Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 216

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The moment the Xie Yang silhouette teleported out, the surrounding mountain range was completely sensational, and the uproar of heaven-shaking and earth-shattering rose into the sky.

What did they see?

Luo Feng, who was hunted down by the Star Card master in the entire Western Holy Zone, was not only safe and sound, but even turned back and killed them all? !

“Really strong.” Everyone was stunned and shocked, and one person eliminated one sanctuary, so too terrifying?

Outside the valley, staring Star Card masters looked at the young silhouette, with awe in their eyes. The dark horse in their hearts seemed to be gradually growing into a terrifying Great Demon King.

Such a proud record, even if it is the top of today’s Holy Land list-Jiang Chen, hasn’t it been completed?

What a glory?

What a feat?

Qin Yi stood proudly on the chest after listening to the exclamation, and a little pride appeared on the exquisite pretty face, facing the other dumbfounded female disciple: “I see, this is the chief of our Dongsheng District. “

“All those who look down on him will pay for their ignorance.”

Those female disciple are beautiful eyes at the moment, and they were stunned by Luo Feng.

“This, this…Luo Feng Junior Brother is too fierce?” Ye Xiaomeng’s eyes widened, cry out in surprise: “Where does this need my protection?”

This is the real big brother!

“Maybe give him another year, and really dominate Holy Land.” She sighed leisurely, her beautiful eyes were in a trance, and said, “It’s just a pity…”

It’s a pity that Jiang Chen is now there, as if Mount Tai pressed the top, and he was gloomy.

Seeing this scene, Luo Feng was also a little sighed and said: “All said, don’t mess with me, you just don’t listen.”

He looked towards the woman beside him, Remnant Soul, and said, “Guling Senior, thank you.”

Luo Feng knew in his heart that if it weren’t for the Raiders of the Abyss, he might have to flee under the chase of Xie Yang and the others today.

“Pu chi, my Remnant Soul will disappear in a short time. I can help you like a back wave, and my heart is also enriched.”

Luo Feng is curious: “Senior has always been a man of heaven and earth?”

Hearing this, Gu Ling’s beautiful eyes flickered, and a deep glow of cold glow seemed to pass through her heart. Soon, she sighed and said, “The past is gone. Why should you mention it again?”

Seeing this scene, Luo Feng was startled, and it seemed that he was also a person with a story.

Xiao Yan: “Father Master, don’t be afraid, I will keep refining Divine Pill for you so that your Remnant Soul will not disappear (*^▽^*)”

Wolong: “Yeah vomited.”


At this moment, the rays of light on the ancient Formation faded and gradually dimmed. Obviously, this Boss Gu formation was exhausted and reached the end of life.

Wolong Zhuge’s sleeve robe waved, and he saw a bleak large formation, and his figure gradually shrunk. In the end, it turned into a large array of palms and fell into Luo Feng’s hands.

Formation is dilapidated and apparently has lost all its functions.

“It’s a very good material.” Luo Feng’s eyes flashed slightly, and this Formation was a perfect match with the weak water in his bottle gourd.

In the past, when he was away from the island, he almost absorbed the weak water of most of the rivers, coupled with the collected venom. This huge amount only had an effect.

If it was just drizzle, how could you get 1000 people?

Gently rub the star ring, open the star card system and scan:

“Broken array (golden) x1.”

Luo Feng thought about it. In the future, he may consider making some similar scene cards based on this Formation, or some Form star cards, such as:

Heavenly Stars Revolution Great Formation, Immortal Beheading Sword Formation, Nine Tune Yellow River Array method, etc…

After finishing the Formation, Luo Feng looked up and looked towards the other Star Card masters outside the mountain range.

When other Star Card masters saw Luo Feng’s eyes, they were all trembling in their hearts, with a smile on their faces, and the figure unconsciously stepped back a few steps.

It means no offense.

Admittedly, after this battle, no one has the mind to fight against it.

Ye Xiaomeng came over and stared at him like a monster, saying, “Gosh, why are you so fierce?”

Luo Feng smiled sorrowfully and said, “It’s just luck.”

“Thank you anyway, if not for you, Jiang Chen may not pass that level.”

“Then you must cheer on.” Ye Xiaomeng raised his lazy waist and said, “You must blow your face back in the future!”

“Did you fight back…” Luo Feng rubbed his eyebrows and couldn’t help but smile bitterly. The game is not a relic, and no outside moves can be used. It’s true strength.

“Next, where are you going?” Ye Xiaomeng looked towards Luo Feng curiously.

“Where to go?” Luo Feng was asked, and was a little confused. To be honest, he is now the most yearn for something even in dreams, it is Saint blood.

Right now, it is imperative to still bet on the legendary Saint blood to improve their realm.

Although this illusory thing is only a legend, he now has no other way but to hope for it.

