Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 210

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Luo Feng stunned, turned around, only to see that not far away, Ye Xiaomeng raised a lazy waist, said: “So what?”

Jiang Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly, suddenly angry, and said: “Do you really think I dare not hit you?”

Ye Xiaomeng spread her hands and didn’t care about the authenticity: “Just hit it, and finally come to both sides suffer, and then let the cardinals watching us send us out together.”

Her voice was paused, and she made a grimace to Jiang Chen, and said, “Anyway, I didn’t want to go to this ghost place to take risks. You have to hit me out. I just can sleep peacefully.”

“And.” Her gaze paused slightly at Jiang Chen’s broken Battle Armor, jokingly: “In your current state, I am afraid it is not so easy to get rid of me?”

Jiang Chen’s eyes dropped slightly, and then he found that his Battle Armor had been corroded and ruined.

As soon as divine sense moved, the armor disappeared and turned into a star card. This allowed my body to avoid being affected by the terrifying venom.

“Thank you.” Luo Feng cast a grateful look. If Ye Xiaomeng had just interrupted Jiang Chen’s offensive just now, I am afraid that even if he could get away with it, it would be embarrassing.

“Well, elder sister said to cover you.” Ye Xiaomeng smiled at him, said: “If you are going to be eliminated early, then go back to the Master to be afraid of spraying me.”

“However, you are really amazing. You can actually make Jiang Chen so embarrassed. It seems that the Master did not misunderstand the people, and it is somewhat capable.”

Ye Xiaomeng looked at Luo Feng with interest and looked at it curiously.

“How do you know that I am here?” Luo Feng was curious.

Ye Xiaomeng rubbed his eyes and said, “I didn’t find your location at first, but I found Jiang Chen’s trail.”

“I think that the one who wants to deal with you and can pose a threat to you should be him alone, so I followed his trail and found it all the way.”

Hearing this, Luo Feng felt a little moved in her heart. Her Master is Qin Sheng, and Qin Sheng is a person of Flame Sovereign.

After playing himself to join the Flame Sovereign camp, Flame Sovereign gave himself the greatest protection almost within his ability.

It is precisely because she is blocking outboard moves for herself that she can develop with peace of mind and make a card to grow.

“I owe Flame Sovereign more and more, not in a day or two.” He sighed in his heart.

Ye Xiaomeng: “Come on, or Jiang Jiang will recover, but it will be troublesome.”

Luo Feng nodded and calmed his mind slowly. He looked at Jiang Chen and said, “This hasn’t killed me. What do you mean?”

He smiled at Jiang Chen and said, “Maybe I am really a Child of Destiny, and you are just a stepping stone that’s all in my life.”

The voice fell, Luo Feng no longer paid attention to that complexion is gloomy, the ground is about to drip out Jiang Jiang, without the slightest hesitation.

The Emperor Battle Dragon roared, his figure roared out, and quickly disappeared into the sky.

“Damn…ah!” Jiang Chen was furious, punching an angry punch towards the rock next to him, with a strong reaction force, and he cried out in pain.

Jiang Chen complexion ashen, although it was said that this was due to his carelessness, Luo Feng was completely shamed, but in the face of everyone, it was so embarrassed that it was really embarrassing.

The other Star Card masters are all looked at each other in blank dismay at the moment. I thought Jiang Chen grabbed Luo Feng at the beginning. The latter must be dead end, but who could think that in the end, Jiang Chen’s face was lost?


The Emperor Zhanlong entered the forest and ran all the way, and soon opened the distance.

“This time, you should not be able to catch me?” Luo Feng relaxed, looking for a rock, and sat down.

He looked down at his mind and checked himself to see if there were any marks left on him.

If there is a real mark, even if you run too far, you will be in vain.

After checking it to make sure he was innocent, he both eyes slightly closed and entered the cultivation state.

The previous collision made him have a lot of consumption, so the top priority is to restore Star qi first.

“9-star Card Apprentice, the name is not in vain, is really a bit difficult.”

Luo Feng’s face was solemn, and after just the trial, he already knew the general strength of Jiang Chen.

If I meet Jiang Jiang on the field now, I am afraid the win rate is slim.

Even the defense can’t be broken, how to fight?

“The brain is so painful, I have to find a way to develop it quickly.”

“Does that drop of Saint blood really exist, and if so, can it really make me soar a few levels?”

In this regard, Luo Feng still has some doubts.

After all, Saint blood is just an ordinary drop of blood from Ka Sheng, and after such a long period of time, I think the energy must have passed a lot, how much can it be retained?

Of course, now that I think about it undoubtedly, I can only hope on it now.

