Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 219

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In the Floating Buddhist Temple, there was silence.

Looking at the silhouette like Demon God, the hearts of the people turned over the river and the sea, who could think that the previous test of Zhenger 8 was actually just a trap.

And the jade box on the stone platform turned out to be the seal of the devil?

“You, who are you…” Jiang Chen stared at the Demon God silhouette.

“Um.” Demon God’s eyes narrowed, seemingly caught in a long memory, said: “In the past, everyone called me, deserted.”


The voice fell and an indescribable terrifying imposing manner raged away, overriding Heaven and Earth.

“Oh my God…”

Feeling that terrifying imposing manner, all Star Card masters are trembling, and a deep sense of despair rises in my heart. This fear of terrifying imposing manner is probably far surpasses. Card Master realm Star Card master…

At the same time, the bloody eyes looked towards the Star Card masters in front of them, and were quite satisfied, nodded, said: “didn’t expect, just wake up, you can see the flesh and blood of so many years ago.”


Some Star Card masters’ faces suddenly changed, and they could no longer be to bear. Star qi surged around him, and they turned to escape the Floating Buddhist Temple.

However, in the face of their escape, the eyes of the wasteland showed a strong contempt, its right hand stretched out and pointed at them.


Suddenly the black mist burst out and enveloped these Star Card masters, and then absorbed them, turned into rolling flesh and swallowed into the abdomen.

In this scene, watching all Star Card masters on the field, scalp tingling.

“Crush the teleportation stone and go!”

Someone in the panicked crowd reminded.


Suddenly, there was a cracking sound of jade stone on the field, however, not at all light beams were produced.

This scene made all the Star Card masters on the field have their faces changed drastically. That is to say, the teleportation stone in their hands is invalid!

In the eyes of Huang, there was a slight taunt, saying: “Want to crush the teleportation stone to leave? It’s a pity that this space has been blocked by me.”

“Air blockade?” Jiang Chen’s face changed suddenly, muttered: “If that’s the case, can’t we send the message to Elder outside the ruins for help?”

Hearing this, for a time, everyone was cold all over the body, like falling into an ice cellar.

“Ma Duck… how can there be such terrifying existence?” Ye Xiaomeng stomped jade foot anxiously, angrily said: “The previous Star Card masters have also been here, why didn’t he go pit them? what?”

Jiang Chen expression grave, said: “Maybe because I am the protagonist, because I came, so he will appear.”

“…” Ye Xiaomeng looked at him inexplicably, said: “Well, I admit that you are Child of Destiny, okay, so, Child of Destiny, you should have a way to cut down Monsters, eliminate Demons, pulling strongly against a crazy tide?”

Jiang Chen looked bitter and said, “No.”

“Holy Land has Elder in Heaven Rising Vestige to prevent accidents, but now the space is blocked and our news cannot be spread. At the moment, we can only hope that Elder can find anomalies here.”

Ye Xiaomeng’s pretty face was pale and said, “My God, so doesn’t it mean that we can only sit and die?”

“Suddenly some envy Xie Yang.”

“Are you ready to die?” At this moment, Sneered, his palms turned, and countless channels of demonic energy burst out again, turning into magic dragons, roaring and swallowing away from the many powerhouses on the field.

For a time, Heaven and Earth was in chaos.

All Star Card masters’ faces changed suddenly, and all star cards were summoned out to protect themselves.

However, in front of this fierce demonic energy, the star card of the Star Card master on the field could not resist the 3 strokes and 2 moves, and soon it became a pure Star qi, which poured into the body within the body.

And as more and more star cards are devoured, the imposing manner of the barren is also climbing completely.

Exploded, completely exploded.

In the eyes of all Star Card masters, there is a deep panic, they are the pearl in the palm of their respective family forces, through childhood is tightly protected, not making cards, or competitions, why have you encountered such a life and death crisis?

Right now, the tragic scene of the previous Star Card master transform into a bloody mist clearly tells them that this is not a dream in front of them. If it is not handled well today, I am afraid that it will really be buried here.

Taking a deep breath, slowly calming his mind, Luo Feng muttered: “Empress, should all this be in your calculations?”

“I’m not going to hang like this…Is it, is it?

If today’s three-member group is destroyed here, then it means that Xie Yang is going to lie down and become the champion…

If this is the case, then God.

But at this moment, Remnant Soul of the ancient spirit floated out faintly, suspended in the void.

“Gu Ling?!” Huang looked at Remnant Soul in front of him, his pupils shrank sharply.

4 The eyes are opposite, and each other’s eyes contain some inexplicable meaning.

Gu Ling’s silver teeth bite, pretty face cold, said: “Famine, it is you.”

“In the past, you invaded Tianyuan, and thought you and I were suppressed by the blood of the saint, scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, didn’t expect, you are still alive.”

