Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 213

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The Emperor Zhanlong lay on the ground, and the dragon claw stretched out, just like a dog planer, and began to dig a hole.

The layers of dirt flew, and the holes dug grew bigger and bigger, actually about dozen dozen meters.


However, just when the Emperor Zhanlong planned to continue digging, the dragon claw seemed to encounter something. Suddenly, a rays of light burst out, blasting the Zhanlong out, and hit the side heavily. On the mountain wall.

“It should be here.” Gu Ling’s eyes gleamed.

Oh la la.

A large array slowly emerged from the ground, but it was broken and the rays of light were dim.

The ancient large array, dust-covered for several years, with intricate lines carved on it, filled with a vast atmosphere.

Gu Ling walked around the Formation, clapped for a moment, and sighed, “Sure enough, it’s still broken.”

“Now the array is afraid that it can only trap dozens of people at most. Even so, I am afraid it won’t be able to trap for long.”

Luo Feng pressed his lips lightly, flicking unwillingly, saying, “Is there really no way?”

Gu Ling Liu frowned slightly, staring at the large array, saying: “The materials of these large arrays are still complete, but the inside seal has deviated from the track. If you want to make it work, unless an Array Master takes it, repair it…”

“Just, unfortunately, this is not what I am good at.”

Luo Feng frowned, his smile slightly bitter, and said, “Should I make an Array Grandmaster?”

“Make Array Master? No, you ruthless man, have you forgotten this Grandmaster?”

At this moment, Wolong Zhuge Feather Fan waved lightly and came out, his face seemed a little unhappy.

“Wolong?” Luo Feng hearing this slightly stunned, suddenly remembered that he is good at Eight Divinatory Array, in a sense, it is indeed an Array Master.

But, he not at all awakened the innate talent of Array Master, can he really repair this big array?

“Are you sure?” Luo Feng unable to bear asked.

Wolong Zhuge stared at the Formulation, brows slightly wrinkle, and said: “Try it, these days I have nothing to do, I have read a lot of books about Formulation, and I have some understanding of the rules of this World array.”

“Where is the array book?” Luo Feng hearing this slightly stunned.

“Study!” Wolong Zhuge gave him a blank look and said, “You have everything in the study that comes with Cave Mansion.”

Luo Feng suddenly realized that when he was making Wolong Zhuge, he added a book to his synthetic materials.

“If you want to repair the Formation, you must first enter the large formation, but although this formation has been damaged, you still have to be careful.” Gu Ling reminded.

Wolong Zhuge said indifferently: “Anyway, I trifling silver, I die if I die.”

“And.” He looked at Luo Feng coldly and said, “You keep on saying that the star card is fun, and the star card that can be made is almost all the big guys, and there is nothing to miss, so die if you die… “

Luo Feng rubbed his lips and said, “If Mr. is buried here, I will come up with better materials and resurrect you.”

“Oh, really?” Wolong looked at him and said with a smile: “You said the same to Jiang Wei, what about others now?”

Luo Feng was asked, embarrassed, saying: “Jiang Wei is too tired, let him rest for a while, and there are no particularly suitable materials for the time being, so he was put on hold.”

“When he needs it, he will be brought back to this World.”

“Oh.” Wolong Zhuge complied without sacrificing, without much hesitation, and then stepped out and walked into that huge ancient formation.

Inside the ancient array, there are mists. These mists are formed by the condensation of Star qi, which is difficult to disperse, and there is extremely serious interference with the perception of people.

Wolong Zhuge did not recklessly, but stood on the spot and clapped carefully.

After some exploration, he discovered that the ancient formation in front of him should be a trapped formation.

Although the sleepy array has no attack power, in a sense, it is more headache than the attacking Formation.

Because, once trapped in this kind of Formation, if you want to get rid of the difficulties, you have to consume extremely large Star qi, and if Star qi is exhausted without breaking the formation, then it is really just chopping board fish, which can only be slaughtered. Too.

“If you want to repair ancient formation, you must first find the formation eye.”

Wolong Zhuge murmured, because his sight was disturbed by fog, he simply closed his eyes.

But following the induction in the heart, cautiously walked forward.

You can distinguish the glory of 10000 things by replacing your eyes with your heart.

With his eyes closed, he actually concentrated his spirit. He paced and walked forward cautiously.

So, after several twists and turns, he walked to the center of the Formulation-formation eye.

“Is this the formation eye?” Wolong Zhuge raised his eyes, his face showing joy, and then he wanted to take a step forward.

And this step is not finished yet, Wolong Zhuge suddenly frowned, that foot is suspended in the sky quietly.


In the dense fog, the rays of light flashed and 2 star arrays emerged quietly.

