Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 218

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Silence, silence.

In the great hall, the shock continues, everyone looks incredibly towards Fahai, this guy is too buggy, right?

“It’s worthy of you.” Luo Feng looked towards Fahai, prostrate oneself in admiration with admiration in his heart. No one has remembered yet, he directly pushed the second half of the scripture?

“You are better than others.” Jiang Chen pursed her lips lightly and made a resignation angrily, but then thought about it, these are just tests, as long as you pass the level.

No matter how good he is, there is no extra reward, what can he do?

“Not bad.” The Buddha statue nodded with satisfaction, said: “Next, it’s second time.”

The cumbersome buddha sounds are again sounded.

Soon, 3 passes have passed.

Only one third’s star card has passed the test, of course, it also includes some Star Card masters. After all, some Star Card masters believe in Buddha, and they have a certain understanding of Buddha.

At the same time, the Buddha statue hehe smiled and said: “Next, second test, set off.”

I saw rays of light flashing, dozens of graceful silhouettes, and Fengshen Junyi’s abdominal muscles, appearing in the great hall.

“Into my Buddhism, you need 6 roots to be clean and resist temptation, untainted by even a speck of dust.”

The voice fell, and those graceful silhouettes walked towards the male star card, and the abdominal musclemen went straight to the female star card.

A young girl came over and twisted her slender waist, making Fahai an indestructible grip.

Fahai has no face, but his body is honest and gives a polite response.

“Big brother, don’t do this.” Luo Feng eyelids twitched, unable to bear spit out: “Your first test performed so well, not so much as the second test?”

“I don’t want it either.” Fahai’s face flushed red, lightly coughed, and said, “Can I kill her directly?”

“Sister killing testimony?” Luo Feng’s lips twitched, “No, you are a manifestation of escaping reality.”

Fahai looked bitter and said, “Then wait for me, I’ll go out and calm down.”

Luo Feng: “???

So, Fahai ran out.

Seeing this scene, Jiang Chen is also started, and the impossible to bear teased: “Why, your star card second test can’t hold on?”

Luo Feng didn’t say a word, thinking in his heart, did Fahai go out and wash his face?

About ten minutes later, Fahai walked back.

Luo Feng looked at Fahai. The latter changed from not at all, but his face was paler than before.

“Uncle, come and play.” The 1000 charming and 100 charming women greeted them again, dancing with long sleeves and flirting.

Fahai coldly said: “Go away.”

“You weren’t like this before.” The woman murmured, her eyes twitching and her voice charming.

However, no matter how hard she tried, Fahai remained unmoved, with no waves on her face, no desire and no desire, and a sage like a Buddha.

“What’s the matter?” Jiang Chen froze for a moment, went out to calm down, and the concentration was already peaked?

So, what did Fahai go out for?

After a while, he seemed to have thought of something, and his forehead was surging with blue muscles, saying, “Serve, this will do…”

Ye Xiaomeng’s eyes blinked, a little unconscious.

Luo Feng: “Why did you just go out?”

Fahai lightly coughed, said: “Relieved the pressure.”

Luo Feng: “6.”

Soon, second test, too.

At this moment, the star card that passed the test is limited to ten fingers.

Buddha statue nodded, said: “This third test is to test your wisdom root, and you can debate each other, if anyone makes sense, and let everyone else be convinced, you can get my inheritance.”

“Amitabha.” At this moment, a star card came over. It looked like a flying mosquito, obviously a flying mosquito.

all things have spirits, except mosquitoes.

In Great Thousand Worlds, there are many races that believe in Buddhism, such as hare, bald donkey, and flying mosquito.

Because flying mosquitoes like to read the Scriptures in the ears of people, they also like to apothecate on people. After the apocalypse, as a gift, they still leave a bag on the person.

The flying mosquito looked towards other star cards and said, “What did the Fellow Daoists think the old Buddha used to cut the meat to feed the eagle?”

