Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 209

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In the void.

Luo Feng wore emperor’s armor, held Aurora Sword, and stepped on emperor’s war with dragon, just like the gods descended from the world, and looked at the world.

On the opposite side, Jiang Chen is also incarnation Battle Armor, holding long spear in his hand and pedaling in Golden Wings Great Peng. The whole person is like a round of dazzling.

When the rain is coming, the storm is coming, and the atmosphere is suppressed to the extreme. An imperial city pk is about to begin.

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, and their minds were complicated. Although for this Demon King and the dark horse solo, they had been expecting for a long time, but…should not be at this time.

It should have been encountered in the finals of 1 month later. Although there is a big gap, there is still a luck in Shell Courtyard Star Card master’s heart. 10000 Luo Feng this month suddenly and scientifically advanced by leaps and bounds?

But now, Jiang Chen does not seem to want to give him this opportunity.

Shell Courtyard’s Star Card master, at this time, clenched his fists, his eyes showing a lot of worry.

A 6-star Card Apprentice, a 9-star Card Apprentice, such a huge gap, and still choose armor as a means of meeting force with force, how to win?

“Luo Feng is not an impulsive person, he should have some unknown means.” Mo Yu said solemnly.

The rest looked at Qin Yi, and now, he could only hope there.

Luo Feng raised his eyes and looked at Jiang Chen on the opposite side, not frightened by the latter’s fierce imposing manner. Instead, fighting intent rose in his eyes.

This scene made Jiang Chen froze for a moment. Obviously it was only trifling 6-star Card Apprentice. How could it be the same as 6 Star Card master?

Does he really have some out-of-board moves?

the thoughts got to this point, Jiang Chen’s expression suddenly dimmed down, and he thought about it safely, but he still had to guard against it.

However, at this moment, Luo Feng seemed to be as stable as an old dog, but there was a panic in his heart.

“This villain will not work, why is it so stable?”

Luo Feng turned over the river and the sea, unable to bear wanted to scold his mother, he had just entered Tianyuan, and had not started to develop, the boss came to block the door?

Can’t afford to lose?

You know, on the field, the Star Card master is bells and whistles, and various routines can only be used during the game due to many skills restrictions. Therefore, in the wild, there are no routines to rely on, only fists.

Luo Feng’s eyes flashed, and he pondered for a moment, slowly said: “This is the grudge of the two of us, don’t implicate others.”

“Huh, powerless to defend himself, and thinking about other people?” Jiang Chen looked at him playfully, and glanced away from the others, saying, “Relax, I’m not interested in them.”

“That’s good.” Luo Feng lowered his head, looked towards others, and said, “Go here without your business.”

The rest: “But…”

“He is Captain, and we want to listen to Captain.” Qin Yi interrupted him, then waved his hand and said, “Let’s go.”

She knew in her heart that other people staying here had no effect, but would become a burden for Luo Feng.

As a result, everyone no longer hesitated, under the protection of their star cards, and burrowed into the depths of Dark Forest, quickly disappeared.

Jiang Chen eyes slightly narrowed, watching quietly, just a group of miscellaneous fish, not to be afraid, let them go, but can make a reputation for himself.

Seeing everyone disappear, Luo Feng sighed in relief, looking towards Jiang Chen, fighting intent rising in his eyes, said: “I would also like to learn about the power of this Holy Land list.”

“Emperor and Dragon, we rush!”


The fierce Star qi rises, the Emperor Battle Dragon roars, and runs straight to Jiang Chen.

And at this moment, Luo Feng suddenly turned around, his eyes of light flashing, as if with a purple line turning, looked towards the air in the distance.

He merged Uchiha Pikachu and used his skills [Form Displacement Shadow].

call out!

So, in the next moment, Luo Feng and the Emperor Zhanlong disappeared in place.

“This…” Seeing Luo Feng brewing for a long time, he turned and fled, Jiang Chen was startled, and there was a deep contempt in his eyes.


Golden Wings Great Peng a long whistle, the wings fluttered, and just a few breaths, it appeared behind Luo Feng.

“Run, where are you going?”

Jiang Chen sneered with a sneer, crimson long spear with a fierce force, stab straight at Luo Feng.

The Emperor Zhanlong twisted the huge dragon body, allowing Luo Feng to avoid this fierce blow, and long spear rubbed Luo Feng’s body past.


Luo Feng found the right opportunity, the whole body Star qi surged, rubbed into a huge Rasengan, moved towards Jiang Chen’s body and shot it.

Jiang Chen smiled slightly, but did not fear, let the huge light pill fall.


Rasengan fell and burst suddenly, however, Jiang Chen’s Battle Armor did not even have a crack, as if not affected by it at all.

