Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 214

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Xiu xiu xiu!

As Xie Yang’s voice fell, a group of Star Card masters roared out into the valley and began to search.

This valley is not too big. At the moment, the top is blocked by Xie Yang with Star qi, and there are other Star Card masters in 4 weeks to guard against death.

Therefore, Luo Feng today can be said to be the turtle in the urn.

“I really don’t want to help you, but they are too many people.” Ye Xiaomeng’s eyes were full of worry, clenching her silver teeth, stomping her feet anxiously, said: “Forget it, forget it, anyway, I have already I’ve helped you once, and the Master asked me back, and I’m so good.

Therefore, everyone’s eyes are concentrated in the valley.

And after searching for about one hour, a Star Card master came and said to Xie Yang cup hand to hold fist: “Reporting back to Senior Brother, no one was found!”

Everyone hearing this, all started, this Luo Feng, clearly in their front of one’s eyes, let them escape the exploration of everyone?

Qi Muxue beautiful eyes flickered a bit of worry, said: “Isn’t it going?”

Xie Yang’s eyes narrowed slightly and said, “Impossible, we have completely blocked this place, and he has absolutely no possibility to run out!”

Qi Muxue was startled, and said, “Where is he?”

Xie Yang’s eyes narrowed slightly and said, “He must be still in this valley, and may be invisible!”

“Everyone, check it out to see if there are any stealth units.”

“It seems that his equipment card can be combined with the star card, and then use the skills of the skills. Maybe, he used some skills to make the star card invisible, thus escaped our sight!”

“Oh, by the way, see if there is a tunnel. He seems to have an excavator that can dig a tunnel quickly!”

“Yes!” So, more Star Card masters flew into the valley and started a carpet search.

However, after exploring about Mo one hour, Xie Yang was ugly and found that this Luo Feng really seemed to disappear.

Because in the big valley, not at all stealth units.

There are no newly dug out channels.

There was a series of exclamations, and the Star Card master looking at this area outside the mountain range was also looked at each other in blank dismay at the moment. They obviously blocked Luo Feng in the valley, and they still lost their traces at this moment.

For a time, everyone’s eyes became taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune, so to encourage teachers to move the crowd, and let Luo Feng run away, it was really shameful.

“Luo Feng little brother is really interesting.” Ye Xiaomeng’s eyes flashed slightly, watching with interest.

Qi Muxue beautiful eyes sadly, this is a rare opportunity to deal with Luo Feng 1000, will not fail again, will it, will it?

Xie Yang’s face was dull, he stepped on Jinchi Dapeng, lingering above the valley, staring at the mist below.

“We’ve searched all over, but haven’t found it yet. Should we look elsewhere?” Qi Muxue’s voice was eager, and his face was a little ugly.

Xie Yang did not speak, his eyes still stared at the valley below, sinking into contemplation.

The silence continued for a few moments, Xie Yang seemed to think of something, and his eyes suddenly filled with golden light, saying: “Junior Brother, if I am not wrong, flowers, trees, stones and soil in this valley should be It’s the same, you made it?”

Hearing this, a mediocre rice in the trough fluctuated slightly at the moment.

That is what Luo Feng turned into.

Meng Wang is not only an ace excavator, but can also be transformed into any target in sight,

And after he joined with Meng Wang, he naturally learned this skill.

Therefore, he became a rice plant, quietly entrenched in the middle of the rice.

“You finally found it.” Luo Feng sighed, not only did not panic, but also showed the old father’s comfort on his face, whispered: “I’m afraid you won’t find it.”

Really not acting, how can you make me believe that I am on the verge of desperate situation?

Right now, waiting for all Star Card masters in the Western Sanctuary to enter the valley and conduct a carpet search.

By then, it was the time to close the net.


Hearing this, everyone is started, but if you think about it, it is true.

If Luo Feng is here within the valley, it may really be transformed into other items to confuse everyone’s sight.

However, with this high-end Body-Transformation Technique, it is difficult for the general star card to find the body through the prying skills.

Qi Muxue was also startled, suddenly realized that he immediately bit his silver teeth and said: “so that’s how it is, this guy, really can toss, is blocked, dead to the end, still bells and whistles.”

It was thought that trapping Luo Feng in this within the valley would completely break his way, but who thought that he actually used the terrain to hide himself, so that Danger Land survived?

“So, what should I do now?” Qi Muxue unable to bear said.

Xie Yang eyes slightly narrowed, said: “He is on the spot, maybe it is a rice!”

The voice fell, he flicks with the finger, a star card burst out, and saw rays of light flash, that star card turned into an eye, fell to Xie Yang’s eyebrows, and turned into the third eye.

Admittedly, this is an eye-like equipment card.


At the next moment, the third eye opened and a terrifying beam of light burst out, glancing across the valley.

The other Star Card masters looked at that eye, in ones heart trembled, somehow, when they stared at each other, they would panic inexplicably in their hearts.

That feeling seemed to be within the body of all the secrets, which were now peeped out.

Obviously high-end detection.

The demon’s eyes 4 swept, and searched against the valley rug, finally staying in the middle of the rice group, on a plain rice.

Xie Yang was startled, and then he laughed wildly in the sky, the laughter raging more and more, like rolling to thunder and rumbling.

“Luo Feng, Luo Feng, if you change to someone else, you may really be fooled by you!”

“It’s just a pity that you met a steady me!”

Oh la la.

The rays of light flashed on the rice, and then a silhouette was turning true from illusory, which appeared under the eyes of everyone.

It is Luo Feng!


Outside the valley, some onlookers silhouetted at this moment burst out with a little regretful uproar. Was Luo Feng finally caught?

“It’s a pity that I almost got through the hurdles. If that’s the case, it would be a god.”

“It’s getting cold. Almost all the Star Card masters in the West Saint District are blocking him here. Luo Feng is afraid that he is really going out!”

“Ye’s youth is over. If Luo Feng leaves Tianyuan, he will really lose the chance of shuffling. This final champion must be missed from him!”

Qi Muxue showed ecstasy in his face and said, “My Senior Brother is so stable.”

“It’s awful.” Ye Xiaomeng’s pretty face is nervous, and Luo Feng is now exposed, where can I escape?

“Run, why didn’t you run?” Xie Yang slightly smiled. He waved his hand and suddenly the densely packed Star Card master whistled and began to shrink the encirclement.

Luo Feng looked at the silhouettes around him, looking slightly bitter, and said, “I was so flattered to send such a big battle to greet me.”

Xie Yang expression 睥睨, said with a smile: “If the rope is not thick enough, how can you tie the tiger?”

“Hand over all the previous materials, maybe I can let you go more peacefully.”

Luo Feng raised his eyes and looked at him humbly, saying, “If I don’t agree.”

Xie Yang faced a cold face, his eyes suddenly became sharp, and said: “Dead to the end, still stubborn, then let this valley become your graveyard!”

“Fire, take away!”


The star card in the valley is now star qi surging all over, and the offensive of hiding the sky and covering the earth is rapidly brewing, the sword refers to Luo Feng.

Some Star Card masters who are on the outside of Shell Courtyard are clenching their fists at this moment. Will their undefeated myth end here? !

Qi Muxue took a long breath, and finally, is this guy going to be kicked out?

Looking at the offensive of hiding the sky and covering the earth, Luo Feng’s corner of the mouth, slightly raised, set off a strange arc, saying: “Xie Yang Senior Brother said well, this piece of Feng Shui Treasure Land is indeed a good one. cemetery.”

“But he didn’t prepare it for me…”

His eyes suddenly became fierce, and said with a smile: “But, you…”

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