Everyone heard this, looked at each other in blank dismay, and those who wanted to come 2 had an unknown secret in the past.

She took a deep look at the wasteland and said, “You are not only alive, but actually escaped Flame Sovereign’s detection. It’s really not simple.”

“Yes, I am indeed alive, and it seems that I live better than you.” Huang stared at Gu Ling, and there was a cat-and-mouse play in his eyes, saying: “The Ancient Race Saintess in the past, now Actually, only trifling Remnant Soul is left, which is really disappointing.”

“In order to avoid this new Flame Sovereign’s spying, I destroyed myself and left my strength on a finger bone, but although there is only a finger bone left, it seems enough to deal with you.”

“After all, the current you are just a Remnant Soul.”

“Is it?” Gu Ling bit his silver teeth, coldly snorted and said: “Then you have to look good.”

When the voice fell, she turned towards Luo Feng and said, “I only have Remnant Soul, and I really can’t be enemies with it. However, if you give the remaining power to you, it will make you realm rise in a short time, maybe Able to fight it.”

Luo Feng hearing this, also started, said: “Senior was so weak, and gave me the remaining power, I am afraid…”

Gu Ling smiled softly, and his face appeared endless relief, saying: “Aboriginal is my old enemy of the abyss. When it originated with me, it will be ended by me. If it can be laid down, even if the soul flew away and scattered, so what?”

Luo Feng expression looked at the ancient spirit cup hand to hold fist and said, “Senior is righteous.”

“Okay, I’ll leave it to you next.” The voice fell, the rays of light flashed around Gu Ling, and turned into a thick speed of light, stabbed into his within the body.


Luo Feng was stunned and looked at his hands with amazement. He could feel an extremely vast Star qi roaring in his within the body.

“It’s too much, too much, can’t stand it…”

The strength of that Star qi far exceeds his own Star qi heritage.

Moreover, this Star qi is extremely gentle and pure. According to his estimation, it is probably far more than Card Master realm.

“Is this how powerhouse feels?”

Feeling the vast Star qi within the body, Luo Feng unable to bear licked his lips and said, “It is really intoxicating power.”

There is also a lot less fear in the heart of the lack.

He turned around and stared at Jiang Chen, his eyes suddenly sharpened.

“Luo Feng, what are you doing?!” Jiang Chen was startled, his face changed suddenly, his legs were shaking, and he stepped back uncontrollably.

“Wow.” Ye Xiaomeng’s beautiful eyes stared round and stared at Luo Feng in disbelief.

The sounds of exclamations rang one after another, and all Star Card masters were shocked, and their faces were full of ecstasy, because his imposing manner seemed to be a little weaker than the wild, not at all!

Luo Feng glanced at Jiang Chen coldly, then withdrew his gaze and turned to the desert.

Right now, it is imperative to kill this guy first.


And as the Star qi of Luo Feng within the body skyrocketed, Fahai’s imposing manner also climbed up and down, as if he was pulled a few inches taller.

“Guling, you are really willing to give up.” Famine eyes gloomy, and immediately becomes impossible to bear sneered: “However, do you think it is useful to forcibly raise his realm?”

“Speaking of combat experience, can he enrich me?”

At this moment, Fahai stepped out and stared at the wild.

“Bold demon, dare to pretend to be a man in Buddhism, not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth, and dare to display one’s slight skill before an expert here!”

Fahai is like angry Kong King, roaring loudly, the sound is like rolling to thunder and rumbling.

At the same time, the golden bowl in his hand changed slightly, turned into a Purple Gold tin rod!

The Purple Gold tin stick in his hand suddenly froze.


The end of the stick fell to the ground, and the terrifying Star qi waved, enveloping the vast Buddha power, like a tsunami wave, raging and opening.

Above the head of the staff, the golden ring trembled like a morning bell and a drum, bursting its scalp.

Ka-cha !

Cracks are generated from the ground contacted by the tail of the cane, as if spread under the spider web 4, the ground cracked open.

The golden light is shining, the Sanskrit sounds around the beam.

Wild eyes slightly narrowed, said: “The imposing manner is good, but you are just a star card, someone else’s tool, really think of yourself as Sage Monk?”

“Bold demon, watch me slay you with a stick!”


When the voice fell, Fahai leapt forward, rushing to the thunder and heading straight to the desert.


Both of his hands squeezed the Purple Gold tin stick and split the head against the wasteland.

Abandoned complexion slightly changed, a light grip in his hand, a blood blade appeared, it held a blood blade, and faced Fahai’s tin rod!


Both the Purple Gold tin rod and the sharp blood blade contain a fierce force, and the two collide heavily, initiating the crisp sound of gold and iron.

