Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 211

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There was silence in the Dragon Mark hall.

Everyone’s eyes are now on Luo Feng, his face puzzled.

They really don’t understand, even Ji Wuqing and star card in the later period of 6-star are caught by these demon eyes in seconds. On the realm is not as good as his Luo Feng, what is struggling here?

“It’s really young.” Xie Yang’s mouth slightly flicked, and he felt that Luo Feng’s impulsiveness was nothing more than his own aggressive method.

But is it even more embarrassing if the meeting is interrupted in seconds?

Qi Muxue beautiful eyes glanced at the playfulness.

The test of this level is simple and rude, and there is no whistling, and Luo Feng actually took out an assassin star card.

In such a situation, unless the demon’s eyes release water, otherwise Luo Feng impossible passes this level.

“Luo Feng should have changed his mind.” The remaining secretly thought, he remembered that when they faced the Nine Lines Mirage Dragon beast, they were thinking about how to break the defense of the golden water.

Luo Feng changed his mind and released SpongeBob directly to absorb the gold water.

Under the eyes of many eyes, Uzumaki Renwa did not rush forward, but returned the same way and left the Dragon Mark Hall. Outside the spacious hall, a marking of Flying Thunder God was left.

Immediately afterwards, Uzumaki Renwa walked into the Dragon Mark’s hall again, and on the side wall, a mark of Flying Thunder God was also left.

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay.

“Fuck it!”

In the next moment, Uzumaki Renwa’s mouth was filled with bitterness (a strange-looking dagger), his feet kicked, and he went straight to mysterious eyes.

At this moment, in the sky’s eyes blinked again.


At the next moment, another fierce offensive roared down, exploding like the speed of a laser. With many eyes, he ruthlessly drove towards Uzumaki Renwa.

Uzumaki Renwa moved towards The distance jumped a bit, and the beam seemed to be equipped with a tracking device, but it turned around and chased it.

“Aren’t you trying to avoid attack by walking?” Qi Muxue froze, in a trance, seeming to understand Luo Feng’s intention to send Uzumaki Renwa.


As a result, the beam whizzed down and fell to Uzumaki Renwa in just a few moments.

However, at the moment when the two contacted, it almost exploded.

call out!

At the next moment, Uzumaki Renwa and the silhouette of the beam disappeared together.


A heaven-shaking, earth-shattering explosion sound was resounded from outside the Dragon Mark hall, making the whole hall tremble.

“No wonder you took out the assassin star card, you originally wanted to use teleport to hide skills?” Xie Yang saw this scene, which was also started, unable to bear mocked and said: “This skill is a locked skill, are you afraid of being a fool?”

The so-called locked skill is a skill that will keep chasing the target and will not explode until it falls on the target, causing damage.

Right now, Uzumaki Renwa apparently teleported outside the Dragon Mark temple to avoid this blow, but it should be absolutely unexpected, and the light beam also ran outside the temple!

“Fuck it!”

However, at this moment, the familiar cries came again after themselves.

Xie Yang heard the sound, also started, suddenly turned around, and then was shocked to find that Uzumaki Renwa, who had previously disappeared, was now standing safely on the side wall, unscathed!

“How is this possible?!” His eyes suddenly widened.

Luo Feng’s mouth slightly raised, no surprise about this, because everything is under control.

Beam is a locked skill. It starts to explode after it hits the star card.

However, after the beam hits the star card, there is a small reaction time before the explosion, which is almost negligible.

Uzumaki Renwa moved to the outside of the Dragon Mark temple just before the beam hit the body and was about to collide.

Beam also followed him to the outside of the Dragon Mark temple. At this time, it began to explode, and Uzumaki Renwa was back again teleporting, so Enron avoided the blow.

This is the essence of Uzumaki Renwa [Flying Thunder God]-being able to evade or even transfer damage.

It can be said that it is the characteristic of Uzumaki Renwa.

He has tried before, other star cards can not do this step.

Like Uchiha Pikachu’s [Form Displacement Shadow], it can exchange positions with any objects in its field of vision. If it faces non-locking, non-directional skills, it can be avoided by teleportation.

However, if it is a locked skill, it cannot be avoided.

Therefore, this is the strength of Uzumaki Renwa.

“Can it still be like this?” Seeing this scene, Ji Wuqing was also stunned for a while. It stands to reason that even if the star card can run again, it can’t get rid of it in the face of locked skills!

After another loud cries, Luo Feng’s star card, not only did not suffer any harm, but also transferred this terrifying attack?

“If you can’t learn, you can’t learn.” The other Star Card masters are also secretly sighed. Uzumaki Renwa’s hand is really a show.