So, after a little trimming, Luo Feng rode the emperor and the dragon and whistled away into the distance.

He flew in the direction of Qin Yi’s disappearance, and after about one hour, Luo Feng finally found a large army.


Listening to the Dragon’s roar sounding, everyone was slightly stunned and looked up in unison, and then saw that a golden dragon with a golden light shouted.

“It’s the chief!”

“Ahhh, cry, I thought I would never see you again!”

“I knew that Luoshen was not easy to be eliminated!”

“… “

Seeing Luo Feng return safely, all Star Card master faces on Shell Courtyard are full of ecstasy.

After all, this is their backbone.

The rest was a bit calm. After all, along the way, after witnessing so many miracles, it seemed that what happened to him would not be surprising.

“Are you all right?” Qin Yi greeted him first and asked with concern.

Luo Feng nodded, said with a smile: “You guys, did you find anything?”

Qin Yixiao first slightly said, “After half a day of exploration, there is a broken temple in front of it, there should be some baby in it, we just planned to go in and explore it.”

“Oh?” Luo Feng’s eyes lit up, and he immediately became interested.

Qin Yi: “There is the Dragon Mark Hall. It is said that there is a Dragon Mark in the deepest part.”

“Dragon Mark?” Luo Feng wondered: “What is that?”

Qin Yi patiently explained: “In the 100 years of the inheritance of the Tianyuan peoples, at that time, there was a profession called the star tattoo master. They used secret techniques to make the Star beast into lines, like tattoos, portrayed on the body.”

“When waiting for battle, injecting Star qi into it will make the star pattern into Illusory Beast, just like a summon thing, fighting for it.”

Luo Feng hearing this, which was also startled, exclaimed: “This star pattern master has a bit of similarity and similar work compared to the Star Card master.”

Qin Yi nodded and said, “It is said that in the deepest part of the Dragon Mark Hall, there is a Dragon Mark, but it is very good material.”

“Dragon Mark?” Luo Feng’s eyes lit up, and some strange melody suddenly sounded in his mind: “Heavenly Dragon Prestige, Prajna buddhas, worldly burial, Prajna pak empty, appear!”

“Okay, let’s take a look.”

He is quite interested in the legendary Dragon Mark.

So, the entire group hurried on their way at full speed. After about one hour, they finally reached their destination.

Everyone’s eyes turned to see a palace in front.

Although it is old and slightly broken, the dusty hall door still reveals a solemn feeling.

In front of the temple, there is a silhouette at the moment. There are 2 teams there. Obviously, they have just arrived here and are looking at the Dragon Mark temple curiously.

One team is the B House led by Qi Muxue.

One team is the Vigour Courtyard team led by Ji Wuqing.

“Qi Muxue, Ji Wuqing …”

Luo Feng eyes slightly narrowed, especially the former, made him a little sigh.

pale-yellow long dress with dark hair.

This woman, entangled with him for time, can be said, almost second only to Empress.

From the beginning of giving a hug to the living tit for tat, and finally leaving the scene sadly, this long memory, now think of it, really makes him a little sigh.

At the same time, Qi Muxue also felt something. She turned around and the two met with each other’s eyes, and their eyes suddenly showed some inexplicable meaning.

When she first saw her, she was the pride of Holy Land, 4-star Card Apprentice, and Luo Feng trifling 2-star, did not even qualify to play against her younger brother.

Her expression was sad, her beautiful eyes were trance, and she had lost her pride.

But who could have imagined that the times have changed, and the old boy has stepped on her feet fiercely.

In just half a year, the position of 2 people has changed Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

“It’s really pretty.” Luo Feng looked towards Qi Muxue, his eyes flashed.

“It’s a coincidence.” Qi Muxue was startled, even if it was spirit slowly recovers. This is in the wild. What are you afraid of?

After all, Luo Feng has only one team.

And they are 2 teams. Even more how, Ji Wuqing’s strength is actually not inferior to Luo Feng, so why not be afraid?

Qi Muxue pu chi smiled and said: “This Dragon Mark Hall was discovered by us first, Chief Luo, first come first, you should understand?”

“I don’t understand.” Luo Feng looked at her, and faint smile: “Why, have you forgotten the quarterfinals, do you think you are OK again?”

Hearing this, Qi Muxue immediately flew into a rage out of humiliation, biting the silver teeth, and hatefully said: “Luo Feng, you are too pretentious, beat me to a female actress, what is it?”

“If you have the ability, go to Jiang Chen and bravely go!”

The corner of her mouth teased slightly, saying: “I’m afraid you don’t even have the courage to stand in front of him?”