“Huh, you can’t even break my defense. How can you fight me?”

Jiang Chen laughed wildly, long spear in his hands, and moved towards Luo Feng.


A shot was shot on Luo Feng’s chest. He suddenly felt a force of half an amount of force coming from the mountains and the sea, and his body suddenly retreated, as if he was hit hard.

“Difficult.” Luo Feng brows slightly wrinkle, his face is completely dignified, although I have known for a long time, there will be a big gap between the two.

“Come on, continue.” Jiang Chen neither fast nor slow, follow closely from behind slowly, a spear thrust from time to time, like a cat catching a mouse.

And Luo Feng, unable to break the defense, can only turn the offensive into a defensive, and temporarily avoid the edge.

As a result, Jiang Chen approached layer by layer, and Luo Feng retreated.

In just a few minutes, Luo Feng was surrounded by perils, and as a result, he was almost hit by Jiang Chen.

“That’s it?”

“Aren’t you awesome, how can you not even have the courage to fight me head-on?!”

He was lazy, obviously tired of chasing like this, Star qi surging around him, continuously pouring into long spear.


Under the influx of Star qi, the long spear on the rays of light is prosperous, just like the rising sun.

call out!

In the next moment, Jiang Chen’s long spear, with a fierce imposing manner, passed the void and went straight to Luo Feng.

Luo Feng wanted to escape, but at this moment, he suddenly discovered that the space around him seemed to be frozen.

Like an invisible cage, trapping him in it.

In the next moment, Long Spear burst into the air, and under the gaze of the other Star Card masters in the North Sanctuary, it hit Luo Feng.

“If you don’t die, you’ll need to be seriously injured.” Jiang Chen looked at the explosion and mocked: “Dying to the end, don’t crush the teleport stone to leave, do you think you are the protagonist?”

“Is it very happy to beat me as an avatar?” However, at this moment, a cold voice quietly sounded behind him.

Everyone looked up and saw that I don’t know when, Luo Feng actually appeared behind Jiang Chen!

Luo Feng’s eyes were cold, and a golden bottle gourd appeared in his hands.


At the next moment, a water column exploded from the bottle gourd. Jiang Chen was caught off guard and was sprayed all over.

However, next moment, a horrifying scene appeared.

Jiang Chen was terrified to find that the golden light of his body had disappeared, and the indestructible Battle Armor was now corroding at the speed of naked eye.

Battle Armor was corroded, revealing Jiang Chen’s body.

At the same time, under the cover of this black liquid, a powerful burst of gravity came, and his body was sinking.

“What are you doing here?”


At the same time, Luo Feng took advantage of it and lifted his right foot violently, with fierce strength, entwined Star qi, and threw it to the latter’s chest, where the Battle Armor was corroded!


A low voice came, Jiang Chen could not avoid it, the body directly flew out in awkwardness, and finally fell heavily on the ground.

Team Jiang Chen watched the other Star Card masters here and was silent at this moment. Everyone stared at this scene with stunned eyes.

Jiang Chen of 9-star Card Apprentice was kicked by Luo Feng of trifling 6-star?

How can this be? !

For a time, everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, unimaginable.

On Jiang Chen’s body, Battle Armor is still corroding at the speed of naked eye.

“What the hell is this?” Looking at the venom like a maggot maggot, Jiang Chen’s face changed suddenly and hurriedly urged Star qi to expel these terrifying things.

“That’s it?”

In the void, Luo Feng glanced at him indifferently, then suddenly turned around, embarked on the Emperor and the Dragon, and whistled away.

I slipped away.

“you are courting death !”

Being kicked in the face of the crowd, and ridiculed again, Jiang Chen was furious and growled, “The rabbit will bite when he is anxious?!”

In a rage, he no longer cares about the rapidly eroding Battle Armor, his hands are lightning-seal, and he sees Star qi surging around him, and the flames rise, and in the end, it turns into a super huge Fireball.

call out!

And just as his offensive was about to take shape, there seemed to be a meteor, coming from a distance, stepping on the shatter void, crashing down and directly hitting Jiang Chen.

Actually, he interrupted his offensive!


Jiang Chen was stunned and looked away. In front of him, there was a heavy sword about three feet long, inserted in the ground in front of him, exposing half of the sword.

The Epee reveals an ancient sense of heavyness, with the golden light flashing on it, like ginkgoes, like the king of swords.

The Epee has no frontiers, but does not work.

A fierce coercion, pervading the body of the sword, made people palpitate.

Jiang Chen looked at the golden sword, and his face plummeted, saying: “Ye Xiaomeng, do you really want to be against me?!”

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