Cutting the meat to feed the eagle is about the eagle hunting rabbits in the past. The Buddha pityed the rabbits, so he asked the eagle not to hunt the rabbits and expressed his willingness to cut off the same amount of meat as the rabbit to feed the eagle.

Jiang Chen’s Rabbit Buddha said, “This is naturally mercy, my Buddha, Purdue All living Beings.”

Other star cards are nodded, quite agree with this concept.

“I think it’s not a good thing to cut the meat and feed the eagle.”

At this moment, a discordant sound, sounded.

Everyone looked away and saw the speaker, Fahai who was murderous aura rushing to the sky.

“Oh?” The flying mosquito looked towards Fahai with great interest, saying: “hope to hear the details.”

Facing many eyes, Fahai said slowly: “The Buddha cut the meat to feed the eagle, and he couldn’t bear to eat the rabbit, so he fed his own meat to it.”

“And rabbits feed on grass, but plants and trees are also life. One Flower One World, one leaf and one bodhi, one plant and one tree are all divine, why are the plants and trees being eaten by rabbits in vain?”

“In addition, rabbits breed faster, and if there are no natural enemies like eagles to kill them, they will flood them. By that time, if other food chains are destroyed, wouldn’t more lives be destroyed?”

“The Buddha cut the meat and feed the eagle. Although it feeds the eagle, it prevents the eagle from hunting rabbits. If the rabbits are flooded, it will cause greater danger to the people.”

The flying mosquito Buddha was stunned. In its cognition, the study of the Dharma was for Purdue All living Beings, but it never considered whether the Dharma was suitable for and accepted by people.

The Buddha’s eyes flickered, but he heard this solution for the first time.

“Then, what do you think should be done?” The Mosquito Buddha asked to be unable to bear.

Fahai said: “Natural selection, survival of the fittest!”


As soon as this remark came out, the eyes of the mosquito buddha violently rounded, as if there was something in it, bursting in his mind.

peng ~ peng ~ peng ~.

Heartbeat accelerates.

Suddenly a picture appeared in its mind.

The eagle hunts the hare,

The hare eats grass,

The grass grows more vigorously under the nourishment of hare and eagle.

These pictures keep jumping, and in the end, they form a complete food chain, a picture of Heaven and Earth in harmony.

The Mosquito Buddha was puzzled in his heart. He originally thought that the reason why he had to learn Dharma before was to make this world a great harmony.

However, it suddenly discovered at this moment that this world was originally a state of great harmony!

It is wrong to kill, but is it wrong to kill?

The eagle should have eaten meat, it’s right to hunt rabbits.

If you don’t kill, you will destroy harmony!

The silence continued for a few moments, and the mosquito buddha faced Fahai cup hand to hold fist, and then silently retreated.

“A nonsense!” At this moment, Jiang Chen’s star card-Rabbit Buddha scolded, and said: “The speed of rabbit reproduction is fast, even if there are no natural enemies, the number is large, so what?”

“Great Thousand Worlds, 10000 people stand in great numbers, how can you not even manage a group of rabbits?”

“Buddha cutting meat and feeding eagles is indeed contrary to the great harmony of Heaven and Earth as you said, but you must know that cutting meat and feeding eagles is not an end, but a means to promote mercy, my Buddha.”

“This purpose is just to let all people have good intentions in their hearts. If everyone has good in their hearts and no longer does evil, is this world still not in harmony?”

Everyone knows that it is secretly nodded, and they all feel that Fahai’s danger of cutting meat to feed eagles has been greatly enlarged.

Fahai sneered and said, “Goodwill? What you call goodwill is called compassion, and it’s hard to hear, but it’s just food to spur!”

“Let all beings have good intentions, this will only prevent them from becoming wicked, but what if these kind-hearted people encounter wicked men with butcher knives?”

Rabbit Buddha: “Then let the goodwill spread all over the world. If everyone is good, there will be no evil people holding a butcher knife. Heaven and Earth are naturally harmonious.”