“Jiang Chen?” Luo Feng hearing this, but laughed, said: “Do not bother you, be more attentive, I and Jiang Chen’s Liang Zi have already been knotted. When I first entered Tianyuan, I met him.”

As soon as this remark came out, Qi Muxue and Ji Wuqing were both started. Luo Feng had just entered Tianyuan, and met Jiang Chen Great Demon King?


If it really happened, how could he still be alive now?

Moreover, the Shell Courtyard team does not seem to have much damage.

Qi Muxue pu chi smiled and glanced at the beautiful eyes with a disdain, saying: “Chief Luo is really a cracking joke. If you really meet, how can you escape his palm?”

Luo Feng shrugged, said with a slight smile: “You might not believe it, I not only left, but kicked him off on one foot, and left in a fair way.”

“Oh, then you are so powerful.” Qi Muxue dismissed curl one’s lip, then looked towards Ji Wuqing, and said, “Relentless brother, what do you think?”

Ji Wuqing brows slightly wrinkle, said: “I stand and watch, what else can I see?”

Qi Muxue corner of mouth twitching, said: “I mean, should we join the two teams, deal with them first, and then enter the Dragon Mark Hall to collect treasure?”

“What are you talking about?” Ji Wuqing shook the head, looking at her suspiciously, said: “Everyone who is in the East Sacred District should have cared for each other in Tianyuan, and joined hands together. Now that they all look at it When you arrive at the Dragon Mark Hall, it’s time to see the part.”

“Why do you want to start with yourself?”

His voice was deliberately interspersed with Star qi, as if fearing that Luo Feng would not hear it.

Qi Muxue is a little bit dumbfounded.

Cold Wu snorted in Ji Wuqing’s heart, you Qi Muxue has a contradiction with him, what does it matter to me?

Now Luo Feng is not what it used to be. Holding thighs is the best policy. Only fools will choose to target.

Even if it is targeted, he and Qi Muxue 2 teams 2 fight one, can really kick Luo Feng out of the game?

It seems that 2 hits have an advantage, but there are not only 3 teams here, 10000, the mantis stalks the cicada, what to do if they are killed by a wave of 3 in the back of the cardinals?

In addition, no one knows what is happening in the Dragon Mark temple. Maybe they are surrounded by perils, and they need 3 teams to join them to spend it together?

If this is the case, even if Luo Feng does not come and their 2 teams go in, then they can only sigh!

Rather than doing so, it is better to sell personal feelings.

Now Luo Feng is already in the top 4 and has a promising future. His human condition is more valuable than some materials!

Qi Muxue: “You didn’t say so that day…”

Ji Wuqing: “Otherwise, why do you think I called Ji Wuqing?”

In the past, he didn’t actually think about Luo Feng deliberately, but even if Qi Muxue didn’t say that he had to fight Luo Feng in order to compete for the top 4.

Therefore, Qi Muxue’s request was accepted only because the two of them had the same goal, so it’s a favor that’s all.

“Brother Ji still has a big picture.” Luo Feng was also startled, Ji Wuqing, the road was wide.

Qi Muxue is uncomfortable. Generally speaking, under the premise of 2 men and 2 woman, generally 1 men will fight because of women.

But today, these two men actually rejected her as a woman.

…Do men like men now? !

call out!

And at this moment, another team roared, and one after another silhouette and imposing manner were not weak.

The headed person, Feng Shen Jun Yi, is the chief of the Xisheng District-Xie Yang!

“Brother Xie Yang!” Qi Muxue, who was in embarrassment, seemed to have caught the straw, and moved towards the latter.

Seeing this scene, the rest of my eyes twitched, Qi Muxue, how many fish are kept in the fish pond?

Really, time management master?

“What about Qingluan?” Luo Feng glanced over Xie Yang’s team and did not see his good friend.

Xie Yang stepped on Flying Sword, Ling was in the void, and stood with his hand down. His eyes looked towards Luo Feng and said, “Luo Chief, let’s meet again.”

“Oh.” Luo Feng said nothing, but his voice was not salty or soft. He said, “Since it’s all here, let’s enter the Dragon Mark Hall. The treasure in it depends on the ability, how?”

Qi Muxue whispered, “I’m afraid it’s more monks and less meat.”

Xie Yang’s eyes narrowed, thinking for a moment, saying: “Yes.”

So, 4 teams moved towards the Dragon Mark Hall.

Before going to the hall, the star card qi surged around the star card, and several fierce offensives suddenly fell on the ancient hall door.


Under such a violent bombing, the ancient temple door was suddenly blown open.

When everyone walked into the Dragon Mark Hall, they looked away, and then they saw that there was mist in front of them. Through the mist, an ancient mountain road could be seen faintly, leading to the distance.

