Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 217

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Luo Feng examines the star card in his hand.

Looking at Fahai’s hardcore skills, Luo Feng smiled heartily, and his skills are still okay if he does all kinds of magical changes in the background.

Fahai, like his description, has no routine skills, and it’s over.

【卍】It’s an attack skill, and it is equivalent to a buff that increases the attack power.

[Heavenly Eye], attack and assistive skills, this skill is especially important in the case of more and more skills such as avatar and stealth.

[Arhat Gold Body], defensive skills.

[Great Luofa Mantra], group attack skills.

[Heavenly Dragon Prestige], summon skills.

[Supernatural Descent Golden Bowl], the upgraded version of the master ball, of course, compared to the master ball, there are many magical effects.

All aspects are available.

Such a star card is very easy to use and can be integrated into various routines.

In other words, being a qualified toolman, no matter what lineup, can let him take the single player line and single out invincible.

“Have you made a star card?” Ye Xiaomeng’s beautiful eyes on the side were round and incredibly Luo Feng.

She makes a star card. At the level of the star card background, she often has to rack her brains and make three drafts before she can construct a world background that can withstand scrutiny.

But, just when Luo Feng was writing, he worked hard on the book and kept on cultivating, so did Yun Jiu’s water gesture… just like copying?

And just between her shocks, the Silhouette of the Floating Buddhist Temple gradually appeared in sight.

Floating Buddhist Temple.

As the name suggests, this is a temple hanging in the sky.

Its whole body, splendorous and majestic, Buddha’s radiance permeated, filled with holiness.

When Luo Feng approached the Floating Buddhist Temple, there was a very wonderful feeling at once, and it felt that the demons had disappeared, and even the soul was sublimated at the moment.

At this moment, Buddhism was wide open, and the traces of fighting inside could be seen from afar.

“This field has been ploughed,” Ye Xiaomeng said.

Luo Feng: “It’s okay, we can consider taking orders.”

So, 2 people moved towards Floating Buddhist Temple and flew away.

Wherever you go, the cups and dishes are messy, and apparently just experienced a battle.

And in the deepest part of the Floating Buddhist Temple, there is a great hall, and in the deepest part of that great hall, there is a Buddha statue.

At this moment, outside the great hall, there was a crowd.

In front of the crowd, there was a silhouette.

A long black hair shawl came down, the eyes were pitch-black as ink, sharp as a knife, and the golden Star qi wrapped around the body, and it was Jiang Chen!

When Luo Feng saw Jiang Chen, the latter was also aware of it, turned his head, and looked at Luo Feng, and he was stunned.

“Luo Feng, you still have the courage to appear in front of me?” Jiang Chen’s eyes were cold and said: “Forget how you were run off by me last time?”

“Huh, although I don’t know if you have the corresponding strength at the top of the so-called holy area, but your cheeky kung fu, looking at the entire Holy Land, there must be no one out of the blue.”

Luo Feng raised his eyes and looked at him in a humble manner, saying: “Obviously, you kicked me to waste, I left just and honorable, how come to you, I was beaten to the ground and fled!”


Hearing this, Jiang Chen was furious and stared at Luo Feng, saying, “Luo Feng, do you want courting death?”

“Do you think that I will be afraid of you?” Luo Feng expression said, “Xie Yang led the Star Card master of the entire Western Holy Zone to encircle and suppress me, but they were all unsuccessful. Instead, they were all killed by me. You thought I would Afraid of you?”

“The people in the West Sacred District were killed by you?” Jiang Chen hearing this, laughed disdainfully, and said, “Luo Feng, you have now learned to distort the facts to put gold on your face?”

“There are nearly 1000 people in the entire Western Sanctuary, how can you tell me to kill?”

At this moment, a Star Card master roared and said: “Big brother, he… he said it is true, I am on the spot.”


As soon as this statement came out, suddenly thunder, Jiang Chen expression gloomy and uncertain, did he actually do this step? !

“Why, how did he do it?” He felt his throat dry. If he had such ability, he would meet him in the opening game. Should he be the first to be kicked out?

“He was good luck, found an ancient array, and then used the power of Formation to kick out all Star Card masters such as Xie Yang.”

“However, as far as I know, after solving Xie Yang, his Formation was also abandoned.”

“However, for the sake of safety, I suggest not to be against it now, maybe what we see is what he wants us to see.”

“Perhaps, the Formation simply didn’t abolish, but lay in ambush, waiting for you.”

Jiang Chen’s expression gloomy and uncertain, staring at Luo Feng with a gloomy look, the latter’s careless appearance does indeed seem to be well-established, and there is a way of not being afraid of him.

Right now, the most important thing is the creation of the Floating Buddhist Temple. If it passes, it is said that a platinum material can be obtained.

Therefore, the grievances with Luo Feng can be regarded as a minor contradiction and can be put aside for the time being.

So, the two froze for a moment, just when everyone thought the two were about to fight, Jiang Chen’s imposing manner slowly withdrew.

Luo Feng sighed in relief, scared me to death.

If Jiang Chen really wanted to engage him, he might be able to run away, but the creation of the Floating Buddhist Temple must be out of reach.


At this moment, deep inside the great hall, Buddha’s radiance ten thousand zhang, attracted everyone’s attention.

The Buddha’s eyes blinked and said, “Amitabha, you are finally here.”

“If you pass the test of this Buddha, then you can naturally get what you want.”