Therefore, other Star Card masters did not choose to step forward and accept the test of the demon eye. They knew clearly that realm is not as good as Xie Yang and star card is not as good as Luo Feng, and there is no possibility of winning.

Therefore, in the large Dragon Mark Hall, only Luo Feng and Xie Yang passed the test.

It’s just that the way the 2 people pass the test is different.

Titan Gaint is half-hearted,

Uzumaki Renwa was unscathed,

2 In comparison, the judgement is high.

In the void, the mysterious eye looked towards Luo Feng, deep in the heart, looming over the meaning of appreciation.


The next moment, under the gaze of many eyes, the eye slowly fell and finally floated in front of Luo Feng.

Luo Feng gently rubbed the star ring and put it in the Material Storehouse: heaven punishment eye x1 (golden).

“Thank you, Uzumaki Renwa.” Luo Feng looked towards the ninja frog and cast a grateful look. Other star cards bet on materials that can only be exchanged for their lives. For it, it is just a matter of skill.

Xie Yang expression gloomy and uncertain, the fiery pain on his face, this eye was already a thing in the pocket, but, who can think of it, was actually taken away by Luo Feng in public?

I am so angry!

And this is still eye material. This kind of material is very rare. I missed it this time. I want to meet again next time, easyer said than done?

“Sure enough.” The remaining eyes were slightly narrowed, with said with a smile: “You can always trust Luo Feng.”

As the heaven punishment eyes fell into the hands of Luo Feng, the white fog disappeared in front of them, and a door appeared in front of everyone.

“This should be the entrance to the next level.” Luo Feng stared at the stone gate with anticipation. What was waiting for him at the next level?

So, everyone followed the stone gate and walked forward.

When they entered the second test, a golden bowl attracted a lot of attention.

The golden bowl dangling in the void, dazzling, revealed a strange fluctuation.

“What test is this?” Everyone was curious.

And at this moment, a faint silhouette appeared, suspended beside the golden bowl.

Luo Feng looked at it, it was actually a Remnant Soul, a white clothed, with a beautiful face, and he would be a beauty before his death.

She looked towards the crowd, her eyes slightly blank, and she remained silent for a long time. She opened her lips slightly and slowly said, “Are you in this golden bowl?”

The crowd did not speak, but the fiery eyes were very sincere.

The woman smiled heartily and said, “Well, I am a Remnant Soul. I don’t know when it will disappear, but I don’t have any thoughts. If you want it, take it.”

Everyone hearing this is also started, is this level so good?

But, so many people, to whom?

The beautiful eyes of the woman swept from everyone, and seemed to know their thoughts, including said with a smile: “So, you say the last sentence, who can say that I am satisfied, who will be the golden bowl.”

Hearing this, the Star Card masters in the hall are all looked at each other in blank dismay. What is the strange setting?

Say something she likes?

“This…” Luo Feng looked bitter, he thought for a while, he didn’t seem to have coaxed the girl, what should I do?

For a time, everyone was in deep thought. How to make girls happy, this is really a century problem.

Mo Yu looked towards the rest, saying: “I think you have the most advantage at this level.”

“Oh?” The remaining hearing this slightly stunned, looked at him curiously, said: “Why do you see it?”

Mo Yu pats his shoulders, revealing the eyes that a man understands, saying: “Women, surely want to listen to her words, licking is done, after all, you are a dog licking…”

“Lick the dog, who is licking the dog?” The rest glared at him and said, “I am now a War Wolf, War Wolf!”

Mo Yu: “If you don’t lick, then I’ll lick it.”

“Of course, licking once in a while, it wouldn’t hurt.” Yu next stepped out, moistened her throat, and looked hotly towards the woman Remnant Soul in the sky, said: “You are so beautiful, I like it so much, Remnant Soul Qingli is refined, would you like to be an individual face-to-face before you die?”

Luo Feng: “.”

Everyone: “…”

The look of Remnant Soul is a little complicated.

“Senior Remnant Soul has been here for all these years. I think it must be lonely.” Qi Muxue raised his eyes and blinked, the voice said softly: “If it doesn’t matter, can you let me call you elder sister?”

“Yes.” The white clothed woman nodded, her voice not salty or soft.

Xie Yang was stumped and couldn’t hold it out.

So, after a short period of thinking, other Star Card masters opened their mouths, some boasted, some licked, some concerned, some comforted, and some even knelt down directly to worship the teacher.

However, the expression of white clothed woman from start to finish is faint, without waves. Obviously, these words can’t make her touch.

“What should I do.” Luo Feng is a bit big, he doesn’t want to miss this golden bowl.

…Is it too late to make Ning Caichen?

He considers sending Elder Tang, because this sullen monk, the skill of sultry girl is full.

