Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 215

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At this moment, on the deserted earth, the rays of light suddenly flourished, and then, an ancient large array appeared under many eyes.

The ancient large array, dust-covered for several years, with intricate lines carved on it, filled with a vast atmosphere.


In the next moment, countless rays of light suddenly erupted in the large array. These rays of light were connected at a lightning speed. In the end, it turned into an enchantment that enveloped the entire valley!

This change directly made all Star Card masters inside and outside the valley suddenly change color.

“Not good, it is an enchantment!” Xie Yang Qi Muxue and the others, at this moment the pupils shrank violently, because the entrapment in front of them was filled with a wave of terrifying waves, and even they were slightly palpitated!

At this moment, everyone looked up, and then they saw a man with Feather Fan’s kerchief standing in the air. He was surrounded by dragons and his eyes were deep, like a wise man holding a pearl.

“Tai Chi Sheng 2 instruments, 2 Yi students 4 elephants, 4 elephants 8 hexagrams…”

“Dare to enter this formation, prepare to face Heaven and Earth Might.”


The sound fell, the ancient rays of light slowly turned, Star qi surging, and the inside inside the formation, as if Heaven and Earth were operating, falling into the ancient Great Desolate.

Countless eyes cast their eyes on this scene with horror.

Luo Feng stood hand in hand and watched quietly. The grievance between him and Xie Yang was finally settled here today.


Inside the enchantment, all Star Card masters are dizzy and struggling desperately, just like the ants on the hot pot, rushing around in a hurry.

Bang bang bang!

Many star cards urge Star qi, brewing into a fierce offensive, and smashing into the surrounding enchantment.

However, the enchantment is indestructible and difficult to shake, and no matter how they attack, it is difficult to shake its difference.

Mess. Mess.

Originally, I wanted to fight a group of heroes, catching a turtle in a jar, why did it suddenly reverse at 2 levels, the position of the hunter and the prey, changed the position?

“This is actually an enchantment? Hiss…My God, so big, so big…”

Ye Xiaomeng’s pretty face looked at this scene with consternation.

“The very powerful enchantment has studied the study of Formulation next time, but the strongest Formulation I have ever seen is inferior to it.” A Star Card master looked at the Boss Gu formation and sighed: “This enchantment Kun Xia, even if there are more Star Card masters in Xisheng District, Luo Feng can’t help it.”

Ye Xiaomeng’s beautiful eyes stared round and looked at Luo Feng dumbfounded. Who would have thought that in front of this desperate situation, Luo Feng actually tore a way apart?

“The chief is still the top.” Mo Yuyu fell outside the valley, looked at each other in blank dismay, and admired Luo Feng to prostrate oneself in admiration.

Qin Yi’s lips and lips have a smile, and the tight jade hand is slowly released. This man can pull strongly against a crazy tide no matter what the danger is, and will never disappoint.

Xie Yang stared at Luo Feng through the enchantment, saying: “You deliberately exposed the position and then led the wolf into the room?”

Luo Feng laughed, said: “Do you think it is appropriate to use wolves to describe you now?”

Xie Yang complexion is gloomy, I thought Luo Feng was just putting up a desperate struggle, but who would have thought that this guy was actually asking monarch to enter the urn.

This made him always sound, and suddenly a deep sense of frustration rose in his heart.

Qi Muxue lost her color in shock, and there was a deep panic in her eyes, saying: “Senior Brother, what should I do now…”

Xie Yang took a deep breath and slowly calmed his mind, saying: “Don’t be afraid, according to my observation, although this enchantment can trap us, it can only trap it, and it can’t cause any harm.”

“In addition, judging from the vicissitudes of the vicissitudes, this should be left over by the Tribes of the Abyssal Race. It is a long time ago. Even if it can be started, the remaining energy should not be much.”

“So, as long as we continue to attack and consume a period of time, when the remaining energy in the enchantment disappears, we will inevitably not attack ourselves!”

The panicked people, hearing this, suddenly felt a lot more at ease in their hearts.

And not far away, outside the valley, the other Star Card masters who watched this place gradually discovered that this seemed to be a trapped formation and did not have any offensive.

“Just a sleepy battle, no way.”

“Yeah, there is no way to break the array. Just like there are so many Star Card masters in the West Saint District, as long as they grind slowly, at most a few hours, they will certainly be able to break the seal.”

