Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 212

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Inside the cave, Xie Yang gushed, searching for the intestines and rehearsing all possible situations.

Therefore, all Star Card masters under his command are summon out of tank-type star cards, releasing various defensive skills and blocking the channel to death.

In such a strict defense, let alone a star card, even if it is a dust, I am afraid that I can’t get in.

At the same time, they also conducted an inch-by-inch check to ensure that there are no star card lurking in the dark, and various Star qi marks such as the Flying Thunder God mark.

After all this was done, they began to prepare to attack Fire Dragon.

Qi Muxue looked towards Xie Yang, beautiful eyes Lian Lian, said: “Senior Brother is really stable.”

“This is not an open field, and the only passage is blocked by us, then you can naturally sit back and relax and take the Fire Dragon.”

Xie Yang nodded, said: “I am not Jiang Chen after all, the gap with Luo Feng, there is no as different as heaven and earth, so naturally dare not slack off.”

“Otherwise, if it falls in the sewer, it would be bad.”

Qi Muxue smiled softly and reassured: “Brother Xie Yang should not be discouraged. This Heaven Rising Vestige was originally a chance to reshuffle, but who knows what will happen in a month?”

“Maybe you get a chance. When the sky soars, then Luo Feng can only look up to you, and even Jiang Chen can fight one.”

Hearing this, Xie Yang’s eyes suddenly burned with flames. Although he was far away from Jiang Chen, but the boy was alive, who did not want to win the championship, rays of light ten thousand zhang, vigorous, famous throughout the world?

Grassroots also has a championship dream, even more how he came from Upright Sect.

He looked through the light curtain and looked at the Fire Dragon inside, muttered: “My champion counterattack journey, let’s start by taking this Fire Dragon!”

“Group A, attack the dragon!”

“Group b, guard the hole and prevent the enemy from grabbing the dragon!”


So, in the next moment, Star qi surged, the sky offensive condensed and formed, passed through the light curtain, and blasted towards the Fire Dragon in the enchantment.


The Fire Dragon blocked by the light curtain is like a turtle in an urn, incapable of rage, only beaten.

At this moment, Luo Feng had already left.

He glanced at the blocked hole and smiled bitterly. How come this villain is so steady?

Can not be done.

According to common sense, shouldn’t you express disdain to yourself, even without any precautions?

Qin Yi bit her teeth and said, “Did you just give up?”

“Otherwise?” Luo Feng shrugged, said: “It’s just a golden material. If it’s gone, it’s gone.”

The rest sneered: “The hole is blocked, we can’t get in, and they can’t escape, don’t be destroyed by the Fire Dragon group.”

Luo Feng said: “You don’t have to follow me anymore, move freely.”

“What about you?” Qin Yi wondered.

“Me.” Luo Feng thought for a moment, his eyes flashed, and said, “I will just walk around.”

The voice fell, he took the lead to leave, moved towards the distance and whistled away, and soon disappeared into the sight of everyone.

Shell Courtyard and other Star Card masters glanced at each other, and then they said goodbye to each other and split up.

Luo Feng didn’t want to play this Fire Dragon idea again.

But, this foot, it kept calling, walking and walking, and returned the same way.

He walked around this majestic mountain and walked, unconsciously, to the back of the mountain.

The ears were attached to the mountain, and the sound of battle could be heard faintly.

“Meng Wang, come.”

Divine sense moved, Luo Feng summon out of Meng Wang.

“嘤…” Meng Wang of saphire blue, huddled together, rounded body, rolling on the ground.

He pointed to the back of the mountain in front and said, “Come, bite a hole.”

Meng Wang opened his mouth, let’s chirp. Suddenly, the back of the mountain was bitten open.

“Very good.” Luo Feng’s eyes suddenly became hot, and said: “Come, bite in the direction of the sound of the battle inside, bit out a passage!”

His eyes narrowed, and since you blocked the entrance, I would bite out another passage!

“嘤…” Meng Wang nodded, then opened his mouth and began to bite.

Perhaps it is because the engulfing tooth is too sharp, and its efficiency is very high. Soon, a channel was bitten out.

With the spread of the passage, the fighting sound from inside became clearer.

Inside the cave, Fire Dragon roared like thunder, bursting into anger and staring at the light curtain with blood red eyes.

It can feel that if the light curtain is left unattended, it will only be beaten.

However, no matter how hard it tried, even with all its efforts, it could not break this layer of light curtain.

“Increase the firepower and continue to attack!” Xie Yang said, not daring to carelessly.