Jiang Chen stepped out, facing the cup hand to hold fist in the great hall and said, “I don’t know what the test is?”

Buddha said: “The test is whether you have the Buddha nature, if you have the root of wisdom, you can get my inheritance.”

“Divided into 3 levels.”

“Below, this is the first test, the exception is closed.”

Everyone is curious, and there is a lot of interest in their eyes. At the same time, they have summoned some star cards related to Buddhism.

After all, only the star card that can be used with Buddhism will have a higher probability of passing the test.

Luo Feng thought about it, divine sense moved, Fahai, a murderous aura rushing to the sky, appeared under many eyes.

He was wearing a cassock, holding a golden bowl, his eyes were bright, and he looked like a Buddhism Sage Monk, but his whole body was filled with a fierce gas that did not match the image.

“This monk, what a murderous aura.” The crowd exclaimed.

“Murderous aura is so big, and dare to call himself a Buddha?” Jiang Chen looked at Fahai with a slight contempt in his eyes, and flicks with the finger, a rabbit Buddha, appeared slowly.

Rabbit Buddha expression is indifferent, with golden light flashing all over it, it looks like a monk, full of power.

At this moment, the Buddha statue deep in the great hall slowly uttered: “All buddhas were born in the ten directions, and the ten directions are so cursed, so they must become Supreme. All the consciousness, the ten directions are here to hold the curse and surrender to the magic system. Zhuwaidao…”

The trivial Sanskrit sounds poured into everyone’s ears.

The Buddha said: “I only memorize it 3 times. After 3 times, I can write it down and count as a pass.”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone had a complexion greatly changed. They hadn’t understood what it was. They only felt that their ears were buzzing like flies.

Such an obscure Buddhist scripture, where is 3 times enough?

30 times or so!

“I have already memorized it.” At this moment, Jiang Chen’s rabbit Buddha said.

Hearing this, everyone is incredibly curious, and they haven’t understood what they are talking about, Jiang Chen’s star card, will they already recite it?

In the depths of the great hall, the Buddha image is also started, with a gentle look towards the rabbit and Buddha, saying: “Donor, a monk doesn’t lie.”

“Unbelieve?” Rabbit Buddha expression looked at him, and said: “All buddhas were born in the ten directions, and if the ten directions came as a curse, they must become Supreme Supreme consciousness.

Yun Yun water,

Back to the end.

“Not bad.” The Buddha image glanced at you, “You have passed.”

“Envy.” Some people just sour lemon. After listening to it, they will recite, and there is no stumbling, so skilled, this is too strong?

Jiang Chen nodded with satisfaction, and glanced at Luo Feng, deep in the eyebrows, somewhat provocative.

Look, how great my star card is.

Is your big head bald donkey able to do this step?

His star card has reached its limit. Even Luo Feng’s star card is at least as good as the rabbit and the Buddha.

“Hmph, is this difficult?” Fahai coldly snorted, said: “The Lord Shishi, from the bun, from the light bun, 100 light rushes out of the light, 1000 Ye Baolian, like the coming, sitting in Baohua middle, put ten on top , 100 treasures of light and shadow.”

Everyone hearing this is also started. This line of Yun Jiu looks like water. Does this guy also carry it?

Most of them didn’t understand what this Buddhist scripture was, so naturally they couldn’t judge whether Fahai was wrong.

Rabbit Buddha brows slightly wrinkle, but listen to it, it suddenly found something was wrong, and his eyes suddenly froze, pointing at Fahai and scolded, “No, your back is simply not the Buddhist scripture that the Buddha said!”

Everyone was in an uproar, Luo Feng’s star card, actually casually memorizing a paragraph of what the hell Buddhist language, just want to use this to get through?

As long as I carry it fast and my expression calm enough, others will not find me blindly?

Suddenly, a lot of sarcasm looked on.

Ye Xiaomeng rubbed his eyebrows, is it so embarrassing?

Jiang Chen looked towards Luo Feng, and there was a deep contempt in his eyes, saying: “Luo Feng, the upper beam is not right, the lower beam is crooked, your star card is acting like this, don’t you feel embarrassed?!”

However, at this moment, the Buddha looked towards Fahai, his eyes widened and said, “You…”


Jiang Chen steals happiness, taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune, is this extreme anger?

“How do you know the second half of the scripture?”

The Buddha’s eyes stared at Fahai, and it was just talking about the first half of a sutra, and what Fahai said was the second half of this scripture.

Although there are some differences in individual sentences, the whole line of Yun Jiu water is seamlessly connected with the first half of the scriptures.

It’s as if Fahai had memorized the second half of the scriptures, and then adapted them on this basis.

However, this scripture is known only to him, and how did Fahai know?

Fahai raised his eyes and looked at the Buddha with no humility. He said, “I pushed the performance based on the first half of the scripture.”

Buddha: “.”

I am Buddha.

Outside of the great hall, it fell into deathly silence.

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, staring at Fahai inconceivably. Previously, the rabbit and the Buddha were able to recite the scriptures after listening to them, which has made them unbelievable. Now, Fahai of Luo Feng directly pushes the second half of the scriptures. Text? !

Compared with the two, the high judgement was set.

What a powerful perception?

“Something.” Ye Xiaomeng’s beautiful eyes widened and exclaimed.

“I…” Jiang Chen’s complexion ashen, staring at Fahai deadly, looks more and more like a match.

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