“If they wait for them to come out, they will surely release their anger to Luo Feng?”

Star Card masters in other holy areas whispered that they could see that Luo Feng and Xie Yang Liang Zi were dead and there was no room for manoeuvre. As long as Xie Yang is still in the abyss, he will surely deal with Luo Feng launched an endless bombing.

This time, Luo Feng escaped with the help of Boss Gu, but next time?

Hasn’t his luck been so good all the time?

“Huh, what you think is pretty beautiful.” Luo Feng’s lips twitched.

Xie Yang stared at Luo Feng across the border, and said, “Luo Feng, our Liangzi will be dead. Wait, wait for me to break free of this border, and I will kill you.” Now.”

“Of course, if we are released now, there is still room for maneuver.”

Luo Feng sneered: “You are a trapped beast in a cage, a prisoner in the next step, where is the qualification to talk to me about the conditions?”

Xie Yang’s eyes were cold, and he said, “Luo Feng, I gave you a chance. You must fail to appreciate somebody’s kindness. This time you will trap me, next time?”

“Don’t bb anymore.” Luo Feng smiled at him and said, “I think you can’t stick to the time to come out.”


At this moment, Xie Yang and the others looked up, and then saw a golden gourd sparkling bottle gourd, quietly suspended in the sky.

Luo Feng rode the Emperor and the Dragon, and looked down at the enigmatic crowd in the enchantment, saying: “Next, let you feel what it means, spray!”


At the next moment, the bottle gourd mouth opened, and the continuously flowing water shot out from the implosion of bottle gourd, just like the Milky Way falling for 9 days, and the flow went straight down!

…A lot of water.

Those waters, there is no fierce offensive, not even the slightest Star qi fluctuations, it looks like ordinary water flow.

However, when they landed on the star card below, everyone’s face changed suddenly.

Because they were shocked to see that the star card that was in contact with the water, at this moment, the fleshy body eroded at a speed that was bare eye.

“what is this?!”

The sudden change made the Star Card master of the West Sacred Zone a little more at ease, and now lose one’s head out of fear again. Who can think that this seemingly ordinary water flow has such a terrifying corrosive effect? !

Xie Yang’s pupils shrank, saying, “Come on, start defense!”

One after another fierce Star qi whistled from the densely packed star card, forming a layer of masks, trying to resist it.

peng ~ peng ~!

The torrential water is falling, and the layers of Star qi defense are corroded instantly, just like crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

Hong long long …

Bottle gourd in the sky, spouting water continuously, without any tendency to stop.

And this trapped array with no lethality is like a pot at the moment, and they can be said to be turtles in the urn, where can they escape? !

Xie Yang clenched the teeth, flicks with the finger, and another star card burst out.

It was a spell-type star card. After being injected with Star qi, it suddenly turned into a huge light curtain.

The light curtains interweave and converge into a spherical space, enveloping all Star Card masters.

Bang bang bang!

Under the gaze of many eyes, the water in the bottle gourd flows out continuously and falls onto the spherical space.


The moment of collision, then the catapult opened, flowing down the ball of light.

Xie Yang sneered: “Even the 9-star Fire Dragon can’t break this layer of light curtain, it’s you alone, right?”

Wolong Zhuge Feather Fan lightly waved, lightly said with a smile: “These waters are not actually used to attack you, but to accumulate energy for my next offensive.”

“This is indeed a difficult situation in itself, but under the transformation of this Grandmaster, it is not the same.”

Oh la la.

The poisonous water inside the formation is like a 100 river flowing into the sea at this moment, continuously flowing towards the formation eye-there is a stone dragon.

Weak water flows in along the Longkou, and as the inflow of water increases, the stone dragon gradually becomes transparent, lifelike, and ready to come out.

At this moment, Wolong Zhuge pointed to Shilong and said, “Dragon King, start!”

Hong long long …

The ancient array suddenly burst into a beam of bright light, just like the rising sun.

A golden beam of light rose from the center of the formation to the stone dragon.


Everyone looked up astonished, and then they saw that the stone dragon actually came alive and hovered up like a real giant dragon, meandering into the void.


dragon roar shocking.

A tyrannical coercion raged on and raged between Heaven and Earth.


In the next moment, Dragon King whistled down, his huge body hitting the light curtain heavily.