After all, the entrance of the passageway has been blocked temporarily, people outside the mountain cannot enter, but people inside the mountain cannot go out.

If they can’t fight, and there is no place to escape, if they are destroyed by the Fire Dragon group, it will be funny.

Bang peng ~ peng ~!

All star cards display a variety of bells and whistles, continuously penetrating the light curtain, and blasting away at the Fire Dragon.

Under such a fierce attack, the Fire Dragon’s state became even weaker.

At the same time, there was a dark corner on the wall of the spherical cave, and suddenly there was a stone falling off, forming a small hole with a big thumb, giving out a little undetectable light.

Because of the fierce battle in the cave, Star qi is in a vertical and horizontal direction and 5 colors, so when the stone falls off, not at all attracts the attention of other Star Card masters.

“Finally dug here.”

Luo Feng was lying in the tunnel dug by Meng Wang, his eyes were stuck in the cracks of his thumb, and moved towards the inside.

I saw that under the mad output of Xie Yang and the others, Fire Dragon was already overwhelmed, the state was languishing, the breath was dying, and it was at stake.

“It seems that it should be almost consumed?”

Luo Feng stared at the fight in the field, his eyes flashing slightly, and muttered in his mouth: “It seems that it will be time for me to play.”

“Xie Yang, I said, I will use my own way to let you pay for your mistakes.”

Bang bang bang!

In a messy cave, the roar of Star qi roared one after another.

At this moment Fire Dragon, drenched with blood on the huge body, flesh and blood rolled, apparently was hit hard.

However, Xie Yang’s team is not in a good state at the moment. Although they are protected by light curtains, they are not at all hurt, but the value of Star qi has gradually been exhausted.

Although there are nurses who can reply to Star qi, it can consume too much, far exceeding the speed of reply.

“Hurry, hurry, it’s almost impossible to hold on!” Xie Yang looked at the Fire Dragon of Final Struggle with fiery eyes, he had missed the treasure of the first 2 levels, and this last level of Fire Dragon should not be missed.

Otherwise, if 3 levels of treasure he did not get the same, the news spread out, then he will really become the laughing stock of everyone.

He turned around suddenly, looked towards a Star Card master, and said, “Is there an enemy outside?”

“No, it’s empty, there aren’t even onlookers.”

Xie Yang sighed in relief, said: “Block the passage, don’t be slack, the more this time, the more we must be vigilant!”


Bang peng ~ peng ~!

Another fierce offensive fell.

Under the eyes of many eyes, Fire Dragon groaned and slowly shrunk. In the end, it turned into Dragon Mark, just like a small dragon with a big slap, quietly suspended in the void.

“Everyone, thank you.” Xie Yang cast a grateful glance at the other Star Card masters and at the same time planned to remove the light curtain and go to take down the Dragon Mark.

call out!

But at this moment, a bitter bite appeared strangely, burst out and landed in front of Dragon Mark.

The bitter surface is marked with Flying Thunder God.

At the next moment, Uzumaki Renwa appeared in front of the Fire Dragon like a golden flash.

Uzumaki Renwa, with bitterness, reached out and grabbed the Dragon Mark, a flicker of teasing in his eyes.

“Fuck it!”

The next moment, it moved body, Flying Thunder God started again, and disappeared under the focal point of ten thousands!



The air freezes now!

There was only one “bashing” left, with a strong mocking, echoed in the cave!

The picture in front of him is extremely ironic.

All Star Card masters have wide eyes and horrified faces. Is this scene too magical? !

Explode, completely explode!

“I tm… explode!” Xie Yang’s eyes were red, and he growled to impossible to bear: “How did it come in? How did it come in?!”

“Isn’t the passage blocked by us?!”

“It…it doesn’t seem to come in through the passage, after all, the light curtain hasn’t disappeared yet.” Qi Muxue’s voice trembled, and his face was dismayed.

Xie Yang is stunned, Qi Muxue said that it is not unreasonable, although this light curtain can penetrate the attack, but the star card can not enter!

“This passage is the only entrance. It didn’t come in from here. Where did that come in?”

Qi Muxue froze, staring at the wall opposite the light curtain. Then, her eyes narrowed slightly, and her slender jade hand lifted up, saying, “Look, there is a small hole there, it seems that light is coming out. .”

Xie Yang was stunned, his eyes cast, and then manipulating the star card, a fierce offensive attack exploded and hit the hole.


A startling explosion sounded and the hole was blown open.