Cultivating all the way, this is the walk the heavens-defying road, even more how he wants to go to Card Emperor, that would have to pay the unimaginable price of ordinary people.

However, the ghost knew where this Saint blood was.

Just before he was on the road, he also tried to ask Gu Ling, but Gu Ling was also at a loss.

Ye Xiaomeng’s eyes blinked and said, “Then, shall we go to the Floating Buddhist Temple?”

“Floating Buddhist Temple, where is that?” Luo Feng wondered.

Ye Xiaomeng thought for a while and said, “How to say, anyway, it is a relic larger than the Dragon Mark Hall. It may contain platinum material.”

“Platinum material?!” Luo Feng’s eyes immediately showed a strong interest.

Although the golden material is also very attractive to him, as he gets more and more, he is somewhat immune.

The platinum material, so far, he has only one piece in his hand, that is the ultimate reward that was obtained in the 10000 Buddha Temple-[the sealed jade box].

Ye Xiaomeng: “Well, it is said that Jiang Chen also moved towards that place.”

“I wanted to go, but I heard that you were sniped, so I changed my plan and came to you.”

“Although it didn’t help me much…”

“Senior Sister has such a heart, and I am very grateful.” Luo Feng smiled and said: “But after all, since Jiang Chen has already rushed away, then the baby in the Floating Buddhist Temple should have been searched out? “

He is not the protagonist. Others always see the Floating Buddhist Temple not going in and wait until he appears before entering.

Ye Xiaomeng touched his head, his face bitter, and said: “Yes, it makes sense.”

“It may not be necessary.” At this moment, the ancient spirit floated out quietly, saying: “Floating Buddhist Temple is very big and large, with a lot of institutions, and it can’t be explored in a moment and a half.”

“Even if they have already gone, I am afraid that they have only explored more than half of them at that moment, and may not be able to reach the end.”

“So, let’s go check it out, there are indeed more treasures than Dragon Mark Hall.”

“Then listen to Senior’s.” Listening to this, Luo Feng felt a lot of confidence in his heart. He looked at Ye Xiaomeng and said, “Then, let’s take a look.”

“Okay, let’s get up.” Ye Xiaomeng looked towards the yellow chicken on his shoulder and said, “Little Huang chicken, fast, get bigger, get bigger!”

Oh la la.

I saw the rays of light flashing, and the Little Huang chicken standing on the fragrant shoulder of Ye Xiaomeng grew quickly, and soon it became a big bird.

“Come, come up, my big bird flies faster than you.”

Luo Feng hearing this, also started, suddenly thought of Mu Qingluan in his mind.

“Qingluan little girl, I don’t know where I am now.”

Just in the team of Xie Yang, he not at all saw the silhouette of Mu Qingluan and wanted to come to find the remains of the Qingluan clan at this moment.

“Hope she can find Enron and inheritance.”

He muttered in his heart.

So, 2 people rode the big bird, moved towards the direction of Floating Buddhist Temple, and roared away.

On the bird’s back, Luo Feng was idle and bored, took out the materials he had just obtained, and intended to make a star card.

He decided that he would do it on the spot if he had obtained the materials in the future, otherwise, he would leave it in the warehouse and eat it and forget it.

Luo Feng examines the material in hand:

heaven punishment eyes, golden bowl, Dragon Mark.

These are all gold materials. If they are all used on a star card, then a gold star card can be made ☆☆☆.

Although if you add another golden material, you can synthesize a platinum card, but he doesn’t want it yet.

Because Empress said that with his current realm, even with a platinum card, it is difficult to bring out the formidable power of the star card.

Moreover, it may not be manageable.

In addition, the star card can be upgraded.

Gold 3-star, with a little effort, it will naturally be easily upgraded to a platinum card.

So the question is coming, who will make it?

heaven punishment eyes?

It seems that Yang Jian can be considered?

Yang Jian has a lot of summon things, Meishan 6 monsters, dogs, and an eagle that wants to go against the sky, called the inverse sky eagle.

Luo Feng thought about it and decided not to make him for the time being, except for the heaven punishment eyes, there was no other material that could catch up with him.

Yang Jian, a mythical gangster, still has to wait for his own strength before playing.

Luo Feng stared at the three kinds of materials lined up, his eyes flashing, and a tattooed social monk appeared in his mind.

That is Fahai (Zhao Wenzhuo version of azure snake movie).

This Fahai, unlike other gentle and elegant Sage Monk, is a tattooed muscle Demon Monk, decisive and decisive.

Click to make a star card.

“Star card system is starting, please draw the star card pattern…”

Luo Feng thought about it, holding the Star Origin pen in his hand, moving the tip of the pen, Star qi rising, Fahai’s image, slowly forming.

He guaranteed a monk.

On his back is a lifelike dragon, a very social tattoo.

Heavenly Eye opened in his brows.