The star array was hiding in the fog, and Wolong Zhuge could not detect it, while Luo Feng outside the large array clearly saw this, and immediately reminded: “The direction of 35° northeast is dangerous.”


And almost at the same time as he sounded out the reminder, the dormant array was already hidden, and there were already rumors. I saw Star qi surging and 2 terrifying attacks, which were rapidly taking shape.

However, just as the two star arrays were about to start the offensive, Wolong Zhuge coldly snorted and Fireball whizzed down the sky, falling extremely tricky to the weakest point of the two star arrays.


2 The star array exploded suddenly, and the offensive that was about to condense was completely gone.

“I still want to indulge me.”

Wolong coldly snorted, his eyes turned to the formation eye, where there were floating counts of 1000, like stars, radiating light.

Want to arrange the Formation,

First, prepare some array material,

Then use Star qi to condense into a seal,

Finally, referring to the formation diagram, the arrays are connected together in a special way to form a track, so that the Formation can run safely.

Wolong Zhuge looked at the array in front of him. Due to the age, some of these arrays deviated from the original track, so this Formation was destroyed and unable to exert its due strength.

And if you want to repair this Formation, you need to get these arrays back on track.

So, Wolong Zhuge took a deep breath, his eyes slightly inevitable, sitting cross-legged, the majestic Star qi diffused out, shrouded in densely packed array towards his eyes.

He sat side by side, as if the old monk entered the set, quietly observing and deducing the trajectory of the array.

If a print is not on the track, the Formation cannot run.

However, from the densely packed array, it was too difficult to find the array that was not on the track.

After all, without the comparison of the formation diagram, no one knows which array is on the track, and can only speculate according to the law.

So, Wolong Zhuge sat cross-legged and closed his eyes in contemplation, just like a hunter, looking for his prey in the primitive forest.

Luo Feng looked at it quietly, but he also had some expectations in his heart. If he can really repair this big array, with the water in his bottle gourd, he can give these annoying flies to a pot.

But can he really succeed?

Of course, the tangled useless right now can only be pinned on Wolong Zhuge.

After about one hour.


At this moment, the vigorous Star qi fluctuation suddenly opened from the Transmission Array.

The mournful Transmission Array, in this brief moment, the rays of light is prosperous, just like the rising sun.

In the golden light of the sky, Wolong Zhuge of Feather Fan’s kerchief walked out slowly, and a little pride appeared on his face, saying: “Fortunately, it is not humiliating.”

“Thank you.” Luo Feng’s face was filled with joy, and Wolong’s status in his heart soared unrestrictedly at the moment.

“If you really want to thank me, I’ll be a few more girls in the future.” Wolong Zhuge Feather Fan waved lightly, saying: “All men are around, this life is too boring.”

Luo Feng: “It must be next time.”

Wolong: “Yes, although this Formation has been repaired, due to the age, the energy is not much. Although it can trap a lot of people, but the trapped time is limited, it should be about 2 hours.”

“After 2 hours, this Formation will be completely scrapped.”

Luo Feng nodded and said, “Enough.”

“It can only be used once, but it’s a pity.” He looked at the large array and suddenly thought that even if the large array was destroyed, it could be recycled as a material.

In the future, you might consider using this to make a scene card.

However, these all are going on.

I took a deep breath and slowly calmed my mind. Cold Feng’s eyes glowed with cold glow. Next, we must find a way to ask monarch to enter the urn.

“I haven’t chased after so long, I am afraid I can’t find me?”

“Emperor and Dragon, let’s go, give them some tips!”


The Emperor Battle Dragon roared and rose into the sky.

Above a hill.

The sound of breaking the wind sounded.

Xie Yang has been famous in the West Saint District for a long time and is quite prestigious, so when he shouted his arm, and soon after the signal was sent, the sky, the rising winds, scudding clouds, and countless Star Card masters roared.

Qi Muxue and Xie Yang were standing on the top of the mountain, standing hand in hand. In front of them, the crowds were crowded.

“Our Junior Brother… ability is not easy to say, but on the guts, I am afraid that the entire Royal Flame Dynasty, no one can match it.” Qi Muxue lightly said with a smile, beautiful eyes flicked the poisonous snake’s general eyes.

Xie Yang expressionless, but deep in his heart, there was inexplicable anger, he said icily: “This Luo Feng, I don’t understand the rules too.”

Qi Muxue pretty face froze and said, “That kid has always been like this, not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth, but the idea of ​​playing Senior Brother today is really not putting you in the eye.”

Xie Yang nodded, looking at the silhouette under the hill, but a little bit booed, and said: “Just to deal with a trifling Luo Feng, even if I want to mobilize my Star Card master in the entire Western Sanctuary, I lost some face.”

“However, I don’t like accidents when I do something, or I don’t want to do anything. If I do something, I have to put an end to all accidents and completely wipe out all his hopes.”