Famine complexion slightly changed, only to feel a force like mountains and seas, its body is actually sinking.

“This bald donkey, really strong power!”

Famine was shocked in his heart, and he didn’t dare to continue to carelessly, and his imposing manner was urged to the extreme.

peng ~ peng ~!

As a result, the two confronted with lightning, imposing manner fiercely, every time he shot, the power was urged to the extreme.

In just 5 minutes, 2 people have played dozens of rounds.

However, anyone can see that under this kind of shock, Fahai is obviously occupying the upper part, and the previous uncommon waste… is almost hit by hanging.

“It’s…too fierce, right?” everyone was horrified.


The sharp blood blade once again collided with the Purple Gold Zen Staff, while the spark 4 splashed, the powerful force was still a step backwards for the desolate deng deng.


Barren stabilized his body and exhaled for a long time. After the previous collision, his blood rolled.

“Damn, if I am at the peak period, how can you make people persist for so long?”

Being beaten by a star card, Huang’s face is also a little unsightly.

“Next, I want to get serious!”

His voice fell, his eyes cold, said: “Domain, now!”


Almost at the same time as his voice fell, Scarlet Star qi suddenly erupted like a volcano, spewing out from within the body.

Endless endless blood mist, moved towards 4 weeks spread, just a few minutes of interest, the battle area where the 2 are located, is turned into a sea of ​​blood.

Facing the sea of ​​blood, Fahai’s speed dropped sharply, and the speed was slow, which meant that he was easily caught out of the weak spot.

call out!

At this moment, a phantom exploded from the sea of ​​blood, Fahai right hand clenched his fist, with a strong force, and the latter’s fierce fist, screaming hard.


Fahai complexion slightly changed, I only feel that the current barren power has greatly increased, compared with the previous, it is judged as 2 people.

“You hit me? What do you hit me with?”

Huang sneered with a fierce glimmer in his eyes. Now that he is in the blood sea, all aspects of strength, speed, dodge and other attributes are skyrocketing.

So, holding the blood blade in his hand, he rushed towards Fahai again, and burst the air between the whistling sounds, like a howling wind and torrential rain, madly blasting towards Fahai.

Facing such a violent offensive of the wasteland, Fahai was not afraid, saying: “hmph, such insignificant ability, dare to be here, I don’t think you have put me in the eye!”

Fahai sneered, one-handed seal, screaming and thundering, “Heavenly Dragon Prestige!”

“Shizong Jizo!”

“Da Luo King Kong!”

“Do not move the king!”

As his anger fell, suddenly there was a bright golden light bursting out from under his skin, gradually, it turned out that his skin was rendered golden, as if cast by gold, indestructible!

Not only that, his body also expanded in a circle!

“Come back!”

Fahai roared loudly, the golden light filled his body, and shot again, the stick shadow was sharp, like a cold star, pointing towards the desert.

Barren footsteps changed, stepping out of the illusory shadow, while avoiding the blow, the blood blade in his hand brought a ray of cold glow, and struck Fahai with lightning.


A clear voice sounded, and a sharp blood blade crossed, but then, only a shallow trace was left on Fahai.

鈥沧垜杩桦涓崭 ammonia涓崭俊浜嗭紒鈥

The wild eyes were red, and the blood blade sprang wildly, but Fahai did not move, letting him prick wildly.

Like an immobile king, indestructible.

At the end of the fight, the bare hands softened, and then Fahai still didn’t hurt at all.

“Really strong defense!” Huang’s face became more and more ugly. His attack seemed fierce, but he could not break through Fahai’s defense. How could this be good?

His eyes cold, said: “Blood Phoenix, now!”


As his words fell, the blood sea boiled, blood bubbles burst, and then, a blood phoenix was actually bred and rose into the sky.


The loud sound of the phoenix sounded, the blood phoenix gazed, and the blood mist all over the body, as if from the ancient ominous beast, was about to wake up.

call out!

At the next moment, the blood phoenix danced with huge blood wings, skimmed the void, and whistled at Fahai.

Wherever the blood phoenix reaches, there is a long blood mark, which burns with a visual impact.

Looking at the terrifying blood phoenix and all the Star Card masters beside me, I was very upset at the moment. Can Fahai block this blow?

At the same time, Fahai also saw the blood phoenix coming from the roar, however, his expression did not have any slight waves, but instead sneered, said: “Trifling bird, dare to take out and embarrassing?”

The voice fell, his hand pulled hard, the Jinlan cassock was ripped off suddenly, he was naked on the upper body, exposing his lifelike over-shoulder dragon, ready to come out.

“Heavenly Dragon Prestige!”

“Shizong Jizo!”

“Pandara Buddhas!”

“Phanerobar is empty!”

“Flying Dragon is in the sky!”

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