Holding a golden bowl and wearing a cassock.

It’s just that this monk doesn’t look very serious, unlike Elder Tang, which is as gentle as jade, gentle and steady, but has a sense of sociability, and the murderous aura is pervasive throughout the body.

Click to submit.

“The star card background is drawn, the system is under review…”

“Approved, please set the star card background…”

Luo Feng Brain zero opened wide and fell into contemplation, writing a pen to write:

“Bai Suzhen at the foot of Mount Qingcheng, repair this body in the cave for 1000 years…”

“There used to be a mortal. His hometown is Causeway Bay. There are gangs here and there. There are 2 big gangs, one is Dongxing and the other is Hongxing.”

“Dongxing and Hongxing are fighting each other for the territory.”

“Fahai joined the Red Star Society in order to survive and became the lowest member of the gang.”

“Because he dared to kill and fight hard, he was very affectionate, and he quickly rose to the top. In just three years, he became a Hongxing gang talker (boss).”

“However, the good times didn’t last long. He was framed and hunted down by the hostile forces, and fled all the way until the last sight was black and passed out.”

“When he woke up, the sound of the Buddha around the beam, this is the West Lake Jinshan Temple.”

“So, he is here to heal, gradually, he is attracted by the quiet and peaceful life here, and the past is red, and this is all left behind.”

“He no longer thinks about gang grievances, he no longer wants to kill back to get revenge, but puts down the butcher’s knife and stands up as a Buddha.

“The Master in the Buddha sees that he has sincerity in his heart, he accepts him as a disciple, and gives him the name Fahai, that is, the mana is boundless, and the sea collapses.”

“Who would have thought that this former gang boss actually had amazing accomplishments in Dharma.”

“Perhaps because of the mixed gangs, this Sage Monk killed decisively, and when he saw the monster, he would yelled Heavenly Dragon Prestige, the prajna buddhas, the monarchs, and the prajna bhabhi, and then tricked the monster.”

“All the monsters in the West Lake District, when he saw him all came terror-stricken at the news, a 3-year-old demon, when he heard the name of Fahai in the middle of the night, he would stop crying and wrap his quilt tightly, shiver coldly.”

“Because of his special ability to fight, Buddha originally wanted to send him and monkeys to learn from the Bible. On that day, Fahai came to Five Elements Mountain and smashed Five Elements Mountain with a palm, pinching Sun Wukong’s neck, saying:’You want to Follow me to Xitian, or let me send you to Xitian’?”

“The monkey was terrified at that time, and it was time to learn from it. 81 was difficult on the road. What could it do?”

“If I feel that he is too arrogant, only Elder Tang takes his place to take lessons. After all, many monsters from the passers-by have Divine Immortal in the sky as the background, and they can’t be killed. If you change Fahai, you will definitely see the monster and get a shot. Death, whose face will not be given.”

“If I came to summon Fahai, I said to him, Fahai, your murderous aura is too heavy to become a Buddha… I saw Fahai roaring: bold as if I came, I can see at a glance that you are not human, insignificant skill, dare to display one’s slight skill before me an expert, Heavenly Dragon Prestige, worldly treasures, prajna is empty!”

“Then the first monk who dared to be as good as his opponent was born.”

“… “

Luo Feng has written for a long time, and his head is a bit painful, because these stories are well-known in Earth, the star card system is ignorant.

Therefore, there is still a lot of content he has to explain.

In order to write Fahai differently, he also worked hard to make a magical change.

“The star card background is set up and the system is under review…”

“Approved, please add synthetic materials.”

Luo Feng threw in three materials: heaven punishment eyes, Dragon Mark, and Golden Bowl.

There are materials, willfulness and arrogance.

“Star card materials have been submitted, the system is reviewing…”

“Approved, star card is being generated…”


realm: 6-star.

Quality: Gold ☆☆☆


[卍]: Fahai produces a swastika-shaped Buddha mark, strikes the target, which can be attached to his own star card weapon to enhance the weapon’s formidable power.

[Heavenly Eye]: Fahai hits Opening Heaven Eye, spying on the body of all targets, Illusion Technique, invisible units, and causes lightning strikes to the targets.

[Arhat Gold Body]: Fahai entered the Arhat Gold Body state, greatly enhancing his defense.

[Dalafa Mantra]: Fahai meditates on the Dafafa mantra, the incantation is like a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses, killing the target.

[Heavenly Dragon Prestige]: Fahai urges Star qi to inject Dragon Mark and summon out Heavenly Dragon Prestige to fight for it.

[Supernatural Descent Golden Bowl]: Limited skill, Fahai releases the golden bowl, envelopes the enemy star card, has a certain probability of conquering it, and turns it into his own use. The worse the star card status, the lower the HP, the greater the probability of conquering Big.

Introduction: “The talker in West Lake District of Hangzhou.”

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