Everyone’s eyes turned, and then they were horrified to discover that another humanoid channel appeared in sight…

Xie Yang looked at this scene, the forehead was swollen with green muscles, and Rao was so determined that he was so angry that his eyes were black, and he almost spurted blood.

How can I meet such a person.

He gritted his teeth, icily said: “This Luo Feng…”

Qi Muxue: “Bulls.”


one after another resounded with a cool breath.

A group of Star Card master looked at each other in blank dismay, and there was a lot of surprise in their eyes, they blocked the passage in front of the mountain, and Luo Feng, quietly dug from the back of the mountain, dug a passage again?

“Ahhhh !!!”

Xie Yang’s eyes were flushed, his mind burst, and his mind was violently thundering. I thought this time it was so stable. This Dragon Mark must be something in his pocket, but who can think that this guy is not taking the usual path? !

Golden materials are extremely valuable at all times!

Even more how, the golden Dragon Mark, this complete dragon attribute material, is the top grade of the golden material!

Today, they played for half a day. In the end, they actually made a wedding dress for Luo Feng?

Qi Muxue bite her silver teeth, and her pretty face was a little ugly. Her face twitched and said, “This monster-robbing technique has been brought to the point of perfection. Really, the dragon-robber?”

“What kind of cool breath is it here? You still don’t think it’s hot enough here? Go and chase it!” Xie Yang looked at the other Star Card masters, angrily shouted.

“Oh no, go out and signal, call all the brothers in Xisheng District, and kill this Luo Feng first!”

“Our brothers in the Western Sanctuary add up to nearly 1000 people, and I don’t believe he can’t be killed!”

So, Star Card master ran out of the cave and took out a signal star card.


The next moment, the star card turned into a rocket launcher, soared into the sky, and then exploded in the air, as if there was a scene of fireworks.

An arrow through the clouds, magnificent army with thousands of men and horses come to see each other!

When Xie Yang was violently thundering, Luo Feng had already held the spoils of war, and the emperor and the dragon whistled away.

I slipped away.

“Yes, this wave of blood earns.” Luo Feng looked at the Dragon Mark in his hand and was nodded with satisfaction.

Gu Ling’s Remnant Soul floated out, she looked at the teenager in front of her with some surprise, the operation of just grabbing the dragon, even she was breathtaking.

“Don’t you fear the mad revenge of looting dragons in public?” Gu Ling asked with great interest.

“Death is like a wind, always with me.” Luo Feng shrugged, with said with a smile: “And, disaster always slows me one step.”

Xiu xiu xiu!

At this moment, there was a faint wind breaking behind him.

Luo Feng turned around, and then saw it from afar, with a densely packed silhouette, moved towards himself whistling.

“It’s not a way to go on like this.”

Luo Feng frowned, these insects were too annoying, if a wave could take them all away, that would be great.

He looked towards Gu Ling, and said pitifully: “Gu Ling Senior, is there anything in this sky that can be punished?”

“Why?” Gu Ling looked at him with interest.

Luo Feng smiled sorrowfully and said, “It has always been chased like this, but it is not a way. Instead of doing so, it is better to solve the problem from the source and kick them all out.”

“As long as all the people who chase me are killed, wouldn’t I be safe?”

Gulling hearing this is also started, this guy is really Brain Zero.

Her beautiful eyes are squinted, and she seems to be stuck in a long memory. After a while, she said: “Yes, there is a place in the memory, there is an ancient array. Once started, it can trap 1000 people.”

“However, after a long time, the energy has passed. I am afraid that even if it exists, it will be destroyed.”

“An ancient Formation that can trap 1000 people?” Luo Feng lighted his eyes and said, “Then please trouble Senior.”

If this Formation is really usable, then he can send a gift to Xie Yang.


The Emperor Battle Dragon roared and flew at full speed along the direction of Gu Ling.

After about one hour, he finally reached his destination.

That is a valley.

In the valley, there are stones, trees, grass, and rice.

Luo Feng fell into the valley and turned his eyes under 4 eyes. The place was unremarkable. The surrounding mountains were bare and desolate.

He searched for a long time, and found nothing. He could only turn his doubtful eyes to Gu Ling.

Gu Ling Remnant Soul floated out, fell into the middle of the rice, the beautiful eyes were slightly closed, and the soul fluctuations were diffused and opened, exploring for 4 times.

After about a few minutes, she opened her eyes and pointed to the bottom of a piece of rice, saying, “Dig down.”

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