed in apricot-yellow satin skirt, her double ponytails were wrapped around her waist, her black boots with gold thread trimming, her skin white as snow, and a pair of bright eyes turned wisely.

On his shoulder, stood the Little Huang chicken, cute and adorable.

Behind it, there is a heavy sword on his back, with golden light flashing on the heavy sword.

The female name is Ye Xiaomeng and is the chief of the Nansheng District.

“Here is Heaven Rising Vestige, ready?”

Ye Xiaomeng yawned and said, “What are you ready for? I have slept for several days.”

Qin Sheng twitched his lips and said, “The semi-finals will soon be on. Everyone is working hard to cultivate and just sleep every day.”

“You can’t do anything, sleep 1st place.”

Ye Xiaomeng revealed a cute little tiger tooth, laughed, and said: “Anyway, I can’t get the championship, I can only arbitrarily. Jiang Chen’s metamorphosis is 9-star Card Apprentice. Maybe it will be Card Master in another month. I took the lead to fight him.”

“Okay, don’t crack a joke anymore.” Qin Sheng expression sternly said seriously: “Unsurprisingly, Luo Feng of the East Saint District will be attacked by some people in the abyss of the day.”

“If you meet, be sure to help him out.”

His eyes flashed slightly and said: “Although his realm is very low, but somehow, I always feel that if there are changes in the results of this league, it must appear on him.”

Ye Xiaomeng’s eyes turned round and round and said, “Master is so optimistic about him?”

“Otherwise?” Qin Sheng glared at her, and hate iron for not becoming steel said authentically: “You have to work harder to be able to blast that ginger dust. Do I still hope for others?”

“OK! OK!” Ye Xiaomeng covered her ears and said, “It’s really painful.”

West Saint District.

In Shi Ting, a gray robed old man stood hand in hand. He looked towards the youth in front of him and said, “Xie Yang, Heaven Rising Vestige, is an opportunity to shuffle.”

“Although you have a big gap with Ye Xiaomeng and Jiang Chen, if you can get a chance in Tianyuan, you may not be able to make up for this gap.”

“If this is the case, the championship can be expected.”

Xie Yang nodded, said: “disciple obey.”

East Saint District, Shell Courtyard.

Before the gate of the courtyard, a row of Star Card masters was ready to go. Those silhouettes were all imposing manner out of the ordinary, and there was a powerful Star qi surging around the body.

Luo Feng stood before the Star Card masters, and behind him were the remaining three, Mo Yu and Qin Yi.

At this time, all Star Card master’s faces were excited and excited.

Su Yang looked at the Star Card master in front of him and said, “You, as my Shell Courtyard Star Card master, entered Heaven Rising Vestige this time, not only to compete for creativity, but also to protect yourself.”

Luo Feng and many other disciplines are all nodded at the moment.

“This time Heaven Rising Vestige and his party, Luo Feng is Captain, Mo Yu’s remaining Qin Yi is Vice Captain, you all person, all should be led by Luo Feng.”

Luo Feng looked bitter and felt a bit troublesome. He said: “President, dominate the team. The three senior brothers and senior sister are better at it. I am willing to let the virtuous.”

Su Yang gave him a fiercely glance and scolded: “Don’t think I don’t know you are afraid of trouble!”

Luo Feng smiled sorrowfully and closed his mouth immediately.

Su Yangdao: “Holy Land has 6 6 courtyards, there are 1 1 teams, our courtyard has a small number of people, so after entering Heaven Rising Vestige, we must take care of each other, be consistent with the outside world, what are the gains, each depends on the ability, and we have difficulties , No one should be jealous.”

“Disciple understands.” Everyone is nodded.

Su Yang nodded and said, “Let’s go.”

call out!

As his voice fell, the disciples no longer slowed down, and each summon out the star card, and then turned into a densely packed streamer, moving towards the direction of Heaven Rising Vestige, and swept away.

The place where Heaven Rising Vestige is located is quite remote. They didn’t know how long they flew before they arrived.

The crowd stayed in a forest, their eyes moved towards a distance, only to see that deep in the forest covered with towering trees, there was an enchantment, the rays of light flashed on the enchantment, and there was a trace of unknown danger Breath, radiating out.

Xiu xiu xiu!

And at this moment, there was a rapid wind breaking sound, the other teams of Holy Land, now also coming one after another.

Luo Feng looked away. From the perspective of the uniforms, this team was the team of Xisheng District, and the leader was Xie Yang.