However, most of the Star Card masters on the field are flicking her and licking her. If Elder Tang uses the same method again, I am afraid the effect will not be too great?

After all, if you listen to sweet words too much, you will get tired.

“I’ll try it.” And at the moment, the rays of light flashed in front of him, and Xiao Yan appeared in front of him.

“Xiao Yan?” Luo Feng looked at him and was also startled, but then thought about it, this guy might really have a set against Remnant Soul.

Under the gaze of many eyes, Xiao Yan stepped out, he reached into the arms of a white clothed woman slightly smiled, at a moderate pace, and took out a thing.

It was a piece of polished jade with a smell of medicine pill.

The light medicinal fragrance lingered in the air, and everyone took a deep breath and felt refreshed.

And at this moment, the eyes of the white clothed woman also fell on the medicine pill.

Xiao Yan confronted the Remnant Soul cup hand to hold fist and said, “This is a poly Divine Pill, which has the effect of warming up Divine Soul.”

“Senior is in a bad state now. This medicine pill is a gift for Senior.”

white clothed woman hearing this startled, the dim face was faintly moved.

Others are all centered on themselves, thinking about how to cheat the golden bowl from her hands.

Xiao Yan alone considered her.

Oh la la.

In the next moment, the white clothed woman’s figure disappeared and she got into the golden bowl.

At the same time, the golden bowl roared down, suspended and Luo Feng in front of him.

“Wonderful.” Luo Feng reached out through the golden bowl and prostrate oneself in admiration with admiration for Xiao Yan. Sure enough, professional things must be handed over to professional people.

Miao Frog Seed is eating Miao crispy horn, Miao entered Mickey Miao House, Miao arrived home!

“Although I am just trifling Remnant Soul now, but I still have some memories of this Abyss. Before it disappears completely, I should be able to provide you with some help.”

Hearing this, Luo Feng’s face of Feng Shen Jun Yi suddenly appeared in ecstasy.

In his mind, the Remnant Soul of the white clothed woman is far more valuable than the Golden Bowl!

Because, this is equivalent to a Tianyuan tour guide, ruins guide!

“Thanks Thanks Senior.”

“Hehe, just call me Gu Ling.”

“Okay Senior.”

In the Dragon Mark hall, other Star Card masters saw this scene, and they were all stunned. Then, on the face, they all showed the color of regret.

“Hey, yes, why didn’t I expect it!”

“Yes, actions speak louder than words. An action is more effective than any sweet words!”

“Hey, it’s uncomfortable. Having said that, Luo Feng’s star card, the emotional intelligence is too high?”

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, and their hearts were all sighed. The emotional quotient of these people is not as good as a star card of Luo Feng, really blushed with shame.

“Why is this guy’s star card fancy?” Xie Yang was furious and jealous made him look different.

And at this moment, the rays of light flashed before me, and a towering giant mountain appeared in front of everyone.

The high mountain stops.

In the middle of the giant mountain, there is a hole, black as an abyss, like a mouth opened by giant beast, which makes people feel palpitations.

“Then Dragon Mark, should it be here?” Luo Feng looked at the hole of pitch-black as ink, his voice murmured.

As a result, all Star Card masters roared down the hole after making minor adjustments.

The entrance is inside, a winding path. Everyone followed the path and walked for about ten minutes before finally reaching the end of the channel.

However, the next scene is to let everyone, slightly startled.

Here, it is a lava zone.

The fiery lava was surging and rolling like a tide, exuding a temperature that made people palpitate.

There was a trace of fear in everyone’s eyes, and they stepped back subconsciously a few steps. They had no doubt that if they fell into lava, they might be in a flash, and they wouldn’t exist.

Except for lava, there is nothing but nothing.

However, there was a dragon painted on the wall not far away.

The dragon baring fangs and brandishing claws are lifelike.


The next moment, I saw rays of light flashing, and the dragon in the painting was alive at this moment, flying out of the cave wall.

It was a Fire Dragon, instigating huge wings, meandering the dragon body, and there were flames burning all over.

The icy dragon pupil is as dazzling as the scorching sun, and at the moment is looking at everyone coldly, like a ants.


A fierce imposing manner, diffused away from the Fire Dragon, let everyone complexion slightly changed.

Because of the imposing manner alone, the strength of this Dragon Mark is not weaker than that of 9-star star card.

“Is this Dragon Mark?” Luo Feng looked at him staring blankly, but was quite amazed in his heart. It seemed that it was not at all different from True Dragon.

Qin Yi nodded and said: “This Dragon Mark and dragon egg are both a symbol of a complete dragon lifeform, so it can’t be better for making materials.”

Luo Feng understands that the completeness of the materials will affect the potential skill formidable power.