“Can you guarantee that everyone can do good?” Fahai looked at it coldly and said: “You can convey a goodwill, can convey 100000000 10000 goodwill, but as long as you don’t convey it once, then it will A potential wicked man took up the butcher knife.”

“And at this time, when everyone thinks that the world is full of goodwill, and therefore there is no precaution, suddenly there are evil people, then how should these kind people protect themselves?”

Rabbit Buddha was asked, his face sullen and said, “Then, what do you say?”

Fahai: “Give a man a fish is better to teach people to fish. Instead of doing so, it is better to let all beings have the ability to fight against the wicked while they will not become wicked.

“Only the weak need goodwill!”

Rabbit Buddha is speechless.

Silence, silence.

At this moment, a star card came out with courage. It had a round figure and no hair, so it was a bald donkey Buddha.

The bald donkey looked towards Fahai and said, “Dare to ask Donor to put down the butcher’s knife and stand up as a buddha. Why?”

Fahai looked at him coldly and said, “A lot of nonsense is pure nonsense!”

Everyone: “?”

“The axiom of “as everyone knows” turned into nonsense when I came to you. Your Excellency, is it my Great Thousand Worlds, innumerable living beings, are all foolish people?” Bald donkey sneered.

“A good innumerable living beings, what do you mean to represent innumerable living beings?” Fahai glared and said, “They told you in person?”

“There are many people in this world who accumulate good deeds and vow to become Buddhas, and they have never experienced suffer untold hardships, but they may not be able to make their wishes, but those who are full of evil can put up a butcher knife and they can stand up as Buddhas. Xiangxin, how to be reconciled?”

The bald donkey shook the head and said, “This is bad. The so-called standing Buddha is not an immediate conversion to Buddhism, but a Buddha’s heart towards goodness.”

“Hmph!” Fahai sneered, looking at the bald donkey with contempt, and said: “The wicked men holding a butcher knife are all people with great sins. I didn’t know how many lives were slaughtered before, how many people’s blood was contaminated on their hands, and all were washed. It’s not clean, now you tell me they have a good heart?”

“If such people can stand up as Buddhas, then the relatives and friends of those who were killed by him in the past will inevitably have grudges in their hearts.”

“It makes a person a Buddha and 10000000 million people complain, so what’s the point of him becoming a Buddha?”

The bald donkey was asked, and his face was a little ugly. He said, “What should I do, should I kill him?”

“Kill, kill naturally!” Fahai’s eyes were cold and his voice didn’t hesitate.

The bald donkey shook the head and said, “If he kills the man who is full of wickedness, he also has family and friends. If he kills him, will his family and friends also complain?”

Fahai: “This is the meaning of Dharma Dharma, etc. I can tell his family and friends about his sins and teach them the truth of being a man. If his family comes over with clear comprehension, they will have a good heart, naturally I can understand what I have waited for, and I will never complain again!”

“If they can’t understand it, it means that they have no heart for good, so they must beheaded before their family members do evil!”

“In that case, the descendants of his family will also feel resentment. Do they want to kill like this endlessly?” The bald donkey face Pang rose red, said: “When is the grievance reported?”

Fahai’s eyes are unemotional, and his voice is cold: “Yes, it is to kill, to kill a piece of pure land. Someone will always come over with clear comprehension and be wholehearted!”

Everyone’s heart was peng peng and they looked at Fahai with horror. When this understanding of the Dharma was extraordinary, they madly stimulated their hearts.

Although he always feels that he is sophistry, but it makes good sense, I don’t know where to refute.

For a time, other star cards on the field chose silence at the moment.

But at this moment, the Buddha statue stared at Fahai, and there was a splendid glow in his eyes, quite gratifyingly saying: “Yes, yes, didn’t expect the younger generation, there will be some people who are so conscious.”

“Your point of view is quite agreeable with me, and it is really rare.”

Hearing this, Jiang Chen’s heart was cold, and the Buddha said so, then the inheritance must be attributed to Luo Feng.


“In this case, then step forward and accept my inheritance.”