And when he saw a familiar silhouette in Xie Yang’s team, he suddenly started.

In the eyes of many eyes, Xie Yang’s team slowly landed, and the familiar silhouette, at the moment, also opened its slender legs and walked towards him.

“Qingluan, why are you here?” Luo Feng Weizheng, Su Yang said to him earlier, this time Heaven Rising Vestige is for the old discipline, not the new student.

But when I think about it, as Mu Qingluan, it is not too difficult to mix up places.

Mu Qingluan contains said with a smile: “The elders of the hearing tribe said that there might be an inheritance about my Qingluan tribe in the abyss, so I participated in advance.”

“Inheritance?” Luo Feng was curious.

Mu Qingluan said slightly, “You know, my body is Qingluan and Star Beast, so my own cultivation is also a monster cultivator and Star Card master.”

“My innate talent on the Star Card master can only be said to be quite satisfactory, so for me, the most important thing is the monster cultivator to improve my own strength.”

Luo Feng ordered nodded, Mu Qingluan body is Qingluan, Star Beast can be transformed, Bloodline is naturally very fierce, so the fastest way to improve strength is naturally monster cultivator.

For her, this way is undoubtedly the best.

“If you can find inheritance, what strength will your ontology rise to?” Luo Feng wondered.

Mu Qingluan thought about it and said, “Conservative estimate, equivalent to the comprehensive strength of 9-star Card Apprentice.”

“Very difficult to deal with.” Luo Feng envy, it is good to have Bloodline innate talent, get an inheritance, you can match the cream of the crop level in peers.

Unlike him, only by obtaining the blood of the legendary saint can he achieve the same effect.

Looking at Qingluan, he went straight to Luo Feng as soon as he landed. Xie Yang’s face sank slightly, and in his heart, there was an indisputable anger.

“If you can get some treasure, your realm will be brought up soon.” Mu Qingluan contains said with a smile.

“Treasure…” Luo Feng smiled bitterly and said: “heavenly materials earthly treasures, those who are destined to get it, whether they can meet it, all depends on fate.”

“Chief Luo Feng, this is a bad word.” And at this moment, Xie Yang came over and smiled at Luo Feng, saying: “Heavenly materials earthly treasures, some are not obtained by fate, not by powerful people. …”

Xie Yang crossed his arms across his chest, his expression was slightly lazy, faint smile, said: “If you don’t have enough strength, even if you get some treasure, you can’t control it. You’re just doing wedding dresses for others, maybe even Incurring killing disaster for yourself.”

“So, if you don’t have enough strength, don’t blend in blindly. In the end, all in vain and a busy life will be too worthwhile.”

He raised his eyelids slightly, staring at Luo Feng playfully and said, “Luo Feng Chief, do you think I am right?”

Luo Feng looked up and looked at Xie Yang with no humility, nodded, said: “Xie Yang’s chief said it is indeed reasonable.”

Xie Yang eyes slightly narrowed, a bright smile appeared on the face, saying: “Since Chief Luo Feng agrees with this principle, then you may wish to take the team away…”

“With your strength, it is very likely that you will have a busy time at that time. Rather than when the time comes with a smile, it is better not to go in now.”

As soon as this remark came out, this world was suddenly silent, and many teams looked at each other in blank dismay. Obviously no one thought that Xie Yang spoke so sharply, leaving no trace of affection for others at all.

This is undoubtedly a complete tearing of the face.

Shell Courtyard Star Card masters, their faces are full of anger.

“well said.”

At this moment, applause sounded.

Everyone turned their eyes, and saw a young girl approaching. She was wearing an apricot-yellow satin skirt, carrying a heavy sword, and a Little Huang chicken was standing on her shoulder.

“Ye Xiaomeng, the chief of Nansheng District!”

Some people were surprised to say that many eyes were shimmering. Ye Xiaomeng was only one girl in the top 4. She was cute and cute, and her strength was outstanding, which made many boys covet and girls admire.

Under the eyes of many eyes, Ye Xiaomeng smiled at Xie Yang and said, “Since Chief Xie Yang has a deep understanding of this truth, then you start up and take your team away.”

“I think you, trifling 7 stars, not at all are eligible to stay here.”


As soon as this remark came out, everyone started again, and no one thought that such a lovely girl, speaking of which was so merciless.

When Ye Xiaomeng came back in public, Xie Yang’s eyes were cloudy, and his face was like a slap in the face, hot pain.

And Ye Xiaomeng talked about his strength, and it really strengthened him a lot. He had no reason to refute it.