Just like Uzumaki Renwa’s transformation into a demon fox, although as long as a material related to the demon fox is added to the synthetic material, the tail of the demon fox can generate related skills.

However, if you add a complete demon fox body, such as demon fox egg, then the last generated skill, formidable power, is bound to be stronger.

these all are potential attributes.

The complete lifeform-dragon egg of the dragon is difficult to find, so Dragon Mark is a good dragon attribute material.

call out!

At this moment, Xie Yang flicks with the finger, a spell card exploded, and saw the rays of light flashing, Star qi surged, a huge light curtain appeared, blocking the end of the channel. Isolate them from Fire Dragon.

Star Card masters stand on the channel, the channel is very narrow, and at the end of the channel is a ball-shaped open area.

Therefore, as long as the passage opening is blocked by the light curtain, Fire Dragon cannot attack them.


The Fire Dragon seemed to be provoked, spread its wings, roared, and fiercely hit the light curtain.


However, the light curtain was indestructible and did not even shake.

“You can’t bear children to hold on to wolves.” Xie Yang looked at the light curtain, which was made by spell cards. Although this one-time consumable is extremely precious, it must be taken out right now.


At this moment, the mouth of Golden Wings Great Peng on Xie Yang’s shoulder was opened, a fierce offensive condensed, then burst out, and passed through the light curtain without hindrance and fell on Fire Dragon.

Looking at this scene, everyone exclaimed, Fire Dragon could not penetrate the light curtain, but Xie Yang star card’s attack was okay. Doesn’t that mean that Fire Dragon is only beaten?

Even if it is consumed slowly, can Fire Dragon be killed?

At the same time, Xie Yang turned around, looked towards the other Star Card masters, and said, “This Dragon Mark, I want it.”

The other Star Card masters were dissatisfied, but at the moment they dared not to speak.

On the one hand, they can’t afford to offend Xie Yang.

On the other hand, based on their strength alone, there is no way to take Fire Dragon.

Seeing that everyone did not speak, Xie Yang nodded with satisfaction, then looked towards Luo Feng and said, “I don’t know Chief Luo Feng, do you have any opinions?”

According to the lessons learned from the first two levels, he feels that if Luo Feng is involved, then this Dragon Mark, even if it is captured, it may not be related to himself.

Therefore, it would be better to solve the problem from the source, and drove Luo Feng out before capturing Dragon Mark.

“Why?” Luo Feng raised his eyes and looked at him humbly.

Xie Yang smiled at him, his eyes cold, and said: “With the combined strength of my team, it is far stronger than you.”

“If you disagree, then we can only fight one.”

Luo Feng’s eyes flickered and he fell into contemplation. The team of Xie Yang is indeed very strong, and Qi Muxue’s team of the second court assists.

Even if Ji Wuqing helped himself, 2 hits 2, he was afraid that he would not take advantage of it.

Even more how, Ji Wuqing’s relationship with himself is not very good, if suddenly backwaters, 3 hit one, then their team, I am afraid to send all out.

Luo Feng looked towards the Fire Dragon behind the light curtain, staying slightly on the wall behind the Fire Dragon. After thinking for a moment, he said: “Yes, let’s go.”

The remaining fiercely clenched the teeth and said, “Did you just let it go?”

“Otherwise?” Luo Feng shrugged, said: “Even if Ji Wuqing helped us, we played 2 2 and at most it was a draw, which is unnecessary.”

“Just a golden material, let’s go.”

When the voice fell, he turned suddenly suddenly and left first.

Shell Courtyard other Star Card master looked at each other in blank dismay, but didn’t expect Luo Feng actually gave up so simply, so they turned around and moved towards the hole.

Ji Wuqing’s eyes flickered slightly, and he also left the team.

“Really left?” Xie Yang was startled, looked towards one of them, and said, “Go and follow them.”

“Yes.” A Star Card master took his life away. After a while, he ran back and said, “They did go away.”

Xie Yang nodded his head, chuckled and smiled, saying: “It seems that Luo Feng’s heart is a little bit.”

“I’m afraid it’s not that simple.” Qi Muxue Liu Mei frowned slightly and said, “Luo Feng is a very shady person who is best at robbing monsters. We must guard against it.”

“Grab the monster?” Xie Yang chuckled and smiled, then looked towards other Star Card masters, saying:

“Go and block the holes to prevent them from coming back.”

“Then check it out to see if there is a star card lurking invisible here.”

“Oh, by the way, if you find a strange mark, you must erase it. His frog card seems to be able to teleport to the mark.”

“Yes!” Dozens of Star Card masters were nodded and led away.

Xie Yang looked towards Qi Muxue, saying: “There is only one passage to this place. We blocked this passage. How can he come in and grab the monster?”

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