“Wow, Luo Feng might have some hope.” Qi Muxue looked at Xie Yang with admiration, with said with a smile: “But unfortunately, I met the stable Xie Yang Senior Brother.”

This not one drop of water can leak out way of doing things, it really made her like it.

At this moment, Xie Yang’s eyes lit up and said, “My star card has heard that it has found Luo Feng!”

“Everyone, follow me!”

“That Luo Feng, I will make him the party of Heaven Rising Vestige this time, the biggest joke!”

His voice was bland, but everyone who knew it knew it was exactly the latter’s extreme anger.

Qi Muxue beautiful eyes playful, happy in heart, this big guy can be irritated by Luo Feng, that is really great.

call out!

So the Star Card masters gathered here in Xisheng District all roared out. They followed Xie Yang and went to suppress Luo Feng.

Such a huge momentum made other melon-eating people also shocked, and suddenly there was a lot of discussion.

“Is this Luo Feng crazy, even dare to play Xie Yang’s idea, now the latter is rushed, hey, see how he ends.”

“I heard that last time at the auction, Xie Yang deliberately raised the price, and the contradiction between the two ended.”

“Chief Xie Yang is really stable. In order to deal with a Luo Feng, all Star Card masters in the West Saint District have been assembled.”

“Yeah, Luo Feng alone can change anything in this situation, unless it is not found, otherwise it will be cold once it is found.”

“… “

Star Card masters in other holy areas, seeing this scene, all shook their heads.

It is not that they despise Luo Feng, but the battle arranged by Xie Yang is really too big, like a huge monster, and Luo Feng’s own power is just like the mantis trying to stop a chariot, looking for dead end.

Xiu xiu xiu!

Under the attention of countless lines of sight, the silhouette of one after another chased out.

And in this chase, Luo Feng’s silhouette also appeared in their sight.

Luo Feng looked up and was shocked to see these densely packed silhouettes.

He cooperated to show an expression of unexpected panic.

“Xie Yang, you…you sent so many people, can’t you afford it?!”

When the voice fell, he rode the Emperor and the Dragon and flew forward.

Xie Yang eyes slightly narrowed, pointing to Luo Feng who fled in embarrassment, with said with a smile: “I see it, he is in a hurry.”


call out!

Therefore, the densely packed silhouette, like a locust crossing, chased Luo Feng in desperation.

Luo Feng fled in vain, skimmed through the mountain range, heading westward, and soon flew to the end, where is the piece of mountain valley.

He went straight to the valley, and then the silhouette suddenly disappeared.

“Huh, is there nowhere to escape?”

The army of Xie Yang came roaring, and the sky star card roared out. I saw Star qi’s vertical and horizontal direction, which actually blocked this valley directly.

Xie Yang and Qi Muxue stood on the top of the mountain and glanced at the other Star Card masters who came to watch, saying: “Today, it is the grudge between Xisheng District and Luo Feng. You can just watch it quietly, if you forcefully intervene , Just don’t give me Xie Yang face.”

Other discipline looked at each other in blank dismay, and there was no sound. After all, a matter of no concern to oneself, they just came to watch the lively.

“Hey, Xie Yang, you are too shameless, send a person from the Holy Land to deal with a trifling Luo Feng?”

At this moment, Ye Xiaomeng came out, looking at Xie Yang with panting with rage, and said: “Are you a man, have the ability to single out!”

“7-star hits 6-star, you bring nearly 1000 thugs, are you healthy? Are you sick?”

Xie Yang said with a smile: “Ye Xiaomeng, I suggest that you do not do much business, otherwise, I, the army of the Western Holy Zone, don’t mind sending you out.”

“You!” Ye Xiaomeng was immediately ashamed, so anxiously jade foot stomped.

She had just heard of the news shortly before she arrived, but the battle sent by Xie Yang really surprised her.

Although I am an 8-star Card Apprentice, I can face almost all Star Card masters in the West Saint District. I can’t stand it!

Although she also has a strong influence in the Southern Sanctuary, it is too late to call on the Star Card master in this Sanctuary now.

Because, they come here, it also takes a lot of time, and if they wait, Luo Feng may be already cold.

“You guy, why do you always cause trouble?” Ye Xiaomeng leaned his head, feeling a little pain in his head, whispered: “I can’t help you this time, please ask for more happiness.”

Seeing the quiet Ye Xiaomeng, Xie Yang’s mouth slightly raised, his eyes turned to the blocked valley and said, “Go, get this guy out.”

Xiu xiu xiu!

The densely packed Star Card master roared down, led the star card into the valley, and began a carpet search.

Qi Muxue lips slightly lifted, Luo Feng ah Luo Feng, this time, I see how you turn over!

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