Shell Courtyard Star Card master, suddenly dark.

In this regard, Luo Feng feels astonished, and is full of affection for Ye Xiaomeng, who is so ordinary.

“Is this the team of Dongsheng District?” Ye Xiaomeng’s bright eyes began to shift at this time, and finally fell on Luo Feng, saying: “Are you Luo Feng?”

Luo Feng slightly smiled, said: “It’s right down, I don’t know what Senior Sister’s advice?”

Ye Xiaomeng came over, pats his shoulders, old-fashionedly said: “Master has spoken, let me cover you.”

“So, you can rest assured that if there is something happening in the ruins, just look for me.”

Upon seeing this, Luo Feng didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, saying, “Who is your Master?”

“Qin Sheng.” Ye Xiaomeng said.

“Oh, it’s him.” Luo Feng suddenly realized that this person, who can be said to be the guide to enter the star card world, was naturally very impressed.

call out!

But at this moment, everyone expression moved and looked dignified towards the south direction. Not far away, there was a fierce Star qi wave spreading away.

Several rainbows of light, rushing by as fast as lightning.

“It’s the team of the North Holy Quarter!”

Someone exclaimed, and the voice was full of fear.

Luo Feng hearing this is also started, and his eyes are cast with curiosity.

Under the intense eyes, dozens of light rainbows roared and immediately suspended in the void.

The number of these silhouettes is not too large, but the imposing manner of each Star Card master is quite fierce.

Between their eyebrows, there is arrogance that cannot be concealed, and they are condescending, looking down on everyone.

At the head of that group of people, a golden robe silhouette stood up with his hands down. He stepped on Golden Wings Great Peng with a fierce imposing manner. The coercion of 9-star Card Apprentice was pervasive and eye-opening.

“This is the top of the legendary sanctuary, Jiang Jiang?”

Luo Feng’s eyes narrowed slightly.

The golden robe silhouette is also aware at this moment, and looks away.

The eyes of 2 people, in this brief moment, looked at each other.

The entire Heaven and Earth seemed to be quiet.

There is a majestic air, diffused from his within the body, like the king of aloof and remote, overlooking all beings.


The powerful Star qi fluctuated like a storm erupting from his within the body, and Luo Feng moved towards the lower enveloped away.

Aside from other pride, they were also affected. The imposing manner of 9-star Card Apprentice made them feel like they were trapped in the deep sea. They immediately cursed in their hearts, and then moved towards 2 to spread out, lest they might be affected.

“Hello, although you have arrived at 9-star, you can still be at Card Apprentice realm, haven’t you reached the point where you can act wilfully?”

Ye Xiaomeng coldly snorted, the amazing Star qi wave diffused away, resisting Jiang Chen’s coercion.

Mu Qingluan pretty face was cold, and behind him, an ancient Qingluan illusory shadow emerged, which also spread with coercion.

So, under the resistance of the 2 women, the amazing oppression caused by Jiang Chen’s imposing manner suddenly disappeared.

At the same time, with swords drawn and bows bent, the atmosphere suddenly became solidified.

At this moment, there was a low outcry, coming from other teams around.

“Is that Jiang Chen? It is rumored that he is already 9-star Card Apprentice, and now, at first glance, it is not false.”

“Hey, this Jiang Chen seems to have some opinions on Luo Feng, do they have any holidays?”

“Eh, Luo Feng used to be a champion, but now Jiang Chen’s coercion is almost unstoppable. He takes the lead to win the championship.”

The sound of one after another sounded, everyone looked at this scene with interest, some taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

Especially Xie Yang, I was happy to see Luo Feng out of the public, and I was not happy.

And when everyone thought that the two parties would fight, Jiang Chen was in an imposing manner. He looked down and looked at Luo Feng condescendingly, seeming a bit disappointed: “Royal Father repeatedly mentioned, I thought it was He and the others.”

“It’s really unbearable to look at now.”

He shook the head, did not speak anymore, led the team, and fell in another area.

Luo Feng’s expression, not at all, because of Jiang Chen’s words, and there was any fluctuation, his eyes were drooping, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.

“Are you all right?” Mu Qingluan looked towards Luo Feng, concerned and authentic.

Luo Feng shook the head, self-deprecating, “Qi Xiao used to come to me like this and was used to it.”

“Why did he target you, do you have any holidays?” Ye Xiaomeng blinked and said, “Do you want me to help you adjust?”

“No,” Luo Feng shook the head, his eyes flashing and said, “I will adjust it in my own way.”

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