As a result, everyone remained vigilant, cautiously following the mountain road, all the way.

There are many materials along the way, but almost all are blue and purple materials.

Luo Feng glanced lazily, with no desire to collect materials below gold.

His vision, like his stomach, has long been enlarged by Empress’s soft rice.

However, for some reason, after entering the hall, he had a feeling of being peeped.

It seems that there is a mysterious existence in an unknown corner, observing them silently.

Soon, the crowd reached the end of the mountain road.

However, at this moment, someone looked up and suddenly found that a strange eye, at the moment, was lingering in the void, and looked at them curiously.

“What’s that?!” someone asked, unable to bear.

At this moment, there is a voice of no emotion.

“Each person produces a star card from various sects and accepts one of my attacks. Those who perform well will receive this reward.”

“Withstand an attack?” Luo Feng brows slightly wrinkle, so this first test, it seems that the test is the star card’s candidity?

Remaining curious: “Don’t this abyss have perished long ago, why are there rules for star cards?”

“How is it done like a game?”

Qin Yi: “It should be Flame Sovereign after the ban on this place, some modifications were made to facilitate the younger generation to come to explore.”

So, everyone summoned out a star card, most of which were tanks.

Qi Muxue looked at the mysterious eyes in the sky and pondered for a moment, saying, “Robot, try it.”

“Ace robot, ready to fight!” Star qi surged around the robot, added a shield to himself, and then watched with many eyes, moved towards the step forward.

Mysterious eyes in the sky, staring at the robot.


The next moment, a terrifying beam of light burst out, with fierce fluctuations, fiercely shot at the robot.


An amazing explosion sounded.

Everyone’s eyes turned to see the smoke and dust dissipated, and the shape of the robot turned into nothingness.

Seeing this scene, everyone looked at each other in blank dismay. Qi Muxue is also a Star Card master in the later period of 5-star, and the robot is a genuine tank. And this is actually seconds?

Ji Wuqing brows slightly wrinkle, pondered for a moment, manipulated his own star card, and stepped forward.


Mysterious eyes in the sky blinked, and another offensive fell, his star card, directly crushed to pieces!

This scene allowed other Star Card masters to get cold all over the body, such as falling into an ice cellar and silently recovering the star card.

On realm, among the people present, Ji Wuqing second only to Xie Yang, even his star card are all in seconds, so what else do you have to look forward to?

Luo Feng’s eyes are slightly condensed.

At the same time, Xie Yang’s face was slightly condensed, although he had the highest realm, but he couldn’t touch the bottom of this mysterious eye, his own star card, wouldn’t it be instantaneous?

“Try it.”

Under a lot of eyes, he divine sense moved, summon came out a Titan Gaint.

Hong long long …

Titan Gaint opened his legs and moved towards the front.


An eerie eye blinked, and a beam of light whistled down and fell on Titan Gaint, then burst suddenly.

Everyone was curious, but expected Xie Yang to withstand this offensive, because if the first test could not pass, then they might not be able to move on.


The smoke and dust dissipated,

Luo Feng’s eyes turned to see the Titan Gaint at the moment, with bruises all over his body, a scorched black, dying breath, at stake.

But fortunately, still alive.


Xie Yang exhaled for a long time, a faint pride appeared on his face, he looked towards everyone and said, “Who else wants to try?”

Everyone bowed their heads, and even his star card was almost killed. These people, they can’t even think about it before trying.

Xie Yang looked at Luo Feng with a slightly sarcastic look, faint smile: “Chief Luo, don’t you try it?”

Luo Feng’s eyes flashed and he pondered for a moment, saying, “Try it, try it.”

He thought about it, summon out Uzumaki Renwa.

“Fuck it!” Uzumaki Renwa made a strange cry.

Everyone turned their eyes, and saw that the frog had a strange dagger in his hand, apparently an assassin.

Ji Wuqing brows slightly wrinkle, reminded: “Brother Luo, this attack is a lock attack, just like Ping a, it can’t be avoided by walking.”

He saw that Luo Feng summon produced an assassin star card, and apparently felt that Luo Feng wanted to avoid attacking by walking around.

“Well, thank you.” Luo Feng said, but not at all replaced the star card.

“Even the 7-star me and the tank-type star card were almost killed. You, trifling 6-star, actually took out an output card?” Xie Yang saw it and started, saying, “Who do you despise?”

Many eyes cast a little unconscious.

Even Ji Wuqing’s tank card was seconds, and Luo Feng, also a 6-star, how to block this blow?

“Uzumaki Renwa, you should know how to do it?” Luo Feng said.

“Bash it!” Uzumaki Renwa nodded.

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