At this moment, the huge motion ball of the previous completely motionless, trembling violently at the moment.

Bang peng ~ peng ~!

Dragon King struck the light curtain desperately and looked extremely hard.

And under such a crazy impact, a subtle ka-cha sound sounded quietly from the light curtain.

A gap appeared, and immediately afterwards, it was like a spider web.

Seeing this scene, the expression on Xie Yang’s face gradually solidified.

“That light ball can’t stop it!”

Then the sounds of one another’s exclamations sounded.

“Quick, reinforce the defense!”

Xie Yang’s complexion changed suddenly, and there was a lot of fear in his eyes, he roared loudly.

The Star Card masters in the West Saint District are all looked at each other in blank dismay at the moment, their faces are horrified, and inexplicable panic emerges in their hearts. This resists…


In the next moment, the enchantment finally couldn’t bear the crazy impact of the Dragon King and burst suddenly.


The water flows continuously, and where they are, a river suddenly forms.

Standing on the star card on the river, it felt like Mount Tai pressed the top, the gravity increased suddenly, and the body sank straight to the bottom of the river.

Then again, it was corroded into nothingness.

All star cards flee frantically, and various life-saving skills are thrown out. However, now that there is no protection, they have become targets, only beaten!

They are Star qi wings, lingering in the void, lest they step on the river, the horizontal line will gradually rise, and they will soon reach the top, there is no room to hide!

As a result, the densely packed star card is now disappearing at a terrifying speed.

Xie Yang’s eyes were red, his heart turned over the river and the sea, and he set off overflowing heaven stormy seas.

He led the Star Card master in the entire holy area, but was actually pressed by Luo Feng in the enchantment and bombed wildly? !

Explode, completely explode!

“Help, help, help!”

“Star Card masters in other holy areas are fine without falling stones. Do you expect them to save us? We can only rely on ourselves!”

“My Ma Duck, I have never seen such a battle, it is cold!”

“Fuck, Lao Tzu has 5 star cards, and now there is only one left, and all his efforts are in vain!”

“10000000 to withstand and hold on, we still have hope!”

“Fuck You, I’m not playing anymore, 88!”


The Star Card masters, like the turtles in the urn, are all crushing the teleportation stones and leaving Tianyuan in grief and indignation!


One after another rays of light dropping from the sky, rolled up those Star Card masters who were afraid and thrown away from the ruins.

That scene was quite shocking.

As a result, the crowd that had previously been crowded suddenly disappeared, and only two figures remained firm in place.

Xie Yang, Qi Muxue.

“How could this be…” Qi Muxue murmured, pretty face white, and a pair of peach eyes, full of fright.

She looked towards Luo Feng, with an indistinct fear in her eyes and climbed out, a deep sense of frustration rise in the mind.

The scene in front of me was faintly familiar.

When she first entered the Star Origin Fairyland, she won Lin Yu, who lost to Luo Feng in the freshman semifinals, and asked him to join 6 other Star Card masters and 7 people to suppress Luo Feng, and then was shot by Six Roads of Samsara. Kick out.

But, after all, it was only 7 people.

Nowadays, the army of the entire Western Saint District is dispatched, and it is still unable to deal with Luo Feng. Instead, he was killed by him!

“In the future, I’m afraid I won’t have a chance anymore.” Her expression was sad and discouraged. Even if she had a chance in the future, she wouldn’t have the courage to deal with Luo Feng.

Because now Luo Feng is invincible in her heart.

At the moment, Xie Yang’s complexion also became pale.

“Why am I so stable and still end up like this?”

“Is it also a mistake to be healthy?”

He never thought that this round of hunt for Luo Feng would actually end in this way.

He did not despise Luo Feng, and he even paid special attention to it, and assembled almost the entire Xisheng District to deal with Luo Feng.

However, under such circumstances, they still lost.

“Luo Feng, you are really good at these outside tricks.”

Xie Yang’s voice is hoarse and his smile is slightly bitter.

Luo Feng did not speak and looked at him quietly.

“I seem to understand why Qingluan favors you so much.”

His eyes narrowed slightly: “I hope that in the next game, if we can meet you, you will be as happy as I am today.”

The voice fell, Xie Yang’s eyes were slightly closed, his lips were pursed, and he swept out a bit of unwillingness, and finally clenched the teeth.


a beam of light dropping from the sky, roll him up and teleport out.

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