Oh la la, I saw rays of light flashing, and in front of him, a stone platform appeared.

On the stone platform, there is a treasure box, flashing orange light, filled with a wave of palpitation.

“My God, it is orange light, but this is platinum material!”

“Well, I haven’t even touched a golden material until now, is it directly platinum?”

“Luo Feng is too powerful, how can his star card be good at anything?”

“… “

The sound of one after another sounded, and everyone’s eyes were panic acid, which is really enviable.

Jiang Chen clenched his fists, if he was not afraid of this unconscious Buddha statue, he even wanted to get it out.

That’s platinum material!

Luo Feng was also a little excited. He looked at the jade box glowing orange on the stone platform, and suddenly his brows were gradually frowning. Somehow, there was a feeling of uneasiness in his heart.

“Hope is an illusion.” He murmured in his heart.

So, under the eyes of many eyes, Fahai stepped forward, his white palm stretched out, and was about to grab the jade box.

However, just in his white palm, he was about to touch the jade box. His palm was slightly stagnate and suspended in the sky.

The Buddha statue was slightly surprised and said, “Why, what are you hesitating?”

Fahai raised his eyes, looked towards the Buddha statue, and said, “I don’t know Senior cultivation how many years?”

The Buddha sighed: “No people are left in the years. It’s 200 years in a blink of an eye, but it’s a pity that there is a trace of Remnant Soul in the flying disaster, and I am living here, waiting for future generations to come and accept my inheritance.”

“How about you, youngster?”

Fahai laughed, said: “Aiya, ashamed to say, I have only been cultivation for more than 20 years. It is not as good as a Buddha statue. You can steal the sky to change the day, fish eyes mixed beads…”

The smile on his face suddenly disappeared, his eyes suddenly cold, said: “I can see at a glance that you are not human!”


As soon as this remark came, the thunder suddenly rang like a flat ground and exploded in the ear of everyone.

Everyone looked incredibly towards Fahai, what happened?

Jiang Chen brows slightly wrinkle, and suddenly there is some joy in my heart, this guy, the chain fell off at a critical moment?

Dare to speak publicly about Buddha statues, let alone inheritance, I am afraid that they will be punished by Buddha statues!

“Oh?” The expression of the Buddha image was unsurprised, looked towards Fahai with great interest, and said, “Why do you say this?”

“Dying to the end, still in this suit?” Fahai sneered: “Bold demon, I want you to be revealed!”

The sound fell, and the third eye suddenly appeared between his eyebrows, with a striking white light bursting out, shining towards the Buddha statue.


I saw the endless black mist, and suddenly burst out of the Buddha statue at this moment, moved towards all directions and enveloped away.

The sudden change made everyone panic. What happened?

And just as the black mist filled and panicked, someone suddenly shot out and whistled away at the stone platform.

Actually want to take advantage of chaos to grab the jade box!

“Stupid!” Luo Feng’s pupils shrank, seemingly thinking of something, and said aloud, “Don’t! Stop him!”

However, it is already late.

The Star Card master grabbed the jade box and wanted to leave, and then he was horrified to find that his body could not move.

Immediately afterwards, everyone was shocked to see that his body, slowly disappearing from his feet to his head, transformed into a bloody mist and merged into the Buddha statue.

“Ji jié, someone is finally fooled…”

On the Buddha statue, there was a strange sound, everyone felt the scalp tingling and the soul trembling.


The next moment, the golden Buddha statue burst suddenly.

I saw the endless black mist burst out, in the black mist, there was a finger bone, which appeared under many eyes.

The finger bone, as clean as jade, sparkling with gleaming jade light, looks holy and unmatched, but it is filled with a kind of evil meaning that is difficult to conceal.

Under the eyes of many eyes, the finger bone keeps changing, forming a skeleton, growing a fleshy body, and then, 2 blood wings are spread from their backs, their muscles are full of muscles, and the incarnation depicts a weird rune, a magic on the head. The horn is like a demon coming out of the abyss.

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